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  1. Checking in. I am onto beach body on demand, Body Beast Lean Calendar I'm onto the bulk phase but I am not eating near enough to bulk hoping to just continue to tone and challenge myself to lift a little heavier. I do mix in some various beach body, Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels workouts. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. I always go for historical fiction, but I want to mix in a couple of biographies and mysteries this year. Whose biography have you enjoyed reading and what's a good mystery novel or author to consider. TIA
  3. I am finishing the build phase of the beach body beast lean calendar then moving on to a different workout. I completed the 45 day all of nothing beast challenge and did 3 weeks of the lean calendar and I really need a change. For a couple weeks I plan to rotate through Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels workouts then back to beach body liift 4\21dfx hybrid.
  4. Kirkland has 25% off everything coupons at least once per season. Marshall s, hobby lobby, sometimes Kohls has what I'm looking for.
  5. I'm still doing Body Beast Lean Calendar. I've been adding in insanity max30 and 21day fix extreme for extra cardio. I tried running outside and again got hit with exercise induced rhinitis. Until I can figure out how to get that under control I'll just stick to what I'm doing but I sure do miss a good runners high.
  6. I want to live where you live. Snowshoeing sounds fun?
  7. French baggett, crescent rolls, chips, French dip, I prefer their unsweetened almond milk over any others, Greek yogurts, and at Christmas their German stollen
  8. We usually found it cheaper to fly into providence, RI or Manchester, NH.
  9. Introducing my granddaughter Ellie Jane💕
  10. When we were in Niagara this past fall there were tourists walking around with selfie sticks and talking like they were do Instagram or you tube or something.. Most people were mindlessly taking pictures not watching were they were going to staying way to long in the perfect photo op spot. We waited our turn and had people try to bully their way in to where we were standing I spoke up and told them we were almost done. I don't have a problem taking photos but I prefer not to be in them, I would love if more people put down their phones really take in their surroundings rather than their phone being in their face where they can't see where they are going and missing out on the true beauty of the moment. Please take you photos you are not one of those annoying people. I for one would love to see some of the photos you take of places you have been.
  11. There was no need to do something special. We read through the American Girl about me Books (or what ever they were titled) and when my daughter came home with samples and coupons from the period talk at school she was with me to get everything she would need.
  12. My youngest son got into a British game where he had to put together and make all the soldiers and some dungeon and Dragon type game pieces he had to put together and paint. My daughter likes to draw and look up new recipes try.
  13. Secretary\assistant. I did work my way up to an executive assistant title before taking on my ultimate job title of stay at home mom.
  14. Just fyi Marshall is having a clearance sale. Now the racks can be cluttered but I found 11 tops to consider flipping tthrough the rack and bought 3 for under $40.
  15. I watched lot of "What not to wear" back in the day and learned some basics that I stick to and have updated. I invested in good quality pair of skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, black pants and cropped pants. I find most of my tops from Marshalls. Name brand, more tailored looks is what I search for. I don't like wearing leggings out, although I lost 35 lbs but I do like skinny jeans. Iv e been told I always look put together. But it's not hard when you have a few basics ready to go.
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