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  1. I'm so sorry that you are in the middle of all this.
  2. I have no answers, but I feel your pain.
  3. Could your allergist ramp up the dosage less aggressively? We got a dog and I got shots for about six months with few side effects, and they definitely reduced my reactions to her. I stopped before the recommended time and now need to go back, as I am getting very teary-eyed ...
  4. The BBC / British Museum podcasts "Germany: Memories of a Nation" were really interesting to me ( You could use them as supplements; I especially thought the ones on Goethe and Gutenberg were appealing.
  5. If the student is old enough to have friends that are getting married, the student is old enough to understand the original commitment he/she made. You are not being unreasonable, in my opinion.
  6. There's an article on the The Atlantic's website today on this very topic:
  7. Agree - but I love it also as a simple, free way to reinforce language practice 7 days a week; the power of repetition in language learning is crucial, and DuoLingo makes it fun and easy to do that.
  8. We use the Thermopop (cheaper cousin of the Thermapen) and love it. So useful to realize that even on a tray of baked chicken, some pieces cook much faster than others, and pull them out at different times!
  9. azucena

    Broken foot

    Another vote for ortho! I had a Jones fracture last year and opted for surgery, then had physical therapy afterwards to restore my gait to normal.
  10. Thank all you newly curly ladies for making me feel a little less crazy!
  11. In the past year, as my age gets closer to a number starting with 5, I have found my hair going from wavy to curly. Now when I look in the mirror I am reminded of my mother's curly hair daily. Has anyone else had this happen?
  12. Wacoal B-Fitting Hi-Cut Brief.
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