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  1. Back from the restore. I found a spindle legged roll top desk with 4 little drawers under the roll top, and a small cabinet with two drawers that is pretty close to matching (similar wood grains). Both for under $40.
  2. Toto is back!!! (finally) No punctuation though, and that's going to bother me.
  3. Our dog needs to be sedated to cut his nails so has to go to the vet. He is an extremely anxious dog, really neurotic. We've tried giving him benedryl and/or melatonin before hand (at the recommendation of vet) and it was still a no-go. I used to clip my cockatiels nails and wings, cat nails, dog nails, etc so it wouldn't bother me to do it, if he wasn't so anxious.
  4. I'm sure it varies from place to place, we live in a fairly affluent area so ours has some really nice stuff. Basically it's used furniture mostly, but ours also has books, toys, construction materials (we have a ton of flooring, sinks, tubs, paint, tiles, etc at ours), fish tanks, sometimes odd ball stuff. Ours has a room with really $$$$$ stuff in it that looks brand new and high end, but the majority of the stuff is your average furniture. Prices are really good. I bought a bunch of office chairs for my science center for $20 each, they were still wrapped and brand new, looks like a bu
  5. Morning! Happy Friday. Just two classes today, then heading to the restore with dh (it's senior day!) to look at desks/file cabinets. This weekend is laundry, laundry and laundry. Maybe some other cleaning and hopefully starting to decorate. Inspector is coming today so that should mean we can get some of the boxes out of the kitchen nook.
  6. My oldest is now 26 but even going back to when she was a teenager, dutch seems to be the norm around here. Since they are already talking quite a big and hanging out together, I would suggest they talk about it so each knows how the other feels about it and if they massively disagree, see if they can work out a compromise or if its a deal-breaker.
  7. Some of your experiences are just awful. A friend of mine's 17 year old daughter had an aggressive customer come into her job and basically walk over and breathe on her when she said he needed to wear a mask inside the store. My oldest daughter (26) works as a store manager in a mall and has had to constantly tell people they can't come in without a mask, but she hasn't had anyone be very aggressive, just argumentative. At my business, I've mostly dealt with people removing their masks when I'm not in the room or wearing obviously mesh masks. I think I've pretty much dealt with al
  8. I might have found the question icky if I didn't know that Not A Number is very analytical and likes (?not sure likes is the word) data. I have been told I come across unfriendly or rudely because I tend to be very matter of fact and not flowery in the way I talk and ask questions sometimes. Anyway, I don't know anyone who was positive well enough to ask these questions. My aunt died a few months back of Covid but she worked as a CNA. I do know people who think they are being careful but they have eaten indoors at least once or twice, they go shopping, they may meet up with a small
  9. Morning. I can't remember if I ever posted yesterday. This week is kind of a blur. Today is one of my long days, 3 classes with fairly involved activities. Although yesterday was supposed to be an easy day, just 2 classes, yet after just one class I was exhausted and felt like I had been running for hours. The activity was a big crazy so that's probably why. This weekend I have got to do laundry. Didn't do any last weekend since we were away and I'm running out of clothes. I think I want to run to our Habitat Restore and see if I can find a desk for my teacher. Righ
  10. I do if I'm around people. If we can be farther apart, I don't. I'll sometimes sit outside at my business chatting with people and I'll take the mask off if we are 10 feet or so away. Sometimes I'll go outside to eat if the weather is nice rather than have to unmask inside. I'm pretty sure we still have a mandate that says wear them if you can't avoid people outside.
  11. I'm surprised NJ isn't higher on this list. We don't have that many exceptions for vaccination for school kids. Although I couldn't tell if the vaccination rate was mainly for kids under 5 (since that's the population they mention) or all kids. I do know a lot of people who "catch up" with vaccines in order to go to school. Universities (at least state universities) here require meningitis to live on campus. I'm not sure about any others, dd was fully vaccinated so it wasn't something I paid a lot of attention to. Dh and I were just talking about Covid vaccine the other day. I t
  12. I would assume one of the test they did was an antibody test which led them to conclude a post-Covid syndrome.
  13. My mother always sang/sings "I Love you a bushel and a peck" to the kids. I never heard the nut song.
  14. Around here the blue collar workers that have no choice but to go in to work are mostly being very careful in all areas of life. They seem to take the risk seriously and since they really don't want to get sick, they are as careful as possible both at work and off-work hours. But I'm also in an area that was hit hard in the beginning and we've had a pretty strong mask message since April.
  15. Yes! I only did water in my kettle. I switched to adding the teabags when I got the glass tea pot. I think our extremely hard water even filtered, killed my kettle.
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