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  1. I had another one of those essentially no sleep nights last night, and somewhere at around 3:00am I started thinking of an actress. I feel like she's extremely familiar -- probably a regular on some series I know well -- but I can't put my finger on her name, the name of the show, the character she played, anything. And it is driving me 1000% bonkers. Wanna help? I know she's middle aged, definitely not "young." She has long, straight hair, light and possibly reddish? Bangs. She's slender. I think the show I know her from is some kind of ensemble comedy and that she may have wor
  2. Time squeeze again this morning due to a combination of not really sleeping and needing to get out of the house by 7:00 for a medical appointment. I managed only 3.4K and had to skip leg/arm exercises. An evening walk is in the plans, of course, and I will either make up the leg/arm work later or call it my one freebie day this week. I have a blood draw scheduled for early tomorrow morning, though, and would prefer not to use up my freebie this early in the week. Spring Start Status Update: 245.0 of 500K
  3. I'll admit I had to look up the reference. I always appreciate these kinds of subtle nods to fandoms, though! I'm doing the Spring Start through this company, which is also benefitting Feeding America: https://nationwiderun.org/ An example of the reasons I am prohibiting myself from signing up for more challenges: I did the Holiday Hustle and enjoyed it, then apparently decided it would be fun to complete all four of the seasonal challenges for 2021, bought myself the annual package and then forgot I had done it. I then apparently decided it would be cool to this one and signed up.
  4. I have done a bunch of those Conqueror challenges and enjoyed collecting the medals. That one is extremely cool! I'm currently in a self-imposed prohibition on signing up for any more walking challenges, because I have enough to keep me busy for a while. But that medal is pretty tempting . . .
  5. It was a couple of weeks ago, now, but I recently went camping by myself for the first time. It was lovely, and I am looking forward to doing it again as soon as I can come up with a plan and free up time from work. I also try to find new hiking/walking trails to explore pretty regularly.
  6. Oh, man, I'm sorry. I hate being in the hospital, in large part because of the lack of control such as you're describing. I also deal with neuropathy, although nothing like yours, so I can relate on a couple of levels. I can only say that I hope you can successfully advocate for yourself (or recruit someone to do it for you) to make the adjustments you need and that this experience significantly improves your health.
  7. The weather is supposed to be pretty rainy today, so I was glad to wake up to at least a little bit of sun. Because I just couldn't face trudging another circular path around the neighborhood, I packed up the dog and drove a few miles to a slightly more picturesque part of town. We walked 4.7K, and then I came home and did my "standing" leg/arm exercises routine. It still hasn't started raining, but the skies are pretty dark. I'm glad we got in a good walk before any potential downpour occurs. This afternoon/evening, if I can't get outside again, I'll do a walk-at-home video to top
  8. Weekend, indeed! I appreciated the luxury of not having to rush home from my walk this morning in time for work and managed 5.7K before the dog rebelled. I followed up with a nice, full set of leg/arm exercises. Next up: Meeting with my friend to explore some nature trails this afternoon. Spring Start Status Update: 229.9 of 500K
  9. We're supposed to have rainy weather tomorrow, so I have resigned myself to walking along with a video on my enclosed patio. It's not as fulfilling as walking in a park or even around the neighborhood, but it gets the steps done. Good for you for finding a way to get moving!
  10. Laura, you have many times been unbelievably kind and generous to and supportive of me, and I want very badly to return the favor. It's been a busy day at work for me, and I'll need some time to ponder and see if I can come up with anything helpful beyond what has already been suggested. In the meantime, though, I wanted you to know that I think the fact you continue to go and to actively look for ways to reframe this experience, rather than simply looking for excuses to get out of it, speaks volumes about your goodness.
  11. I really, really need to work on nudging my morning routine back to an earlier time. I keep finding myself squeezed for time to walk as much as I would like in the morning and still complete a decent amount of leg/arm exercise. That said, I did my best this morning and managed just over 4K and a set of floor exercises. Tonight is my husband's gaming night, meaning we won't be bothered with preparing "dinner" and I have the luxury of walking after work for as long as I feel like it without guilt. I have plans to meet up tomorrow with a friend I haven't seen in person in months and go
  12. After deciding I was probably done once I completed the graduate certificate, I got academically itchy again a couple of months ago. I looked and looked for a master's program that got me excited enough to justify the tuition cost, but couldn't find anything. Finally, I looked back at the Learning Design and Technology certificate from Harvard Extension that I had drooled over for a few years and determined that it is my best option. The program is online, but is conducted through live seminars (not asynchronous, like the last classes I took). It requires four courses, but has a fair am
  13. I keep meaning to do this, but I remember this morning before I hit Submit Reply: Thanks so much @purpleowl for starting these threads every day. I do greatly appreciate the reminder and accountability, and I look forward every day to coming here and seeing what everyone else has gotten up to that day. I decided to use the morning walk to pick up the dog's medication refill. (She takes an anti-inflammatory, because she has joint problems just like me.) We had to double back at one point because I realized I had forgotten to bring a mask, but it worked out. We ended up logging 4.7K.
  14. Walked about 4.5K this morning, to the accompaniment of many birds singing along enthusiastically. With the addition of a good walk last night, I broke the 200K mark on my current challenge this morning. Also did my leg/arm exercises. Spring Start Status Update: 201.3 of 500K
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