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  1. I don't know about affordable, but my "real cowgirl" friend recommends https://thecowboyshop.com/ Also, Boot Barn may have something for you.
  2. I'm building from the ground up since I don't have Alexa, and I have been less than impressed by Pandora's playlist for me when I ask it for this, it just doesn't understand me like you guys do 😉
  3. SOS!! I'm not getting anything done!! I need energy. I need determination. I need to work. I need to take on the world and WIN. I need the soundtrack for my underdog-becomes-winner montage scene, a la Rocky. Suggestions? I'll take all decades, hype is the key. I've got Eye of the Tiger.
  4. omg, totally off topic, but I just figured out who you are. I'm ridiculously dumb, lol. On topic, nice list 🙂
  5. I'm actually pretty content just to speculate about most of these people and find the biography or two to read. I am afraid I'd ask dumb questions like, "So, what's your favorite color?" and then after dinner, "I want to know what your inspiration and thoughts were behind the addition of the small mouse in the woods, was this a veiled reference to the ..." and then realize everyone had already left. So this list I make because my husband will talk these peoples' ears off, ask the best questions, and I can sit back and relax, learn cool things, and hopefully eat all the desserts while they
  6. I know that I can trigger an action on my mail service that if someone hasn't opened my email in X days, to send another email. And I know my email service can track how many times you've opened the email and if you click on anything. I don't have tracking for "deleted" but I don't have a high-ticket service so that may be an option to others. So, I wouldn't be surprised if someone could set it up that way. From personal experience: I have 11,073 unread emails right now and they keep sending me things (sometimes multiple from same company daily) even though I'm not deleting, lol.
  7. No, sorry, I'm trying to keep this as general as possible and say I don't see it often. I actually can't remember too many people+their politics from thread to thread. A lot of what I talk about is also based on my IRL experiences.
  8. The big problem I'm seeing (here, and real life) is that people will softly condemn their side "I wish he didn't say that" or "I wish he had chosen different words" or "I disagree with a lot of what she has said on a and b topics" and then follow it with a "but" and either talk about what they've done right, and-or a whataboutism on the other side, such as "At least it wasn't as bad as THIS guy over here" or "but the other side has done that for years" or "and it's not as bad as it could be." I'm getting irritated at claims of "the other side" breaking the rules and the claims of victimi
  9. Oh no, let's not starting talking snakes. My 7yo told me last week that a snake went under the house. I told him to stay away from there, and what did the snake look like? Did it have color stripes or diamonds on it? No it's mostly brownish, and not diamonds. Just squares, but kind of standing on their sides and touching at the corners. 🤦‍♀️ Well this has been fun but I need to go pour myself a drink or something, lol.
  10. I have a case of something close to arachnophobia. Moving into my current house has been a really, really big trial for me in all of my coping mechanisms. I am proud to say that I can now look at daddy long legs and other house spiders and leave them alone (and not scream). I call them "the security team" to make it easier on myself. But tarantulas and wolf spiders and black widows and other uncategorized many-legged things, naw dawg, that's not happening, lol.
  11. whoops, quoted instead of Edit: here's my edit nw edited to this post eta: I'm serious, all my Google found was a much more nuanced thing from Hillary Clinton about how Biden shouldn't concede until all the results are in. So I'd appreciate the links.
  12. I know you didn't reply to me. I have no particular view on Dan Rather, I'll have to look into his background since you mention it. And yes, generally, when someone says they will not concede an election if they legitimately lose after ballot counts (not just election NIGHT), that is a dictatory thing to do. If you want me to get mad at "the other side", too, please give me a link where they say the same thing. These "insider comments" are vaguely interesting to me but a bit exclusionary. I'd accept either Pelosi or Biden (or I guess Harris) as the best sources to be equal grounds f
  13. So, actually, I figured any media hype about the president not accepting results was just hype and I dismissed it outright. I was more concerned about some different "insider reports" about contingency plans depending on the results (both sides, btw). Generally though I've decided for my mental health and for the business's progress (which translates directly to the wellbeing of my kids) I can't look at political news much, so I hadn't looked much more into this. Since you both brought it up I went to look at his particular remarks and (assumed) be outraged with you for the miscontruance.
  14. I think this is an AMAZING idea! ...Except the tarantula part. Just happened to me on Monday, a tarantula crawled out of my food tower (long story), and onto my foot. I may have screamed, and I mean this as the pure truth and not as an insult to the mentioned party, "like a little girl." The thing covered my foot and just decided to sit there (?!?!) and because I am now trained to stay still when something is crawling on me (4 scorpions stings this year, more long stories), I just stayed there screaming for 10 hours seconds until DH came to rescue me. I am sorry to tarantula lovers here a
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