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  1. shawthorne44

    I am going to need a whole wardrobe.....GRRRR

    There is a saying in Manufacturing Engineering. "You can have it made Well, Fast or Cheaply. Because I am an an awesome engineer, you can pick two. But no one can deliver three." You seem to be asking for ideas to get all three. Since we are talking about one coat and not an ongoing thing, you might get lucky, but you will need luck. I think you need to focus on the two most important, which seems to be Fast and Cheap. Plus, who will be looking at the photos? The parents. The kids may love you and the parents may love you. But everyone except the child-family member will be a blur. Smile big and all will be well. One idea since your shoulders are slim. Look for something online that flares from the shoulders. Like a cloak that is designed to go past the knees. Then whatever you want underneath. Your weight and the extra apparent weight added by layers will disappear. That reminds me. Did you guys read the news article where the photographer finally confessed why that famous Bob Dylan album cover was blurry They were both way under-dressed for the cold because of vanity, and the photographer was shivering when he took it.
  2. shawthorne44

    National Mythology Exam 2019

    (sigh) Our kids can be different from us. I would have been over the moon to get the chance to do this. By 3rd grade, I literally read every book on Mythology available in the medium-large city in the public library system, all bookstores, and many of those at the library of the large University. I stopped with a PhD thesis that discussed things kids shouldn't read, and I wish I could forget. DD is completely uninterested, even knowing she could take it at home. .
  3. So, is that why only the first two Doctor Doolittle's were on Librovox? That had been a mystery to me.
  4. shawthorne44

    Any can't miss books for SOTW3?

    🍿 I need to gather the SOTW3 supplemental books, so this is timely for me. I am behind in this. DD started SOTW3 early because she declared that she was DONE with the SOTW2 time period. So, I wasn't prepared. Then the holidays happened. That is my excuse, and I am sticking to it. eta: We don't read the supplementals at the same time as SOTW. So, I can pick the most important first. We've already done SOTW3 and the matching Horrible Histories books.
  5. shawthorne44

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    A 3-year waiting list? That is insane. Where do you live?
  6. shawthorne44

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    I love where she says she wishes she could go back and slap herself for purging her families stuff when she was a kid.
  7. shawthorne44

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    Shush! Don't tell anyone, or the word might get back to him. I don't really need electricity, but I do need at least three fluffy pillows, so I need the close proximity of the car.
  8. shawthorne44

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    Try to think of a reasonable monetary value of that. Like something you would have truly been willing to pay if that result was guaranteed. My guess is that Netflix just paid for itself for the next year.
  9. shawthorne44

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    DH will snore a little when the mask is askew. Originally, I really hadn't minded the snoring, even though he is legendary about it. I am just someone able to sleep with noise (light is a problem). But, within a short order after my Grandfather dying likely of Apnea and my dad getting getting a sleep study, then DH getting a sleep study showing him to have Severe Apnea. So, I got it in my head that every Apnea Event might take something like 5 minutes off his life. I became quite Vigilant about DH using his CPAP and I'll wake him up if it is even askew. For a while there I was waking him up because our Dog started snoring and she sleeps on his side of the bed. What is a hoot is that DH thought the dog snores were loud. I think I laughed so hard I fell out of the chair. Someone mentioned their DH took the CPAP camping. That was a HUGE benefit for me. DH used to love primitive camping, in fact he taught primitive camping at Boy Scout camp. Now DH needs a electrical outlet when camping (happy sigh).
  10. It is nice that you have a handy carrot to get her to get the work done. She can't go to the barn until her work is done. Any work that isn't done to at least X grade, must be done again the next day before the barn.
  11. I have a tiny wallet that attaches to my keys. The thing with car keys, you can't leave without them. It is a little wider and taller than a credit card. It has two zippered pockets. One, for Drivers License, credit cards, etc. Another for cash and coins.
  12. shawthorne44


    People are shocked when I point out that having a child with someone is much more of a commitment than marrying someone. I usually try to mention that at some point to the young unmarried co-workers (mostly male). When I point out the facts, they Get it and then get this horrified look on their faces at what might have happened.
  13. shawthorne44

    Pre-cooked meal services

    When I was in college my mother gave me a book called something like, "Where is Mom Now That I Need Her?" or something like that. It was a cookbook plus. It was mostly a cookbook designed for kids in your daughter's situation, and mine at the time. So, it also had laundry hints and other stuff. It also had some blank pages to hand-write in the essential family recipes. The recipes were of the easy type with few ingredients. I really used that cookbook. There wasn't anything I still cook, (I don't think) But, it had basic functional recipes. Things college students and not moms cook. Also, since transportation is a problem maybe see if you could Amazon to her some non-refrigerated ingredients for her to keep in her bedroom. I also knew people that kept a rice cooker going all the time. I wouldn't recommend eating that many empty carbs all the time.
  14. shawthorne44


    It really is a good thing he is ex.
  15. shawthorne44

    What's your house salad?

    I think salad is somewhat personal. So, I'd never serve one salad to a group. But my go-to salad lately is a taco salad without the chips. I do 1/4 lb portions of taco meat, heat that up with Salsa, then pour on top of half a bag of butter lettuce and add a little ranch. I used to add shredded cheese, and I love cheese, but it was extraneous.
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