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  1. Back when I was pregnant with youngest dd, ds was almost 2, and oldest dd went to school near her dad's house and I had to drop her off on my weeks, which resulted in about an hour round trip IF there wasn't an accident or bad weather, I may have once used one of ds's diapers when I had to pee super super badly (7 months pregnant) but didn't have anyplace to go and use a bathroom (too early for stores to be open) and was looking at a long trip back home.
  2. Morning. Another week almost done. My car is still in the shop so I'm driving in with dh today. Probably in the next 30 minutes so by 7:30, despite my first class not being until 11:30. This time I'm making sure I have at least one of the textbooks I need to plan my least planned classes a bit ahead (Algebra 2 because I adjust based on how fast/slow we go each class, but I can get a little bit ahead). Home Depot didn't do their delivery yesterday. I'm amazed at how bad the stores are at delivering. We get a firm delivery date and then they just don't show up. Home Depot was a
  3. I have a friend who used a toilet seat like the usual camping/portable ones on a cat litter box instead of a bucket. She measured to find the right size pan, lined it with a garbage bag, put cat litter in the bottom to absorb liquids and threw it out at each stop. She did that because they put it on the back seat of their truck. The kids used it sitting like they would on a car seat with feet on the seat, and the adults could use it by sitting on it with feet on the floor. I think she also put a trash bag/plastic liner/towel underneath just in case. A good cat litter box or storage b
  4. Once I send out an email, all people have been notified of our change in policy. So far nobody really got rude or nasty so Yippee! Our new windows have been delivered and we're now waiting on something from Home Depot.
  5. I've never used it but I"ve heard good things. I've used some Ellen McHenry, REAL Science Odyssey and Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding. Otherwise I use college textbooks, Pinterest and websites. Other than Ellen McHenry (which I only used The Elements), I use all secular materials, not neutral or religious so I don't know if that's what you are looking for.
  6. Morning. I'm sleeping in a little bit more lately. I don't know if it's because it's staying dark outside longer or the cookies I'm eating in the evening. I usually don't have that much sugar. I guess I should stop. Stressful week this week both at home and the classroom. The classroom stuff will be over after tomorrow, but the house is going to take a while to get back in order. I just have to keep telling myself it will be great once its done. Guy is coming to pump out the septic today so that much will be working again, thankfully. The other stuff is more long term. dh
  7. I was craving a pina colada yesterday. Didn't get one and I'm likely to get one for a while. I did buy beer. I think I may start having one more than once a month.
  8. That's what I was wondering - how the parents and his actual students felt about it. The kid who got scared was 3, so a few years younger than even his kindergarten students I would think. (unless it's different in France?). I do think the black eyes may have been too far, and it wouldn't surprise me if parents/students had a problem with that but the reaction couldn't have been too bad if they only mention one complaint and they only moved him one grade up.
  9. Today was a good day. I have all teenagers in the classes I teach, the kids in the other classes are all pleasant. Tomorrow won't be as fun.
  10. I think one of the issues with weddings is also that people often travel far to attend a wedding. Coming from far away, mingling while eating, dancing and talking, then traveling again far and wide. A LOT of spread can come from even a small wedding.
  11. Ds was extremely hard to potty train and was about 4 before he really was. Dh used to occasionally take him out to our extremely isolated, large wooded back yard to pee. We were in a small playground with a turf ground, the only other people there were two women who appeared to be mom and grandma there with two little girls. I'm chatting with them and I suddenly turn around to see ds peeing at the bottom of the slide. Everyone at our old church knew ds very well. He was definitely a chatter, wanted to answer every questions, and was a quirky homeschooler. The one I really remember i
  12. Morning. Happy Monday. This is going to be a fun week. I have to take away the exemptions I was offering for mask wearing (medical/special needs). I'm going to end up offering refunds, but I've been put in a position where I have no choice. My house is a wreck. We need to get our septic pumped out (and replaced), there's baskets of laundry everywhere, still kitchen cabinets in my living room, the kitchen barely has walls, there's tools everywhere. It wouldn't be so bad except my house is so small that means having to walk around things everywhere. I can't wait until this
  13. Because the people behaving like morons are infecting others who are trying to be careful and don't want to die or their family members to die? I'm sorry maybe your question was sincere but do you not understand this is a highly contagious disease and a good portion of the population falls into "high risk" categories?
  14. Did all the laundry, dh did a bunch of construction today. We're both tired.
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