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  1. lynn

    Fun story for the weekend

    I'm sure this will be made into a movie in a year or two.
  2. is there a way to know if someone 1. Has looked at my profile 2. went through my photos?
  3. lynn

    Well-Trained Bodies January 2019!

    It looks like everyone is off to a good start this year. Today concludes phase 1 of 80 day obsession. I lost 4 lbs but gained some core strength and good toning. At 51 I'll take those results. I have discovered and am a little discouraged that I can only go up to 15lbs dumbbells or i aggravate my back issue. Thats only 30lbs for most leg exercise I am hoping if I continue working on my core i could eventually go up to 20lb dumbells. Any suggestions to stay where I'm at or keep working on it.
  4. lynn

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    Maybe a good quality blow up mattress you can use a few nights a week to get the sleep you need? It will take a few minutes morning and night to set up and put away but may be worth it.
  5. lynn

    I feel like a terrible mother

    I've done something similar. I was driving down the road and heard my 2 year old panicked voice saying "mama,mama" I look at him through the rearview mirror and he's holding the part of the carseat that buckles in the fron t, up for me to see. I guess I did not push the buckle part in all the way.
  6. lynn

    Need new exercise

    I use beach body on demand. I love the variety of programs some require weights others dont. Jillian Michaels also has an on demand channel and I have seen others that look interesting but I can't think of the names.
  7. My gyn and I had a long conversation At my last visit and he told me one more year. I'm 51. It's a conversation to have with your gyn.
  8. lynn

    I feel like a terrible mother

    Glad I'm not alone in mixing up dates😊
  9. lynn

    I feel like a terrible mother

    Not a forgetful moment but my dd remembers and never lets me forget the time i was putting things from cart to my trunk at Target and while I was rearranging the trunk the cart rolled away with her in it. She was 3 and laughing i caught the cart, no one got hurt, no cars were dinged and the girl just won't let "the time mom almost killed me" go.
  10. lynn

    I feel like a terrible mother

    How about celebrating your sons birthday on the wrong day for years until you have to give them their birth certificate and actually see the date. I kind of sort of an not sure if it's 20 or 21. Now I don't think I'll ever get it right...lovely mom, huh!
  11. lynn

    Well-Trained Bodies January 2019!

    I've been having trouble when running outside so until I get to my Dr and see what I can do i am sticking with beach body in demand inside. I completed insanity and now working through 80 day obsession and loving the challenge of it.
  12. lynn

    Don't make me blush, but...

    I always get these from kohls. They stay in place and fit nice. Dot Print&prdPV=2
  13. lynn

    I have an oven again

    No shiny new oven but I did get to deep clean the space behind and under the oven before it was fixed and pushed back in place. Had a small freak out when I saw what I thought was a dead mouse. Once l got my glasses on I saw that it was one of the cat's toys.
  14. lynn

    I have an oven again

    one of the wires in the box some how burnt through.
  15. lynn

    I have an oven again

    Love being married to an engineer who loves to figure out why things stop working and can easily figure out how to fix them.
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