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  1. Way to much, but sometimes I'm so exhausted I don't move much and wake up with a back ache😒. I'm Getting old people I'm getting old.🤷
  2. So you workout fasted? Do you take any type of pre workout?
  3. We just use the free masks given out in stores. No problems.
  4. Do they have a friend who lives off base. We sent my son's computer fed ex to a friend's address off base.
  5. I can't give personal details but she is going through something difficult. I'm very concerned for her. Thank you.
  6. Are you doing 80 day obsession?
  7. Hello all,. Looks like everyone is starting the year well. I've been sticking with mostly body beast workouts and. On week 2 of a body beast gladiator challenge. With corona, weights have been hard to find but my son gifted me his weights that I have been looking for so I can continue with my goals. I'm thankful the weather has been decent to get run intervals in although I wouldn't mind having snow like Wintermom has.
  8. With possible sensory and autism. I had planned experiences for him but covid put our plans on hold😪. Please give me some suggestions. Can't believe this precious little one has been with us 2 years.
  9. I want my Navy kid home and my mom to be healing well from her December 4 surgery.
  10. Ive had mine pierced for 40+ years never closed.
  11. No for us but I don't judge others. My daughter was 12 when she decided to get her ears pierced.
  12. Adding pie to my shopping list tomorrow. Thanks ladies 😁
  13. I miss my Navy kid. He's currently in Japan. I miss his energy in our house. It's to quiet now. I miss my Oma and Aunty the strongest women I know. I miss our conversations and the letter writing.
  14. Hello all, just Checking in for accountability. I've been running, abs and yoga 3 days a week(I discovered yoga for runners and lower back pain on beach body on demand. Only took 2 years to take time to see what the yoga workouts were available) and weights 3 days a week.(the past few weeks I've been using beach body chalean extreme).
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