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  1. And those who put those supposed-to-be-cap-down bottles always cap-up, so you can never use the pour-quickly feature you bought the bottle for! And then put the can't-hold-stuff-in-caps upside down so there is a little puddle on the fridge door you don't notice until you take out a package 3 bottles down >(
  2. I've never seen the goose thing (probably because we don't have much in the way of lawns and gardens) BUT in my parents neighborhood there is a giraffe! His neck and head stick out above their wall. And they put on hats and neckties for the holidays. Last time I saw him he was wearing a straw hat and luau flowers.
  3. I'm sorry for her stress, and also for yours by association. I do know that a high-achieving friend in college officially requested not to know their grades for the junior and senior year because it was overwhelming for them, they were obsessed with the grade, not with the education, and were starting to have panic attacks. I don't know if this would help or just exacerbate for your daughter, but a thought maybe of something along these lines that can be incorporated into the balance (limiting extra activities to things that require minimal delayed feedback, etc).
  4. On the school side: At the very beginning of homeschooling 6 years ago, we made a master plan together of goals and most of the programs we wanted to use/thought would work well for us; all subject to change, but it's been a guideline that I follow. If I'm changing something big that he had a part in planning, I'll discuss it with him. I basically am allowed to choose whatever programs I want to use, but I'll ask him for his take if I'm having trouble deciding. He does research about education techniques and other pertinent things and is almost always game to talk about the kids and their development. Once or twice a week he will have an unplanned session with the kids (1-3 hours, his own topic, not on my regular list of schoolwork). I consider these floating lessons, when it happens it happens, kids have a notebook just for his stuff. He usually gives them an assignment which I usually oversee in the next couple days. If he walks by while I'm teaching and has something to add, he'll chime in and stay with us for 5-10 minutes, then move on. He talks with kids during the day if someone is having a bad mood, will take them aside and work through negative emotions and get them to a better place or help them if the meltdown was related to a specific part of their work, especially if I am trying to work with other kids on their lessons. On the house side: Kids and I handle all housework and yardwork, and I do all of the bills/paperwork of a running household. If I need help with heavy lifting he is there. He kills bugs and other things that I'm either too scared or too grossed out to do, which I super appreciate. He does his own laundry, but otherwise is exempt from keeping house; he may do dishes once a week if the kids aren't home, but I don't expect it. Once a quarter he'll do a huge dinner which takes most of the day.
  5. Cut the squash up (1/2 to inch squares), add a chopped tomato and a onion if you want. Saute with a little olive oil until soft, add salt, can add thyme/oregano and cheese (optional). You can add garlic if you want, too.
  6. We've liked the Virtues in Practice program, and the faith/hope/charity year breakdown fits the happier focus you're looking for (mostly). It's not quite enough to do everyday, we do 1-2 days a week on it but focus on the virtue of the month throughout the week. You could go deeper on either the virtue or the saint of the month. Bonus, it's free and has multiple levels; so if you are doing it with a younger and an older, you'll get twice the saints for the month (idk how the virtues sync up). Daily we do a few set prayers and work on a psalm (usually from the Sunday mass) for memorization, and I've been teaching them the traditional songs that they haven't really gotten exposed to yet.
  7. Yes, there is a chocolate shortage. In my house at least. (more seriously, all the chocolate shelves have been fully stocked over here, in the middle of nowhere)
  8. Thank you for the suggestions! Alas, in my impatience I found a copy of Spanish for Children by Classical Academic Press. It looked like maybe it could be less teacher intensive, and maybe in future chapters it will be, but it's a bit more than I was hoping for, lol. It doesn't focus (as of yet) onto conversational Spanish like I wanted, but at least they are getting introduced to it and hopefully it'll give them a good foundation so the next program we do will be successful. A lot of the suggestions here look perfect, so thank you! I'll definitely be doing some of these once we finish up this first program.
  9. Do they like spicy food? Right now chile relleno is on my weekly rotation. Paired with Spanish rice and refried beans on the side it can be pretty filling; add tortillas . But, you mention cholesterol, and this does take eggs, so maybe not the best fit. - lentil soup without ham/bacon. - stirfry with shitake mushrooms and/or tofu instead of meats. My DH doesn't even need the mushrooms or tofu, he will do veggie stir fry quite happily. ymmv on that lol. shitake mushrooms are better from dried than canned if possible, I was shocked how much of a difference it can make (I know you mentioned mushrooms are not generally a good sub in your household) - as mentioned above, tacos or tostadas with beans instead of meat as the base. - okra gumbo (again spicy, or optional spicy). I usually cut the shrimp down and have done without the shrimp as well. - a bunch of pasta sauces are meatless, especially with summer and fall produce. We have a few favorites that are peppers-based.
