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  1. Moonhawk

    Small lost object

    With smaller/expensive things, if I am putting it down but not where I consider it belongs, I usually put it on a higher shelf that way kids don't take it and it can't be knocked down easily. The problem being it I put stuff higher than I can actually see. Any chance you put it on a shelf above eye level? Sorry it's still missing, hope it comes back soon
  2. Moonhawk

    Small lost object

    Get a second pair of eyes. If I am looking too long for something, I have been know to miss it in an "obvious, already checked there don't waste your time" spot. Also, look with your hands and your eyes. Touch the piles of books, pick them up, put them back. Not just look at the top of the pile, it could be on a lower ledge of a book or blending into a cover or fallen behind, etc.
  3. "The same place as last time" I'd never gone before. 😕 lol
  4. Moonhawk

    Horse people- How to fire a farrier without burning a bridge?

    I have nothing to offer but I do sincerely hope that these next steps will resolve the issues. Hugs on this, I'm sorry for the stress of the situation.
  5. Moonhawk

    Wedding Invite Question

    Lol, I tried to think of a different last name for a minute, but Gere just fit so well, and I figured if I was giving Anna a boring last name like Smith, she may as well marry a movie star 😉
  6. Moonhawk

    Wedding Invite Question

    Oh the other issue is: I know my friend's last name, but not necessarily the soon-to-be spouse's. Around the time of my marriage, My kinda uncommon first+last name combo was on another registry, getting married to a man with a similar name as my husband (think Darin and Dan). For my side of guests, not having my husband's last name on the invitation may have started calls. But again, it really depends on the audience receiving the invitation, and if they like the design, then that's that. It just might generate a few "What's his last name again?" calls. Maybe it could fit on the RSVP? "[ ] I plan to attend Anna Smith's and Richard Gere's wedding". Though I guess they have to send that back, so not as helpful...
  7. Moonhawk

    Wedding Invite Question

    I've received one invitation like this. I'm not a real fan but understand it is both a statement of independence from family as well as setting the tone for a more informal wedding, not as traditional. Last names are a useful practical thing to have, for rsvp, getting the correct registry, writing a check, addressing a card and updating an address book, etc. But assuming it's a small wedding and everyone who was invited is told to expect a invitation, it shouldn't be a real problem.
  8. Moonhawk

    If you used to have a microwave and now don't...

    I have an small pan and pot that I heat up small portions on the stove. Between that and a popcorn solution, I don't think I've noticed a change in QOL after 15 years 🙂
  9. The weird thing is that 2 of the calls literally ended themselves: "Hi, This is Amber from--"*click*. So I don't even know if I'm mad about my expired car warranty or the IRS about to arrest me! lol
  10. I'm registered on the DND list but the number of calls has been picking up since around October. At first it was all election related and I thought it would go down afterwards (I know election calls aren't spam), but instead it's just slowly kept increasing from maybe 1-3 calls a day to now a minimum of 5, and today has hit the high of 9, with another 5 hours of expected call time. So so so annoying. Normally I'd just ignore and wait for it to go to VM, but today I'm waiting for some call backs so I'm answering each call because they all show local numbers. End vent. BLARGGHGHGH Okay, now end vent. lol
  11. Moonhawk

    The Drama of Teen BOYS Teachers Lounge 2-1-2019

    Drama comes from my 10yo. She can snap off one of her brothers' heads just for them asking to pass the eraser, lol. She's always had the tendency, and we've worked on coping and positive thoughts and stating calm, but, well, some people are just easier to set off, lol. We are just making VDay cards for the home school group and a banner, but nothing else really planned. Lunch was sandwiches, good but I really have been wanting Mexican.
  12. I had thought about that but figured since I was switching platform anyway (desktop version to online), I should see if there's a better option since the last time I looked, a lot can change in 10 years. I do have self employment income so TurboTax for me would be $80 or so I think. It does look like there are other online options that can do the same, and for much less.
  13. Moonhawk

    Do you use a money management app?

    We used HomeBudget. It's $5 one time (or at least it used to be), and another $5 if you get it for another TYPE of device (ie if you want it both on phone and computer, you have to pay $10; but you can just buy one or the other). You can track your real money and accounts or just set up a spending budget. It hooks up to banks if you want but I've always had issues with that (and in every app I tried, I just have bad luck I think, or credit unions aren't as dependable on their side compared to a big name bank). It was one of the most customizeable options I found and was easy to use. Stopped using it about 8 months ago when I started teaching kids how to budget --moved to paper to make it easier for everyone involved-- but I still like HomeBudget and will return probably, once I'm ready for kids to be more tech-savvy with the budget.
  14. I've used Turbo Tax since 2009 I think. This year they no longer support my OS, and I can't upgrade my computer for various reasons. So, I need to find a new tax program. Someone has recommended FreeTaxUSA online, but I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with it or another program that works well. My tax situation does not require an accountant, and my budget prefers smaller priced items 🙂 Does anyone have a DIY tax program they like that isn't Turbo Tax?
  15. I've got two that stack on each other: 1. If I see my water glass is empty, I have to refill it. 2. Each time I refill my water I do some simple back/shoulder stretches and eye stretches. I do a lot of sitting at the computer and I'll always forget to stop every X minutes to stretch and relax, so at least this way I'm doing it consistently throughout the day.
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