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  1. Very. I was skeptical about whether I would wind up using it, but I do. I appreciate being able to track my mileage throughout the day and now to track my food intake and keep an eye on calories in/calories out. It also helps me keep an eye on how much I'm sleeping (or not).
  2. Okay, I keep scrolling past this thread, but I am on the verge of getting really discouraged. So, here I am joining the group. Like many others, I've gained and lost pretty large chunks of weight several times in my life. The last time I really took hold of the problem was about a decade ago. I lost a ton of weight and actually reached my goal weight, which I maintained for a couple of years, until my thyroid ran itself off the rails. From that point on, I began packing on weight. The more heavily I was medicated, the heavier I got, until I eventually weighed about 80 pounds more than I had pre-thyroid crisis. Finally, about 3.5 years ago, I had my thyroid removed. And my weight began to drift veeeeerrrrryyyy sloooowwwwllly downward. I have had a lot of issues with weight in my lifetime and have fallen into some disordered eating habits when I focus too much on trying to lose. So I was determined not to go there again and committed to just sort of paying attention to trying to eat more healthfully and get back to walking more regularly and for longer. I lost about 45 of the 80 pounds over the first couple of years. And then stuck there for a while. Around the beginning of this year--once I recovered from the mastectomy and decided not to pursue reconstruction--it felt like a good time to get more serious, still not doing any crazy restricting and still focusing more on burning calories than on cutting them. But I started tracking what I ate each day and being conscious about making better choices. And I fairly painlessly lost another 8-10 pounds. At the beginning of March, I felt like I was ready to focus on losing another 20-ish. I am not aiming to get back to where I was pre-thyroid crisis, because those last 10 pounds are extremely difficult for me to maintain, and I have accepted that it's healthier for me to just carry a relatively small amount of extra weight for the rest of my life than it is to continue my crazy yo-yo pattern. Since then, I've lost 12 more pounds, but I have started seeing weeks when I lose nothing. And I started on an anti-depressant a little over a week ago, which may or may not be the reason I gained back a pound this week. (I'm choosing to blame the gain on the medication.) Hence, the imminent risk of discouragement. What I've been doing: Worked my way up to walking an average of 6 miles per day, every day. Since there is a limited amount of time I can devote to this, I have started trying to increase the intensity by doing intervals of speed walking and occasionally running a few steps. I have to be careful, however, because I have also taken a few pretty good face-planting style falls over the last 18 months, resulting in a couple of cracked ribs and some stitches in my forehead, as well as a variety of scrapes, cuts and bruises. My family would very much appreciate it if I could avoid doing that again. (On days when the weather is uncooperative, I do one or more walk-at-home videos via YouTube.) Tracking both food and exercise with my Fitbit. I don't have a specific calorie goal, but in general try to take in about 500 fewer calories than the Fitbit tells me I have burned. Doing some very gentle weight-bearing exercise three times a week. My muscles on the cancer-side of the mastectomy are still shot -- not that I was ever what one would call "strong" -- so, again, I have to be careful and gentle. Currently, I'm using two cans of beans as my weights, but it's a start. And with that, it is really time for me to go for my second walk of the day. I had to cut this morning's walk short because I had an early doctor's appointment, so I have some steps to make up.
  3. Katie, you are awesome. Thanks so much for the offer. I actually kind of forgot about the whole thing within a couple of hours of posting and didn't remember until I was on my way to bed. (My brain is more or less Swiss cheese these days.) Fortunately, my son was still awake and provided some quick brainstorming and a swath of fabric from which I cut out something adequate. I do truly appreciate the offer, though!
  4. Thanks, everyone. I ended up just cutting something out of some fabic my son had handy and using some ribbon to give it enough shape to loop over my ears and stay more or less in place. Wasn't comfy, and I had to breathe carefully in order to minimize fogging up my glasses, but it got me through the appointment.
  5. My cardiologist's office called yesterday to confirm my appointment for tomorrow. Good thing, too, because I had completely forgotten and, in the current circumstances, rarely check my personal calendar because there is never anything on it. Anyway, the recording said all patients are required to wear face coverings. I will admit to being one of those people who gets panicky and claustrophobic with anything on or even close to my face. So I have been living my life in a way that does not require me to mask. (By which I mean responsibly and carefully, avoiding situations in which masking would be appropriate, and not just flouting or skirting guidelines.) However, it's too late to cancel or reschedule, and this office is not doing televisits. So, I need some kind of mask by tomorrow morning. I do have a sewing machine and a bunch of small bits of fabric, but not that much energy to put into the process. Anyone have a quick, simple, magic solution for me?
  6. Thank you all very much for answering. Coincidentally, my doctor called about 10 minutes ago and said she is switching me to something different.
  7. If so, I'd appreciate hearing about what kind of side effects you had, when they showed up, how long they lasted, etc. Also, on the up side, how long was it before you noticed you started feeling better? Thanks.
  8. Hello all. I hit a breaking point in the last few days, realizing that not only am I miserable but I'm wearing out my welcome with my family who are clearly tired of hearing from me. And I am failing in various ways with work, because I cannot focus on anything. I hate making phone calls, so it's a measure of how desperate I am for help that I made not one but several calls and did a 30-minute virtual visit. Unfortunately, I'm coming to understand that there are really three options (short of all of the things that are making me miserable magically disappearing): Add yet another medication to my already absurd daily regimen. (Between the thyroid replacement, insulin resistance, neuropathy, hormone therapy and supplements recommended by various doctors, I have already been thinking I needed to buy a pill box with larger daily compartments.) Start cluttering up my calendar with doctor appointments when I feel like I've only recently recovered from the disruption of the breast cancer diagnosis/surgery/ radiation. Just keep feeling like I feel. I hate all of those choices. But I have, honestly, scared myself over the last week or two. So, as of today I have a new pill in the box and three new appointments on my calendar. I'm completely drained. Oh, yeah, and I have blown through 8 of my precious few hours of available PTO. How's everybody else doing?
