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  1. Or a compromise of establishing a Not Allowed In Library During School list. The list would be short. Anyone not on the list, doesn't get a library pass. The complainer's kids could be automatically put on the list. Then people could request their kids be added or removed from the list. My parents would have used adding me to the list as an effective punishment.
  2. Wow. "BlackHawk parenting" comes to mind. They just need to tell their own kids they can't go to the library.
  3. I love mine too. I had deliberately avoided feather and down. I love that it is so big. DH has zero blanket defense, and he isn't grumbling about me stealing all the blanket.
  4. I have a theory that this sort of thing can be like group therapy. So, I can see why discussing things can be helpful.
  5. Just in general for self-catering. You can pick between having a server or just buying extra food. That is somewhat close to what a friend of mine said is the best self-catered wedding meal, and he is a photographer. Note, we are in Texas. Fajitas, where the meat/onions/peppers are already wrapped in the tortillas and aluminum foil. The benefits of this is that you don't have someone putting a pound of meat on each tortilla, but people can still highly personalize their meal. Your slider idea sounds similar.
  6. Well, elder care will only be Quill's problem if she volunteers for it.
  7. I think that there is some confusion about the kids. It wasn't the disapproved grandchild that was getting married. The disapproved grandchild was merely the sister of the bride. To me, that somehow makes it even worse. Quill, how did you turn out OK? Note, I have said to more than one friend "How did you end up OK and not dead in the gutter or in supermax?" So, I understand that people can rise about their parents. It still amazes me, though.
  8. That is a good one to start with. After we played a couple of times, DH said, "I don't think we are playing right because a game doesn't take hours and hours." We really love Splendor. There is just something about collecting gems that really appeals to me.
  9. And, if it were me since I'd consider my parents the guilty side, I'd give the sister the option of which day, including the real day. Although she might prefer an off-day.
  10. That Amazon one has 8 loops on the insert.
  11. I mentioned the coupling theory to DH. He asked if I'd heard about the Suicide Forest project in Japan. The project was to always have two students walking through the forest talking. People complained that they were thwarted from suicide because of it. Part of their plan and the reason it was so popular of a place to do it, was to be alone.
  12. Oooh, I like the Amazon one. They have an "Oversize King" (swoons). I have this fancy duvet that I bought in this fancy store in Germany. 100% free-range goose down filled with extra down because I wanted it and I was paying by the weight. They made it while I watched. But I live in Texas and I like to share a comforter with DH. So, since marriage it has sat in the closet.
  13. An ex-bf now named Mistake, did that. The problem was that cover disintegrated in the dryer and it looked like "A chicken exploded" on the roof near the dryer vent.
  14. following because I wonder the same thing.
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