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  1. Today's agenda: More laundry Dishes Clean kitchen because new stove and dishwasher come this afternoon Clean living room and clear out one corner to put the tree up Do some cleaning at the classroom Tomorrow will be a bust on getting anything done since we are going out to eat both lunch and dinner.
  2. My younger kids are 11 and 13 years younger than my oldest, with none in between. Divorce and remarriage is the explanation for that. My mother is one of 13 children. Grandma was having kids at the same time as her 4 oldest children. I have a ton of cousins. We watched 6 Underground last night. Not even remotely a Christmas movie. Less of a Christmas movie than Die Hard. If you like car chases, tons of very graphic shoot-them-up action, you might like it. Totally over the top in a Fast and Furious, Kill Bill, XXX kind of way. But Ryan Reynolds, so some humor in a Deadpool kind of way.
  3. Our tree is going up today. We have a narrow (not quite pencil) tree since we're dealing with a small space. We don't do a theme, it's pretty eclectic. Tons of dance ornaments because oldest dd got a new ornament every year growing up and she doesn't have her own tree yet. Then we made some ornaments for the younger kids over the years by taking toys from favorite things - Frozen, Minecraft, Pokemon, etc. and gluing ribbons to them to make them ornaments. Then the usual made ornaments that little kids do in preschool - mostly oldest dd and mine from when I was a kid. A few from the younger kids that we did at home.
  4. SInce I'm 50 years old, had my tubes tied and had an ablation, I'm pretty sure there's no chance of any more babies for me. Which is just fine. Oldest is 25 and her and her current boyfriend have been talking about engagement and marriage, so grandbabies may not be that far off.
  5. This is me and my kids. Our minds just wander away. It was clear when they were pretty young that the kids weren't auditory learners.
  6. Dh is having arthroscopic knee surgery Thursday. My mother is driving him since I have classes. We're trying to get it in before the new year so we don't have to pay our deductible again. We only owe $10 and it's done. But that's the day of the 4-H leaders social. We were both planning to go but he definitely can't the day he's having surgery. He thinks I should go but I feel l conflicted about leaving him home to go. The kids will be here and can fetch stuff for him, but if he needs help getting up, neither of them are really strong enough to help with that. I still might go if it was closer but it's about 45 minutes away. I also kind of don't really want to go without him. I'm not the most social person in the world, especially in groups of people I don't know well. I mean, some of them I do know quite well and I would definitely have people to sit with and talk to, but my introvert self kind of dreads it.
  7. Today I have two classes, both older kids and some of my favorite classes. Really great groups of kids. Done early and the kids may hang around for a little while after class since that seems to happen a lot, then home. I have to get on the laundry this afternoon. I still have piles on the dining nook floor that I didn't get to last weekend because of all the running around and the baptism. We have a new stove and dishwasher coming tomorrow so I need to get it cleared away. Looking forward to the weekend but it's going to be busy. Appliance deliveries tomorrow, then lunch with my dad and his wife for Christmas, and dinner with my mom for her birthday both on Sunday. Then next week is the last week of classes before two weeks off. Two very busy weeks off because I have to enter a years worth of receipts into Quickbooks. Yes, I should have been working on it all year. Yes, I'm going to try and do it monthly for the new year.
  8. I just realized I never posted yesterday. I thought about posting but it looks like it never left my head for the screen (unless I did and just missed it which is possible). I'm glad today is Friday. This has been a weird week. Lots of people running late for class, lots of absences. I was kind of expecting that last week (big homeschool event at a great wolf lodge) and next week (week before Christmas) but not this week. I had one class that usually has 8 students, that had 1 there at the start time. The mom and I had just decided to cancel class when another kid shows up about 15 minutes late. Then another one shows up about 5 minutes after that. I did run class, since it was an easy to set up activity and I hadn't put the few things needed away yet. But then at the end, the one kid didn't finish the activity we were doing at the end (a craft activity with beads, I usually avoid crafts as science but it was just to fill in time at the end) and mom comes back in with her telling her she can finish it up now, it's fine. Well, no it's not because I have another class to set up for. There was time to finish, this particular child just was talking and swapping beads instead of doing it.
  9. Classes are done for today. Only one kid was here (out of 8 ) at the start of one class so the mom and I decided we'd cancel class for today. Then 15 minutes late (just as first mom was getting ready to leave) another kid shows up, and another 5 minutes after that. We ended up doing class but it was weird. Dd loves making concoctions, experimenting with slime, etc. She had a bunch of slime in the freezer so it froze solid. Now they are heating it up on a hot plate in a pan because I didn't want them to mess up my microwave. They've decided to add some water and shaving cream to the cooking slime as well. Strange children. Strange mom for letting them?
  10. That's what I was thinking, isn't the last book Revelations?
  11. Our snow was kind of a non-event. Maybe 2 inches? and the roads are clear on their own. Three classes today, then waiting around for an hour for dh to pick me up. He decided that made more sense than me dropping him off. I don't care either way, there's certainly stuff I can get done around here. I"m feeling out of sorts again and feel like there's something I should be doing but I don't know what it is. Weird feeling.
  12. Congratulations Bookie! He looks so sweet. LOL at pamphlet.
  13. I need to go set up school for the kids so I"m off for the night.
  14. Tomorrow I have three classes (hopefully!) and that's it, but dh's truck is back at the shop because the check engine light came on again. He needs to take it for inspection this month so needs that taken care of. So I get to get up really early to drive dh to work, or for him to drop me off at the classroom. Ugh, an early to rise booya.
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