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  1. A whole week of meeting your goal is absolutely stellar. Congrats! Hope the travelling goes smoothly.
  2. So, this is probably a dumb thing to be upset about, but I missed my step goal by 113 steps yesterday. I cut my evening walk a little short because my husband and I wanted to make sure we had time to watch the final two episodes of season 5 of The Expanse, so I knew I was cutting the step goal thing close. I fully meant to do a couple of circuits around the living and dining room before bed, but then completely forgot. At a few minutes after midnight, when I was turning off the bedside lamp and about to try and force myself to sleep, I remembered. Anyway, I walked 3.3K this morning and did about 20 minutes of legs and arms before I had to pull myself together and run out for a doctor's appointment. The skimpy step count this morning combined with rainy weather and a late start at work and an assignment for my class that needs to get polished and turned in this evening and the fact that our bonus young adult will likely need a ride to and/of from work this evening is going to make it tough to make my goal today, but I hate the idea of missing two days in a row. So we'll see what I can do. Summer Splash Challenge Update: 241.3of 500K Daily Walking Streak: 146 Days West Orange Trail: 7.75 of 22 miles
  3. Running a little late starting the thread today, because I had a doctor's appointment early this morning. The good news (for those of us to whom such things matter) is that it's Friday. These threads are for those who'd like accountability and encouragement in doing intentional daily movement. Anyone may join in at any time!
  4. Ooof, I feel that a lot these days. Good for you for forging ahead!
  5. Walked just a squinch over 4K and spent about 20 minutes with hand weights and resistance band. Today was a "standing" exercise day, but I skipped the mini-trampoline because I was running a little late. I did push up to the five-pound weights for a couple of exercises. Other than that, it'll be just the usual for the rest of the day: a second walk and/or a stationary bike session and/or indoor walking with Leslie to reach the daily step goal. Summer Splash Challenge Update: 234.9 of 500K Daily Walking Streak: 145 Days West Orange Trail: 7.75 of 22 miles
  6. I'm out of words today, so here's a photo from this morning's walk to kick off your Thursday. These threads are for those who'd like accountability and encouragement in doing intentional daily movement. Anyone may join in at any time!
  7. Thank you very much, everyone, for trying. To be honest, I'm considering just rescinding my RSVP. I've been working really hard at being more accepting of my body and trying to live in it more healthfully and contentedly. But every now and then, the emotional freight (which mostly has to do with family stuff that was going on at the same time and that I associate strongly with the period of diagnosis and surgery) of the breast cancer and mastectomy catch up to me and feels overwhelming. For some reason, needing to attire myself for anything novel seems to bring it up. And I just can't invest a lot of time or emotional energy into figuring this out right now. I genuinely appreciate the effort, though.
  8. Wow, I missed Jenny entirely. (I was already in high school by the time she made an appearance.) I love that kids were encouraged to sew for her, though.
  9. Walked almost 4K this morning and spent about 25 minutes on the floor with hand weights and resistance bands. I am trying to push up a little bit with the weights, using the 5-pound ones for at least some of the routine. I'm pretty sore now, though. I ended up riding the stationary bike for an hour last night to log my "steps" for yesterday, since the weather got stormy right when I was planning to get out for a walk. We'll see if I have better luck with outside stuff this evening. Apparently, my next bonus challenge in the walking app I use will be unlocked when I get half-way to my goal, so I'm hoping to push walking a little harder in the next few days to get to 250K for the summer. Summer Splash Challenge Update: 226.0 of 500K Daily Walking Streak: 144 Days West Orange Trail: 7.75 of 22 miles
  10. And the wheel of the week keeps turning - halfway 'round today. Hope we're all maintaining some motivation and momentum to make it the rest of the way. These threads are for those who'd like accountability and encouragement in doing intentional daily movement. Anyone may join in at any time!
  11. That's pretty, but I dislike anything right up around my throat. Makes me feel like I'm being choked. And with no stretch to the fabric, it's not going to be forgiving of my larger waist and belly. Do love those flutter sleeves, though!
  12. Yeah, there's just no way that's not going to look weird and be uncomfortable on me. The stretchy/clingy top is going to emphasize the bulgy parts of my belly that I most want to hide, and experience tells me the neckline is going to be a lot more gapey than you would think. Part of the deal is that, since I have gained back these stupid 18 pounds, I am still a small/extra-small in the bust but am a medium in the waist and at least a medium around the hips.
  13. Thanks. I've read all the blogs I can find (including that one) on this issue. Part of the problem is that a lot of them give advice for apple shapes about "showing off your shoulders" or something, but I am self-conscious about my upper arms, too.
  14. So, no, I do not wear a prosthetics. I found them uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally, and I threw out/donated everything in that line that I had when we moved. With that said, it's really surprising how much having a genuinely flat (slightly concave on one side) chest changes the way things fit. Even all of the advice for "flat chests" doesn't actually work with what I have now. In the first year or so post-surgery, I tried all kinds of things that didn't require wearing actual prosthetics but might give my chest a little shape. For a while, I was convinced that the right sports bra might do it, but even the ones that say they are not cups are still built with the assumption there is some flesh to go in there. These days, I often wear camisoles from the children's department. Prior to surgery, I loved those kimonos and open-front sweaters. I had them in all kinds of colors and patterns and fabrics for year-round wear. Now, though, they hang oddly on me, because there is nothing to give them shape. Honestly, even traditional button-up cardigans don't fit properly anymore. I kept a few of them when I cleaned out my closet pre-move, just because I figured they would be practical to wear around the house when the weather cools down, but they no longer work to make me look pulled together, because they slouch off my shoulders. I have to be wary about necklines, too. Shallow v-necks are best. I wear the v-neck t-shirts over a tank usually in a coordinating or contrasting color, which gives kind of the illusion that there is something happening up there. I can't do boat necks or anything other wide necklines, because if I buy the blouse large enough to fit over my belly and hips, the neckline falls off my shoulders. Similar problem with button-downs of any kind.
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