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  1. Tonka truck, wagon, basketball hoop, sandbox, blocks, Melissa and doug cutting food, tool set
  2. Good Morning, this Monday starts a new body beast challenge. I am also doing a boxing program called 10 rounds and will start week 3 Monday. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
  3. I've had good substitutions and what the heck were they thinking substitutions. Here's a few.... I ordered a box of good and plenty they sub twizzlers. I ordered 50 8 or 10 0z plastic cups sub 50. 5oz paper Dixie cups. Mini cans of sprite sub 12 pack cans.
  4. Yes.heading cross country in June to visit Navy kid.
  5. Longevity is in the genes for Dh and I. We planned accordingly and we will be okay. I am hoping to live within a couple of hours to my kids. My husband and I plan to travel more once baby girl graduates in 3 years. My sister and I are also planning a few trips when she retires.
  6. NM Thanks for the input.
  7. My daughter and her friends were all about lips gloss in 5th grade. I did buy her play makeup from Justice but she didn't wear it outside the house. I wouldn't mind mascara and light blush in middle school but beyond Chapstick she had no interest. When we were getting her ready for 9th grade this year I let her pick out mascara, blush and lipstick, she chose sheer colors. She wasn't interested in foundation. She only wears mascara to school occasionally but when they go virtual and she has to be on video shell wear blush and lip color because she feels she needs it.
  8. My sister in law gave us a stainless steel? Cake knife. I used it for years. I lost it when I brought it to a pot luck years ago. So not expensive but was very practical. We still use a brass clock someone gave us. We were given some towels that last 10+ years. I remember getting practical presents that lasted their necessary life span and some were nice but gave away years of moving and not using.
  9. I finished another week of body beast and am on to beach body 10 rounds. Looking forward to something different. Maybe get some more running in now that the weather is nice.
  10. I'm waiting to see how others do with it.
  11. From personal experience, I would not uproot preteens or teens.
  12. Does she have someone else shes interested in? If she has doubt maybe she its good to get out of the relationship now and move. i read somewhere by the 3 month mark you know if you want to stay in a relationship.
  13. Today I was talking to my sister and we both realized the past few months our mother, who moved to America from Germany when she was 12 is forgetting English words and saying things in German. The issue we were never taught German she only spoke with her family. I don't think my mom realizes how often she is doing this. I plan to take a German class. She already gets upset at forgetting things and for her physical ailments. This is so hard but to add in a language issue makes it harder. Anyone else dealing with aging parents?
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