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  1. I try different beach body programs but always find myself back to body beast something about the heavy lifting that works for me. Back to body beast it is.
  2. do you know which vaccine they had? Did they have o e or 2 doses?
  3. my dh is retired. I love having him home. I enjoy our time together, we earned this time in our life. we are not quite empty nesters. We have our separate hobbies but we also go to lunch, ride the motorcycle, go hiking, etc. planning some trips that right now include dd. I don't expect anything to change once dd graduates and moves out except more traveling.
  4. No. I would never be able to find the love and friendship I share with my husband. With all the crazy stories and cat fishing I wouldn't be able to trust anyone.
  5. Weekly accountability. Did some beach body MBFA(Muscle Burns Fat advanced) and even though I've done many months of body beast this one is challenging to lift as heavy as I'd like. I don't care for the bod ropes so I do different cardio moves. School starts next week so m schedule will change since I drive my girl to school in the mornings but I've loved this summer schedule of getting my workout in early. Hope everyone is doing well.
  6. I live under a rock. Seems I missed some entertaining masking stories.......the images though....
  7. This is 3rd pregnancy in 3 years. She's 31 weeks and carrying very low and having a lot of pressure. She had a good check up and baby was already over 4lbs but still to early. TIA
  8. Thank you for sharing this. I've been waiting for full FDA approval.
  9. We used the regular blue masks or the free ones stores and offices supply. .
  10. I did find a hair dresser who put good layers so my curls looked good but when covid hit I searched you tube and learned to cut my own hair and actually like it better than professional cut.
  11. I'm a curly girl and I learned to cut and style my own hair with a couple hours of you tube videos. Even if I didn't figure it out for myself don't think $150 would be worth it for me.
  12. My girl (15) has an ear infection but no apparent reason, no allergies, has not been swimming. We went to the Dr yesterday and got antibiotics but she is very uncomfortable today. Seems actually worse. She has a high pain tolerance so for her to say something, which thankfully she spoke up yesterday when the pediatrician office was open, she must feel miserable. Help me help my girl. I'm hoping 2 days of antibiotics will give relief and the pediatrician told us to call if not relief in 72 hours.
  13. Let me say this first my mom was religious about bring us to the dentist every 6 months from the age of 4 and I never stopped getting at least 1 X-Ray/cleaning exam in over 40 years so I found it quite comical when a new dentist found 8 cavities and the assistant told me "I've been doing this for 15 years". When I questioned her assessment. She's the only dental assistant who EVER said I had a cavity 40+ years. We as a family never went back there. Even the dentist I had for over 20 years never found a cavity. Don't quite get dentists? My 20+ year dentist retired😢 and I didn't like the lady who took over his practice we have since found who seems like a good dentist very close to where we live. So far so good with initial visits and 6 month checks ups. Hope you find someone trust worthy soon.
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