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  1. IMHO to much control. I am so glad I only have 4.5 years and I'll be out of the schooling years. I've been in it homeschooling and traditional school for over 20 years and it's sad to see the way things have changed, what is taught that we have to undo. If they don't just give all the kids tablets but let them explore the Arts or trades that would be good but I'm afraid they will be more here's a tablet, sit down and be quiet with some physical activity thrown in and occasional community leader coming in to talk about their career choice.
  2. Does he have a personalized bank? You could money in it or Go with a target gift card and she can pick up what she needs when she needs it.
  3. 1. What gift to bring to gift exchange that's all women $15 limit. No candles or scented anything a couple are highly allergic to scents. What gift would you like to receive in this case? I do not know which lady will receive this gift. 2. I think we may be having my sons friend over the holidays. I know she's part guatamalen. Any christmas food traditions I could consider making for her?. Also some good sides I can make that do no containt dairy at all. 3. What to get a sailor who will be underway less than 6 months. Ones on a ship the other somewhere in on earth. TIA
  4. This is a step or two below the Saw movie. Who would put themselves through this and how is this legal. One lady had her head shaved!!?? Jump scares are okay but this is words.
  5. A day to myself is sushi, cheesecake and a good movie or Netflix binge to catch up on tv show season I may have missed.
  6. I don't see an issue with it. Write something up for him to sign if your concern of his motives might be.
  7. I have been having my morning coffee with Aldis plain almond milk and cinnamon. It is the only thing I can put in my coffee that does not make my stomach hurt. My other favorite hot beverage is chai tea with honey and almond milk.
  8. Angie, Hot and Flashy has good beginner make up videos. The title may be for over 50 but there's a lot of good infor and products she recommends Drug store and high end. Dr. Drey is a young dermatologist but does good product reviews on basic skin care and what to look for. Very informative. One mroe I just thought of is Tracy Hensel.
  9. My doctor sent me a RX for chicken pox vaccination (I'm 52) He was suprised that I never had chicken pox as a child that's why he ordered the blood test. Now my husband had chicken pox as a child and did have shingles that lasted for weeks when he was only 46.
  10. Did you get shingles? Did you get the chicken pox vaccination? and if so when? If you had not had chicken pox did you get the shingle shots? What has your doctor recommended? If you did not have chicken pox as a child and you got tested for the antibodies?? of chicken pox and it's found that you never did have chickenpox, now the doctor wants you to get the vaccination would you be concerned that you are now at risk for shingles after exposing yourself to chicken pox vaccination?
  11. Sadly we only have a handful of children that live in our neighborhood now. I'm trying to convince my daughter to invite her friends to come here to trick or treat. My neighbors would be so happy. We use to have 25-30 kids in our neighborhood they are all grown and moved out now. One neighbor would give hay rides through the neighborhood another neighbors dad would build a haunted house in her drive way. Most neighbors participated it was a fun night for all.
  12. Hello. for October I started a new Beach Body program called Morning Meldown 100. 100 day commitment to 100 workouts. However, there is a 60 day schedule that combines 2 workouts a day. This was my first week and I like the trainer and that she uses weighted cardio. I ithink it will be good conditioning for April's half marathon training I have had BB for 2 years I really like it. If you have access to weights Lifft4 is a good program as well as 21 Day Fix Time and 21 Day Fix Extreme Real Time. Depends really what your looking for. Let me know if you have any questions. I have done 3 roudns of Lifft4, Insanity, 80 day obsession, Transform 20, and CoreDeForce and parts of 21 day fix extreme and 21 day fix real time as well as Hammer and Chisel, P90X (ps I'm not a coach and I don't sell or use any of their products. I'm a stay at home mom who does not like to travel to a gyms when I can exercise in my own home)
  13. I have recently discovered one pan meals. time saver for everything gets prepared and cooked on one sheet pan.
  14. I'm on the team "they are only kids once" and maybe one of the other children will wear it at some point.
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