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  1. And are you familiar with the work of Piet Oudolf? His best known works in the US are probably The High Line in NYC and Lurie Garden in Chicago. Here is a link to a trailer for a film (which is beautiful and inspiring and which I highly recommend) featuring his work. If I had all the space you have, this is definitely the type of garden I would put in.
  2. How about some native plants? And definitely check to make sure nothing you’re planting is invasive in your area.
  3. It seems that if she asked if you’d set up your site it was to buy from it, no? Since you told her you’re working on inventory, just say « I was going to sell them for _$, but how about you just give me _$ and we call it good? » And if she was just being a cheapskate and trying to take advantage of you, pretend you didn’t get that. 😉
  4. If they’re for hospitals it is better to use ties that will hold up to heavy duty laundering. Here is a tutorial:
  5. There are some linked here and there is also the Craft Passion face mask.
  6. Here is another pattern by a nurse for nurses. This one doesn't use elastic, so it will hold up to repeated washings. If you have a sewing machine and some fabric, please consider making masks for our healthcare workers. It's an easy project, so maybe your children could get involved; doing something to help often reduces their anxiety.
  7. Bread pudding, French toast, croûtons...
  8. I’ve used organic potting soil mixed with compost with good success. I am not a gardener though, so you might want to google for better info. 😉
  9. You could plant them in a big pot for new potatoes later. They’re very easy to grow.
  10. Some places are asking for people who can’t sew to cut, and then they will pick up the cut pieces and take them to others to sew. Look around. 👍🏼
  11. Here’s one request in Indiana. I’m sure places all over the country are looking for worst case scenario back up masks. If you have the means to help, please do.
  12. Definitely better than nothing:
  13. If you value him you won’t go. You could kill him.
  14. I personally have not, no. I fault the government, not the business owners.
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