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  1. I'm not saying this in a bad way, I instantly thought of the girl from Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. (Not the movies, I haven't seen the, but like this book cover.) Looking it up now Idk if it actually matches past the coat collar and the dress color, but I think the character would have worn this for sure.
  2. Maybe a speak-easy has multiple meanings I don't know? I thought it was an illegal place of drinking, so I'd assume slurred words or a bit risqué entertainment, 1920's style. Could you clarify what a speak-easy connotes to you? If I was going to try and "place" this type of performance style, I would say early 2000's coffee house open mic night or post-modern performance bar place. With lots of black turtlenecks and finger snaps for clapping. (eta: I associate poetry reading in general with this type of atmosphere) Or, an inauguration ceremony, it seems to fit there too. 🙂
  3. I jokingly told my DH that "I've been indoctrinated to the core" because it all felt so meaningful to me, at the pledge of allegiance I was crying. The military parade, the laying of the wreath, even the walk to the White House, I felt everything very deeply.
  4. Probably a good idea: a DC cat will have a naturally better transition to the presidential life. This cat must be ready to meet the high expectations of being the true ruler of the White House -- though being only the Cat in Chief instead of His Royal Meow may sting a bit, depending on the breed. Keeping dogs in check without losing the aloofness befitting his position... I'm not saying a Delaware cat couldn't do it, as much as they may not be as inclined to be as politique about it.
  5. (Oh my goodness, this is like catnip for me, lol) The overheating I think was a design flaw that was there for a few years; I do think the slimmer designs contributed but I don't know if that was the only thing, I just know it seemed very common, especially for the 2013-2015 models. Yay about your 2010! We still have our 2011! It's a great iMac! It's officially for the kids now, because once the retina screens came out it was necessary to upgrade (lots of visual design) but he's a super trooper and I expect he is going to outlast the one I'm using (2015). And I'm sorry, I think
  6. What year is your DH's? I think all the ones we have are upgradeable, we currently have 4 iMacs. Maybe it's a 21" vs 27" difference? I had assumed it had been this way for all models, that's good to know! I will have to look into that. I know the 2020 model is upgradeable though because my DH promised he could go a month with the basic ram before upgrading.... but that lasted about 4 days before he put in an upgrade order, lol. The performance upgraded and he was much happier and I got to grumble a couple days. 🙂
  7. I actually think the 2nd-tier iMac right now is really good; this latest release is MUCH better than the previous year. It doesn't have the heat problems that the 2013-2017~ ones did (prediction, anyway). @PeterPan I'm using a fan app to manually control for overheating; DH is a power user and he wore this iMac into the ground. He got the 2020 iMac and I inherited this one since I don't require as much usually, but I still manage the heat thing myself because yeah it will run hot now. I agree about the upgrading up, to a point; my 2013 (and later 2015 model, which is what I'm on now
  8. You can buy after-market ram at lower prices and upgrade yourself on the iMac, this saves significant money. Just make suer you get the type of ram for your model. It's the one thing you're able to upgrade yourself on the iMac. Agree about the rest of the upgrading innards: if you want the computer to last a while it has to have growing room, so to speak.
  9. For when to buy, you can check https://buyersguide.macrumors.com to see if an update is expected soon or not, so that way you don't buy something and then 2 weeks later the new version is released. Of course, if you need it now, you need it now. We bought an iMac on Black Friday from Best Buy; the price wasn't appreciably lower but they had a special on their credit card offer that we did to bring down the price. Typically the price for Apple do not fluctuate much. The 27" iMac is beautiful with the screen. I know it doesn't seem like it would matter if you don't care about screens, but
  10. {{{}}} I think first you need a hug. You are not a crap parent. You are not a selfish parent. You ARE good enough for her. Next: if she's making progress, I wouldn't be overly worried. She's been in school for these past years and is still "behind", so don't hold yourself to a standard of getting her to grade level in 6 months when they didn't in X years. "I don't think I can handle the responsibility of trying to get a child up to standards and failing at it." I think your responsibility is to give her love and support and teach her what she is ready and able to learn. Don't measu
  11. I know that if I go a longer space of time without eating, or without eating much, the next time I eat I will get diarrhea. If I go 1.5 days without eating (or only a few celery sticks, etc), the next meal will get a bad reaction; and the heavier/bigger the next meal is, the worse it is for me. I have to slowly ease back into eating, and even then I can have either constipation or diarrhea for the next day. That being said, I don't think a 12-16 hour fast would have that reaction, especially if it is common for her. Unless it's a fast + heavy restaurant meal/particular ingredient that is
  12. You would know better than me, since I'm pretty sure that's where you live. 😛 [lol, I actually had to Google it, so no idea. I think they were spawned separately but probably cross-pollinated at some point]
  13. Finland not existing is just a conspiracy to make fun of other conspiracies. No one takes it seriously. And it's a shame, because of this tactic of ridicule, a lot of people are being blinded to the real truth exposed by other "conspiracies". Birds aren't real, for example. And, what I consider an even bigger global game changer: giraffes don't exist. I mean, seriously, how did we all fall for an animal half horse half ostrich, with leopard spots and weird antennae things? "Yeah, that looks right." Our education system has failed us. In terms of brainwashing the global population, Big Pha
  14. Noticeably absent from the graph of conspiracy is spontaneous human combustion (or SHC, to my fellow in-the-knows). Confirmation confirmed!
  15. We attended a business conference in October that would have been closed to us normally. It's an international conference that moves every year, this year it was scheduled to be in Paris. That's...not possible. lol. Truthfully even just across the Mississippi is not possible right now (even without Covid). Maybe we could swing it for one person, but definitely not both. But! It moved online! And without travel expenses, it was totally doable. And our good luck continued!: My DH applied to give a talk, even though it was quite a long shot. And the amazing happened, they accepted
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