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  1. Men aren't mind readers some don't have the gift of giving its just not in them to think that way. So instead of it upsetting you buy yourself the birthday cake youd like and buy yourself the gift you'd like. On my birthday my husband is usually with me but I choose the cake, wine, flowers, sometimes a gift of that's what I want and all is good.
  2. I've been doing random beach body on demand programs and a few Bob Harper cardio and kettle bell workouts. I 'm leaning more towards weight lifting videos or weighted hiit vs straight cardio. Thinking about doing working through beach body body beast program next.
  3. I'm 2/3 through a baby blanket for my granddaughter. Then I'll finish a blanket I'm making with the left over yarn from my daughter s twin size blanket.
  4. Our pto did good with a puppy stroll. Everyone likes to show off their pets. There is a fee to participate in the stroll around the school trac and a fee for the pet costume contest. We had some vendors who donated door prizes. There was good community participation along with students, parents and teachers. It was a fun event. The costumes....people go all out for their pets.
  5. Time for some new books. Dollar store usually has "workbook s". I don't know where I had seen thick color pencils that won't easily break. Stickers are good also good. Btdt. I was grateful the flight attendant found me a row to our selves. Start working with the 3 year old about expectations when on an airplane. Be prepared for pressure changes during landing. Give him/her something chewy or have him/her mimic you yawning big when landing. I will be forever grateful to the strangers who were kind and patient with me and my babies, toddlers and preschoolers over the years. I hope you have a few on your flights who are able to assist you if needed.
  6. My youngest son went from wearing husky sizes the beginning of the summer to regular sizes by the time school started. he just grew and stretched out fast. He's the youngest but tallest. The other boys weren't as dramatic
  7. I like the adidas better I thought of getting those but I found these I sprayed them with a suede water repellant .
  8. I'd want to know. yes I'd tell my son and dil. That's to big not to know about.
  9. Met my goals for the week. I rotate between Insanity Max 30 Max Out and Chisel from beach body adding ab workouts when it's on the calendar. Today however, the interet was down so I did my old stand by Jilliam Michaels, No more trouble zones with heavier weights.
  10. Maybe. We sell a lot of things online and we block people offer lower than our asking without asking questions. They are usually not serious buyers. The people who are serious may ask a few questions but set a day and time to see the item and it's sold. Price things right and it will sell.
  11. Because I always get it dictated back "I heard you xyz, blah blah " from my sisters or tell a sister something and specify "Don't Tell mom". Next phone call "so your xzy". It's annoying. I talk to one person, I don't need it dictated back to me from mom or my other sisters. day I'll learn, someday I'll learn. Someday..... today I'll learn.. That's all
  12. I am currently working through on hybrid of two beach body on demand programs. Chisel and IM30 max out.
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