  9. I know the banks we deal with (Chase and Ally) both give us the option to turn off overdraft privileges on our accounts. However, I don't know if that is a workable option if the boyfriend has access to the account, since he can probably just get it turned back on. If the father has any kind of guardianship and might be able to speak to someone at the bank, that might be the best option.
  10. So, I don't have young kids, but my husband and I are Disney fans. We have not bothered to see Frozen 2, because I straight-up hated the original film. We watched Onward last week. My husband and son (both gamers) enjoyed it more than I did, I think. I thought it was a very well-made movie, and I liked the mom character a lot. I just object to the plot device of racing against time to accomplish something that means so much to the characters and knowing, as an audience member, from very early on that there is no way it's going to work out. I find that just emotionally really hard, and it makes it hard for me to relax into enjoying other aspects of the story. But I acknowledge that is a very personal objection. I don't think it's the best Pixar flick ever, but definitely good, and worth seeing if you don't happen to have my same issue with the plot device.
  11. I'm actually making dinner, which is a rarity these days. Combine the facts that everybody in my house functions on different schedules these days, I don't have a ton of interest in food if I have to think about it or work too hard to prepare it and my general lack of energy or enthusiasm for much of anything . . . and meals are very much catch-as-catch can and involve a lot of convenience or grab-and-go foods. However, I got my act together and current have a tray of veggies roasting. Some nice big baked potatoes, plus tomatoes and garlic drizzled with olive oil and seasoning and a new experiment of baked onions. I happened across this recipe a week or two ago and printed it out to save for later. My husband found the paper on the printer and strongly hinted that he would be very happy to see this item make an appearance in our kitchen.
  12. Well, as I have shared in that same thread, I am pretty much a mess. So I don't know how much weight advice from me should carry. However, here are the things I'm doing that keep me from completely giving up most days: Walk. Outside. As much as possible. I aim for 13,000 - 15,000 steps per day, minimum, in at least two walks (morning and evening). Most days, I'm stuck walking around and around my boring neighborhood in circles, but on the weekends I try to get to one of the county parks that has trails of a decent length and get in a good walk there both mornings. This week, I took the free day of extra PTO my boss gave us and went to a nature preserve and wandered by myself for more than two hours. Staying away from mindless binge-watching. I am on a computer for several hours each day for work, and I find that if I just switch from that to streaming endless episodes of . . . stuff, I lose a lot of ground, emotionally. I try to allow myself time to check in here, do whatever online shopping needs to get done and watch no more than an hour or so a day of TV/Great Courses/etc. Once or twice a week, I choose a movie or one of the theatrical productions that are streaming for free (National Theatre Live, Metropolitan Opera, etc.) and make a bit of an event out of watching that. I wait until later in the evening, watch on the big TV in the living room, without my computer in my lap or even crochet in my hands, really pay attention to it. Create a nice space (or two) in which you can hang out. One of the things I did when I realized we were going to be stuck at home for some period of time was to drag two patio chairs out into the front yard, add a table and ottoman to set up a little seating area. The next day, I bullied my family into cleaning up the sunroom that was being used as a very messy storage area, then dragged the little fountain I bought on a whim well over a year ago and never took out of the box out there. I bought a propane-powered fire bowl and plunked that into the middle of the table. I now have a space (in front) where I can sit in the sun and watch the world go by and a quieter, meditative space in the back where I can listen to my fountain and watch the flames in the fire bowl. Find things you can control, and focus on those. I decided to get serious about losing the 20-ish pounds I kept saying I wanted to lose. I started tracking my food and exercise and felt better because I can see progress. The next one has been kind of hit and miss, because the pandemic took away some of the opportunities I was especially looking forward to, but I'm trying to accept the available alternatives. I signed up for a couple of 5K events that were walker friendly (I don't run), both of which were cancelled. However, I just recently registered for a series of virtual 5K events, and I'm doing a virtual fundraising walk this weekend for a local organization I support. Since I am a goal-oriented person, I need to have things to work toward in order to feel like it's worth getting up in the morning. So, even though it might not have been the most financially responsible choice, given that my husband was furloughed indefinitely as of this afternoon, I went ahead with my plan to register for a professional certification exam. The testing window is in late summer/early fall, so I will need to study a lot in the next few months. And, you know, none of these things keep me from melting down on a regular basis. But they do keep me from giving up and staying in bed. Edited to add: One more thing I've landed on in the last week or two is declining invitations whenever I feel like it. Everyone is being so intentional about reaching out and finding creative ways to stay connected, but as an introvert, I actually find it all kind of overwhelming. Because I am working from home, I spend all day five days a week with Slack chat and email open on my computer, and I do multiple video calls and meetings for work every week. Between that and just the normal interaction with the people I live with, that honestly plenty of "people-ing" for me. I need time to myself to recover and recharge. So, I've started being more selective about what purely social invitations I accept, even though none of them these days require leaving my house.
  13. Thanks so much to those who provided info. I've passed along the relevant ideas to my husband, who is consulting with his brother and deciding how he can best be of help.
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