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  1. It's midnight. I really should be in beddie bye. But dh is away and I never get to sleep on time when he's not here. Usually I read. I've been watching old episodes of Buffy. That should lead to a good night's sleep, don't ya think? I'm going to bed now. 7am is going to come way too early already.
  2. Dh forgot to plan something for dinner before he went off to the big city for meetings all day. Kids had leftovers and he had a quick bite before he left to drive down to his parents. I'm working on classes and feeling lazy so I'm having whole grain english muffins with chunky peanut butter and tea for dinner.
  3. Agreeing with others that it's not about the quantity of water, it's about the quantity of non-polluted, drinkable water in the right places.
  4. Home relaxing while dd finishes her math. She thinks it's easy but is worried that means she's doing it all wrong. Hopefully not. Dh is heading to his parents tonight, has a meeting down there tomorrow morning, then is coming home tomorrow afternoon. I have two classes, D&D club, then a workshop Saturday. Into the city Sunday. No day of rest. Two more weeks of class for this session, except Monday and Tuesday which have snow make-ups. Then I'm in my last 8 week session for the year. I can't believe how fast it has gone.
  5. Morning. A rainy cold gloomy Thursday. Yuck. Not a rough day though, 3 classes 1 tutoring session and I'm done. I'm supposed to have a 4-H Fair meeting tonight but dh got an appointment with the social worker about his parents first thing tomorrow morning so he's running down there tonight. He's taking my car and I hate driving his, especially at night especially in the rain.
  6. I got the Ariel 18 this time. They didn't have my old ones in my size. Previously I had Adrenalines. Not sure what my current ones are since the order isn't coming up in my Amazon list. I have about 50 frozen mice in the bottom of my freezer. Our previous order came double bagged and they were more translucent than transparent. These came single bagged and you really can't miss what they are. Our snake finally shed over the weekend and I put off feeding her to bring her to class on Monday. I had already postponed Reptiles a week waiting for her to shed. We brought her home today so we could feed her since she hasn't eaten in about 2 weeks (it took her a really LOOOOONG time to shed). Three thawed mice and she sniffed at them and didn't eat. We'll try again at the weekend.
  7. Just pulled the trigger on a new pair of $160 sneakers. My old Brooks aren't as cushioned as they used to be and since I'm on my feet all day, I'm starting to feel it. My back hurts, knees hurt and plantar fasciitis is showing up again. Over 10,000 steps today without trying. About 8,000 just from classes, then one trip to Walmart and two trips to Target. Although the Target trips didn't go farther than the service desk. We picked up a patio table and chair that were on order, then had to run back because we ended up leaving the hardware packet behind. We had to take it out of the box to get it in the car and dh and the guy helping swore they checked the box and there was nothing more in it. Whoops to them.
  8. What's the catch? There has to be a catch. Finished the massive pile of dishes, now I'm sitting with the turtle while he eats in his feeding tank. It keeps his main tank cleaner to feed him separately.
  9. It was 74 degrees in my classroom today. And stifling with no air movement. I actually ended up turning on the AC. Not very high, set for 71. Just enough to get some air movement since it was making me feel light headed. One more class and then during teen hangout I have a ton of cleaning to do. One class did bubbles (which I don't think counts as dirty but sure was messy), but the next one did blubber and the last one is doing hydrophobic sand. So my current mess is just going to get worse in the next hour.
  10. I know this is a zombie thread, but I'm glad for the reminder about the warehouse sales. I used to go all the time, then stopped when I was working. There's one near me in two weeks!
  11. It's 8:50 and I've already been here for almost an hour and a half. I'm tired and bored, although there's lots of stuff I should be doing.
  12. I don't think ear piercing is considered "non-standard" for men or women anymore. I'd let a son get ears pierced at the same age I'd let a daughter. Oldest dd got hers done around 11 or 12 if I remember correctly. She has at least one cartilage piercing and a nose piercing as well. She did belly button at some point but kept having trouble with it and it closed up. I have double piercings in both ears, had a cartilage that closed up about 15 years ago. I never wear earrings anymore so I don't know if either of my lower holes closed up. I'm pretty sure the first ones I got at 12 years old are still usable, but I'm not sure about the second set. Stop wearing earrings and they are barely noticeable, so I don't think typical piercings are a big deal.
  13. It was a pretty good Monday. Classes went well, 4-H we played with bubbles. Bed soon because have to get up early because we still just have one car. Kids don't come until lunchtime tomorrow so dh is dropping me off on his way to work and he goes in EARLY. Like 7:30am. I'm bringing tea bags and oatmeal to eat at the science center.
  14. I started typing up a weekly planners for the kids and they keep not looking at them. Ds had a question about what to do and I AGAIN mentioned about the planner. He just looked at it "wow, this is actually kind of helpful". Gee, ya think? Running late this morning because dh's car was dropped off for repair and I had to drive him to work. Stopped for breakfast sandwiches on the way, after getting up a little later than planned. But, today's first class is done on tablets (Scratch Jr) so not much set-up, so not really in a hurry. Will still get to the science center at least 30 minutes before class.
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