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  1. Middle age hair isn't too much of an issue here. I've always had a ton of very thick hair that frizzes easily but I don't do anything but pull it back or braid it unless it's a super special occasion. I don't think I've blow-dried my hair in 10 years.
  2. Hello, Happy Humph Day. A slightly longer day than Tuesday but not as bad as Monday day. Three classes, two that are the littlest kids, gym/tkd, then back for tutoring, then to the hospital to visit mom again if she's still there. She's doing okay but is very worried about going home. They evidently don't usually send to rehab if only one knee is done but mom is older, heavier, and basically lives alone so she's nervous about going directly home. When we were there last night, the board in her room said she wouldn't be going home until tomorrow, so there's still time to see if things improve. She's getting PT in the hospital, but is feeling dizzy/woozy from the pain meds.
  3. Morning. Long Monday, then ds was up in the middle of the night. He woke me up saying he had a pounding headache, gave him some advil then he puked and went back to sleep. He was still sleeping when I left this morning so we'll see later how he is. My mother had knee replacement surgery yesterday so we'll probably go visit her this evening if she's still in the hospital. She wasn't sure when she'd be switching to a rehab facility. Usual day otherwise, three classes (dd is in one but ds always stays home Tuesdays), then tutoring. I guess we're skipping gym/TKD tonight to visit mom.
  4. We had a polar plunge at a local lake this past weekend. Luckily for them it was over 60 degrees outside and the water probably wasn't too bad either. We've had a pretty mild winter. I don't think any of the lakes have frozen to any degree all winter. I do NOT participate in polar plunges. I barely find the water warm enough in the middle of summer. Home after 4-H. Another long Monday.
  5. Morning. Happy Sunday. Dh is heading home shortly so will be here by lunch. I'll be doing my usual - planning classes and school. I have to run out, possibly to AFSA to get foam for tomorrow's 4-H. I'm feeling tired right now and totally unmotivated but since I was unmotivated my entire week off, I don't have time to be unmotivated now.
  6. I cleaned and reorganized and now it should be much easier to plan and grade school work. And do some of my class planning that doesn't do as well on my lap as a recline on the couch. So, yah for a cleared off table. I watched Avengers End Game, and Spiderman Far From Home, and Zombieland Double Tap. I borrowed them from the library to watch this weekend while dh was away. He's not into the Marvel movies. He'll watch them but then he'll make fun of them while we're watching and that annoys me. So I watch without him. Tomorrow I have to do more school planning, run by the science center, run to the store to pick up foam for 4-H so we can make our banner.
  7. Morning. Happy Saturday. I"m getting ready to get to work cleaning my house. Then I have to work on classes for this coming week. I've been relaxing and lazy all week so now I have to do it all this weekend. I want to get as much of the next 6 weeks planned out as possible. Life is easier when I've planned ahead.
  8. I've done quite a few of them and they are really fun. The professional one we did today was fun and the kids did a great job but we didn't escape. There were a couple of clues that I don't think you'd be able to figure them out unless you already knew about them. I also realized that other than a few really big electronic boxes, mine aren't as lame as I thought. A lot of the stuff was very similar to the kind of things I do. Dh is gone down to his moms, I'm having tortellini with roasted garlic alfredo for dinner and I have Spiderman:Far From Home, Avengers End Game and Zombieland 2 to watch this weekend. Plus classes to work on and school to set up and cleaning to do. But I"m going to do some movie watching and relaxing.
  9. We're going to one called Club Kaboom. I'm just hoping it's not super loud like club music playing. No warnings about that so I don't think so. One other option was an 80's theme. The kids didn't want to do that one despite the fact that I would probably rule in that room.
  10. Seriously. Dh's car is a 18 year old Suburban that occasionally needs the wires wiggled in order to start. It's hard to park, rough riding, and HUGE. Mine is a 2015 Honda Pilot with a backup camera. Just no comparison. But it definitely makes more sense for him to take mine when he's traveling a couple hundred miles on the Parkway and I can get away with a quick trip to the science center on Saturday (and even that could be optional).
  11. Simply Charlotte Mason has Your Business Math that might be a place to start.
  12. It sounds like his math education has been lacking in consistency. Have you looked into Ronin Bird and some other resources specifically for dyscalculia? I would look into dyscalculia resources or think about what seemed to work best in the past and stick with that. Maybe do a review of big concepts in Algebra 1 (like factoring) before moving on because not being solid on those skills are just going to make moving on harder. You didn't say how old he is now but mentioned Algebra 1 in 7th grade. That's on the young side and is it possible he just wasn't ready? Not all kids are ready for algebra until they are older. I have one kid who is gifted in math and one kid that is doing Algebra 1 now but we're doing a slow and easy introduction, going over things as many times as possible, continuous review, and I'll be happy if I manage to get her through pre-calc in the next 4 years
  13. Happy Friday. I'm having my tea then I"m running out to the library to borrow some movies for the weekend since we have the new dvd player, running to the store for junk food. Both are since dh is going to visit his mom this weekend. I want to do that before we go to the escape room because dh is probably leaving shortly after we get back and taking my car. I hate going out in his car.
  14. Do math and reading every day and look into a Loop schedule for everything else. I could never do a full boxed/all-in-one curriculum. Even with just two kids, they worked at such different levels and speeds in different subjects. And I just remembered that you (?) or someone else asked what an escape room is. Basically they lock you in a room and you have to find clues to open things to find the way out of the room. You get one hour. I've run a few for my 4-H club but this will be the first time I've gone to a "real" one. They can be pretty elaborate. We're going with a few of the kids from my classes. I'm the adult who gets to go in with them because dd requested I do it with them, and it turns out anyone under 13 needs a parent with them and dd and one other girl are 12.
  15. This is what I thought of but it didn't make sense with the wall part of things. I'm home and done with my workshop. It went well. I thought I might not have enough activities for two hours but we went right up to the end. I'm tired now.
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