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  1. Where's Toto?

    The after lunch slump

    Thanks. 🙂 This is one of my favorites (it's not as gloomy as some Supernatural ones can be): A poster named AngelDove does some amazing Supernatural ones.
  2. Where's Toto?

    The after lunch slump

    I find putting on headphones and listening to music helpful. I also like to watch videos of music set to clips from shows or movies, in particular right now Supernatural, Marvel and Buffy. Kind of odd, I know, but for some reason it always gives me a relaxing feeling. Most of the songs are Imagine Dragons or Fall Out Boy.
  3. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

    We have a circus school not that far away from me. They offer all kinds of homeschool classes. My kids don't want to try it but I have some kids in my classes that go there. It seems like a lot of fun (if you're young, strong and flexible. I'm none of those things). I did a More Than Just the Dinosaurs workshop today. All about the creatures that came before the dinosaurs. I used my Charlie's Playhouse timeline and Critter Cards and it was a ton of fun. Three boys between 6 and 8 years old so a very compatible group. Over 7,000 steps even though I only had one class plus the workshop. I don't usually hit that many when I'm teaching three classes. I'm tired and ready to just veg out for the rest of the night. Dh invited my mother over for dinner tomorrow night. We're supposed to get a ton of snow, she doesn't have a car with 4wd (she has a Honda Fit), our street is a hill, and she doesn't like to drive in even a little snow. If she gets stuck here it will not be good. I think we need to call her tomorrow and make sure she really wants to come.
  4. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

    Ugh, nevermind. So much for productivity. I have to run to the AFSA on my break for paper towels. I'm down to the last roll and we go through a lot here. I have a stack of cloth towels that I use when I can but dealing with all kinds of chemicals and goo, sometimes I just need something I can throw away.
  5. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

    It's Friday!! I'm kind of glad, although dreading the storm we're supposed to get this weekend. I have just one class today, then a workshop this afternoon. Which theoretically means I should be able to get lots of stuff done while I'm waiting around.
  6. Where's Toto?

    The after lunch slump

    I wish I could nap. Usually I can't fall asleep, when I can sleep I find it keeps me awake at night. Mainly, I need to keep track of my vitamin D because I do tend to be deficient, and try to stay active. I teach from 10am to 2pm with just a quick break for lunch most days so that helps.
  7. Where's Toto?

    Great article written by PG 9 year old in college

    My younger kids are definitely gamers and I have heard of Fortnite but neither of them like it. They think it's stupid (too random?). I'm not sure what to think about the article. It came across arrogant but that may just be that the kid is 9, the sentences fairly short, he was writing about himself, and I'm reading it first thing in the morning. I very very rarely censor what my kids read but I would definitely hesitate with Game of Thrones and 1984.
  8. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

    We're supposed to get snow tonight- somewhere between 1 and 5 inches. Bigger problem may be icing in the morning. Then a HUGE storm Saturday into Sunday, that may be enough to impact Monday. Then I just noticed they are saying snow again for next Wednesday. Ugh, enough already.
  9. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

    I'm at the science center early today. I needed dry ice for Chemistry class and had to run to a town in the opposite direction of the center from home. I wanted to give myself plenty of time since it was rush hour. Should be a fun class. We're discussing solids using dry ice and (hopefully!) hot ice. I've never done hot ice before and I've read it could be tricky so we'll see.
  10. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

  11. Where's Toto?

    ADHD planner recommendations?

    I have a Classic size Happy Planner. Big enough that I can write lists and read my schedule, small enough to fit in my purse (Kavu rope bag). It folds back so I leave it open to the current date on my desk at work or next to my chair at home. I like bullet journals and traveler's notebooks, etc. but I NEED to have something that is right there opened up to the current date. That way every time I glance at it I can see what I need to do. I do use Google calendars as well but the alarms didn't help me any. If I wasn't able to do something the minute the alarm went off, it got lost in the shuffle. I also send myself emails with reminders if I can't write in my planner right away. Then when I look at my email at home, I can write things where they need to be.
  12. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

    I used to have some Lisa Frank stuff. It was definitely popular when I was in school in the late 80's but it was also kind of expensive back then so I didn't have much. Oldest dd had Lisa Frank in the 90's. Younger dd kind of gives it the side-eye. Slept better last night but now that our bed is shorter, the curtains don't reach far enough down. They are insulating curtains and help control the drafts through the windows and walls. Some are longer, some are shorter and right by the head of my bed is a shorter one. I may need to take them down (wash them) and rearrange. I have a confession. When we pulled out the box springs, we could see under our bed for the first time in probably years. I told dh I didn't want to know and we just moved the springs out and dropped the mattress as quickly as we could. I did catch a glance at a plastic bowling pin from a set we had when ds was a toddler. To be fair, the only thing that would have really made a difference was a deep clean and vacuum and dh was holding the mattress in the air at the time. Hauling the mattress out of the room to clean would have taken more strength and energy than the two of us have. If we ever have another strong adult around to help, I promise I'll do something about it. <<Scouts Honor>> Actually, probably will be sooner than that. Dh's side is sagging pretty badly and we're going to stick some slats in. If I move out all my drawers, a shelf unit, and some random stuff, we can probably prop the mattress against the wall. Then I can clean under there (with a dust mask on!) and we can put down the slats.
  13. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

    I had ice cream and I'm freezing. But it's more because it's very very cold here and my house is very very drafty. It was Snickers ice cream. It was good.
  14. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

    Good Morning! We pulled the box springs off our bed and the dog (eventually) jumped up on his own. So, I finally got some sleep. Not enough, but better than the past few days. Of course, dh's side of the bed missed the frame so we have to figure out how to fix that (not much room to maneuver and a extra-long, pillow-top, deep king mattress is HEAVY), and we have two box springs leaning on the wall in my living room until we figure out what to do with them. Three classes and teen hang-out today. We're evidently supposed to get a bunch of snow the end of the week. I'm already using a snow make-up day for my Friday classes so I'm hoping they are wrong and it bypasses us. I only have two weeks left for this session for most classes, three weeks for those using the make-up.
  15. Where's Toto?

    Ignore this thread!

    I'm hanging out waiting for my tutoring student to arrive. I should be doing dishes or something but instead I'm here. I"m kind of bored. Hey! It's a bored booyaH.
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