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  1. I live in Southeast Huntsville just down the street from the Jones farm.  He is Dr. George Waite and his practice is called Cove Dental.  He is on 4 mile Road just behind the Valley Bend Giant strip Mall and near the intersection of Cecil Ashburn and Bailey Cove Road/Carl T JOnes Road.

  2. Can you PM me the address and phone number. Our dentist now is in Madison and we don't know when he's officially retiring.
  3. I don't trust new dentist in pretty new buildings with all sorts of new dental technology. I have been to the dentist every 6 months since I was 4 never once did I have a cavity in over 40 years. We went to a new dentist they found 8 cavities. I said "no you didn't" the dental hygienist said "I've been doing this for over 15 years blah blah blah"... Went back to old dentist again, he did not find a single cavity. So no I don't trust dentists. I tried to tell my niece to be careful and get second opinions when she brought her daughter to a medicaid dentist and sure enough 3 year old dd "had a cavity", let's fill it, next "lets cap it" then guess what "we have to pull it" and get sealants and they still "find" problems with grand nieces teeth. My niece just goes along with it. Maybe there's a chance she has really, really bad enamel on her teeth. My niece is a very good mother and always made sure her daughter brushed her teeth. My dentist of over 20 years it getting ready to retire he sold his practice but is there a couple mornings a week for his patients but I know eventually we'll have to either stop going and hope nothing major goes wrong on trust the new dentist or find another older dentist in the area
  4. DD is doing good on the antibiotics. She use to have trouble swallowing pills but she's scared of what might be so she's been doing good with it and takes eating yogurt seriously. I hope we are out of the infection danger zone. Our pediatrician called and said we had to contact the Health Department and/or animal control. We called animal control and they took the bite report. My neighbor came down last night trying to understand what happened and relieved it was not an aggressive bite and is keeping the cat in the laundry room. I told her we had to call in a bite report and she's okay with the quarantine . The Health Dept called today to follow up and put a notice on their door about bringing cat to the vet for quarantine for a week. My dd is scared but we reassured her how rare rabies is and has been non existent in our area for years according to the Alabama rabies reports. The lady from the Health Dept did not mention rabies shots this morning so I pray we'll avoid that. This is just frustrating situation when you see dog/cat rabies vaccination clinics a few times a year for $5, That's for all the responses and encouragement that all will be well.
  5. I brought dd to pediatrician. She gave antibiotics. I did not have have the info on the cat until a little while ago. I needed my dd to verify it was the same cat as pictures my neighbor sent. Unique looking cat so positive it is my neighbors..
  6. Sheba, my cat only eats salmon cuts $.70 for two portions.
  7. LOL. The cat's owner said that her cat was an confused old gal.
  8. The cat was on our front porch and dd tried to give it a treat it wasn't aggressive bite, just an accident. It did break skin and draw blood. We washed her finger and put neosporin on it. Does this kind of bite need antibiotics? Shes had all her tetanus as scheduled she's 13 now does she need a booster? I checked with the owner and all shots are up to date? She's a confused old gal hardly ever gets out so I don't think rabies is a concern. had no shots in 10 years. What now?
  9. All good here. We are in N Alabama tornadoes were SE by auburn. We heard from bil and everyone is accounted for there.
  10. Is he still around? I just introduced my grandsons mother to raffi. She likes his music better than today s kids music and plays it for him. My youngest sons favorite was baby beluga and Joshua giraffe. When my oldest were little 2 raffi tapes for us to grandma's house.
  11. We arranged to bring the kids to my son's jrotc military ball at that age then had her parents pick the m up. Some kids went to IHOP afterwards. So there's possibly some type of meet up after the ball.
  12. I love my life. Dh is semi retired. I enjoy having him home. I miss Navy boy but am thankful for now he's within visiting range and has a phone and we can talk/text daily. All my kids are in a good place and that makes me happy. Spring will be here soon and dh and I can ride the motorcycle more. No I wouldn't change a thing.
  13. I've been using Nivea Q10 lotion and I notice my arms and legs are less crepey, wrinkled or aged looking.
  14. I have not experienced this. It grows back like the peach fuzz i shave off.
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