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  1. “Free the titty, protect the city” is quite the slogan. 😂
  2. Yes: https://sunflora.org/water-soluble/broad-spectrum-water-soluble.html NO: https://www.google.com/amp/s/observer.com/2021/06/delta-8-gummies/amp/
  3. Yeah. I advise against Delta 8. I did not enjoy that experience. I mean, if I had wanted to relive that night at the Melkweg eating a brownie and smoking a fat one with that gorgeous Jude Law lookalike, I would have just time travelled back to my ill-spent youth. Oh wait, I think I may have…* 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 Awful. Avoid. So far the tincture is the winner. * but I did it for you, @Not_a_Number, I did it for you.
  4. Thèse are actually 30. Thank goodness I only took half of one because at this moment I feel like I am in Amsterdam circa 1998.
  5. @Not_a_Number I did some reconnaissance for you regarding CBD. I tried a fast acting tincture that was quite effective. My (significant) anxiety pretty much disappeared. While it could have been psychosomatic, I also became very slightly nauseated, which I read later is a possible side effect, so I think it was not all in my head. I have not yet tried the CBD gummies, but when my anxiety ramped up again I did try the very appropriately named in this instance Delta 8 gummies and they are working a treat. Seriously, I haven’t been this anxiety free for weeks, possibly months. Drawback: they leave a nasty taste in your mouth. Other drawback: these things are spendy. It would be much less expensive to just get a Xanax Rx. Final thoughts: For a panic attack, the tincture works almost immediately and is fairly short acting, so better than Xanax. I definitely plan to add it to my arsenal. The Delta 8? No way I could operate heavy machinery. I definitely would not use this when I had to be top of my game, but I am certainly anxiety free ATM. I’ll keep you posted if/when I try the CBD gummies.
  6. Do they sell Kewpie mayonnaise too? I usually approximate a version of it at home because I’m too stingy to buy it, but maybe if I could get it at a discount price…
  7. BTDT and still doing that. I just tell myself that being strong willed might serve them well in the future. 😜
  8. A quick Google search reveals that this is not an uncommon problem with that car. Something about the high voltage fuse. If it were my car and I could still return it, I would do so and buy a more reliable Prius. You’re really lucky you weren’t hurt or killed by another vehicle when the car died like that.
  9. Agreeing with regentrude. Can you get out of the city and spend some time in nature? Or at least go for a long walk in the park?
  10. Not yet. Haven’t gotten any yet. But it’s time!
  11. Me neither, but the numbers have ratcheted up my anxiety these past couple weeks and DH “prescribed” them for me.
  12. CBD gummies? And congratulations to you and a happy birthday to your daughter.
  13. Those with which I am most familiar will still require masks and testing, though the testing will be less often than last year. Most classes will be in-person, but I imagine there will be an online option since a number of students (and even hires) haven’t been able to get visas because of the backlog. The online option will doubtless prove useful for the inevitable quarantines. 😣 Most schools have posted their fall Covid plans. It’s interesting to see the different approaches.
  14. Ha! I do remember those! My grandmother had one and I used to ride it like a horse while she vacuumed! 😂
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