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  1. I made this one for the first time over the weekend, and my husband gleefully finished it for lunch today. He proclaimed it a winner and asked to put it in the regular meal rotation: https://www.connoisseurusveg.com/vegan-potato-leek-soup/
  2. My adult daughter is still furloughed and expecting to transition to being officially laid off. Fortunately, between savings, unemployment checks and some recent reductions in living expenses, she will be able to ride things out for a while. She is in her penultimate semester of grad school and not entirely devastated to have extra time and energy to devote to school.
  3. Yes, everyone is aware of the assorted issues (and the wide variety of medications I'm taking to manage them). In terms of a "good" neurologist, I haven't a clue how to answer that. I'm on my third one, having ditched the first two after getting frustrated with rude/incompetent staff and inattentive doctors. When I actually get to see either of them, I like the doctor and the MA. Interestingly, I saw a different neurologist while in the hospital and decided to look him up. He has a good number of reviews online with comments almost identical to the things I don't like about my curre
  4. I don't really think I'm doing a lot, honestly. I've taken time off work to rest, make doctor phone calls (like today), etc. My boss has been amazingly patient and understanding about me needing to pace myself. And we've been doing a lot of take-out and convenience food meals. My husband has been great about taking on dog chores and driving me all over town for appointments and errands. This definitely makes me question whether the drugs are worth the side effects, though.
  5. No one has mentioned either of those things, but I turned up Tardive Dyskinesia is my own Googling.
  6. The medical fun just never stops around here. Several weeks ago, shortly after my psychiatrist put me on a new med (Abilify/aripipazole), I noticed I started having what I can only describe as tremors in my jaw, which got worse the more and the longer I talked. I discussed the issue with the doctor, who told me to stop taking the med, wait a week or two and then start taking something else (Zyprexa/olanzapine). While I was off the first med, the symptom lessened but never completely went away. At a follow-up appointment last week, the doctor strongly encouraged me to start the new med.
  7. Some sort of vaguely Mexican-inspired rice with veggies and black beans, assuming my husband remembers he offered to dice the veggies. (Although I have more mobility, my right arm is not yet capable of using a knife with any force or of holding a vegetable still enough to attempt chopping with my left hand.) If he doesn't get around to that, it may be leftovers or Amy's frozen meals, or possibly just hummus with crackers and some baby carrots.
  8. Question: Has anyone tried any of the apps or services that offer virtual/hikes/runs? The ones with pretty scenery? I know there are some that pair specifically with certain brands of fitness equipment, while others are more generic. Given my tendency to fall down and hurt myself semi-regularly while trying to walk faster and/or more ambitious routes or distances, I'm starting to investigate the possibilities for making indoor (potentially safer) options that might stave off the boredom of marching back and forth in my home office.
  9. Welp, we'll see how things go this month. I was chugging along last month, had made it to maintenance with my weight and was expanding both the intensity and the variety of my exercise . . . and then I broke the arm. Moving in any way that jostled the arm hurt, and I was scared to walk any distance because I was so nervous about falling again. In 10 days, I put on several pounds. Over the last week, I've been trying to get a handle on things. I started logging my food again (necessary for me, although I wish it weren't) and have been forcing myself outside for walks. My husband has taken
  10. Poking my head above the surface to say hello. I have to confess this whole broken arm thing has thrown me for a loop. Even though the pain is now quite manageable most of the time, I feel very sorry for myself about the way this has restricted my life. Work is just exhausting and frustrating as I try to produce material by typing only with my left hand, not to mention the guilt of feeling all the time like I'm falling down on the job. Showering and getting dressed every day takes a lot out of me, too. Worse, although this isn't my first significant fall in the last year or so, this
  11. I am insulin resistant, but the problem has been well controlled for at least a couple of years. My endocrinologist is adamant that the neuropathy is unrelated.
  12. Doesn't seem to be, no. We haven't figured out what is causing it, so no idea how to address it other than treating symptoms with increasing doses of medication.
  13. I did not do chemo, just radiation. I do have peripheral neuropathy in my feet and lower legs (which pre-dates and is not related to the radiation). I see a neurologist and am on medication, but some of the problem with remaining upright may have to do with just not being able to properly feel my feet. I also have occasional dizziness/lightheadedness that may be related to either mild heart rhythm issues (although testing has no turned up an obvious connection) or low blood pressure (on the list of things to investigate when I get a chance). I did see a counselor for a few months, but kin
  14. Oh, I listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts, usually while I am walking. I appreciate the offer to chat, but I am actually pretty introverted and dislike phones. I was pretty exhausted after talking to my daughter yesterday. Thanks for the kind words.
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