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  1. My kids do most things independently at this point. I don't know if I would say the LIKE doing things independently but they are capable of doing them. Just about everything except math and they are able to do the practice problems independently after being shown what to do with occasional refreshing or following up on incorrect answers. They don't do science independently except some reading portions of it. But they are both in some group classes I teach.
  2. I've never seen a question like that on a job application. It seems like it should be illegal unless it's worded to be about whether you would need accommodations under the law.
  3. How long is your dead end street? I live on a dead end street with only about 12 houses on it so it wouldn't take 4 tries to find an address. A longer dead-end street, maybe.
  4. Today wasn't too bad. Dog came to science center and the kids LOVED him. Now he's exhausted from running around and playing so hopefully that means he'll sleep well tonight. It's only 645 and I'm ready for bed.
  5. Morning. It's Monday. A crappy, super tired, why did I have to get out of bed Monday. We had a huge storm come through last night. Hours of torrential rain, thunder, lightening. Trees out everywhere. Nobody slept well. Then power went out around midnight. No power means no running water in my house. We headed over to the science center early since there's power there (so wifi and water and flushing toilets) and since dh is still down with his mom (her kidneys seem to be failing from some of the medications but they can't stop them due to the issues they are taking care of) and it was already going to be an extra long day of the dog being home alone, I brought the dog with me to the science center. So I'll get to walk him between every class and hope he doesn't pee anywhere in his excitement at all the people. The good thing is all my classes today are older kids. Youngest in any class is 10 1/2. That will make it easier. Oh yeah, and the kids and I have really really bad allergies or colds or who the heck knows what. I'm holding out for allergies. but it's still miserable. Also around midnight, oldest dd texted me because she hates her job, she's working 60-70 hours a week because they don't have enough help and she's the manager. She can't get anyone interested in the job part time, corporate won't allow her to hire anyone full time and one of her managers below her is talking about quitting. She'll need a job that pays the same but she has a degree, knows word and powerpoint, so she has other options since she can work a Monday to Friday full time schedule now since all her classes are in the evenings. So, I told her to start looking and I'd send her some links. And she's not sure she wants to continue with her degree. She likes the subject and finds it interesting but she's not sure she wants to do it as a career long term. She'd like something a little more creative. So I told her to take the summer to look into her other interests and then decide when she has more information. Main thing I told her is don't make any irreversible decisions until she's sure. Thankfully that's not too hard with summer coming.
  6. The AFSA and a gourmet grocery store (Kings) are the two stores closest/almost on my way to the science center. If I need supplies for class I go to the Kings if its produce or other grocery that our AFSA doesn't have and I go to AFSA for anything else. I actually do the majority of my shopping for classes through Amazon, but if I wait too long and it's last minute I run to the AFSA in the morning before class. If I'm not in a rush (like trying to buy something on the way to class) I have a ton of options and prefer other places than the AFSA. Within 10 miles (which can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to get to) I have about 10 grocery stores covering 4 or 5 different chains from discount to gourmet, 3 different Walmarts, 3 different Targets, at least two inside malls one typical (Sears, JCPenneys) one upscale (Nordstroms, Lord & Taylor, designer stores), about 1000 restaurants, specialty stores for just about anything you can think of, ethnic grocery stores for just about any nationality you can think of. I live in a very densely populated suburban area so options aren't really the problem. Getting there in a timely manner can be a real problem at certain times of day.
  7. There were actually a ton of employees on the floor at our AFSA. Plus two people "helping" at the Scan & Go area, plus two registers open (because it was Saturday busy time). Most of our retail places around here have trouble finding enough employees. They are all constantly hiring. And new stores opening, we are getting two new Trader Joe's in my county and we just got a Whole Foods and a Wegmans. Around here, anyone who wants a retail job can pretty much have their pick. I never knew the Scan & Go wouldn't take hundreds. I pay with debit card 99% of the time. Part of the reason I like the self-serve is because I often have to split an order between multiple debit cards (business account and personal account) and cashiers seem to get annoyed or confused when I try to do that. Not to mention the people getting annoyed behind me in line. Our AFSA has about 20 self-serve registers so even at the busiest times there's never much of a wait.
