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  1. Will the showers be zero entry? It doesn't look like it from the photo but maybe you mentioned it and I missed it. If that isn't part of the plan, I encourage you to reconsider. Zero entry showers make it so much easier for people with reduced mobility, particularly if they are in wheelchairs.
  2. bibiche

    Care to help me make a wish list?

    How about a nice sketchbook? And maybe some Derwent Inktense pencils or Caran d'Ache Neocolor II crayons to go with it? I like these because I can both sketch and paint with them. I also love having a waterbrush to use with these. You can have all sorts of fun playing with a waterbrush. I like to use it with Stabilo Point 88 fine markers or soluble ink fountain pens as well. Oh, and I absolutely love having a Pentel brush pen. I like the urbansketchers site to check out what people are doing and what they are doing it with. 😉 Lots of ideas there. Since you like books and you are artistic, have you ever thought of making your own books? A class might be fun, or some bookmaking supplies (you don't need a lot of stuff). Then you could sketch in your very own sketchbook, which is pretty neat. 🙂 There are loads of books to learn how to make books.
  3. Have you tried Project Gutenberg?
  4. bibiche


    His friends are reporting that he went to proselytize and are calling him a martyr. 🙄 Let's hope he didn't transmit any diseases in his entirely selfish "mission." And I hope his fate dissuades rather than encourages others. Tosser.
  5. bibiche

    Two Buck Chuck

    The label is "Charles Shaw" and originally it cost $1.99, hence Two Buck Chuck (Chuck being a nickname for Charles).
  6. bibiche

    Two Buck Chuck

  7. bibiche

    Two Buck Chuck

  8. bibiche

    Is this 2018? Someone tell this woman

    There hasn't been a state-sponsored execution by hanging in Mississippi since 1940 (see here). The only "public hangings" in Mississippi in Hyde-Smith's lifetime have been lynchings. She and everyone else knew what she was saying.
  9. bibiche

    Another shooting...

    Yes, too bad there's nothing that can be done about guns in this country. Thoughts and prayers!
  10. bibiche

    Rapidly losing patience....JAWM

    We found this book helpful: What to Do When You Grumble Too Much
  11. Of course. There are also loving parents whose children were stolen from them in other countries and essentially sold to Americans who were told that they were saving them. I know some of these parents. And there are doubtless parents who loved their children but gave them up in the hope that they would have a better life in an adoptive family.
  12. bibiche

    The Austin Bomber is dead

    Don't be ridiculous: white Christians cannot be terrorists! That's just for Muslims and other minorities. Duh. :001_rolleyes:
  13. bibiche

    Waterproof walking/running shoes for wide feet?

    .Ahnu makes hiking shoes that should meet your requirements. Have you looked at Mephistos? They have a wide toe box and good support.
  14. bibiche

    NYC hotel without spending a fortune?

    Don't forget to check the bed bug registry before booking:
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