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  1. Good luck Scrap! It'll be a blast I'm sure 🙂 It sounds like a great class you put together, and it's always fun to share something that helps others! We move next week and I'm supposed to have a product launch next week too 😱 so there is much wracking of nerves, but I have enough control over everything that I shouldn't worry as much as just work harder. Instead of get online. And look at memes. And read forums. LOL
  2. Hi Scrap, I've missed a few lounges, glad I made it on time today! Well kinda on tie at least 🙂 Still working towards the RV life; we are moving again, and again to a solid house in the ground, but hoping it's the last stop before going mobile. Each move we are shedding more stuff so that's good. The main things now that we have and wouldn't fit in an RV are too many school books and too many clothes for kids. We are going to have to still do a major cull for the RV, but at least we've shed most of our unnecessary stuff. Oddly enough the thing I'm having the most trouble giving up is my Speed Queen, LOL. But, the RV still looks like a distant dream and so we'll just have to see what happens!
  3. So we are moving this month and I am inheriting a large garden area. I've never had a real in-the-ground garden before, and my attempt at pots was unsuccessful. The kids are super excited and are up for the challenge, but I don't even know what to start with. It's my nana's old house, she was a prolific gardener but the past few years couldn't do much and no one has done anything at all for the past 8 or 9 months. There are rose bushes (I think they are roses, anyway) that look either dead or diseased, but I don't know if they can be brought back with just a little water and nutrients. The fruit trees look mostly okay, maybe a little scraggly. What are some favorite resources I should look at? Do you guys have any favorite blogs or books that can put me on the right track? I've contacted a native seed organization to figure out what we can plant that is from the area, but before I'm even at that point I have to figure out what to do with what's already here. eta: I should mention I'd like to salvage as much as I can, not just burn it to the ground and start over. My nana really did spend most of her time out here and loved flowers, especially the roses. I'd like to preserve the original plants as much as possible.
  4. Yes, I think that we're using the phrase differently: Generally when I use the phrase "sounding smart" I'm not doing it to put down actually being smart (or using a large vocabulary), but calling out a person's word choice to put on airs and try to mark themself as the intellectual in the conversation. I know that this is not the only use of the phrase, but clarifying what I intend. If it's part of their regular vocabulary and speech pattern, it probably does not come across this way. I do use the word on occasion, by itself it isn't a negative. But if you've had a conversation with someone where they are trying to intimidate you or show you up with large words, that's the type of situation I'm talking about here. (ETA to add: it doesn't just be intimidate you. it could be to impress you, too)
  5. We're in transition with our business. We have been doing music related services for years (transcription, arrangements, composition, score prep) but found our interest going more and more into typography. We took the plunge last year to stop all music efforts and focus on font design. I'm front end and all the business stuff, DH handles the actual font design. We'll be releasing our first font at the end of this month probably. I get to make my own schedule, but that means I'm working all the time [that I'm not homeschooling] and it's never enough, lol.
  6. Southern AZ. I went to more rigorous schools but lived in a more rural, less-education-focused neighborhood. I think as far as the region goes, we are seen as having a lower education level. Most people I interact with in conversation have college degrees. I've been teased for my vocabulary, especially in high school, even though it was a college prep setting. I will say it was more of just high school kids teasing you for whatever seemed different, or low fruit on the teasing tree. I don't generally have judgement for people's usage of large words, though I do notice if people use (to continue on your scale of "high school level words") more "kindergarten" level words, like peepee, potty, ouchie, etc. And I'm not saying this is a judgement, either: my mom uses potty almost exclusively for whatever reason, it doesn't necessarily reflect on her intelligence or her education (Masters in Library Science). But it is something I notice, and may use to later make a judgement about their personality or education when taken in with other factors. In general smart is not a negative in my own bubble of people. Using large words is fine, but you have to watch your tone and generally choose words you 99% know everyone will get. I may curb my vocab around certain people, especially in my family (some of whom are ESL). Not because they might think I'm showing off, but I don't want to accidentally embarrass them or make them have to ask what I mean. Tailoring to your audience seems to be natural. As for "this type of language" and using utilize, and further explaining my understanding of this word: I use utilize, I hear others use utilize. This particular word does not carry a smarty weight to it for me (like I said above, interchangeable with use), EXCEPT I do note that I have heard it specifically chosen to, yes, "sound smart". They also chose other words with the same reason -- not be be more clear, not to talk as they normally do, but to make a point that they were the higher intelligence in the conversation. It was definitely a pretentious use of the word. I guess you had to be there to pick up on all of the clues? But it's happened a few times, enough for me to say that this word is singled out for this purpose at least on some occasion. This was the experience(s) I was referencing in my earlier post. Generally when I use the phrase "sounding smart" I'm not doing it to put down actually being smart, but calling out a person's word choice to put on airs and try to mark themself as the intellectual in the conversation. I know that this is not the only use of the phrase. But clarifying what I intend. Oh, also on your "High school level words", after thinking about it more: after typing that 'most people I interact with have college degrees', I notice I didn't have much expectation because of this; I guess I don't see a college degree as bearing on their vocabulary. I think I judge more on how the person themselves talk or if they have known interests like reading, etc. Perhaps my expectation of high school level words is lower than yours? I would expect most people to know dearth, I guess, but not use it in a general setting (not that one can't or it's pretentious, just more I haven't heard it in a long time). I also expect bigger words in written things Also, this springs another tangent in my brain: I've been watching Murder She Wrote recently. JB Fletcher's word choice is a delight for me, as well as her sentence structures. You can tell she (well, the script writers) had a love of the language, but doesn't really come across as pretentious. But also hearing it, I notice I attribute some of her choices as more old-fashioned, while when I watched this years and years ago I didn't have that sense. I'm wondering if as a culture (or maybe it's just me as a person), there is a perception not that certain words/sentences are "too smart" as much as they "make you sound old". IDK, just more food for thought on the topic. I don't know if I actually am helping your survey or just muddying waters at this point.
