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  1. I actually haven't changed anything yet!!!! Just added stuff ....... The Art of Argument The Annotated Mona Lisa - for Art Appreciation Caesar's English from RFWP Before he starts official 9th grade English, I'll probably have him do Windows to the World from IEW.
  2. Here's what I have planned for 7th grade DD next year: Literature/History/Writing: The History of the Horse from Beautiful Feet. DD is a horse-lover and she is SO excited about this. Science: Elemental Science's Earth Science and Astronomy for the Logic Stage Math: Finishing TT 7 now and then she'll probably do Math Mammoth 7. Together: Caesar's English from RFWP - probably all of us together The Art of Argument (with 9th grader) Story of the World 3 (with 5th grader) Fix-it Grammar - The Nose Tree (None of the kids have done any Fix-it Grammar, so we are starting here and doing it together) 5th grade DD will be doing a Harry Potter Unity Study, so 7th grader will probably join in on some of those activities!!!! Extras: Typing - Maybe TGTB? Computer Coding of some sort
  3. Yes! I had a small freezer stash a few weeks ago, but stores didn't have any meat, so my stash was almost gone. Last week, I found meat!!!!!!!! Now, I have a "tower of meat" in the freezer!
  4. I used to rock meal planning. I use and love it. But now, I never know what the grocery store will have in stock when I go. So ..... it's been interesting. This week: Pesto Chicken Pizza from the freezer Red Beans and Rice Chicken Enchiladas Those will use up a lot of the food we have, so next week could be even more interesting, planning-wise.
  5. I'm trying to decide what to buy from the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale. It ends tonight!
  6. We have been absolutely loving the Mo Willems Doodles and the Cincinnati Zoo videos!!!!!
  7. Over the past few weeks, we had a flu-like illness in our house. Fever, headache, congestion. The highest fevers lasted 3-4 days and then several days of feeling bad. Oh, and coughing!
  8. Here is my plan - although every time I post the plan, it changes!!!!! DS is my oldest, so this is our first foray into high school!!!! Language Arts - Holt's Elements of Literature 9th grade World History - Glencoe World History (Spielvogel) Geometry - Not sure which curriculum yet. I already have Jacob's Geometry and Holt Geometry. Biology - Elemental Science High School Biology Easy Peasy Spanish 1 Not sure what else yet ........
  9. My mom lives in FL, I live in VA. She turns 70 this summer and I'd like to take her on a long weekend trip. It would be me, my 2 girls - ages 10 and 12, and my mom. I'm not opposed to us flying somewhere, but I'm not a huge fan of flying, so I'm thinking of staying on the East Coast somewhere. Give me some ideas of good places we could go. It needs to not involve a ton of walking and it needs to have things my girls would enjoy. Any ideas?
  10. Absolutely. My just turned 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with anxiety several years ago. We did (and still do) years of therapy. We do meds for her, which do help. Last year, she started riding horses - not in a therapeutic program, just in a homeschool class. We have been able to start going down on her meds and her Psychiatrist is so pleased that we are in talks to discontinue the meds at some point soon.
  11. I would like to start doing Yoga. What are some good apps? I have an Amazon Fire Stick, so if I could watch it on that, that would be great. thank you!
  12. Thank you everyone for all the ideas!!!!!!!!!!
  13. If you use 1 journal for everything, I'd love to hear about it. I'm thinking To-Do Lists, daily journaling of personal issues, lists of whatever - books you've read, things you want to remember to look up. I currently have several journals - 1 for homeschooling, 1 for personal stuff, and To Do Lists usually get put on random sheets of paper. The problem is that I have ADHD and I can't ever FIND anything. So I'm intrigued by this 1 journal idea. SWB posted an article about it the other day. Do you have Categories, like Lists, Personal, Homeschool, or do you just write whatever on the next blank page?
  14. DD is 9 and she really wants to improve her spelling. She just learned to read within the past 6 months. She does have pretty severe ADHD and meds don't work for her, so we are muddling through. We haven't done a spelling curriculum before, mostly because we have been focusing on getting her to read. We have AAS, but is there something else out there that might work for her? If we use AAS, I'm assuming we should pretty much start at the beginning.
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