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  1. Oh, hornblower, I am so sorry to read this. You are truly one of my favorite posters here, one with whom I imagine being friends in some magical realm beyond the internet. I’m holding you in the light. Are there clinical trials you might be eligible for? Sending love and hope! 💓💓💓
  2. Oh, look at her! So wise. She hasn’t forgotten all the secrets of the universe yet, that she’ll spend the rest of her life trying to remember. Congratulations. 🥳
  3. I use a cooler so my InstantPot is not tied up. Cooler is really easy: Bring the milk up to temp, let it cool down to temp, add in starter, pour into jars and pop into cooler with hot tap water up to the level of milk in the jars. Close and come back several hours later for yogurt. For Greek yogurt, I strain through butter muslin and/or a chinois. If you add some powdered milk you will get a thicker yogurt.
  4. Have you considered an epilator rather than having her shave? No chance of nicks, and it weakens the hair shaft so the hair doesn’t grow back as heavily. There is a small amount of pain the first time, but the exchange is long-lasting baby smooth legs and less regrowth. I’ve made converts of all my nieces.
  5. I would go to a shop that takes trade-ins and sells refurbished machines. It’s (just) possible to get an old Bernina or similar quality machine at your higher price point. Other option is to find a sturdy old basic Singer on Craigslist and then have it serviced. Those old machines are solid and will never die. Might only do a straight stitch though.
  6. Sure, maybe it was your white shoes. More likely, they didn't care enough to hate you (why would they?), and you mistook non-effusiveness for something it wasn't. Maybe your expectations were that French people are rude and so you read into actions things that weren't there. Of course, it's always possible they hated you on sight. 😋
  7. I have never seen this. First, French don't hate Americans. ATM most feel sorry for them and are perplexed by their acceptance of things the French find unacceptable. If you've had unpleasant experiences, it's likely on you. Do you say "Bonjour" when you enter a shop or interact with someone? Do you speak quietly? Americans are loud and it is considered impolite. You know how it's said one should put on perfume so no one but a person who is really, really close to you can tell you're wearing it? Think of your voice that way. Do you eat or drink walking down the street? Don't, or be prepared for people to have a certain opinion of you that might affect your interaction with them. Basically, as in any other place you travel to, behave like a polite, refined individual and you will be received as one. It's pretty simple.
  8. Induction. It is much more responsive and powerful than a traditional electric stove. Also more efficient - all the energy goes directly to your pans, unlike gas or traditional electric. I have not noticed a buzzing noise while using induction, but the induction stove is in a kitchen with an industrial hood that makes a fair amount of noise.
  9. Fridge. Take it out before you want to use it and feed it.
  10. Lush makes nice shampoo bars. I originally bought them just for travel, but now use them exclusively. They smell good and last a really long time.
  11. Gosh, I never even told my mother I'd gotten my period, just grabbed some tampons out of the closet. I would have certainly been mortified if she had somehow found out and made a big deal of it. She did ask me a few years afterward if I'd gotten it yet. 🤪
  12. I put them on my grandfather's old valet. I don't know why valets are reserved for men. They are most useful for anyone.
  13. Maybe a book with recipes for making personal grooming and household products? Better yet, the Kindle version, if it exists, of such a book. 😉 Radius dental floss (I love this stuff) has recently switched to paper rather than plastic packaging. I see there is another called Dental Lace that sells refills without plastic packaging. Does she have a place where she can grow some of her own food? Maybe send some seeds?
  14. The Bread Builders is another good book. Bonus: plans for a bread oven.
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