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  1. I would go with a practice/silencer mutes-- around $20 for the trumpet ones. The student can still 'hear' enough to warm up and practice-- then after 'practicing' they can unmute so you just have to listen to one run through at full sound (they are NOT blowing softer with the mute-- and using a practice mute should not affect the practice outcome-- other than your sanity!). I would also suggest a dedicated practice room/large closet if possible. Add LOTS of sound-proofing panels. For bedrooms and such they make soundproofing panels that can be painted or printed on (so they look like artwork). Don't forget sound absorbing flooring or mats too! My Dad is a retired PS band director and currently runs a huge homeschool band program in Oklahoma (and now Texas)... this is the advice he gives.
  2. The 'box' method continues into Algebra 1- I've even seen it in Algebra 2. Students usually stop using it when they start using calculators for the basic (arithmetic) problems. The box method of polynomial multiplication and division is very popular... My youngest is in an 'applied' calculus 3 class (one specifically for bio-science majors). Last week she taught her class how to factor polynomials (using my method) because the majority of the students could not remember how the 'box thing' worked. This dd was public schooled-- she KNOWS the box methods... but she just rolls her eyes at them now that it is her choice and works problems the traditional way. Her instructor commented on her organization (compared to the mess the box method students had on their papers!). I DID use an 'area model' today in my Geometry class. It was a quickie review of the area of a rectangle and I made a quick 4x2 area model just to emphasize that area has 'square units' because we are counting SQUARES... basically I did this to remind students that area units are to the 2nd power... Point took about 1 minute to go over.
  3. Standardized tests are typically NOT created by teachers--- these types of problems are FREQUENTING standardized tests at the 5th grade level (and all others too)-- so teachers, in turn, MUST 'teach' them to students or the teachers may get bad marks because of low student scores... This really has NOTHING to do with actual learning so you can do/understand higher maths.
  4. This method is purposefully designed to lead into the 'box' method of polynomial multiplication -- also followed by the box method of polynomial factoring. The latter came first THEN someone came along and developed the 'younger student version' we see here. I have tutored students using the box method--but I do not teach the beast. ...Just to think the 'box method' all started with a simple multiplication chart (basic fact model) that almost all of used in grade school. There are TONS of youtube videos on how to use the box method... I like my traditional methods-- they are based in MATH and work, in most cases, in a more simplistic manner.
  5. Any method that goes against 'traditional' math is celebrated as 'new and improved'... I honestly don't get it. As a homeschool mom my children had NO issues visualizing multiplication and division using a few straws... it easily translated to long multiplication and long division (traditional method) and we went on with our lives. (both kids graduated college with honors and are happy adults!).
  6. Answer is B Students are supposed to multiply by 10 first (cause it is easy...) 42 X 10 = 420 Now they subtract that from original and get 294 714-420 = 294 Not many 5th graders know that 42 x 7 is 294... This model's logic is flawed if it is supposed to be easier than using good old long division (that is based on PLACE VALUE). Perhaps this type of modeling helps ONE student out of hundreds... so much for the rest of the class. Edited to add that this model DOES represent place value-- but does nothing to help the student solve the problem other than have them dividing by a smaller value. It DOES represent the place value of the answer 17 (10 and 7) I've seen them before but there are so many better models out there that actually TEACH... this just wastes time and frustrates students and parents.
  7. I've had 2 neighbors (children) with gruesome trampoline injuries-- both had nets. I vote 'not necessarily a great idea'-- at 79 there is a greatly increased chance of broken bones-- just from moving... it is easy to fall or lose your balance on trampoline. She was fine this time-- I would not build a battle over it...but I may say my thoughts (or at least mutter them into my pillow).
