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  1. This week's camp is Space Camp. I have the whole week planned out and ready to go. I'm going to try and get a jump on next week's camp, which is a general science explorations camp so I can do whatever I want without having to match it up to a theme. Then I can work on school planning and my classes for the fall. I did a bunch of cleaning at the science center today. Dh put up new shelves, a new whiteboard (my old one got scratched from magnets so we put it in the breakroom for the kids to use), and new flowers outside. My cleaning person is quitting at the end of summer and is just coming once a week now. Camps are WAAAAAAYYYYYY messier than classes. I think because they have break times where they play.
  2. Weekend is almost over. I got most of the laundry done but ds just came out and said he didn't have underwear. Dh explained to him what going commando means. Lucky for us ds doesn't have to go anywhere tomorrow.
  3. I like this wording and I'm glad you used it without the "sorry". It's polite, reminds him of what you requested (in case he forgot), and should stop him from continuing to contact you. Does anybody who gets emails for business not know to check their spam folder every so often? I feel like that should be a standard procedure at this point. I'm constantly surprised by the responses I get from people. Clearly reading comprehension is a problem. I always struggle with how to answer to not sound snarky, but point out they didn't answer the question I asked. I get a lot of emails for my business. I can see them on my phone but sometimes need to respond from my computer (to provide an attachment or something) so it can take a little bit longer. I always try to answer by the end of the day I received the email. Same with Facebook messages. I often get people thanking me for the prompt response so I'm thinking it must be unusual.
  4. Evidently my entire family pretty much agrees with you. We went to Disney a few years ago and the kids had the most fun playing the magic game where you go around the park with cards. Then when we were at Hershey this year, ds and dh basically made it through about 4 hours and were done. Dd and I went back but really only for a few rides and she was done. Ds then did give us a nice (looooong) lecture about why he doesn't like amusement parks, or vacations, or going anywhere away from home. We were driving the other day and dh got out to pump gas (which is not allowed here) and we ended up discussing it. So I finished up with "So kids, remember that. When you learn to drive and you're out of state, don't sit there in your car waiting for someone to come pump your gas because you'll be sitting there like an idiot." Ds's only comment was "Why would I leave New Jersey?". Let's just say we're all a bunch of introvert homebodies.
  5. I'm surprised. I have had mine turn clear with acids sometimes, but that is still showing a change so I just go with it. I made the mistake of not freezing my last batch soon enough. I pulled it out earlier this week and it was brown. Blech. So now I'm boiling some up because I need it for camp tomorrow.
  6. Is it purple cabbage? You can make acid/base indicator.
  7. I can't believe I had to read an entire page to get caught up. That hasn't happened in quite a while.
  8. Honestly, even before I started working so many hours out of the house, I wasn't very good at most of those. I don't cook. Dh does 99% of the cooking and most of the grocery shopping. My kids are older so homeschooling isn't quite as one-on-one as it used to be but there are still some things I need to sit with them, especially dd. I try to have that at a set time each day, or certain days and have practice that she can do on her own at least a couple days. I'm actually finding the schlepping hard right now. Dd is doing a lot more tkd these days and the times are annoying. Two days a week I leave after my classes, take her to TKD, then run back to the science center for tutoring. For whatever reason, taking the time out to do that one trip seems to mess things up a lot (mostly my cleaning at the science center). Cleaning is the thing that is put on the back burner the most and sometimes it really shows. I wasn't expecting to run all three of my last weeks of camp but evidently the word got out and now I am. I am planning to train the kids to do more chores on the days they are home during the day. They are definitely old enough but it will definitely take at least a week of consistency to get them to where they can do it. I've done 4/1 at times because that's what worked best for us. We do school year round though, so still were able to get to everything. Now we take breaks based on my classes. I do an 8 week session and have a week off (except for snow days). I'm also off holiday weeks which during some seasons gives me quite a bit of time. So, an 8/1 but a week off for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Christmas/New Years, Presidents Day week, Memorial Day week, 4th of July week and Labor Day week. I do think I'm going to offer less camps next year. This year we were trying to make sure we could make summer rent. We did that and more so now that we're ahead of things, I can slow down a little bit.
  9. Doesn't seem too light to me. My kids only take about an hour unless there's something really unusual. Ds is about to turn 14 and ASD. Dd just turned 12 and has adhd and anxiety. Ds - MUS Algebra, Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Literature (we're going to start with A Wrinkle In Time) and I may have him work for an anthology like Mosdos or Norton, Writing will I think be Beyond the Book Report. Dd - Mastering Essential Math Skills and watching a Great Course Plus on Fundamentals of Math, Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Literature-doing the main book with her brother and maybe Mosdos, Writing - Write On! and maybe some Evan Moor stuff. Both take at least one science class that I teach, History is answering questions from the encyclopedias (Usborne and Kingfisher) and putting events on our time line, watching Great Courses Plus.
  10. Missing reading/posting here is even worse because I didn't have my computer most of the weekend. Dh's is annoying. Besides having to sign on every time I came here, his keys stick. Which means the work I HAD to do took much longer.
  11. I've been having the kids eat lunch in the "break" room, which is a carpeted room with a table, lego wall, board games, bean bag chairs, etc. But that means I have two rooms that get super duper messy instead of just one. I think Thursday and Friday I can have them eat in the classroom since I'll have less kids and should be able to set up an extra table for them to eat at. They can't eat at the tables we're using for activities because I spend the first 10 minutes of each break just cleaning up.
  12. I keep posting because I keep thinking of things I haven't posted. I'm missing hanging out here this week. I just haven't had much time. And I really should stop typing and finish my tea so I can get ready for my day before I wind up running late. I have to vacuum before camp today. We made a super duper mess yesterday.
  13. My son, who generally hates sad endings, really liked Fahrenheit 451. To the point he read it twice. The second time voluntarily. I've read it semi-recently and I guess the ending is more undefined than sad but I was still surprised he liked it. He also liked the Hunger Games. So I guess super sad the entire book isn't a problem as long as the ending is at least vaguely good.
  14. I'm hosting (at my science center but not really my event) a homeschool meet-up this afternoon for new homeschoolers to get the chance to talk to experienced homeschoolers (I'm working very hard not to call us "old"). We had about 7 people show up to the one we did last week. When I did a poll about 1/2 could do each day so I just set up two. So camp from 9 to 2pm, meet-up from 2-4pm, tutoring from 5-6pm. Long day.
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