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  1. I struggled a bit deciding between options #1 and #2 (although "puppies are cute" was a no-brainer). We always said that we expected our kids to achieve some kind of post-secondary education or training, whether that was vocational or a more traditional four-year college program or something else we hadn't thought of that turned out to be right for that kiddo. Realistically, though, in the absence of some specific reason otherwise and given our kids' academic abilities, we pretty much assumed each would earn at least a bachelor's. At this point, things are still a little in flux with our son. He has earned an associate's degree and a technical certificate but has taken off most of the last year to find a way forward, academically, that he feels good about pursuing. He does still intend to finish his B.A. (and actually has more raw credit hours than most four-year degrees require), but needs to settle into some kind of plan to make that happen. Our daughter finished her B.A. early, took some time off, earned a non-academic credential and is now back in school doing her graduate degree. So, on average, we're right on track.
  2. I haven't gotten to the sequel, but I agree that the movie was more fun than the original novel.
  3. So, actually, Austenland the film was based on a novel. I enjoyed both the book and the movie. And it appears there is a sequel to the book. Side note: I'm currently reading Unmarriageable, which is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice set in relatively contemporary Pakistan. It's not "great," but it's good. And I'm loving the audiobook version of Jane Austen at Home.
  4. Oh, I'm a big-time binge-er. It's just that I tend to lump everything I watch on any device via streaming or broadcast or whatever together under the general heading of "TV," and I think of myself as not watching "a lot" (especially compared to some of my family and friends). Yet then I sit here and respond to most of these suggestions by saying I've already watched that one. I guess this means I'm consuming more than I am aware of. In terms of reading, I'm currently on an Austen kick, re-reading some of her novels but also novels related to/based on her originals and an occasional biography.
  5. Good thoughts, all. I really like Superstore and have watched the whole series thus far. (In fact, I watched a bunch of the early episodes twice, because I introduced my husband to the series and re-watched while he caught up with me.) I've seen and enjoyed Morning Glory, I could happily re-watch that one, except that it doesn't seem to be available for streaming on any platform to which I have access. Neither is The Devil Wears Prada, sadly, because I actually have never seen that one. I do have Second Act on my to-watch list, though, as soon as RedBox lets me know it's available.
  6. Oh, yes, I loved that when it came out a few years ago.
  7. I've always kind of had the impression that this one might be a little too acidic for my tastes, but I'm willing to give it a try. It looks like only the first couple of seasons are available on Prime. Do you happen to know it it's available to stream anywhere else without signing up for the HBO service or buying episodes/seasons individually?
  8. You know, I think of myself as a person who doesn't watch a ton of TV, but I have to admit I've seen that one, too. [Insert sheepish smile here.] I, too, liked it okay, enough that I was hopeful it would stick around a while and have some time to develop.
  9. Thanks. That's another one that I hadn't thought to put in this bucket. I really liked the first couple of seasons, but then kind of zoned out.
  10. I liked Great News, too. And I've seen Spy a couple of times. It wasn't until after I posted that I realized it also fit the theme.
  11. It looks like I could rent it from Amazon. Thanks!
  12. I read the book on which the series is based and watched the first three or four seasons. I did like that one, too.
  13. Work is kind of sucky for me right now, but I also kind of can't stop thinking about it. Traditionally "escapist" entertainment doesn't take my mind off of stuff, because I just tune out the book/movie/etc. in order to continue obsessing about being unhappy at work. What I really crave is things to read/watch/listen to that have to do with women succeeding at work, preferably things with a comedic tone. I've already been through all of the "classics" -- 9 to 5, Working Girl, Baby Boom -- and a bunch of others I can't remember right now. I have access to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime and, of course, RedBox if I feel like venturing out. What should I look for?
  14. Technically, my university's spring break was this week. However, work marches on, and there are assignments due in both of my classes this weekend or shortly thereafter. Next week is the spring break for our local public schools, and we have a full slate of classes and camps for kids happening at the library where I work. So, spring break is not really a thing for me this year. You'll have to enjoy yours for both of us!
  15. One of the large community choirs here chooses a color scheme for each "session" (roughly semesters) and then has choir members wear whatever they like as long as they stick to those colors. I tried out the choir for part of a session before deciding it was more of a commitment than I could handle at that point. They color scheme for that session (spring) was khaki, white and turquoise. When I joined, I received a style book with swatches of the colors and photos of suggested ensembles.
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