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  1. Your post gave me a nasty flashback to an ex-boyfriend now known as Mistake. That is my IRL name for him, not just an online thing. He loved to channel-surf. I used to do cross-stitch with teeny-tiny squares, so I had something to focus on. One time he fell asleep AND CONTINUED TO CHANNEL SURF. I had DirectTV and he surfed through every last channel before I noticed that anything was wrong. His finger twitched at his normal speed. I had almost dumped him over this next thing. I would record Law and Order and instead I would get a recording of him channel surfing through the intro death scene. I like the recliner chairs. Although I bring in a travel pillow which helps a lot. One thing I like about the recliner chairs is that since people are spaced more apart, that it doesn't matter so much who is next to you. Although, we only go 2-3 times a year.
  2. A couple of times MIL loaned us her car. I would have it detailed before I returned it. They did a thorough job for a little over $40. They didn't uninstall the seats or anything like that. But, they did spend a couple of hours on it. We were using her car for a driving vacation, so it was worth the price to just not have to worry about crumbs.
  3. I wonder if it might be helpful to apply for summer admission before the normal freshman year? That way, maybe one random online class could be taken over the summer, and the credits would have time to be entered.
  4. On Saturday storms were coming through. Superchicken, my favorite, was on the front porch making a scared noise. So I ran out to protect her. She went into a deep squat. Turns out, she had just wanted some loving. I picked her up and cuddled her. Sorry, I am not going to stop that. My chickens are extremely healthy. BTW, the chickens get their name from the charms on the ankle bracelets that they wear. Superchicken has the Superman symbol. She used to be good friends with BatHen (batman) and Robin, but a cat got those.
  5. When DD was a baby and I was reading about homeschooling, I noticed a trend in regulations. States that were friendly to homeschooling, e,g, PA, are high regulation states. Those states were allowing it and set up regulations for it. Whereas states that were unfriendly to it, e.g. Texas, jailed homeschooling parents then later got smacked-down in the courts. So, after the court smack-down, it was legal but there weren't any regulations about it. I remind other new homeschoolers of this. People seem to think that because Texas doesn't have regulations that means that it is friendly to homeschoolers. Noooo, I remember people being jailed in my city when I was a teen.
  6. I remember thinking when they were putting my grandmother in (the last to go). That every person with our last name could be buried in Grandpa's plot. There aren't many of us and they only used a post hole digger (it seemed) to dig a hole. My favorite burying story is from my cousin. He died of a heart attack at 30 or 31. He wasn't married and he had an amazing German Shepard. One of his brothers kept the dog. When it died they went out in the night and buried the dog in cousin's grave. The dog might have been cremated, I don't remember. I'm not sentimental about burials, but that makes me smile.
  7. I don't understand what my paternal grandparents did. They bought two cemetery lots next to each other. Bought and designed their own headstone. Then were cremated and buried in the lots. It was their choice, but it seemed like the worst of both options But, I guess, to each their own. Me, I want the money to go for quality alcohol at a wake.
  8. Next to my will, I have a letter that I called, "Wants". It says at the top that I am not mandating anything but this is what I'd like. I did threaten to haunt anyone that bought a nice wood container to bury me in. That it would be a shame to bury something pretty. I asked to be cremated or enclaved and then buried under the house. I really don't like the outdoors. I remember I read a book once that compared weddings and funerals. Display of wealth is something that they have in common. You can both cheaply or spend $$$$. Neither the wedding venue nor the funeral home will steer you to a cheaper option. Another book I read on funerals said that in China they had to forbid hiring strippers for a funeral. People want a great many people at the funeral. Hiring strippers was to encourage attendance. I mentioned that my work-husband. He is anti-funerals and he said that would make him go to one. It had reached the point that almost everyone had a stripper.
  9. That is why I'm not bothered when people do something like K-12 for free and call it home-school. I've even mentioned it to people with the caveat that we don't do it because it has the busywork of public school.
  10. I like flying theoretically. I was even on a flight that had enough problems to end up on the San Jose news. The wheels just would not descend. They'd given up and had the emergency stuff waiting for the plane to land on its belly. Then the wheels dropped and all was fine. The entire plane had been holding hands. I HATE flying now days. It is the seats. I'd be content to sleep in a coffin sized berth like on train 'beds' only more closely spaced. But the seats are torture devices. My worst flight attendant experience was when my ears just didn't equalize. I was in extreme pain. I was in the very first row on the window seat. I had my elbows on the tray. The flight attendant got pissy because I didn't snap to when she told me to stow the tray. I hadn't been able to hear her. Someone behind me said, "She is in pain". I put that down to the inherent problem with bureaucracy of concern of letter of the law over common sense. DD desperately wants to fly someplace. I even looked into one of those super-cheap flights at the last minute for a super short trip just to give her the experience. But, I decided we'd fly for our summer vacation. I was looking into Spirit Airlines. a work friend said. "But, then she won't want to fly anymore." I said, "Bonus"
  11. I don't know if this is still true, but back when I took it, the GRE had math that was easier than the SAT's. The idea was that the average college graduate forgot more math than they learned.
  12. My favorite restaurant experience is Sunday Champagne Brunch. We used to do that maybe three times a year when I was a older kid. One year we went on Mother's Day and it was HORRIBLE. There was literally no food left except for dessert when we got there. After that we always did the Mother's Day meal the week before or the week after. Totally wonderful. That might be an idea for the OP. She can call a family meeting and declare that since Sunday was Mother's Day for the Grandparent-generation, this upcoming Sunday will be Mother's Day for you.
  13. When I was 'backpacking' in Europe while in college, a girl at the hostel got pissy because wherever we were didn't do anything for July 4th. To be fair, everyone else in the room shut her down and there was some eye-rolling. It is just that these people are memorable. Also to be fair, I was made at a July4th celebration picnic in Germany. Fireworks provided by the military base. I remember as a kid being corrected that Paris wasn't a country. I then memorized the order that a city and its country appears in to save myself that embarrassment in the future. I was public schooled. I think that it is just one of the those things that adults never explain because they assume that the kid already knows. Like relatives, no one explains to kids that Great-Aunt XYZ is the sister of your dad's dad.
  14. The thing about breast milk is that we don't understand it. It isn't because it changes, which it does. Scientists don't understand everything that is in it. According to what we know, formula should be MUCH sweeter than breast milk. I think I read 7X sweeter. But it isn't. So, there are some big things about breast milk that we don't understand. Without understanding what is in breast milk, we can't know that formula replaces every important aspect. That isn't to say that anyone should feel guilty for using formula. A friend of mine due at the same time, couldn't produce ANY milk. She'd had a brain tumor that was removed.
  15. I don't know if this is true since I heard it third-hand. But, I was told that in Southern Baptists the First Baptist Church is designated money for education. So, a mega-church is likely to setup a private school and smaller churches are likely to have a homeschool co-op. So, I can see how that would locally increase the number of homeschoolers.
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