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  1. I guess it depends on the type of supplies you have to have. How many books does it look like you'll need access to? On the heavy side, or the just-annoying-to-move-all-the-time side? My kids lived out of backpacks for all their school stuff during the selling/moving process. Theoretically we did this so that if we were told the house would be shown with short notice, we could go to the library and continue working. This was never tested though. All of my books were whittled down into a box/tote so that it could be quickly packed and put into the car. But. I didn't have access to some stuff that I liked to have around (butcher paper roll, etc).
  2. My parents house they have the upright piano on a long exterior wall, it has two side tables on either side (actually, at least one is a sewing machine cabinet), each of the side tables has lamps and stuff. There is a huge crochet artwork above the piano. The picture is probably the focal point if you've never seen the house before. I'll take pictures on Sunday when I'm there if it'd be helpful.
  3. This one is more on the bright side of navy, but I think otherwise checks the boxes Same with, but even more blue.
  4. On Point: Navy, Zipper Top, Open Area, the binder will be tight but the dimensions may work (11.5x5x12.5), Fits on Shoulder. Not on point: not real leather. But at $38, maybe it can fill in until you find exactly what you're looking for.
  5. [I know this thread was started for adults, but for anyone reading this for kid info] For kid glasses, we used Jonas Paul. First time getting them glasses ever, just arrived on Monday. They were a bit more expensive than some online places but sent a box of samples to try on and we are really happy with the service and end product. Kids love how they look, and the glasses are much better quality than what was available in-store for my insurance. (Did not use my insurance with JP though.) Re: insurance: It will depend on your insurance and what stores they are accepted at. For us, buying online without using my insurance was cheaper than buying the instore glasses that we liked with polycarbonate lenses upgrade (kinda necessary for at least one of the prescriptions). The only frames fully covered by insurance were... very low quality and easy to break.
  6. It depends on the dryer. If your dryer has a taste for socks, more colorful, fanciful socks may be suitable. My dryer would probably appreciate baby socks and Boy 5-6 size shirts, but has not shown the initiative yours has.
  7. I noticed the absence, but thought it was intentional for effect, and not just unimportant to the story so it wasn't mentioned. Showing that there was nothing above the State, and what can happen when the state only serves itself and the few in power.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! No need for more drawings, I got the gist, thank you for the offer 🙂
  9. I do think for her it's just too much at once and she confuses herself once she sees things close together. Definitely it's all concept before formula, I know they KNOW the formula but it wasn't something I had them write down 10 times or anything like that. Both concept and formula seem to go out the window once she sees two different concepts close together. She can do the first one fine whatever it is, but the second brings up a deer in headlights. (Son doesn't have this issue.) I don't have the sequence, sorry; this is all actually review since this is something we did last year (or the year before??) and that is just brought up on review pages. And then I add in extra ones once I saw it wasn't sticking anymore. Anyway, we're going to try baking a square layer cake, making a grid with icing, maybe different color for perimeter, etc. Get them to write out a paper with pictures or something. IDK. Maybe eating it will help it absorb? haha... I liked the idea of building/decorating houses, but I'm not ready to unbox that Pandora until the summer, lol.
  10. Yes, she can do these. And not just by counting, lol. I did a quick thing with her before bed: she did these okay. We did review on Monday so it seems to still have stuck since then this time. But I didn't mix it with volumes and perimeters and triangles. eta Oops forgot to quote, paging @square_25 so you see this
  11. This is how we typically do things (Math U See) and it's worked for everything. Except this. Which is slightly ironic to me because it is the most literal of the things to be shown with blocks, right?? And she gets it at the time, "Oh, that makes sense, I remember this!" and can run through problems for a few days with no issue, but then a week later on a general review of everything it's loosened, and we are having to take time again. I'm hoping that something more ... hands on? or less familiar? than the blocks will stick better.
  12. We are having some issues with remembering LWH for volume (rectangular) and LW for area. And also LW/2 for triangles. I'm trying to think of a unit study that can help go over this information and also incorporate other topics, hoping it may stick better if it's linked to other contexts. I'm probably too tired right now because nothing comes to mind. Square cakes? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Oh no! We have that bedframe too (for double) and wanted to get it again in our new location (can't bring it with us). Sadness. Those stackable beds though are interesting though, they weren't available last I was there. What about just get the Kura now and use it as a a lower bed until its ready to be turned upside down? Put an older kid into it so you can crawl into one of the other beds with her. I think I'm living vicariously through you. I've done all of the possible reorganizations of our living space over the past year and I have missed the jigsaw of it.
  14. I did a later edit saying it may work better with the shelving as 2 across and 4 up but it probably wouldn't make a difference. And wouldn't give more useable floorspace, just slightly better access to the closet. Barring pulling the baby bed out from underneath one of the other beds, I think you've got the best set up. You mentioned you can't do this while holding the baby after she falls asleep. Could the older kids help pull it out before they go to bed? I think this would work so long as the area is sufficiently quiet at night and you don't have wandering baby concerns. Otherwise I would put an older kid into this situation, or not at all. If you could find either a easy to put on/off bed tent or screen for better privacy/sleeping I think it would be acceptable until bunks are doable. But then you have the re-integration problem later if they are used to having their own "room" and don't want to share again. We have/had those and I actually liked them. Kids had them and were happy. Kids do not like their current standard spring mattresses in comparison.
  15. So your walls don't really need to be as wavy as in my picture, they should still work just fine 😉 (And the weird quarter circle in the bottome right is supposed to be your door opening, LOL) You may have tried this already, and that shelf may not fit between beds and allow access to closet. But figured I would suggest in case it sparks something workable. ETA: this may not be better than what you have currently, even if it could work Second ETA: if you turn that shelf so it is 4 up and 2 across I think it would fit between the beds? Would need to bolt to wall possibly but looks like it is made to work either way
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