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  1. Ds5 is sneaking about the house with the iPad, taking pics of DH's bum while DH flips pancakes, then editing said bum-pics with smiley faces using the stop motion app. There is a lot of giggling. Happy Saturday!
  2. Ugh. Reminds me of the frozen dead owl DH found on the way home from work a few years ago. He saved it in a snowbank for a nature study that (thankfully) never happened, and I finally made him dispose of it after a spring thaw.
  3. I plotted out next week's menu, made a grocery list, sent dh to go buy the stuff, and then precooked the taco beef because its sell-by is today. Now I'm hiding with a cup of tea while he makes pizza.
  4. Hey, I ate a gluten-free, vegan cranberry orange scone for unnecessary snack yesterday. High five.
  5. Happy Friday! Last day of staycation week for us. Projects to finish, but!
  6. I was going to give a sad face, but decided on a trophy for the surviving part instead. We have rules, you know!
  7. Oh, and Dd10 marched up to the counter at Chick-Fil-A last night with her Christmas gift card, then politely ordered a hamburger.
  8. Good Morning! No advice, Susan, but YAY! for your shoulder feeling better. Dd7 and I started sanding at 6:30am this morning so we could finish in time for 9am piano lessons. We'd be ready to paint by now, except that our house is old and the studs were slightly off, so there's a small decline in one of the wallboards to compensate for. It'll happen. I should be able to paint next week and check this job off the list. Ds5 announced out of the blue this morning that " I do. not. want. to be famous." Making a mental note of that, son.
  9. EdPos (and DentalPos, and VomitPos, and Fill-in-the-BlankPos) all just started as a fun, tongue-in-cheek warning for a topic that those lounging on the shores of the ITT island might prefer to ignore. Because of course we specialize in ignoring. They don't bother me in the least. Y'all truly have the best advice around. (And, hey! the occasional EdPo helps to validate the space we take up here on the Gen Ed Board, of all places. 😁) Just be forewarned: EdPos out in K-8 will be taken seriously.... but here at ITT? Well..... ....pretty much the only thing we take seriously is friendship. And spelling. #h
  10. I’m not a big grilled chicken fan either. I ended up grabbing soup at panera on the way. DH got a spicy chicken meal and all in all, we only went $2.08 over the gift cards. Woo-Hoo! I’m celebrating with a coffee, and guarding all the lemonade refills while the rest browse about in the Lego store. (Our only chick FIL a is in a mall)
  11. For history this year, I'm using Our Island Story (HE Marshall). LIbrivox has the audios available for free, and I think AO has the text available free too, though I bought a print copy. My kids love it. It's story-style, much like SOTW. Along with some monarchy cards and memory work and a little map study, they are learning tons and making great connections (with our Chaucer/Shakespeare studies in particular). Would be so fantastic to be in UK while studying it all!
  12. Phew! We are mudding a new wall, which I've done a lot of in the aftermath of the Great Blizzard of 2015*. I've always called that "mudding" but didn't really know if it was an official term or just some horribly inappropriate urban dictionary term that I was carelessly tossing about in public. *Not really that big a storm. But it wreaked havoc on our house and our lives for years to come. ITT saved my sanity. 🥰
  13. I am changing some of this morning's <hearts> to afternoon LOLs. Amazing what a few cups of coffee will do for me. All three girls helped with sanding and mudding the wall this morning, so it took 3x longer than it would have otherwise. But we are done for the day, and showered, and eating a very late tuna wrap with blue chips lunch. (Except I'm the only one who likes tuna wraps, so the rest are eating.... just blue chips. Oh well.) Tonight is Chick-Fil-A! at the mall. Brought to you by Grandma and her Christmas gift cards to the kids. Except I'm really not a breaded chicken fan, and since they kicked chicken salad off the menu, I never know what to get. Seems a bit of a sacrilege, but I may wander over to Cheesecake Factory and get some cow takeout for myself instead.
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