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  1. 1. When they want to go alone. Ds has been going in alone for a few years, probably starting when he was 12. 13 year old dd still wants me to go in. 27 year old dd wanted me to go in with her until she was 17 or so, and anytime there was anything serious even since then. 2. I made appointments until they could drive themselves. If they can't get themselves there and their schedule is easier than mine, it makes sense for me to make them. 3. We have a female ped and my kids are a boy and a girl so they can't both have a same sex doctor. Gyno for me and oldest is female and y
  2. Me too! I don't consider our house micro but around here when people talk about small houses they seem to always mention ones that are 1500 square feet to 2000 square feet, and talk about unbearably small apartments for one person that are 700 square feet. My oldest and I rented a house that was 450 square feet at one point.
  3. Monday morning I go to an orthopedic doctor to see if we can figure out what's up with my elbows. They hurt a lot of the time. Sometimes I get a day or two without much pain, but other times they hurt pretty constantly (I'm in that mode the past week or so which is why I called). It seems like tendonitis but it hasn't gone away in almost a year. It's particularly bad when I pick up things, especially reaching up for things. It's worse on my right but that's my dominant hand so the one that gets the most strain, plus I have a bad wrist on that side from an old car accident injury so tha
  4. Morning. I don't think I made it on her yesterday. I met with dd to work out, did some cleaning at the science center, then had three classes to teach. Today I'm back to being lazy. For one day only, next week I have to hit the ground running with all our summer plans.
  5. I would need a device to hold all my books if I lived in a micro-house. I live in what some would consider a microhouse now (750 square feet) and we have bookshelves stuck everywhere but I also have a lot of books on devices, borrow ebooks from the library (especially the past year), kindle unlimited, etc. I would need internet to do research on all the topics I didn't have the room to have books we could all use. I guess being able to go to the library or someplace with public wifi to download books onto a device that could store them would work so we wouldn't need wifi at home, bu
  6. Wow, that is crazy. And can be really dangerous. I hope they are at least allowing the employees to have water available all day.
  7. I'm in the middle part of North Jersey, about 30 miles from the GWB and just slightly more from the Lincoln Tunnel which is our usual method into NYC if we don't take the train. We love going into NYC for the museums, shows, zoo, and just to hang out. My area has a ton of stuff going on and we get people from all over North Jersey, NY and PA coming to classes and activities. Central and South Jersey aren't as active from what understand, unless you are near Princeton. The taxes are high but I've been here my whole life so I guess I'm used to it. There can be HUGE differences
  8. I'm also mainly seeing universities that are requiring vaccines to be on campus. I'm not surprised they would charge fees and I would expect to see more of this is places where the universities aren't allowed to require vaccines or are strongly discouraged. All the covid testing, quarantine facilities, etc are very expensive.
  9. LOL, I was in a sorority in college and my oldest pledged a different sorority when she was in college. I"m not into all the legacy stuff so I wouldn't have cared if she did or not, and don't care that she pledged a different one. I'm sure it varies from school to school, but many schools are much stricter at keeping control of hazing and crazy partying these days so the usual image of Greek Life isn't as accurate as it may have been. My daughter's school didn't have houses so that also probably made a difference. They did a lot of charity work, had grade requirements and did stu
  10. Morning, Happy Tuesday. I have a very long day today. I'm teaching 4 classes. But it's the last day for all those classes, then I have just one more day this week and I'm done. I know I keep talking about how I'm almost done, but this has been a super long year. It has been a wonderful year and I had a great group of kids and parents (once we worked through some hiccups at the beginning of the year), but it was a long, hard year. So much wasn't normal and required so much extra energy to deal with. I'm glad we are through most of it and I really really hope things continue getting bet
  11. Me too. Gives me headaches and makes my joints ache. Benedryl helps with the headaches, seems to relieve some pressure.
  12. I'm in NJ so we pretty much have everything here. I dated a guy who's mom was a JW and we have a hall not far from where I live. I've had kids in my classes who were Mormon/parents were Mormon. Definitely know some Christian Scientists, Scientologists, but I'm not sure about Reverend Moon. Door to door or storefront evangelizing is pretty unusual here. I've only had someone come to the door (I'm pretty sure JW) twice in my entire life.
  13. Some kind of kayak rack for our car. Maybe a roomba. A new computer. It would depend on if I was able to be completely frivolous or if I should at least try to make more responsible choices.
  14. Morning. Happy Monday. It's going to be a hot, humid, rainy week around here. Almost daily afternoon thunderstorms or just rain all day. This is my last week of classes for the (school) year. Three days of make-ups that stretch back to snow days in January. Judging by the number of people who evidently thought we had class last week despite notes sent home, posted in the lobby/entranceway, mentioning it to everybody, posted on Facebook I anticipate a lot of not full classes this week. All except one of my summer camps are full in the AM sessions, one is full for both AM an
  15. Morning. I don't remember the last time I was on here or what I said. I think I've still been getting on at least once a day. Dh is coming back from his moms today. I didn't get nearly the stuff I wanted to done this past week. Too much running around with apartment hunting, doctors appointments, etc. I'm not very good at multi-tasking or switching tasks or unexpected plans. I spent a good portion of the day at the lake yesterday with dd and her friend. It was great, it's important that she spends some time outside and with IRL friends, but it put a dent in my chances of getting a
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