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  1. Because I'm ahead in one walking challenge and behind in another, I'm hitting pause on the Winter Warmup for the weekend and crediting both morning and any afternoon walking I do for the next couple of days to the Year of the Ox. Kicked off this morning with 3.2 miles. Did my daily PT exercises. I'm hoping to do another 3+ miles sometime this afternoon or evening, which should be plenty to top off my daily step count.
  2. One of my co-workers is very involved in cat rescue, specifically focusing on cats with various kinds of special needs. One of their fosters was recently adopted out again after being taken home by two or three other families for try-outs. The last time, the cat was returned to the rescue organization because he was "too loud." Fortunately, this time (knock on wood) it looks like it's a good fit.
  3. Yep, we were all young once -- and all first-time pet parents at one point, too.
  4. Yep, I was just looking for an appropriate local rescue organization. (Most of the folks I know locally who do rescue work with cats.) She appears to be a bully-type pup, which makes me nervous about just handing her over to the local shelter. (Just because I know shelters are clogged with bully dogs who have a harder time getting adopted.) He could definitely foster for a while. I'm just concerned that the odds he'd be willing to let her go (except back to her previous home) get lower and lower with each day she's in the house.
  5. Oh, "paranoid" is probably not the right word. I just wondered if I was jumping to conclusions. Son, his girlfriend and the roommate all more than half in love with the dog already, but they really don't need to adopt a pet at the moment. I was hoping they would find the dog's home quickly, but the total silence is making me wonder if she wasn't so much "lost" as abandoned. In which case, I suspect my son now has a dog. (We all know, don't we, that once an animal gets into your house, they make their way into your heart.)
  6. I would especially be interested in hearing from folks who know about pet rescue, but I'd appreciate any thoughts: My son and his girlfriend picked up a wandering dog the other night. They were coming home late (like 1:00am) and found the dog trotting around in the middle of the road, not getting out of the way of cars. They stopped to help her, looked around to see if there were anywhere obvious she might have come from or anyone with her, to no avail. She was wearing a collar, but no tags. So, they got her in the car (which didn't take any extraordinary effort) and took her home with th
  7. Not sure why I woke up so sore and tired today, but it took every bit of my willpower to drag myself out of bed and out for a walk this morning. Walked 4.6 Winter Warmup kilometers. Did my daily PT exercises. Did some low-impact cardio with Pahla B. (I definitely felt pretty creaky and stiff, but I did my best.) I'm currently about 17 miles behind where I wanted to be in the Year of the Ox challenge but also a good 10K ahead in Winter Warmup. So I'm thinking I may credit all of my walks over the weekend to Year of the Ox to catch up a bit. That said, the plan is to g
  8. Yay for you! I bought myself a mini trampoline just a few weeks before I broke my arm over the summer and was enjoying figuring out how to incorporate it into my routine. Between the broken arm and the vertigo, I've been off the trampoline, but I was thinking yesterday that it might be time to pull it out again. I just want to wait until I have a chance to discuss it with the physical therapist (new diagnosed arthritis in my knees) on Monday. I'm glad you're having fun with it, and thanks for the reminder!
  9. Walked 4.4 Winter Warmup kilometers. Did my daily PT exercises. Did about 12 minutes of arm work before more or less collapsing into my desk chair. I need another 2,500-ish steps to meet my daily minimum. And, of course, I need to log some miles towards the Year of the Ox challenge. So I'll be heading out for a second walk later.
  10. Blargh. One of those days when I just could not get my act together and focus on stuff. I didn't really take "lunch," but I took a break long enough to do some prep for dinner, then had all kinds of trouble dragging my attention back to work. Once I finally got rolling and felt like I was accomplishing anything, I didn't want to stop to finish making dinner and/or go for a walk. We ended up eating late, by which time it was getting cold and rainy. And then I remembered that I had signed up for a webinar from a home builder/design company whose houses I love. (We're in the very early stage
  11. That is exactly how I exercise indoors, except I lean towards history-centric podcasts. In terms of low-impact online cardio stuff, I do like Leslie Sansone, especially the "boosted" walks. I also like a lot of Pahla B. and Jessica Smith's videos.
  12. Walked 3.9K for Winter Warmup. Went to PT (and came home very sore and tired today). Still need a solid second walk to do a little catching up on the Year of the Ox challenge and top off my step count for the day.
  13. Walked 4.2K for Winter Warmup. Did PT knee and arm exercises/stretches. Did a 10-minute arm toning video. I'll still need to do another solid walk after work or after dinner to log my Year of the Ox miles and make my daily step count. I might try to get on the stationary bike for a little bit, too.
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