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  1. I've read, but I may have missed suggestions. Has anyone brought up yoga classes? Or, would she be okay with a sewing machine? I know I started quilting at 11, but there is a lot of cutting involved. I know a couple of kids that were doing sewing at the same time, their moms actually cut all of the fabric for them to sew together. So that's a lot of extra work for the parent if you go that way; maybe craft stores have kits now, but idk if this is too crafty for her tastes. Other idea would be gardening (could be hard on her knee though), which can tie into 4H in some areas. Or, maybe see if any animal shelters do volunteer opportunities for kids, I know a friend in middle school did that and mostly played with the younger friendly dogs, but her mom had some connection to the shelter, idk exactly what.
  2. Thanks, these are all good ideas. Unfortunately, they want a structured program every day, less "play" and more "exercise" if that makes any sense.
  3. 11, 9, 6. the 11 and 9 are the main ones requesting this, the 6 is along for the ride.
  4. So my kids want to have a more formal exercise program. They don't want to just play outside. They like the fitness DVDs we have (Power 90) but we have to be there to make sure their posture is right, so and so gets help next, they can't do it as fast and so a 20-30 minute DVD takes 40-50. We have a larger backyard but it is rocky/weedy. anything on the ground has to be done inside. we have a soccer ball. We are 15 minutes away from a park and I'm not willing to do that drive on a daily basis since we have 4-8 hours weekly in a car already. There is no good area to bike in our neighborhood. Are there exercise DVDs for kids that you guys have used and liked? Or an exercise program/list of exercisese to do outside that seems more wellrounded than "run around for 10 minutes"? TIA!
  5. Kids are 10, 8, 6, 2. (Older two will be 11 and 9 within the month) We did get the book but haven't been using it. It will probably be just on the shelf for the kids to browse through when they want to. I won't say it's not helpful, but we have enough with the box to keep us occupied, and I don't want to throw too much at them.
  6. Yes!* *A little bit, lol We've received the first box in October, next box will be coming in the next week or so. So far so good! The kids really enjoy it much more than the other curriculum we are doing (Spanish for Children) and it immediately got us talking in Spanish. We've had a crazy couple months and haven't given it half the attention it deserves, but we are still speaking Spanish around a lot of food. The kids' accents are starting to improve. The 2yo has immediately taken to it especially and my mom (who's original language is Spanish) is overjoyed to have her walking around asking for naranjas y queso, lol. The app is helpful, and the charts are used every day. The app has a good accent, slightly different than what is used in my family, but one of the better ones I've heard and I like that the kids have a good model. We are still struggling with some of the vocabulary, mostly the foods that aren't eaten on a daily or weekly basis, so the charts will probably stay up another couple months at least. We are primarily concerned with being able to do conversational Spanish, as we're in the minority as English-only-language in this area, and it's a part of my heritage that I want to pass on (I am not fluent, either, so I guess a part of my heritage I want to reclaim). I'm not as concerned with formal grammar at this point, though they are picking some of that up naturally (and 4 weeks of the Spanish with Children and past attempts seems to have given them the basic structure to apply to this program). I've never paid this much for 1 single curriculum before, and wasn't sure I was going to let the subscription continue. Now, I'm definitely intending to stick with this.
  7. I think that's the gift you give when you want out of the relationship but are too chicken to do it yourself, LOL
  8. I don't have experience with the programs you mentioned. I have 2 lefties, my 10yo and my 6yo. New American Cursive worked well for one, and seems to be working for the second one as well. It's cursive, I couldn't tell if that was okay for what you were looking for. The copybook is coiled on the top so it doesn't get in the way of the left hand, they have reminders on paper orientation for both right and lefthanded users. Also, my now-10yo started when she was 5 and wasn't too difficult for her.
  9. Well, the good thing is half of the house was rewired in the 00's, so that it could support the washing machine. So it's only the bedrooms that need to be looked at. The house is already going down pretty cold if it's cold outside. It doesn't seem to retain heat very well. So you only have to do the water drip thing when it's in the 20s, not 32? And, why remove hoses from yard faucets? I've wrapped the yard faucets with old towels, plus they had some insulation already. Are hoses an issue? No, we haven't turned on the heaters yet, but I'll try this out when we do. So, I don't actually know how to get into the attic area of the house; I know there has to be space up there since the roof it slanted, but I don't see any openings into there from the house. Can I insulate the ceiling from the house side? Like, putting heavy fabric along the ceiling, or something? I couldn't do it for every room, but maybe down the hallway and in the school room if it would actually help. Okay, and I was looking for the thermal underclothes people have mentioned, and I saw both"thermal underwear" and "performance baselayers" . I'm wondering if one would be better than the other for layering? Or, do these function basically the same?
