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  1. The only false positive rates I've seen were in people who were sick and continued testing positive for a long time after. I haven't seen anything about false positives otherwise. I'm sure the numbers are much higher than most places are reporting. Anecdotally: I've talked to a few people who are having increased mental health issues/increases in anxiety and suicidal ideation due to the pandemic itself (fear of getting sick) and feeling like people aren't taking it seriously (anxiety at pictures of crowds, reports of people not wearing masks, coming close to agoraphobia).
  2. Quoting myself: swollen lymph nodes due to bladder infection, low blood pressure possibly due to lack of sleep, following up with pediatrician within a couple days.
  3. I'm at the er with youngest dd. She woke up with stomach pain, went to go to bathroom and had ringing in her ears, then vision blurred and she fell. I woke up hearing her kind of moaning then heard her hit the floor. Got her up, tried to go to couch and she got the ringing, blacking and fell again. I don't go to er easily but seemed warranted and our local hospital doesn't have any covid. They did blood, ekg, CT scan and we are waiting for results.
  4. Interesting. Are your cases going up drastically? It feels like most places are loosening restrictions not adding them at this point (wrongly IMO).
  5. Around here it's been very hard to get delivery or pick-up times. They are all booked up within 5 minutes of them opening them up. You basically have to be able to wait a week and get lucky. Dh has been doing most of our shopping. He's able to go early in the morning during senior hours, or so early that nobody is there. I've only gone once since March. In talking about the morality of masks or asking people to wear them, what about the legality? Masks are still required in NYC.
  6. My husband is descended from a guy who invented the submarine. For the Germans.
  7. Read Square's post about what things have been like in NYC and you get an idea of why people might feel a little tense about people choosing to violate the law and put others at risk. I was in a store for the first time since March about a week ago and 100% of people I saw in the store were wearing masks. I'm in a red county/area of a blue state. (Edited: I think we may actually be moving purple at this point).
  8. My daughter ended up not doing the honors college at her school because of all the extra classes. Most of them were writing intensive history classes and she's not a fan, plus she had a major and two minors - Psychology, Criminal Justice and Dance - that would have made it hard, plus she worked while in school. She's about to finish up her Masters in Forensic Psychology and I definitely think it was the right decision for her.
  9. I got lots of laundry done, set up school for two weeks, rearranged some school related books, we went by the lake to put our kayaks on their summer racks (we strap them to our canoe for the winter where they are more sheltered and less likely to blow away), dd and I took a few laps around the lake, then home. I found it easier to get in and out of the kayak than I remember it being last year so maybe all these workouts with dd are having an effect.
  10. Morning. I cancelled algebra this morning, and dd cancelled our workout so I'm going to do laundry and clean. Yippee. So much fun. I still have to set up school. Since our lake is open, I'm going to set up the same amount of school for the kids but give them two weeks to do it. At least a few mornings a week, I'll wake them up, go workout with dd early, get home for lunch and go to the lake after lunch. Other days, like when I have algebra, it won't matter and we won't go to the lake or go later in the afternoon/after dinner. At least that's the tentative plan. We'll see how it goes.
  11. My list of dumb things is slightly different. Maybe because I'm in a hot spot (NJ). First, I agree we didn't shut down some areas soon enough. There were enough signs that this was coming that more could have been done. Second, we waited too long to get PPE and testing in place. Third, we shut down some areas too soon, before they showed any cases. IMO, we should have done a short shut-down to put PPE and testing in place, then opened up places that testing showed weren't having problems, while continuing shutdowns in problem areas. Testing should have been ongoing at a high level in ALL areas, so that we could catch outbreaks in new areas quickly and shut down before they became an issue. This way, places aren't hitting quarantine fatigue before the cases even get to them. Instead the whole thing was a screw-up and people have had enough and I don't think it's going to end well at all.
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