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  1. Janeway, I am so, so sorry.
  2. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your process here. We are currently discussing a similar setup for my mom. For us, I think our best bet is to move to a house with an in-law suite already there or with enough space we can convert part of it.
  3. I think it's post _____ septal I can't figure out the part between those two!
  4. I wouldn't be shocked if I was on the autism spectrum.
  5. FB honestly walks you through it. I'd put the meeting place in the Description. I believe FB puts your general location, but then you can specify in the Description. For example, if I was listing something, it would have my city on there, but in the description I could put: Cash only. Pickup will be at the Home Depot at 123 Main Street in Atlanta.
  6. Just be careful about sharing your location with people. You could say in your listing that you will meet them at a neutral location if you don’t want people coming to your house.
  7. I like the format of LLATL, but we generally prefer more modern books. Is there anything out there for middle school ages that's the same format???? Thank you!
  8. There is a new book for The Bible Recap. My impression of it is that it's basically a print version of the podcast material. So you read the Bible passage for that day and then read the day's entry in the book. It's not in stock on Amazon right now, but my library has it on Hoopla, so I'm going to try that. I generally prefer print, so I may order the print book later. I am so bad at sticking with programs like this, but I have tried a few times to read through the Bible and I always stop. I really want to do it this time.
  9. I had been wanting life to slow down ..... I didn't quite plan for it to slow down THIS much!!!! I have definitely enjoyed the slower pace with my family.
  10. I think this is where we have landed. We have always wanted to live out in the country with lots of land. But the reality is that we are nearing 50 and we need to be realistic about how much work we will be willing and/or able to do. We'll see.
  11. At the top of this page, look on the left for the link called Clubs. That should take you to the right spot.
  12. I made the group! And I think I sent Invites to everyone. If I did something wrong, just let me know!!!!!
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