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  1. AOPS announced that they are working on a self-paced Pre-Algebra class.
  2. We read that sort of thing at bedtime. We didn't do 6 pages a day. Maybe 4 pages a day. Maybe 2 if we got a late start or one of us was tired.
  3. Why is spinning a bad idea? I can understand H2O2 being a problem, since it is bad for most wounds.
  4. Edge, that sounds cool. I like the phone part. And that I can turn it off if we play as a family. I don't know how that would work with Minecraft. I am not getting this if I can't have a time limit from the start. I want that to be an integral part of the experience, rather than instituted later as punishment.
  5. No, I appreciate the honest opinion. As far as DD knows, I am still thinking about it. DH will go along with whatever I decide since I care far more about this than he does.
  6. I am fairly anti-video games. I am a geek and I've seen friends get lost in them. That said, I remember my joy when for some reason my mother put the Atari console on her gift list. That was an entirely positive experience. I played often by myself, but sometimes with my parents. I am an only child. Later with PC Games, a few times I could feel myself becoming addicted and I'd have to go cold-turkey. So, I guess I would really say that I am conflicted on video games. I'd said No to buying DD video games. I didn't mind her playing them at friends houses because there isn't a chance of addiction that way. But, DD has been watching those videos of people playing Minecraft. I totally don't get it. There is this set of videos where an adult man and woman are playing. My husband watched some of them with her first and he said that they were very clean and there wasn't even innuendo in them, even when there was an obvious opening. She has been watching them for awhile and giggling. She has played this at friend's houses. The other day she offered to buy Minecraft with her own money and even pay extra. That took me aback and I told her I'd think about it. I think what I will do is to get it for our Home Theater PC. That way she will be in the living room when she plays it and we will have an easy way of watching what is going on. I would like to start it out with a built-in time limit. Something built into the computer so that it isn't a source of strife between us.
  7. For anyone else with a kid with this problem, it can be corrected if caught while still growing. They scrape the growth plate at the knee of the longer leg. Mine wasn't quite caught early enough so I still have about 1/2" difference. Yes, standing for a long time can be a problem. Despite getting yearly physical exams, it was the school nurse checking everyone that caught it. School nurses are awesome! For me, sleeping on my back with a pillow or few under my knees has helped a lot. It allows my back a chance to recover every night. Having a computer job seems to have helped a lot too.
  8. One thing I like about Zenni is that they are cheap enough that it is easy to order a spare or two. I am blind enough that I can't find my glasses without my glasses. My family is pretty good about finding them for me. But, sometimes they aren't there. I keep a pair in a particular shelf in the medicine cabinet. They have the cheap lens but since I only wear them for 10 minutes, that doesn't matter. Also, I have a wide face. I have had trouble finding glasses in stores that are wide enough for my face without obviously being Men's glasses. I don't have the problem online. When you load the photo, you enter the distance between your pupils. That allows the photo to be sized properly.
  9. I wonder if right there might be a reason a diagnosis can help an adult. Imagine that same MIL, that had a diagnosis and accepted it. The MIL could come clean with the DIL and have a frank discussion. Years ago, DD was failure to thrive. I was taking her to Children's Medical for a bunch of tests, some of them scary. DH was in denial so I wanted to always be the one to take DD. I had a boss at the time that would act interested in hearing about it. But, then a month later she would have completely forgotten that anything was going on with DD medically. I could understand her not remembering the details, but I thought that her interest must have been completely fake since she couldn't even remember that Something was going on. We had some friction over that. Then one day things came to a head. Turns out, she'd had a brain injury and had trouble remembering things. She did things like always communicate through e-mail. If she had just mentioned something, we wouldn't have had that friction. Fortunately, we had that discussion because she died shortly after.
