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  1. OK, now that it's the last day, I'm going to get some things - all the History Cards, A Child's Geography, Biblioplan Medieval Timeline, and the state research project/lapbook.
  2. Anyone shopping the sale this year? I’m not seeing anything I’m dying to have. Although, the history cards from Olive Grove Educators look really interesting. Has anyone used them?
  3. Yes, we tried generics of every type that our insurance covered. Also, the dosages we tried were half or less of the lowest dose available. It’s a tricky thing!!! I have questioned the diagnosis - we are currently doing more evaluations to see if there is something else we’ve missed along the way.
  4. I will definitely look into this. I know for a fact that my older daughter was abused in her orphanage in China. She definitely exhibits anxiety, which manifests as needing to control her surroundings. The almost 9 year old - it wouldn't shock me, but I'm not really sure. Thank you for the information!
  5. It's been a while, so I can't remember the details. But we did try several different types. We were somewhat limited because of our insurance - some meds were $500 a month!!! She was very closely monitored by the Psychiatrist and I do remember discussing the side effects and the time it could take to get used to the meds.
  6. DD is just about to turn 9. Background info: Adopted from China at 18 months. Cleft Lip and Palate. Diagnosed with ADHD-Combined Type and borderline Auditory Processing Disorder. Oh, and also Anxiety, which she is medicated for and seems to help some. She sees a play therapist and a Psychiatrist. We tried 4 different ADHD meds and none of them worked. Either turned her into a zombie on the lowest dose, or had no effect on her even with increasing dosages. We are still doing some evaluations to see if there is anything else going on .... Her biggest issues are extremely low frustration tolerance, which leads to lots of screaming fits - her anxiety med does seem to help some with this. Also, sitting still and focusing don't happen. I suspect that she does, in fact, have ADHD and that the meds just don't work for her. We have also tried: TONS of exercise. Doesn't matter. Having her eat dye-free and no artificial flavors. Doesn't make a difference. What else could I try?
  7. Thank you so much, everyone! These are some amazing ideas. I already had a few of these on my list to research, but a lot I hadn't thought of yet.
  8. DD will be in 6th grade next year and she has asked me if all of her language arts could be based on animal books. This girl LOVES to read, especially books with animals in them. I know there are some Brave Writer Arrows for animal books. I don’t want to do a literature guide for every single thing, but I do want to make sure we cover everything. So give me your suggestions!!!
  9. I think we just finalized our choices for 8th grade. Side Note: HOW is my teeny baby going into the 8th grade? I just made a high school plan for him. Language Arts: Oak Meadow Grade 8 LA Math: AoPS Intro to Algebra Science: RSO Astronomy Level 2 History: SoTW Book 2 and HSitW Project Passport Middle Ages Projects Spanish Guitar Homeschool PE at our YMCA Karate (should be a black belt in the next couple of months)
  10. Oooohhhh I hope you like it!!!!
  11. Yes! Let me see if I can do it from my phone ..... Instant Pot Potato soup General Tso’s Chicken Burrito Bowls For the French Dip sandwiches: I slice an onion, put it on the bottom of the crockpot. Put a London Broil roast on top of the onion slices. Pour in a cup or so of beef broth. Cook all day until the roast falls apart. That’s it!!!
  12. Instant Pot Potato soup Crockpot chicken Burrito Bowls Crockpot General Tso’s Chicken Crockpot French Dip Sandwiches
  13. Some dental insurance will pay a set amount, like $1000. Invisalign is typically not cheaper - it ends up being about the same price. And not everyone is a candidate. Most orthodontists will do free evaluations, so go visit a few and see what the options are.
  14. Sheesh! Hope things get better!!!
  15. On a roll so far!!!! Make appt for DD8 with university psychological testing clinic Schoolwork Practice presentation I'm giving at a homeschool conference this week (EEK!) Homeschool PE at the YMCA Karate class Grocery store run
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