  10. For learning new things this well, I need to learn to make cooler dinners! But I have chicken in the fridge so tonight is another hot one. New subjects this year: Spanish (more formal), Creativity, Nature Study/Botany/To Not Kill Plants (first time we have a garden!), Drawing (more formal). For the kindergartner it is all new to him, though.
  11. Hey Scrap, we are down around Bisbee now. A bit hotter in our actual location than the weather service says, but overall cooler than the valleys: in the winter it is fully expected to have snow. We can see the border from our front yard, it's an interesting place to live. We've had a few hard rains, but definitely not as much as it should have been. The weeds, though, don't seem to mind... 😉
  12. I guess everyone is knee-deep in first days back 🙂 Melting here today too. It's not as hot as it was in Tucson, but still hot enough (mid 90s), and I don't have AC or anything except a ceiling fan to help out (and the ceiling fan is rusted to "slow", so it doesn't really make a breeze lol). But, we're acclimating to the constant heat and has the upshoot that the kids want to go outside because it's cooler outside than in, especially once I start dinner, lol. But, we haven't had any monsoon rain for almost a week and I'm getting worried for some of our seedlings that are made for the rainy season. I'm having people go out and "rain" for them two or three times a day. Hope they make it. We started back a couple weeks ago but I just started a few new programs today. Overall going well, but DD10 just had a little tantrum because she doesn't like the new Spanish we're doing. She says she knows it all already. But she doesn't, and it'll just hopefully take a few days for her to get into it. Just wish it was easier on both of us. So, I jumped on here to look busy and give her space; DH already had a heart to heart with her this morning (after a different new-curriculum anger) that SUPER helped, but she doesn't want anything to do with me right now so hopefully she can reset to the herself of an hour ago. We've never had this resistance to new programs before so it's interesting to see how she is expressing herself this time around. (Everyone else, it should be noted, is happy with all choices, and when she forgot she was angry in the middle of the lesson she was laughing and enjoying it too). Re: travel. We don't have any trips planned. My parents have offered to help with a vacation for us, but my problem is when?? We are in the middle of setting up a new business (and we really need to get this going), just finished moving into this house (so behind on everything else) and school just started and we are finally getting a groove in this new place. Pausing for even just 3 or 4 days seems like a bad idea in so many ways, but on the other hand.... And update: she is back to her regular self in the middle of the next lesson, yay!
  13. So, yeah, we don't let anyone drive our kids except ourselves and my parents. MIL is no longer on the list (though we've avoided all situations that would actually let her know that so far). This is a serious pain, and will get worse as they grow up and want to drive with friends/other families. But, I've known too many people killed in car accidents because of texting, and also just teenage driving skills. We've already told our kids this is going to be how it is. They are at the agreeable age and don't see how this will be a problem when they are older, but we're just trying to establish it now so they know it isn't us picking on their friends or friends' families when they get to that stage. Maybe I'll change my mind then...but no, I won't, lol. On the one occasion another mom wanted to drive my daughter I just apologized and said we have a blanket rule on this after a previous incident. (Previous incident was an adult texting while driving kids and almost getting in an accident.) IDK how'd you vet individual parents, unless you take a chance with them for one time and ask your kids later if they were texting, but kids may not notice (because of talking with friends, etc) and this opens them up to danger that first time. Also will make the other parent ask why you're changing your stance if they did actually text the first time.
  14. IDK about actual books/music matchups, no info on Maestro Classics, sorry. But, on the apple TV there are some apps that kind of fit this. it's been a while since I looked at it but it may fit. TV is in use right now, I'm more writing this as a reminder to myself to look it up for you when I can 🙂 I'll get the rest of the info and update this comment. As a composer's wife, I can say that there are a lot of CDs out there that are based off of either poetry or books. Quality both in the music and the production may vary greatly, but it's another avenue to go down if you are interested. Update: "Classical Music" which is pretty nonspecific, so I took a picture to help find the right one.
  15. Is there something in particular she wants to study that might be fun? It doesn't have to be a traditional subject. We've done calligraphy, cooking, things like that. Or you can do theme weeks where you read books, watch movies, art projects, etc about a topic, like Pirate or Greek Week. If she likes sewing, can you do stuff like that or maybe embroidery? It doesn't have to be super formal, just set time she can explore her interests. Or, just changing up the schedule a bit, so that she has some creative time throughout the day, not just finish all the school together at once might be enough, too. Or maybe she was expecting more field trips?
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