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  1. Morning. Dh took his mom to get her first vaccine yesterday. Today she is in the hospital. She does have signs that it is due to a previous, ongoing issue but her symptoms could also be vaccine reaction. Prayers/good thoughts would be welcomed.
  2. I'm worried that mask mandates are going to get cancelled too soon and things are going to get bad again. I'm worried about the variant that appears to hit children harder. I'm worried that even when kids can get vaccinated, I'm sure a large percentage of the students I have won't vaccinate anyway.
  3. Morning, It's Friday!!!!! I'm tired today. I've been tired a lot lately. I'm sure it's winter blahs, but I'm really looking forward to getting back to the days where I woke up before the alarm and felt drowsy but not exhausted. I think I'm going to bail out on dd and yoga tomorrow. My elbows are really hurting (pretty sure tendonitis) and I really need to do some deepish cleaning while dh is gone for the weekend.
  4. Basically this. Some things just don't matter that much. I work full time running a business with a mix of out of the house (but kids can come with me if necessary) and work I can do at home. My kids are older, which helps because we don't need childcare, but have executive function deficits, which means planning has to be pretty detailed for them to do things on their own and chores are hit or miss. Honestly what makes the HUGEST difference to me is dh's help. He also works full time but his job has flexibility and he gets up super early in the morning (voluntarily) and ca
  5. NJ has some pretty big differences between towns though. We have a few towns where the average home value is around $800,000, then others where its $200,000 and the taxes will vary accordingly. This is for my town which has a mix of million dollar homes and bungalows (we're in a bungalow). We pay around $3500 to $4500 for our 750 square feet on just under an acre of land. We have great schools with courtesy bussing, lots of public park lands, roads well maintained, but no library, no sidewalks. The 2020 tax rate for xxxx is $2.347 per $100 of assessed property value. New J
  6. Well, I ended up dropping a bowl full of leftover spaghetti and splattering spaghetti and bits of Corelle all over the place. So only dd had the left-overs, ds and I had ravioli (originally dd and I were having leftovers).
  7. Dh stopped by the science center on his way to his mom's house so I was able to say a quick good-bye between classes. Better than nothing. I was wondering what to have for dinner but he left some leftovers he wants me to use so I don't have to think about it for tonight.
  8. That's the one that was used in an episode of the show, right?
  9. Two examples of clips to songs. Jensen Ackles can really sing.
  10. I love it. I didn't start watching it until it had been on a few years but then binged 6 seasons all at once. It's on Netflix. You definitely can't take it too seriously. It gets super weird Meta sometimes, and some seasons are definitely better than others but overall it's great. I have certain episodes I watch when I need a pick-me-up. Once you get into it, it's also worth watching the outtake videos, tribute videos with clips set to popular songs, and check out tumblr with all the Supernatural has a gif for everything.
  11. Happy Thursday. I did yoga with older dd this morning so I'm at the science center having my tea and breakfast. All my honey is crystallized so I had to cook some of that first. Three classes today, starting later so it's one of my late days. Dh is leaving for his moms this afternoon so I won't see him. He left for work before I woke up so I last saw him last night when he went to bed and now won't see him until Sunday.
  12. So quoting myself to say that dd has dropped the therapy. She really didn't want to do it and the therapist was asking her what she wanted to get out of it and, of course, the answer was she didn't expect to get anything out of it. So we cancelled the rest of those appointments but she does have a (in-person!) appointment with a ped neuro-psych to try adhd meds in April. The therapist did ask how I felt about her stopping. She's 13 years old, her anxiety is mainly situational and isn't affecting her life very much (especially not these days, but even before all this it didn't) so
  13. Oh look, NJ is #1! Yippee. 🙄 We actually don't pay that much in taxes in our town and we have very good schools and very few businesses to offset some costs. Although we also have a really really small house. There are a fair number of $million homes in our town. NJ has something like the top 5 wealthiest counties in the country so I'm not completely surprised. There can be quite a range between the top towns and the bottom.
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