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  1. The Texas pledge floored me too. I lived in Minnesnowda until I was 8. I look forward to actually learning some Texas History. I think the books mentioned in the first two posts will do for this go-around. Well, and another book that jumped into my Amazon cart all on its own. We will probably skip doing another Texas History study and just include stuff here and there. I am well-traveled internationally, less so domestically and embarrassingly un-traveled within Texas. So, we'll look into places before we visit them.
  2. DD declared it the prettiest city ever and she wants to live there as an adult. Of course, she's seen maybe 5 cities. We did a walking tour there that was awesome!
  3. Why are we doing it? Well, I guess I could say it is DH's requirement. He was born in Dallas and might be a Texan before an American. Since DD is in 5th grade, and he's never requested anything that we weren't already doing, I am going along with it. I'll buy all these books. That gentle guide looks like an ideal spine. I look forward to doing field trips. We did one long weekend in San Antonio (pre-lockdown) that will be hard to top. We lucked into watching three wedding ceremonies from one water taxi trip. DD was enchanted.
  4. Ok, we just finished up the first four years of the History cycle. I have a shelf of books for a year of American History before we start the second history cycle. DH just reminded me that we need to shoehorn in Texas History now. I don't have a problem with that, but I'm caught flat-footed. We like the format of a spine book or two, with many other books as read-aloud and some activities. My Texas History experience exemplifies why DD is homeschooled. I don't remember the elementary-school version. But the middle-school version was horrible! We spent three months on the Span
  5. I think people NEED to get outside at this point, get some Vitamin D, breathe some fresh air and build up their immune system. This is coming from a practically sun-phobic, indoorsy person, so that is saying something. Last year we did the Grand Canyon, the lake at Page, AZ and then highlights of the national parks in AZ. That was an awesome trip and totally do-able right now. My personal opinion is that taking a flight or a cruise right now is totally insane. But, then I think that in the best of time, both are hot beds of disease.
  6. I assume this is national (check first) but where I live if you donate blood they'll give you your antibody test results. Win-Win. Literally. I couldn't give because of my iron. Both Carter and Red Cross are doing this. Maybe donate, and if you decide that the test wasn't worthwhile then no harm, you gave blood.
  7. I dry-shaved too the first time. My hair is very light so it was never an issue. My first date was at 16 to a prom and I got it in my head that I should shave. Why, I don't know because that was the time of hoop skirts. Good thing because I had several band-aids on my legs. I don't know why I didn't say something to my mom beforehand One thing on waxing. I tried it once. One stripe. Extremely painful and that hair was black for about 20 years.
  8. We knew that from the beginning. https://www.npr.org/2020/04/13/833010438/who-is-most-vulnerable-to-covid-19-and-other-questions-answered There are a great many people who aren't vulnerable and don't work with those are are. DH had it in Feb, DD likely had it then and I might have too. For DH, he was miserable for abut 12 hours, and stayed in bed for a day. DD spent an afternoon in bed. Around that time, I had what I thought was a sinus infection, but the symptoms are expanding, so maybe I had it too. We know DH had it, but neither DD nor I have been tested for
  9. By the time the WHO admitted that there was a disease, it was too late. At that point there was no scenario where we eradicated the disease. Look at smallpox. We've had a vaccine for forever. We thought we had it beat. But, the U.S. still has outbreaks. H1N1 is still around. The Spanish Flu is still around. SARS1, (this disease is officially SARS2) was handled well at the source and isn't a worry. So, now your choices are to get it and get the antibodies, get the vaccine and get the antibodies, or get lucky. I've heard the thing about antibodies may not work. But, u
  10. Or a compromise of establishing a Not Allowed In Library During School list. The list would be short. Anyone not on the list, doesn't get a library pass. The complainer's kids could be automatically put on the list. Then people could request their kids be added or removed from the list. My parents would have used adding me to the list as an effective punishment.
  11. Wow. "BlackHawk parenting" comes to mind. They just need to tell their own kids they can't go to the library.
  12. I love mine too. I had deliberately avoided feather and down. I love that it is so big. DH has zero blanket defense, and he isn't grumbling about me stealing all the blanket.
  13. I have a theory that this sort of thing can be like group therapy. So, I can see why discussing things can be helpful.
  14. Just in general for self-catering. You can pick between having a server or just buying extra food. That is somewhat close to what a friend of mine said is the best self-catered wedding meal, and he is a photographer. Note, we are in Texas. Fajitas, where the meat/onions/peppers are already wrapped in the tortillas and aluminum foil. The benefits of this is that you don't have someone putting a pound of meat on each tortilla, but people can still highly personalize their meal. Your slider idea sounds similar.
  15. Well, elder care will only be Quill's problem if she volunteers for it.
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