  10. I literally have been doing this dance all day! I'm looking for something not "all-weather" and that has good reviews. Found a couple and have some in my cart, but glad I saw this thread before I pulled the trigger
  11. It is seeming like she baked/cooked during the day and froze at night. There were no curtain rods on the large windows, the curtains in bedrooms were thin, windows don't seal, etc. Maybe she slept sometimes in the room with the heater? But I think she just endured the cold more; there were a lot of crocheted blankets but nothing else you guys are describing for warmth. I did not know this is a thing!! Thanks, it looks like we do. Will have to see how it works since we don't own the house, but this is awesome. Ahh, we have these as screen doors for during the summer to get a breeze through the door without the bugs. didn't know they had thick type as well, thanks. Yeah, my Amazon cart is adding up 😳 But I found flannel sheets at Ross today and some wool socks, too, so hopefully I can just keep an eye out and gather things slowly before it gets too cold. But yeah, I should get an electrician anyway and see what's actually going on. But, some things should be done regardless, like the windows and flannel sheets, so I'll do the easy stuff now too. eta: Up to this point we've been fixing issues like plumbing, the mold, broken doors, sealing cracks, etc., and the electric got pushed to the side. And since we don't use the bedrooms during the day (and the summer it wasn't needed at night) it was easy to push aside. But now that we're at the point where the electric is an obstacle to daily living it should be moved up the list.
  12. Could middle son be a greeter at the reception and help direct people to the guest book or gift table? Or hand out favors?
  13. Thanks you guys, this is all super helpful!! Just to make sure I'm imagining this correctly: do you have a curtain rod above your door, then hang a curtain in front of the door as if it was a window? No, moving is not possible at this point. I'm reminding myself that my nana lived in this house for ~40 years until she was 95, and it was her dream house (so, much better than what she had for most of her life). So, a brave face and whatever I can do to make it warmer seems to be my best bet 🙂 I had someone else quoted but just deleted accidentally and can't find again, but some people have suggest merino wool and others have said smartwool. Are these the only two types of wool I should be considering? Or, is one good for blankets and the other better for socks?
  14. Thanks for all of the suggestions!! I'll try to answer the questions Okay, I'll keep them trickling, the plumbing has enough problems as it is, lol. I can put a bucket at least on the kitchen sink so it can go out to the garden in the morning. The shower already has a leak so that's a win I guess ? lol Correct. Only heating we have are two small gas heaters built into the wall. They are situated so that they won't really heat up anything except the rooms they are in. Can you warm these up in an oven or does it have to be microwave? Wow, there are a lot of different type of heaters! Thanks for this We don't own, and while we are allowed to make any changes we want to the house, I don't know if we'll be here long enough to recoup the cost. No to both. I do know that there is no insulation in the walls, we had to repair some mold when we moved in and found out when we opened up the wall. And the gaps...well, this is the definition of a ramshackle house, lol. But! we got through the monsoon season with no real leaks so that counts for a lot. Another type of heater, wow! All the ones I'm seeing need to be plugged in, is there another type that I am missing? I was told it's best not to plug anything stronger than a lamp into the room outlets "just in case." So, we just don't plug anything in.
  15. This is our first year where we are going to actually have a cold winter. Average low will be 20-30 at night, highs during the day are 40-50. According to "averages", there are 4 months of the year to expect this fabled snow, Dec-Mar, around 3" each month. So obviously not the coldest, but still a change in how we need to think. (And I know, some of you will not call my winter cold at all) Main problem I see is at night: the wiring in this house is old, and wouldn't have met code even when it was built. We cannot use space heaters in the bedrooms. Electric blankets are a no go as well. The windows are correspondingly old, the panes are thin and the windows are not tight (there is 1/2" gap between the different window sections) so they seep a lot of chill even now. The main room and the bathroom have built-in gas heaters, but other than maybe one bedroom, the heat will not travel effectively through the house. I've started searching for comforters. What else would you do to stay warm at night?
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