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  1. shawthorne44

    Coding "bootcamps" and other options?

    There is something to be said for coding. The developers where I work, are valued and have regular hours.
  2. shawthorne44

    Abducted in Plain Sight

    I envision it as being a Boiling A Frog situation.
  3. shawthorne44

    Kitchen reno vs. family vacation

    I'd do the vacation and then use the rest to pay down your mortgage or any other debt. Plus, it doesn't sound like your kitchen is bad enough to really need a remodel. The problem with 'not to my taste' is that you have to assume that whatever you do to the kitchen won't be to the taste of the next owner, therefore you won't get any money back on it. Now, if the kitchen cabinets were falling off the wall (happened to me) and the counters were laminate, then I'd say do the kitchen.
  4. shawthorne44

    Article: "Why Do We Blame Women For Prohibition?"

    Also, look at MADD which is the closest thing to a prohibition group we have now. The original goal of the group was to make drunken driving a criminal and social problem. They succeeded. Then they turned to prohibition, trying to put forth laws that said that alcohol couldn't be served in a building that allowed children. So, hotels and restaurants couldn't serve alcohol. The founder of it left over the change. That is a very female group. I've heard from people that visited Jamaica that the society is very women_work_while_men_drink. I was once on a dive boat and I asked the leader what that weird square was on his dive suit. He said he installed it himself from when he worked in Jamaica. He'd be underwater leading a group of divers, when the boat driver would get a call that a party was happening and the boat driver would leave everyone underwater. That happened more the once. He said that the worse part was the long walk with all his gear, so the square was a pocket to store taxi money.
  5. shawthorne44

    Article: "Why Do We Blame Women For Prohibition?"

    A female ancestor of mine was one of the founders of ... I think it was called the Temperance League. So, Temperance being a women's movement is something that I got with my mother's milk. They used social pressure to get men on board, e.g. Falling Off the Wagon.
  6. shawthorne44

    New Tax Law Impact

    What you are saying is that people don't have self-control because they will spend however much money they get. Not really that they can't afford it, because the amount spent would be the same either way. I see that with property taxes. Apparently, some mortgages give people the option to pay that themselves. so they have a choice of paying it monthly with their mortgage or once-a-year.
  7. shawthorne44

    New Tax Law Impact

    That obfuscating is how the gov likes it.
  8. shawthorne44

    New Tax Law Impact

    I don't understand why anyone would look at the refund you received when comparing years. You should look at the amount owed this year compared to last year. They changed the withholding table so even those that are getting a smaller refund or owe more, could very well owe less this year than last year. It just means that your paychecks were a little bigger.
  9. shawthorne44

    A mama cat has moved into our yard with her kittens

    Just check the trap frequently. What temp is it where you live? I'd had a squirrel that chewed its way into my attic. My parents have a have-a-heart trap. I set it up right outside the hole into the attic and the trap was secured with rope to the chimney so it didn't fall. I researched what they liked to eat and peanut butter and seeds were their favorite foods. So I made peanut butter and seed truffles for the trap. I got organic peanut butter. I made all different size balls to tempt it. The stinker waited until we had an ice storm (Texas so unusual) to go into the trap, and then froze to death. Oh, and I was sick in bed then.
  10. A friend of mine was in a play wearing a period Elizabethan dress. She had to take teeny tiny steps because otherwise the dress would start to sway more and more until it would literally knock her over. But don't the actresses all arrive in limos? I remember reading that Princess Diana regretted the fabric choice for her wedding dress. It was an easy wrinkle fabric and it wrinkled on the way to the church.
  11. shawthorne44

    Seed starting on the cheap...

    I've heard that you can use k-cups for seedlings.
  12. shawthorne44

    Flustered neighbor kids walking home at 9:30 pm!!!

    And the result is the Snowflake Generation.
  13. shawthorne44

    Flustered neighbor kids walking home at 9:30 pm!!!

    I loved walking to the store Saturday mornings for milk. It started when we moved into that house when I was 8.5 years old. There was a nearby gas station/small grocery store. This was back when they reused milk bottles, so part of it was to make sure we got credit for the return. I loved doing that. Loved loved loved. My daughter had nightmares for two weeks after she heard a group of Blackhawk mothers attack me. The OP is a Blackhawk mother. For those that don't know Blackhawks attack other parents who aren't helicopter parents. These women have had a lingering noticeable effect on my daughter. She sometimes doubts herself and displays unwarranted fear,in situations where she was confident before.
  14. shawthorne44

    Beast Academy Practice Book

    Also, if you buy them used and resell them, you aren't out much money.
  15. This is my annoyance with both the SAT and ACT talking. At this point, I don't care if she cheated. I hope she studies so hard her eyesight gets worse and then she gets an even better score the next time.
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