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  1. My son and his fiance already have a baby and my son bought a house. He's a hard worker and he's going to school. They decided they wanted to get married this summer and are planning the wedding. They told us yesterday that they are expecting again. We want to not have rehearsal dinner and give them the cash that they will need. Her family is not traditional and has very different value system than ours so I don't think they'd care. Should we give them a choice or just tell them what we plan. I don't think there will be a traditional rehearsal as the wedding will be in a park. I'm just feeling obligated to follow tradition i guess.
  2. To remember blue light specials and lunch counters. Put playing cards on my bicycle spokes with a clothes pins have a 4 digit phone number and dial on a rotary. turn the tv UPN(?) to watch shows after school.
  3. That is not cut to the bottom of the butt, down the neck line or is not something I would choose and wear from the misses department. She'd rather go comfortable in jeans and a nice top but it is her brothers wedding. If you have any ideas or suggestions TIA
  4. I use two tide pods when I wash my exercise clothes. Seems to help.
  5. My daughter does not like the girls shorts selection she wants longer cargo type shorts. If you know where I can find them in the junior girls dept that would be great but I am only finding them in boys dept. If we have to buy them from the boys dept what size does 2/4 translate into for boys department sizing ?TIA
  6. I believe its from sleeping wrong and did not an injure. TIA for any and all ideas, .
  7. For us it was another holiday without Navy boy. We did FaceTime but not the same.
  8. Can't keep this much cuteness to myself. Happy Easter or Happy Sunday all!
  9. Wedding dress shopping is not my thing. My daughter in law to be wants every female in family to go with her wedding dress shopping. Lets just say its just my daughter and I on sons side and 10plus on her side. I get a long with them but it's not something I enjoy, at all. For my wedding I told mother what I wanted and she planned the rest, I was in school full time and working and my fiance was working, traveling etc.. My sister, mom and I went to JcPenney to look at wedding dresses, they had a nice bridal department back then. I did go dress shopping a couple of times with friends and did the bridesmaid thing several times but it is not something I enjoy. I am such an introvert so being with a group women I hardly know is not something I look forward to kwim. Is this is a suck it up buttercup thing or can I say "sweetie, enjoy this time with your family"
  10. Help me remember how to care for newly pierced ears. was it alcohol dabbed around the piercing or was it peroxide. I can quite remember. I do know that I don't want to buy claires $20 solution. TIA
  11. I let my daughter choose and she decided on strawberry shortcake
  12. My birthday is tomorrow and I want to splurge on a good wine. My go to is yellow tail cabernet sauvignon. White wine recommendations are fine also. Dh is grilling steak and scallops for dinner, if you like pairing wine with food. Dessert will be cheesecake. TIA
  13. I don't think it's bad. It's not dark or that much but it bothers her. I told her in no uncertain terms NOT to shave her arms while I research a good solution giving time for her to forget about her hairy arms kwim. Solutions or advice? She's 13 so I hope it's a brief phase but if not I want to be ready to deal with this.
  14. We are waiting for our Navy boy to get his orders and will plan our summer accordingly.
  15. I live in Southeast Huntsville just down the street from the Jones farm.  He is Dr. George Waite and his practice is called Cove Dental.  He is on 4 mile Road just behind the Valley Bend Giant strip Mall and near the intersection of Cecil Ashburn and Bailey Cove Road/Carl T JOnes Road.

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