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  1. It depends on what I am using it for. My favorite all-around chocolate by far is Valrhona Manjari 64%. I also like Cacao Barry Equateur 76% and Lindt Excellence and Valrhona Guanaja 70%. Trader Joe’s carries Valrhona Noir Amer 71% and Noir Extra Amer at 85%, and both are good.
  2. That would rankle in the US, where people can’t even be compelled to wear a face mask for the health of others. No way they would tolerate being told they had to vote.
  3. @lea1 i don’t have time to respond expansively, but even if someone receives 100 ballots only 1 of them counts. I think it’s a great idea for every eligible voter to receive a ballot as it would enable/encourage more voter participation. The problem in the US is actually disenfranchisement.
  4. A cautionary tale? People who think everything is fine and normal in the US would do well to read about Hungary: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/policy-and-politics/2018/9/13/17823488/hungary-democracy-authoritarianism-trump
  5. @Laura Corin Your sunroom is lovely, overlooking the garden like that. Will you have a gardening blog at this house?
  6. It has definitely made me rethink living in the US.
  7. Usually sugar and lemon or just sugar. For savory crêpes (and often sweet) we prefer buckwheat crêpes and I almost always make a a complete with egg, cheese, ham and a vegetarian version substituting tomato for ham. I do occasionally use crêpes for savory when I make a stuffed pasta dish with the crepes substituting for the pasta.
  8. I adore apricot pits. You’re not supposed to eat too many because of the risk of cyanide poisoning. I eat them plain and also add them to dishes where I would use bitter almonds if I had them (same flavor).
  9. If they’re tearing, you might not be letting the batter rest enough before using it. A trick when you don’t have time to let the batter rest but also don’t want your crêpes to tear is to add a small amount of cooking oil to the batter. If you’re crêpes are too thick, either your batter is too thick (it should be the consistency of cream) or you are not swirling to coat your pan quickly enough. I usually hold my pan in one hand and use a ladle to pour in the batter. If your pan has low edges you can also just swirl it and pour the excess back into the batter - another trick for keepin
  10. @Laura Corin https://www.cntraveler.com/story/how-to-celebrate-la-chandeleur-frances-crepe-holiday Sorry, I should not have assumed you knew. I was under the impression that you used to live in France. 🙂
  11. But how are you going to have good fortune for the year if you can’t flip the crepes while holding a coin in your hand on Candlemas? 😜 I love Shrove Tuesday. My dad always made us doughnuts. 🍩
  12. Why not make galettes instead of crêpes? They’re a favorite here. Doesn’t take care of the whiny dancers, but at least it checks off the gluten free thing. 😉
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