  7. I never said it was? I had qualifiers in my sentence, which was intended to narrow my statement to a specific group, not a blanket statement. If someone is smart and decides to use utilize, more power to them, I guess.
  8. I was taught that "utilize" is used when you are using a tool for other than its intended purpose: He utilized the shovel to tip the fan backwards. "Use" is when the correct tool is chosen for the job: He used the shovel to dig a hole. But, in real life conversation, I don't think I've heard that distinction held up and I think they've been treated as interchangeable. Utilize sounds more educated to some people and I think it's brought in when they want to sound objective or smart.
  9. So this was the obvious-to-me explanation: Remember Alice in Wonderland and the painting of the rosebushes? Something like that, and the deck of cards in your garden was a few cards short last year, or maybe a couple extra jokers mixed in. But this year, they're coming up all aces! After reading these other responses, now I'm not sure? Maybe like only 85% positive. 😄
  10. Me, before clicking: I'm not squeamish, pfft Me, after clicking: Totally squeamish and never clicking on a link again! LOL
  11. We had a 2007 Dell, he bit the dust in 2010. We had harddrive and different malfunctions after maybe month 3, but I don't remember details. We had a 2009 HP laptop, he bit the dust in 2012. Both battery and harddrive. We have a 2011 iMac (maybe 2010) that needed a $90 new harddrive last year, otherwise running fine. We have a 2012 Macbook Air that has a sad battery life but otherwise is fine (what I'm using right now).; I basically keep him plugged for most use. He can go maybe 1 hr without being plugged in. We had a 2013 iMac that had to be replaced due to a faulty harddrive -- it was within warranty and part of a recall. Replaced with: We have a 2015 iMac that so far has shown no issues. While I don't like the general direction of Apple and have been having worse customer experiences (with phones, iPads, etc), we'll probably stick with the Mac lines, specifically iMacs and Macbook Airs.
  12. (I thought the post said "Easter Gras" like "Mardi Gras" and reminded me of my 10yo's calling Easter Monday "Fat Monday" instead, for obvious reasons, lol. ) Yes, hate it and don't use it. Tt is a gift that keeps on giving. On the same level as Christmas tinsel. It is only surpassed by glitter.
  13. The Getty, Huntington Library and gardens, Griffith Observatory are all beautiful places to visit. Out of the 3 I'd say the Huntington is our favorite. For more outgoing "fun" stuff I like Santa Monica Pier. ❤️ For you and your mom.
  14. I guess it depends on the type of supplies you have to have. How many books does it look like you'll need access to? On the heavy side, or the just-annoying-to-move-all-the-time side? My kids lived out of backpacks for all their school stuff during the selling/moving process. Theoretically we did this so that if we were told the house would be shown with short notice, we could go to the library and continue working. This was never tested though. All of my books were whittled down into a box/tote so that it could be quickly packed and put into the car. But. I didn't have access to some stuff that I liked to have around (butcher paper roll, etc).
  15. My parents house they have the upright piano on a long exterior wall, it has two side tables on either side (actually, at least one is a sewing machine cabinet), each of the side tables has lamps and stuff. There is a huge crochet artwork above the piano. The picture is probably the focal point if you've never seen the house before. I'll take pictures on Sunday when I'm there if it'd be helpful.
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