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  1. I agree with everyone else's assessment on your handling of this with grace. Addressing your request on framing, would having the visit to make her living situation better even while you aren't there make it easier? Small tasks where you sort through her clothes for things that don't fit, or iron things, or dust the high shelves, or clean the windows, or polish her picture frames? Shine shoes? Things that can keep your hands busy and yes, you can talk to her while stuff is getting done, but gives you a clear goal that makes you feel accomplished by the end of the visit, and that your visi
  2. Got my first shot of Moderna Thursday April 1. No arm pain that day, woke up Friday April 2 with pain at injection site but no other symptoms. Saturday April 3, arm pain was gone. Interestingly, woke up today Friday April 9 with arm pain at injection site. Bad enough to wake me up at 4:30am. Much worse than on 4/2. My kids can look at my arm and see a slight redness and feel a bump there (so it's not just me) and the area feels hot. I can lift my arm but it definitely doesn't want to move. Still no other symptoms.
  3. Okay, so by now we have established facts: 1. Antifa.com pointing to Whitehouse.gov is easy to do. It won't be changed because it was an intentional change by the owner of antifa.com, unless the owner changes their mind. It is not illegal and can be done without the WH's permission. It is not a conspiracy: at best it's a bad joke, at worst it is manufactured specifically to be false proof. 2. Security and light being turned on are regularly done on schedules by many businesses and government buildings. 3. @Pen does not know what Tom Hanks looks like. 4. Biden is old and h
  4. @Pen, Here is a quick video on how to do a redirect, so you can see what I was describing, and how easy it is. It takes literally less than a minute. For me, this would cost $8 to do because I have unlimited domain hosting already, and I would just need to buy the original domain. If I wanted to manufacture proof of a conspiracy like this, buying antifa.com for $8 and doing 1 minute's worth of work would be a great deal.
  5. Yes, it is a conspiracy theory to think that antifa.com redirecting to the Whitehouse.gov is a sign of super hackers. I could make any of my websites do the same. It's as simple as opening the "redirect" page on my server and saying "mywebsite.com" should point to "Whitehouse.gov". This is not hacker-level work. That's typing monkey level (ie, me). It proves nothing. And it doesn't break any laws [that I or a Google search can find] so idk what you think the WH would do about it-- the original website domain is private property for these intents and purposes. This is not odd nor proof of
  6. Dealing with my parents, who aren't QAnon but are so influenced by it that why bother noting the difference, I can't tell you how many times her replies boil down to, "I am rubber and you are glue, what you say bounces off of me and sticks onto you." Another favorite reply is, "*dial tone*".
  7. Animal cruelty and appalling standards of how we keep them up to "harvesting" is a serious problem. The photos above (and the much worse ones available) are not showing us as good stewards of these animals. Our bargain-mentality of how much we should pay for meat has made us discount how much an animal's life is worth. Realistically we aren't going to move to a majority free range approach. So, there's room for lab-grown meat to address the problem, but it's not going to be a fix-it-all solution, and like most solutions it's going to cause other problems I'm sure. It's not going to repla
  8. As a side note, completely not the actual topic, we know a kid being home schooled solely for this reason. The kid had a nut allergy and while the school put a rule in place, people in his class were consistently breaking it because "it wasn't a big deal". Even after meeting with the family and describing it would be fatal for him (he did go to the hospital from school twice). The mom described it to me as, "They wanted a 'live and let live' policy on it, but really it was 'let them live and let him die'." They started homeschooling 4 weeks into 1st grade after the 2nd hospital trip.
  9. Personally, the entire pan never hangs around to tempt me for long.....
  10. No, I don't have the original blue handout thing that I assume was given to my parents when I was a kid. And, I've lost I think all the ones that my kids originally started off with, oops. But when we started at our new PCP this past year they pull the state records for our files so I could ask for a printout of what I've gotten. Interestingly, when they pulled them for DH, the couldn't find ANY. Like, at all. He's not that much older than me, but my records were available to them. And when he stopped to think about it, he realizes he doesn't have memories of needles like I do, he truly d
  11. Yeah, so, more than half my posts have been in the past year, even though I've been here since 2014 and a lurker before that. I still only post 1/3 of my writing, but before I would only bother with maybe 1/4 or 1/5 or less. I think some people are discounting how many of the lost voices were suppressive in their own right. I know not every lost voice was that way, though. Still, I don't like the idea of being a part of a suppressive majority now that I'm on the other side (on 1 or 2 topics anyway, LOL, I don't think I'm actually in the majority on the majority yet), so try to keep it mo
  12. Dear Pen, I understand that you are feeling this very deeply. I know that this means a lot to you. In the same spirit as you decided to respond to me, I'm going to try and reciprocate. I think, and this is just a "provocative thought", the idea of this being a mission or a calling to "listen and hear", what if you also applied it to yourself? Not in a "do the research" type of way, but to step back and evaluate the pushback you have, in other posts, preemptively dismissed. May I ask this of you? And instead of assuming from the get-go that this pushback is proof you are on the right
  13. This is an oversimplification: "Well Actually, there have been things true in the past! So therefore we should listen to everything in the future!" No one is saying that conspiracy theories (or dark secrets) aren't sometimes real. That 1 out of 100 or 1000 though does not mean that the other 999 are just as true. OR that the least plausible of these should be given just as much airtime as the more plausible ones. There's a difference between theories that have actual evidence backing, and those that have been made up almost out of thin air. Covid-19 conspiracy theories, just a
  14. So, since all options have what I consider a reasonable commute (~45 min max), I'd say any of the 3 options of near sister, near parents, or in between are fine and so the commute shouldn't be factored in. [If it's factored in, I've give the edge to the in-between option, since it allows you to help your sister pretty quickly (moreso even if there's a halfway turnoff so both of you would only have to drive 10 min to drop off kids), and you wouldn't have to move house again in a few years just to help your parents unless you actually wanted to change houses. Also, if you're up to hosting f
  15. I always thought you lived in Connecticut, now I wonder if you live in conspiracy theories. The Connecticut makes more sense from what I've seen from your posts, but this really threw me for a loop, LOL
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