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  1. Whoops, I was going to say Cards Against Humanity but it definitely has some questionable content. It is easily the most popular game around here among college kids who aren't into D&D/role-play games or video games.
  2. Do you have teenagers? I'm curious because your vision of teenagers seems a naive. 10 year olds are getting a part time job for candy and hocket cards, 14 year olds are saving for a car, buying video games or going out to the movies. And by that age they certainly should not need much more learning about eating or clothing themselves. I'd prefer they "practice" at 14 where there's less pressure, everyone is new at this and less likely to have uneven expectations, supervision is easier (since they can't drive etc), and things are less likely to be serious. I don't want my kids getting their first practice when they are 17 or 18 and everyone else has been dating for years and may have different expectations about how fast relationships move, supervision is harder since they are driving themselves or may even be away at college, and they are more likely to be looking for a serious relationship.
  3. That would annoy me too. I have one 25 year old, one 14 year old and a 12 year old. I also have an extremely small house so "friends" were allowed in bedrooms but doors remain open (and I can literally see the entire room of what was my oldest's bedroom from where I'm sitting on the couch just by turning my head). I did not/will not accompany them to movies, I allow walks on their own, and definitely won't have eyes on them 100%. I have similar policies for electronics - I can check anytime I want but usually don't. I'm torn on the blanket thing. My house is COLD in the winter. Like all of us are under blankets, wearing socks, sweats and hoodies. I don't really have a problem with sitting under a blanket watching a movie or sitting in front of the fireplace. It's pretty obvious if something more than just sitting/snuggling is going on.
  4. Once I finally get moving I'm heading over to the science center. I have more rearranging I want to do and I have to reorganize my really big rock and mineral collection. I did geology activities this week with my junior classes and everything is all jumbled up. My new cleaning person is amazing and doing such a great job, which is making my life so much easier.
  5. I woke up around 7:30 but decided I should laze around in bed for a while. I haven't done that in a long time. Made it until around 9:30. I tend to be achy when I do that but I still like doing it every so often. I'm having my tea and peanut butter toast this morning with the door open to enjoy the gorgeous Fall weather. I'll have to do the slightly longer 2 mile walk instead of the 1 mile walk today. I'm walking in the same place, a walking path along side a road in the town where I have the science center. It's pretty much flat, has a good parking spot and is on the way home. If I walk up to a certain street and turn around, it's one mile. If I walk all the way to one end of the path, it's two miles. I did the walk to the end and then the walk to the certain street to do my 3.1 mile/5K. What I do depends on weather, how much time I have (if I have to take dd to tkd or tutor), and if either/both of the kids are with me. Dd will do the 2 miles if we have time, I haven't gotten ds to do it yet. But that also has to do with what days he's with me tend to be our less time days.
  6. We have a northeaster that upgraded to a subtropical storm just off the coast, which is only about 40 miles away and yet we've had no rain at all. We had sweet potatoes topped with sauteed spinach, onions, garlic and plain yogurt. It's yummy and probably fairly healthy.
  7. I want an ice cream booya. I haven't had ice cream in a while. Dh keeps not buying it and I don't grocery shop very often. I like ice cream sandwiches and the only grocery store on my way home from class doesn't carry them and mostly has "gourmet" ice creams. Walmart seems to only have neopolitan ones lately and I want chocolate. I'll accept cookies and cream if I must or mint chocolate chip if that's all the have but I prefer the traditional vanilla. If I can't get ice cream sandwiches (that I eat by rolling them in sprinkles), I'll take a flavor of ice cream with chunks or nuts or fudge or something. Rocky Road, Tin Roof Sundae, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Pfish Food. I need something I can chew on in my ice cream. And that is probably more than y'all wanted to know about my ice cream preferences.
  8. How do you wash your hands before getting up from the table? Don't you have to get up to go to the sink?
  9. I forgot lunch because I was busy chatting with moms and kids. My Friday classes are all teens/tweens, including some that I just love. They are the best people. I have so much fun with those classes.
  10. I forgot to eat lunch. I had another salad in the fridge and I completely forgot. So at 2:55, when we got home after classes, tutoring and walking I ate soup. Canned Chunky New England Clam Chowder. It was yummy.
  11. It's Friday! I'm kind of glad. I had a workshop scheduled for tomorrow but no one signed up so I don't have to do it. Two classes (but fun ones with all teens/tweens) and two tutoring sessions today. I need to write a sign and a post for Facebook that registration for my next session is now open but I want to have a note that for a certain class that meets 4 times a week (Junior Science) spaces for current students will be held until October 25th and then released to new students. But I want to say *nicely* that for a spot to be held, payment must be made not just telling me you want it. Help me! I can't seem to get the wording right. Everything either sounds too wussy or too stern.
  12. So back when MIL was in the hospital and then rehab, dh had her mail forwarded to our house so he could keep up on her bills and stuff. (she lives 2 1/2 - 3 hours away). Now that she's home and doing well, he went to the post office down there to unforward her mail. Instead they evidently started forwarding ALL OUR MAIL to MIL. We haven't gotten mail in over a week and now my Amazon packages are going from "delivering today by 9:30pm" to "package delayed, forwarded at request of customer". But dh went online and stopped the forwarding of our mail so we should be getting our mail again. Parts for the kids Halloween costumes and stuff I NEED for classes are going down to MIL's house. And I don't think dh is planning to go down this weekend. And I don't really want him to but I WANT MY PACKAGES. <<tantrum>>>
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