  8. I went to the AFSA. Some weeks it seems I go to the AFSA every other day. It's annoying. I like the scan and go registers. I will go to the self-checkouts in any store I shop at before I'll go to a person. I'm a better cashier than most of the ones they have. Our AFSA usually only has the register that sells cigarettes open with a real person. I'm hoping to go nowhere tomorrow. Except I have to go to the science center at least briefly to feed the fish and the turtle. But other than that. And I can do that in my pjs.
  9. So I did end up running the workshop today. One person showed up with two kids, and not either of the ones that said "Going" either. Mom ended up staying and we talked a lot. It wasn't the best workshop to be a true example of what I do, it was a Lego/KNex engineering one and I basically give challenges and the kids work on them. I don't direct much, I'd rather they try things out and rework as necessary. But it seemed to go okay. My snake was a big hit, as usual. MIL was doing okay yesterday, then had a rough night and is stabilizing again today. I don't think this is going to be resolved anytime soon. On the bright side, all the brothers are now on board with doing what's necessary to get them in assisted living, and dh is able to talk to a lot of people at the hospital about the best ways to go about it.
  10. I need bookcases for the science center. I'm mainly looking online because I hate shopping. Except I might go to our local Habitat Restore and see what they have. Dd gave me her cold. She's feeling lots better after two days of droopy and sneezy. I actually thought it might be allergies but now that she's shared it with me, I can feel the difference. It's not that bad and once I find out I'm not doing a workshop today, I can come home and take it mostly easy for the weekend. Dh is still down with his mom at the hospital. She's doing a little better, still ups and downs.
  11. Happy Friday! Two spaced out classes today and D&D. I have to run home between classes to pick up the kids since dh is down in south jersey. I have a workshop scheduled for tomorrow but nobody has registered or told me they're coming. But two people (who I don't know) said "Going" on the Facebook event. If it was just "Interested", I would still cancel but "Going" is different. So I guess I may be doing a workshop tomorrow. It's one I've done before and isn't hard to set up so I'll go to the science center in the morning and see if anyone shows up. Next year I'm requiring registration AND payment at least 24 hours ahead. This is my last workshop for the year. I have one more Kid's Night Out scheduled, three more weeks of classes (not counting Memorial Day week, I'm off that week), D&D each of those weeks, then it's summer camp time. Camps start the Monday after the last day of class, so no break there but I'm off 4th of July week and any week I don't have registrations. Registration deadline there is a week ahead.
  12. I used to make the blue light special announcements. Kmart was my job in high school and summer breaks from the first year or two of college. It's actually been relatively recently that we've gotten a Walmart near us. NJ was one of the last states they came to and they were in South Jersey for a few years before they came up north.
  13. I wish it was Friday. I'm tired. Dh is down at his parents again. His mom is in the hospital with a systemic infection and they have to test a few other things once they get that figured out. His dad is still pretty bad with the dementia but evidently can't do anything about getting them in assisted living without a bunch of stuff that's going to take time. Probably too much time.
  14. Gee, and I was still trying to convince myself that I'm one of the young'uns on this board. 😉 My first secretarial job we used Word in DOS. We upgraded to Windows 3.0 while I was there. I remember CompuServe, AIM, dial-up modems, 5 1/4 floppy disks. I remember buying cigarettes for my mom as a kid, black and white tv, "remote" controls with a wire, the peacock, when Fox became the 4th network channel. On a brighter note, I am old enough to accept myself for who I am - introvert, relaxed, not at all stylish, comfortable - and not really care what people think (most of the time). I'm more confident in my abilities and less worried about pleasing everyone else (in some cases, anyone else).
  15. We have robins in the rhododendron bush right outside ds's window. It overlooks the driveway and whenever we come in or out, mommy and/or daddy try to lure us away from the tree. We have robins in one of the rhododendrons every year. I think this is the first time they're in ds's bush, usually they are in the one outside dd's window. We also have blue birds nesting in one of our bird houses. They also come every year. We also usually have house wrens in another of our bird houses. I'm tired. Today was such a long day. Tomorrow's not bad at the science center - just two classes and I'm making slime in both. I will only do slime once a year and we do three different recipes and compare stickiness, viscosity, firmness, and stretchiness for each one to decide which is the best. I do have my stem coordinator position tomorrow night but we are doing fluorescence which is something I've done a million times by now so I pretty much could do it in my sleep.
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