  10. Not Autism, but I read an article that said that at one time having some people with borderline personality disorders would have been a benefit to the tribe. They could fill niche functions that required extreme attention to detail or extreme aggression, etc.. I bring that up because I once talked to someone at a conference that was giving a talk on "The Benefits of Aspergers." I couldn't go to the talk, but I asked her about it. She said that once the focus was on work, it was a benefit to the employer and her career. One thing interesting with her, I asked her if her diagnosis might not be a mild one. That the reason I asked was because she hadn't said anything crappy yet, and that contradicted my experience. She said that it was severe with her, and that she had no filter, but that she just didn't have any crappy thoughts to filter. She compared to when some people get old and lose their filters. Some of them turn mean, and some just say funny things sometimes. I don't know if I believe the diagnosis rates. Don't we all know many people that the schools tried to get the diagnosis on their kids just to zombie-fy them? I've heard that this is a problem for kids wanting to join the military. A couple of years of the drugs in childhood disqualifies.
  11. Is anyone else reading this book? "The History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality" by Blake Harris The reason I ask is because the Oculus founder, Luckey, was homeschooled. This is mentioned in the book. It isn't mentioned positively or negatively. Just basically, "A brilliant kid who was homeschooled and started to take some college classes early" I don't have the book in front of me so that is just from memory. But it occurred to me that maybe some parents of geeky homeschooled kids might want to know about this book.
  12. Unless of course someone on the HOA board wanted that family out for some reason.
  13. We both adored the book "Bowser" and the sequel. It is a mystery told from the perspective of the dog. At first I rolled my eyes, but it totally works and I'm not a fan of mysteries. We liked it enough to send the author a nice note. He is a well-published author that started to write under another name for these kid's books. DD has declared that her first dog will be named "Bowser".
  14. That had been my experience as well. Cal 1, 2 and 3 were taken then you did other stuff (assuming you were taking lots of math). I would have liked to take Linear Algebra earlier though. Cal 2 kicked me around, but Linear Algebra was breath of fresh air.
  15. Considering the extra info, I change my mind. Pull that kid now. I'd been one to say to only do 15 minutes of homework. My logic was that it left the door open for attending next year if that was wanted.
  16. Since they didn't float and smell fine, then I think the date is wrong.
  17. Another idea would be to send a note to the teacher saying that homework is taking X amount of time in the evenings and negatively impacting DD. Say that DD will work diligently for 15 minutes on homework, but no more. You are taking responsibility ... (like in the PP)
  18. I wonder if the dress hadn't originally looked a lot like the make-over version? I can see how being jammed between other dresses would ruin the flowers and tear them off. Although part of the brilliance of the makeover is the decorations just on one side. I see some droopy flowers on what is the clean side on the final dress.
  19. I equate playing club sports to get a scholarship with doing beauty pageants for the scholarships. Yeah, you will probably get some scholarships, but the Return On Investment is a little better than lottery tickets.
  20. There is a reason that they don't put super young kids in school. Since you are basically in charge, I'd announce a rule that only school-age kids can get the kids lesson. So, they will have to stay with their parents unless someone else is willing to run a nursery-type class. If one of the school-aged kids doesn't behave, then they get sent back with their parents.
  21. Just recently I read about a kid that died soon after walking into his grandparent's house because they were cooking fish. They knew he had a fish allergy but they didn't think that it that bad or that airborne would be a problem. I would not want to be the cause of something like that. I loooovve peanut butter, but I won't be taking it to the airport.
  22. DH had a sports scholarship at the big state U of a large state. One thing that I learned recently, they controlled what the athletes ate. They had their own cafeteria and their cards were programmed with their individualized food plan. If they tried to get something not on their meal plan, it wouldn't let them. It wasn't a problem for DH because he was on a 'gain weight' diet. So, he got as many carbs and calories as he wanted. But, other athletes grumbled. DH even had one coach of not-his-sport walk by and challenge what he was eating. DH did say that they could get steaks for breakfast. But, I found that level of control creepy.
  23. Thinking back, I read it on the Spirit Airlines site. For a little while it looked like Spirit would be our cheapest option. In my mind, I thought that if they allowed a bag of food, then all would allow a bag of food. Back when I was a frequent traveler, I had noticed the same thing. Also, coats that are worn don't count. Cylinder travel pillows hanging off the outside of the carry-on didn't count. etc.
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