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  1. I think that’s a decision you have to make for yourself. When we’ve had lean years, we’ve considered if our family was actually in the targeted community (we were not) and gone with that. But that was us, and we certainly never had the year you have had. I’m so sorry for everything you’ve gone through. I do think it would be fine to write a letter and explain your circumstances and then let the committee decide. ETA I think the solution that Farrar and regentrude propose is perfect. Apply and when you’re in better circumstances pay it forward.
  2. Just ribbing you, Scarlett. Your statement amused me.
  3. I’m confused. What does that mean? Should people stay with spouses for a lifetime if they don’t get along? Not saying these two didn’t - I know virtually nothing about them. I’m just trying to figure out what you mean.
  4. Congratulations! eta and I wouldn’t characterize it as “caving.” I would say that you took advantage of an opportunity. You may have had to decide more quickly than you would have preferred, but you took counsel and made a reasoned decision. I would try to let any bitterness go and just be grateful that you are able to buy a house (your house!) in an area you want to be in without the stress of trying to find a house and then battling a lot of deep pocketed competitors for it. And best of all... You don’t have to move!!! Right there you’re saving yourselves a bunch of stress and a bu
  5. I think I would have told people that there were cameras before they viewed the house. It feels a little yucky otherwise.
  6. In many areas people are buying houses for cash with no contingencies, often for hundreds of thousands over asking. At least in places I’ve lived.
  7. I get it. I think you have to look at trends in your area too. From posts I remember, your area has been getting hot for some time, hasn’t it? Sometimes it’s not a bubble that’s going to burst. Sometimes the area was undervalued and the prices are there to stay. It’s entirely possible that you could be getting in at, while not ideal, a good time while the area is still going up. In one of the areas we used to live in we put off buying, thinking that the prices *had* to drop because the situation seemed untenable. Mistake. Those prices are still going up, years later, and the prices t
  8. Do you like the house? Do you want to buy it? It seems like they’re still being pretty nice to offer it to you first. Lots of people are being thrown out on their ears. In many, many areas of the country there are huge bidding wars that drive up the price of houses, as KFPanda mentioned. The fact that they’re offering it to you at all seems nice. It’s entirely possible that if your area is experiencing a big boom the high prices are there to stay. If you want to stay there, do you want to get involved in the crazy no contingencies cash offer bidding wars and the disappointment that ensues
  9. Don’t be silly! Did you not see her lily white complexion? And c’mon, what’s a little insurrection? It’s not as if she was driving while Black or anything. Sheesh.🙄
  10. I think sauerkraut is probably the easiest. And homemade sauerkraut is sooo much better than anything you can buy in the US. I recommend investing in a water seal fermentation pot. If you’re not sure if you like sauerkraut, this brand is a good one to try: https://lepanierfrancais.com/andre-laurent-choucroute-with-lardons-and-champagne-1881176349 Dh likes a brand called Bubbie’s, but for me it doesn’t have the right flavor.
  11. USDA says 3-5 days. https://ask.usda.gov/s/article/How-long-can-you-keep-spiral-cut-hams-in-the-refrigerator
  12. Amazing the insight you have into the state of mind of all parties involved, @Janeway That’s some real special power you have there. 🙄
  13. Eh, if I might get tinnitus from Covid or I might get tinnitus from the vaccine, I’m going with the option significantly less likely to make me dead. 😜 💉
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