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  1. My personal experience is: still do not personally know anyone who has had a positive test. Know several friends of friends’ who have needed to take a test for a variety of reasons, but all came back negative. Do know multiple families that were quite sick in Feb time frame that are positive they had it but were not tested. Live in a state called an early hot-spot.
  2. I do find this interesting, and am NOT ‘anti-mask’, but at the same time, how is a ‘hospital outbreak’ determined to be ‘community spread’?? Especially if said hospital is in a place that has basically 100% masking compliance and has had public masking mandates for months. Does this mean that people who work at the hospital are not masking outside of work?? Or that it is just coincidence that these people work together? I’m not exactly sure what the definition of what a ‘hospital outbreak’ or what ‘community speak’ is based on contact tracing. I only put these in quotes because it seems li
  3. Well, it is after midnight here and I am ‘sneaking’ onto the WTM forums, sooooo . . . I can not see how old your kids are (no signatures) but, I would probably say something general and cryptic and assume the guilty party understood, or nothing and just see how it played out in the morning.
  4. I am trying to figure out what works of literature are covered in the British Literature book by Bob Jones University text. I can not seem to find a table of contents or a works/authors included. I can not find a physical copy of the book to look at and flip through. Anyone know? Here is a link to the text at Reading Rainbow, although a different edition would be fine as well. https://www.rainbowresource.com/product/208033/British-Literature-Home-School-Kit-2ED.html?
  5. That is interesting. I find the opposite myself. I avoid talking in them for several reasons. I do think some people talk more then normal to me, I think since I can’t see them smile. But honestly, it annoys me, I try not to answer back. I go out of my way to avoid being in situations where I need to put on a mask. It also really upsets me when other people in masks come close to me in stores because we are ‘both’ in masks, ugh, I hate that. I would consider myself a fairly outgoing person in normal situations.
  6. I am planing on ‘attending’ our local monthly school board meeting this week simply because I want to listen to them talk. My kids are in a group that goes to local schools in the fall for assemblies and I am specifically curious about that. And if they are going to let ‘community groups’ use the facilities and what the parameters might be. I fully expect that they have no real idea, but I am curious to hear what they talk about.
  7. My .02 cents is summer is basically cancelled in WA. If your event is 100% private and uses no commercial anything. For instance a wedding on the brides fathers land where everyone is tent camping or within driving distance and the reception is a potluck that the cousins put together and the uncle’s home brewed the beer - you might be able to go on with it. . . I would not plan on flying to get to the event.
  8. We have one child in a private school and one at home. The one in school is a 9th grader and was at home until this year. She has 17 hours a week of live on-line classes. It is too much. Way too much. She often has homework and reading outside of class. The other child also has school work to complete on the computer. We have one computer to share for the entire family. It is not like homeschooling in that I have no authority or really even a voice in much of anything. Although I did actually talk with the principle and we agreed that she simply has an ‘excused absence’ for any and ev
  9. Some people unfortunately purchased flight tickets for the summer before being aware a global pandemic had started . . .
  10. This is a really interesting thread to me. I don’t know what it means. Here is my personal story for why it is interesting. I have never used one in the past, have it purely since the Covid-19. we have been ‘playing’ with it for a few weeks and always getting numbers in the 98-100 range. This evening I ate things that I know I shouldn’t eat because they make me feel bad. I know this, I have no medical diagnosis of anything. But I know when I eat dairy, eat gluten, or an around cats I have a reaction. So anyways, today my husband really wanted us to go on a family outing to ge
  11. I am currently very concerned about this for my oldest. She homeschooled through 8th, wanted to go to high school so we found one private school that we thought would be a good fit. She was doing ok and we were planing on sending her back to finish, we did not actually sign the paperwork though. Then, Covid came. And now although I think her school has actually in some ways done a much better job of managing the ‘crisis on-line’ schooling much better then the public schools, I am still not impressed with it at all. I really want to at least look at a variety of options in case schools
  12. HSMWB


    I am a bit impressed we as a country have gone this long without ‘major’ protests actually. I really do think we are getting to the end of the ability of most people to continue to SIP without universal income and more support. I think the fishing protests were a prime example of the gov having gone ‘too far’. Fishing can be done while social distancing for instance. I don’t wish anyone ill-will.
  13. What are your thoughts about how to continue moving on with their education, and/or fold them back into family life?? Especially those who have both some at school and done at home?? I am really struggling with our daughters school, 9th grade, they are currently basically trying to ‘hold school’ on-line. She is supposed to be sitting in front of a computer 3-5 hours a day at various times between 7:30am and 2:15 pm. Ummmm, we only have one computer and multiple kids. We also have a VERY VERY small house. My kids at home also have on-line classes which basically conflict. And then, is
  14. It looks like fun! My kids always seem to enjoy sailing more when there are other boats and preferably other kids around as well. I would look into races, regattas, sailing camps, jr sailing, and yacht clubs. Join the local boating pages and social groups on facebook or meet-up.
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