  8. OK-- so apparently the USA government should now be in charge of all education (Isn't it still a State's Rights issue?) ALL Algebra 1 (or Integrated Math 1) students will follow the SAME lesson each day from the SAME government mandated curriculum. This means that ALL teacher teach the same exact lesson in that time frame-- HEY, why dont we just pluck ALL students down in front of the SAME video teacher- that way ALL students get the SAME exact lesson presented the same with with the same methods-- then they can go online if they miss class and get the same lesson with same explanations. Who needs a 'teacher'.... just hire classroom monitors... -- OP I feel your pain! I had a DD in quarantine for most of 1 semester of college (plus she had a single room so no contact with other humans in person for WEEKS)... she would be out of quarantine for one day then get a notice to go back to quarantine... she was never ill. She did have an online option but it was not the same as the benefit of in person classes...I just can't imagine how this works for parents of younger students who cannot be left alone-- and their parents who NEED to work and just do not have the ability to take those days off or work from home (even then younger students need supervision!-- DH and I both work from home--- today we had an issue where we both had calls and no one was available to watch the baby! (It worked out thanks to BLIPPI and the fact that my call was just a tech issue so more forgiving of background noise.) I agree- school districts need a better plan-- it sucks that politics is getting in the way of common sense!
  9. I've organized several international flights for small groups... this type of issue ALWAYS comes up... Before I started taking the lead, I was in a small group where the lead person arranged all of the seating-- I ended up in an isle seat but 15 rows away from anyone else in the group- next to a strange man who SNORED the whole trip... I was miserable. My leader was 6'6" and thought everyone would do better with an isle-- but allowed the 'short people' to sit next to a tall person for conversation...(sigh, I guess I was the odd tall person...). In OP's situation I would probably book 2 adjoining isle seats with the OP next to their favorite person to chat with-- or the person who does not like strangers). If that is not possible then I would go for a 3 seat section (DH, OP, DS) and not use the armrests if possible (for us it is so much more comfortable that way!).
  10. There are privacy issues as well as logistics (time) issues in recording PS classes. If a student misbehaves in class and the class is recorded the student's actions AND the teachers response are recorded and ANYONE who views the recording can take note... Angry parent to principal: " I watched my precious little Johnny's math class and there is a misbehaving student that needs to be removed or I will insist that Johnny is moved to a different class-- HERE is my proof-- (and the parent produces and edited recording with sequences of said student misbehaving...-- what if some of these instances were edited out of context? what of privacy laws? -- I agree with the poster who said perhaps a short edited recording of the main parts of the lesson could be made. I would not expect an individual teacher to do this for each lesson (not paid enough!!)-- but then down side is that EVERY 6th grade math class in the school/district would have to teach EXACTLY the same lesson EXACTLY the same way for it to be a 'FAIR' representation of the lesson... Teachers are not robots. I teach online class (and have for 19 years!!). My classes are recorded for enrolled student/parent playback only)--if I have to verbally correct a student for improper conduct (major issues only --has only happened a few times) then I will edit the recording or make a substitute recording for privacy sake. There have also been times when I've needed to miss a class (emergency Dr appointment...)-- in those cases I have made a brief lesson recording-- usually takes 10-15 minutes instead of the full hour because there are not as many questions and bunny trails (but these are also 'boring' compared to the live class with student interaction!). The short recordings still keep students learning and on track...
  11. My nephew is still in ICU more than a week after he was shot in the neck (random senseless shooting...)...he is still in high school! WHY.
  12. More water. Sleeping without undies... you dont want an external yeast infection to compound the UTI (which is most likely yeast related!). Low sugar diet-- again anything to combat the yeast.
  13. Well the 'science' section on the ACT really does little to actually test scientific knowledge-- it is mostly reading and interpreting graphs and charts... I'd just stick with the SAT test if that is what she has practiced. For college-- have your daughter spend quality time on the introductory essay-- have her tell WHY she wants to study those specific things. My youngest is a neuro-biology student at Colorado State University. Her test scores were OK (small scholarship)-- but her essay is what got her in the program.
