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  1. Literary criticism & analysis are essentially the same thing; there's no clear, agreed-upon distinction. For my part, I can steer you to examples of awesome (as opposed to loathsome) literary analysis. But I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you're looking for, i.e., your son needs to take issue with two other writers, yes? — What's his topic? Here are two pieces, for instance, on Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet — each is a great piece of writing (see attachments). But is your son writing about Shakespeare, or something else? —Roy CAROLINE F. E. SPURGEON - Shakespea
  2. For writing, check out my class Logical Communication — all live, interactive, with lots of in-depth reading and discussion of extraordinary essays — but my courses are pricey, and this class is three-quarters full right now. This is not a history course, but history-based literature course: History & Literature of the Middle Ages. — Lots of close reading and discussion, but again, my courses are pricey. Good luck to you & your nephew. You sound like a great aunt! —Roy
  3. sbgrace: Sounds to me like one or more of my online Shakespeare "intensives" might fit the bill. I teach courses on close reading of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet — 10 weeks, beginning September 2; Hamlet — 10 weeks, beginning December 2; Macbeth — 7 weeks, beginning March 10. If your son has already read a great deal of Shakespeare — and is ready for something even more heavy-duty — he might consider my year-long course History & Literature of the Middle Ages. Good luck with your search, sbgrace. —Roy Speed
  4. Terabith: You might check out my wife's course: Honors Biology With Lab. We still have seats in a number of our online classes, and all our courses are live interaction (not asynchronous). Good luck to you in your search. —Roy Speed
  5. Our experience has been along the lines described by 8 and cbollin: our youngest just completed her first year of college, and both she and her brother, during their high school years, did not rely heavily on APs. They each did several university courses — choices that worked to their advantage in a number of ways: A's in their university courses lent credibility to the A's awarded for courses done at home. Both included in their college applications letters of recommendation from their university professors. What's more, each of our kids won generous scholarships, so that each
  6. High School Homeschool Dad: Are you really wedded to online AP Chemistry ? In other words, I know of a great online Honors Chemistry With Lab; it's high-level, uses college texts, etc. The weekly workload is manageable, at 3 hrs of live, interactive classtime each week, plus 5-6 hrs of homework. Still, the aim is different — the teacher is my wife, and her aim is depth of understanding as opposed to performance on an AP test at year-end. Best of luck to you in your search. —Roy Speed
  7. Petrichor: Do you think he might be ready for my course: https://hscollegebound.com/Online-Courses-The-Writers-Guide-to-Grammar.htm It's aimed at kids older than sixth grade, but there's a video illustrating my methods and approaches; it will help you gauge his readiness for this material. (You can also download/view the pages that correspond to this video, including a few exercises: https://hscollegebound.com/PDFs/STUDENT-WORKBOOK-Curtain-Raisers.pdf ) Please let me know if you have any questions, Petrichor, and good luck to you. —Roy
  8. I'd like to second 8's recommendation of One Day in the Life... I also highly recommend Sofia Petrovna, by Lydia Chukovskaya. — It's a remarkable novel, a relatively easy read, and a take-your-breath-away portrait of life in the late 1930s for ordinary citizens of Stalin's Soviet Union.
  9. Jenn: Beginning September 1, I'll be teaching an online class based on my text The Writer's Guide to Grammar. It meets once per week and by the second semester gets into issues that even professional journalists routinely trip over. A number of students are doing this course as prep for my writing course Logical Communication. I'm happy to answer questions! —Roy Speed
  10. Amy: I admire this book a great deal. With my own high-school-aged kids, however, I found two problems with Adler: First, reading the entire book is a bit much — overload for most high schoolers; most kids can only stand a modest amount of reading about reading. Second, the key messages are best delivered, I found, in conjunction with actually reading challenging texts, so that the student immediately begins applying the key ideas. Here's what I did: The chapter "How to Mark a Book" in support of challenging assignments. I selected what I considered a key chapter from Adl
  11. mlktwins: What I'm going to mention is not a "semester-long" class, and it might not be your boys' cup of tea, but in June, I'm offering eight sessions on one of the best Shakespeare comedies: Twelfth Night. Apart from the fact that the play itself is wickedly funny, one of the best things about this particular series is that students will view clips from a beautiful production performed in a replica of The Globe theater. The play is performed in Elizabethan dress and — most amazing — in the Elizabethan manner, with men playing all the roles. The filming is exquisite, with beautiful
  12. Hadley: I found the 1996 movie really intense, moving, even wrenching; I recommend it highly. — Daniel Day Lewis is amazing, and equally amazing is Joan Allen. It's also great to see Paul Scofield again (Man For All Seasons, anyone?), though I think this might have been his final role. (By contrast, I found the George C. Scott version from the 1960s almost unwatchable.)
  13. Dynamite5 has your student taken this course? I see a Logical Communication writing course but I'd like to read some reviews and don't see any. Anyone else have experience with this course/provider? 4ofus: I see that no one has yet replied to your question. Here's one mom writing just last fall — just click the heading Writing Courses below to see full comment:
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