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  1. I had a friend that was a boy when I was a kid. We did that. He'd play house with me as long as he always got to be the dad. I'd play cars with him, but I would NOT make the car noises.
  2. A friend of mine was diagnosed with MS. She saw real improvement with Wahl's even though it was a miserable way to eat. Then it turned out that she really had Chronic Lyme's Disease. She described the diet as "not allowed anything that makes food taste good. But must have X amount of organ meats."
  3. Since you are unsure, maybe this might be the way to go. Library probably has it. I'd started to read it to DD (the illustrated edited version) when she was at that stage where she loved to be read to for a long time but wanted a picture to look at. She made me stop because "Nothing happened". Then recently (she is 8 now) she picked up the full version and really liked it. I think she might have had DH read it to her.
  4. Although, who built the reservoir? This is coming from a Texan where lakes are man-made. I lived in the area a long time and I've seen suburbs pop-up outside established areas. THEN worry about water rights. The lake I drive over as part of my commute is fuzzy. Not from pollution. But, from the top of the trees from before the land was turned into a lake.
  5. Intellectually I know this is true. But my non-logical heart doesn't believe it. I go out to the animals twice a day and I can't go without rain boots. The other day I actually thought, "Well, at least the mud is frozen" We have a new stream through our back yard. And this is Texas. Our baby goats are cranky about the mud. They don't like wet hoofsies.
  6. I read a Gladstone article which agrees with that. There was a study that tried to compare similar kids. The ones that were stronger students at slightly less prestigious colleges were more likely to publish and published more. That made them more attractive to the graduate school. I have a vague memory that the publish level even persisted into graduate school where you think it would have evened out. There was a fight (with yelling) in the Physics faculty lounge about who got to hire me for their lab. That sort of thing gives you confidence.
  7. People are nuts. Also, the 'running out of water' can happen in a local way. For example, California dumping their sewage into the bay rather than treating it and reusing it, which I think is bat-poo crazy. Watering the lawn, can make the water seem to disappear. People on a well, which is in danger of running dry. But, in reality the only real, problem is when some of the water becomes so polluted that it can't be used.
  8. DH appreciates this. Even chanting "Do Not Flush. Do Not Flush" there is a 70% chance I will flush while chanting. At this house, we also have PEX plumbing so I haven't known how much of that was from PEX. One thing about the PEX, it makes the hot water start just as quickly as a tank heater. Since it just has to clear out the water on one skinny pipe.
  9. For clothing in Europe, once I discovered a longish loose skirt with a bike shorts underneath I was converted. The bike shorts keep your thighs happy while you are walking a ton, and you have the comfort of shorts. But, you have the universal acceptability of a skirt. You can go from light hiking to a decent restaurant without changing clothes. Shorts aren't as much of a Thing as they are in the U.S.
  10. I have rolled my eyes so hard before that then I said, "Ouch" because it hurt a bit.
  11. Now I know who to avoid. I don't avoid many. When they first started to do the recommendations, they got a scathing email from me. I'd bought a book documenting the evil deeds of a politician. Then they recommended the autobiography of that politician.
  12. DH was the one most irritated by the Dad_As_Babysitter idea. A few years before DD, I worked with a friend who had a baby, took maternal leave, and then came back to work. We had lunch, etc. while she was on leave so I heard the highlights of the family dynamics. One thing that had jumped out at me was that since she was on maternal leave and he was working, they both thought that all the parenting of the baby should fall on her. When baby was maybe a month old she spent an evening away from home while their baby was home with dad. She was very frustrated because he did the absolute bare minimum. So, he changed a diaper, but left a sink full of un-rinsed baby bottles. He also played video games. When she went back to work, the attitude of his didn't change. Part of it was that he didn't know what to do, and she was the expert. The dad is a great guy, but I think that they got off to a bad start. Because of that, I'd deliberately made sure DH had daily alone time with DD. We established that I could go to bed whenever I needed to, and he would be with DD. When she needed to eat he would bring her to the bed (breastfeeding) and then take her when I banged on something in the bedroom).
  13. You can easily do Europe with a backpack. Not even a big backpack, a school backpack. Just take a small quantity of laundry soap. For a trip like yours, I'd take woolite and just hand-wash small quantities in the sink. Get several of the travel-size liquid containers for the laundry soap/hair shampoo/etc. Toss them as you finish with them or when you are ready to come home. For purses, etc. try to go for non-standard. For example, they can spot the money belt and have your pants undone and the money removed before you can stop them. One trick I liked when it was jacket weather was a fanny pack under the jacket with the stuff tucked at my back and the bottom of my jacket tied tightly. The pack blended with the billowing of the bottom of the jacket. Another one I liked was a leather thing that hung from my neck. The leather cord looked like it might have been for an amulet or something. If you see kids running amok start swinging your arms around. If it hits them, oh well. The kids running amok are pick-pockets. Do not say a word! The crowd will be on your side, unless they know you are a tourist.
  14. Mine is currently working on not barking at the goats. She is an Akita, a big hunting dog. So, I'd once been worried about our free-range chickens. But she accepted them as a protected part of my pack and protects them when they are in her back yard. We recently got baby Dwarf Nigerian Goats. They will eventually be the size of a Lab, but right now they are the size of the chickens. The goats have a 1/2 acre that I call our back-back yard. The Akita gets incredibly jealous of the goats and barks at them and scares them. But, she has been doing much better lately. She whines and she wiggles instead. The goats are learning to sleep in their goat house. Until recently they were with the chickens and roosted with them.
  15. I know what you can do to soundproof a wall. If you think about it, you need to do two things. 1) stop the transmission of sound through the air. This is obvious and likely already done or the first thing you do. 2) stop the vibrations through materials, i.e. the wall. Lots of the sound-proofing stuff, foam etc., is designed more to preserve the acoustics where the sound is being produced, i.e. theater/music room or practice room. All you care about is stopping the transmission of noise. To sound-proof a wall, remove the drywall on one side. You are going to build another stud wall. The top and the bottom horizontal boards will be 2x2's. The vertical studs will be 2x4's. But this is the important part, they will be placed so that they are in the middle of the gap between the studs on the real wall. The studs for the new wall will stick into the gaps between The left and right studs will be 2x2's also. Build the sound-proofing wall on the floor and then tilt it up into place. Do not have your new wall touch the real wall anywhere. Get some bats of insulation and put them between the walls horizontally so they weave in and out between the studs on the two walls. Then hire someone to drywall the sound-proofing wall.
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