  14. BTDT-- I would see an orthopedic surgeon who is a spine specialist. I tried PT but my issues were too complex and I needed surgery-- the MRI did not reveal the bone spur I had that was sticking INTO my spinal cord-- no wonder I had terrible headaches as well as back/leg pain!! My disks were bulging but after 6 months+ of PT they had disintegrated... PT can be VERY useful-- but it cannot always reverse damage. I had to have shoulder surgery after a treadmill accident (I tried PT first then as well) it took 1 whole year of PT to get movement back in my arm/shoulder-- BUT in the end I now have more movement/rotation in the injured arm than I do in the un-injured one. So PT can work...
  15. RSV has been going around a lot this year-- it is known to cause 'cough variant' asthma. It is not unusual for this to last a few months afterwards... Unless you are wheezing or having other breathing difficulties there is nothing really a Dr can do for you... the inhaler or steroids are just band aids-- they do nothing to stop/heal the issue (but are necessary if you have breathing difficulties!!!).
  16. Awwe-- cute! We had an adult one in our house a few weeks ago-- scared DH to death one night! I had given up on him when I found part of a tail (we have 2 indoor cats)-- BUT I found him eventually and set him free... We have hatchlings near our front door most nights lately-- I saw a pair on our back patio last night... Love these little guys!
  17. One dog but 150 pounds! Medium size yard-- we scoop a few times each week-- always before the lawn service comes! Stuff is put into a small outside garbage bag that is emptied into the big trash bin on trash service day. Main trash bin is kept in our garage-- dog stuff is not staying in there all week! One of the things I miss about no longer living in the country/acreage... dogs NEVER did their duty where humans would walk... so in 18 years and usually having 2 x-large dogs we NEVER had to scoop! We did have a horse for a while-- he always gifted us right next to the fence by his run-in... happened to be the exact most visible spot in his whole paddock... you know-- the area anyone would walk up to if they wanted to pet the horse! I scooped several times each week but it was easy to do since it was in one area!
  18. Central Texas here-- Homecoming is mostly short dresses for girls... boys mostly wear button collar shirts (NO TIE!) and slacks or dark jeans (if wearing boots). In my town they did not do corsages (except for prom)... homecoming mums are worn to school and the football game--not really the dance. Since we were in the boonies/country you would see a few guys with a sport coat-- those were typically the ones wearing the dark jeans and boots! I did more than my share of chaperoning the dances when youngest dd was in school.
  19. ((Hugs)) So sorry for your loss.
  20. DD1-- in serious relationship-- they are talking 3-4 but are already in their 30's and want to wait a few years... tick tock tick tock DD2--has already given me a baby to raise (but he is AWESOME!) I think she would like another-- but needs a steady relationship first (plus she has lots of health/mental health issues...) DD3--in college but has a BF who is on a med-school track (working on masters and then headed for med school in 1 year)... HE wants 4-6! DD smiled and told him that her body would love to provide him with 2-- but the others will come from someplace else! (she has always wanted to foster/adopt). She has some chronic pain issues (CRPS) so even having 2 is a lot to ask of her.
  21. I would do it similar to previous poster-- but if possible I would add in a chopped onion (or to cheat-- minced onion!)--and maybe a cut up celery stalk (if I have one). For 3 pounds I would think it would take just over an hour (after coming to pressure)... so if after 45 minutes the meat is not tender just replace lid and set timer for an additional 15-20 minutes.
  22. I taught in 1988-- my salary (teaching special ED including a 'stipend') was $17500.... My dad started teaching at that same school in 1977-- he made a whopping $8000 and that included stipend for being a band director AND salary for being a bus driver!!
  23. There are some cute 1/2- 3/4 sized refrigerators out there-- fairly inexpensive-- that have a decent amount of freezer space... If getting a full size fridge-- make sure the wiring can handle the load!
  24. Instant pot makes a combo unit-- or you can purchase the 'air fryer' attachment separately! I might lean towards a portable induction cooktop (single burner)... and perhaps an airfryer or toaster oven. Are you going to be able to set him up with a min-fridge?
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