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  1. Thanks, everyone! This is great. I'll print all these out before we go.
  2. I haven't homeschooled in several years, but I still think of the WTM boards when I need information. I logged in today to ask for travel tips for Vancouver, and I remembered this thread. It was great to read up on what your dancers are doing. The last time I posted, my dd had made prelim champ was doing well at that level. She needed two firsts to move up to open champ. She placed first in Atlanta in November - competition is pretty stiff at that feis, so it was a sweet win. She got another win last weekend at the Raleigh feis, so she's an open champ. She went to Oireachtas (Regionals) in Dec
  3. It looks like there's so much to do there! We'll be staying at the Sheraton in the middle of downtown, and dd will be dancing at the convention center. We were looking at the Suspension Bridge park today. How is the hiking there? Do you have to hike far to get to the bridge? We probably won't be able to do any strenuous hiking because my dancer won't want to overdo it before the competition, and she'll be worn out afterwards. She's competing two days with practices the evenings before, so it's a lot of dancing. We were looking at the Museums too. It sounds like the Museum of Anthropo
  4. We will be visiting Vancouver in July for a dance competition and have not been there before. We are adding a few days to sightsee. Any suggestions on best things to see and do? Is public transportation great or should we rent a car? Thanks!
  5. I just saw this thread and realized I never updated! DD needed a hard shoe first to move up to prelim champ. She got a second that day, and one of her classmates got the first. But at her next feis in March, she got the first she needed and moved up. She's doing well in prelim - I think she's only not recalled twice, and she's placed as high as second. Her goal is to move up to open champ this fall, before regionals the first weekend in December. She needs two firsts to make open. Her toe has bothered her off and on. We visited her surgeon earlier this year to make sure it wasn't broken
  6. Thank you! Good luck to your daughter in her spring performance!
  7. Thank you! I enjoyed reading the update about your son.
  8. Thank you. Sounds like your daughter is having a busy and fun senior year. Your description of the video project made me laugh. :-)
  9. I thought about reviving the old thread, but since it hasn't been posted on in over a year, I decided to make a new post. Can I get some good thoughts for my dd16 (an Irish dancer) this weekend? It's been 2 years since she competed in solo dances because of injuries. She continued dancing on teams through Nationals in the summer of 2016. At that point, she took a long break, but her broken toe refused to heal, so she had it surgically repaired in February 2017. Her orthopedist didn't rush us to surgery, because the break was in an area of the toe that has poor blood flow, so it sometimes d
  10. Hi, My name is Amy and I saw your post about a WTM group that meets in Cary. I live in Dunn, which isn't too far from that area. I think the post was from last year, so I'm wondering if the group still meets. Could you send some information about it? I'm just finishing up my 1st year and I'm hoping to start meeting some like-minded people. Thanks! ~Amy

  11. Thank you for the link to the Latin Book 1 yahoo group! :-)



  12. Happy Christmas~****

  13. Happy Thanksgiving!


  14. You are a hoot! Not at all did I think it was creepy. :-) I haven't been on the WTM site as much because I am away (in NC) and just been out of my routine. I thought it was neat that you knew Wake Forest seeing as I have family here and am here myself right now.

  15. I got to thinking that it might seem kind of creepy that I read something on Just Me's page about you and then posted to you about it. I was just browsing different pages trying to get a handle on the friends thing and the new features. I don't have time to keep up with the regular boards, let alone read everyone's visitor messages, so I thought maybe I should mention why I was reading them a few days ago. :-)

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