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  1. Friday Happiness! And coffee too. It is cold but sunny and the neighbor is cutting up a fell tree with a chainsaw. There is something oddly comforting about that distant whirr. (Maybe it takes me back to lazy summer days? Or maybe just the fact that it's a project I don't need to be in charge of?) I'm told the oatmeal spice bread is now ready for (a very late) breakfast. Happy morning, all!
  2. Random thought. I am one of those people who can taste the fish oil in omega 3 eggs. At least, this is true when I'm pregnant. It was produced such a disgusting omelet that I haven't tried it yet unpregnant.
  3. I read the words and then go watch the movie when it comes out on dvd.
  4. Baked ziti and salad for dinner. I had mostly salad. And half of a hard apple cider. I'd really like some of that PA Dutch cake for dessert. My favorite homemade brownies are PA Dutch, so I'm excited to try the cake recipe. Thanks, Paradox!
  5. So close! A hint: it's from a Bible verse she's memorizing.
  6. A Friday-Eve Puzzle for you! (Dd10 typed this on her spelling quiz today, before emailing it to my inbox. 🙂) 👁🙏 That the👀 Of your❤️ May🐝🌟 (Sorry in advance to those who can't see the emojis)
  7. WOO-HOOOOO!!!! And it's your Nirthday too!!! Happy Nirthday, and CONGRATULATIONS!
  8. Watching all this megathread business, and I just have to say......Y'all are truly awesome people. ((((ITT)))) I'm not sure if it's even needed in this case, but does anyone know if an OP can request that a thread be closed to further comments?
  9. Trophies for me for finally figuring out how to multi quote on this new platform! (I know. So obvious, and the platform is hardly new anymore.) Yesterday's labor did me in. I can't figure out if I'm suffering from allergies, or mildly ill, or just old. Probably just old. I held up long enough to get us all through Bible study, and have been useless ever since. Actually, I'm remembering now that I only got 3 hours of interrupted sleep last night, so that's one likely culprit, too.
  10. Agreed. Definitely don't feel embarrassed, Paradox. Your posts were great; the hijacking was not cool. I did the same.... lots of liking (of all y'all); but no posting (though there is tons I'd sure like to say). I've done that once before on this topic and it was one time too many.
  11. Lol---if our thermostat is set at 68, it's because my dh hasn't noticed yet that I snuck by and cranked it up that high. He keeps it at 62 and thinks I'm absolutely crazy to want it at 68. Amen.
  12. Also, in case you somehow didn't hear the shrieks of excitement, the rain turned to snow!
  13. Happy Birthday, John and Susan's Ds!!!! Somehow I missed those. I guess this is why the Slaches braved that awful weather to go out? It rained all morning, but at least was warm enough to work. The kids moved piles of rocks and raked and cleaned up the yard toys and put the bikes under the treehouse for winter protection. I emptied the shed, discarded all the carp, and repacked the shed neatly, including some stuff from the garage (like the lawnmower and tiller) that needed to be moved there. The carp pile is enormous... Dh will have to haul it to his company's dumpster. No wonder he couldn't fit anything in the shed (or get anything out). I did not find any dead mice. I was annoyed about the kids missing a day of school, but when they went back inside, hours before me, they decided to play school. Several are researching and preparing presentation right now. 😂 Also we ate lunch at Panera because even if there was food in the house (which there isn't) the dining room table is stacked high with Playmobil. Chicken soup and rice warmed me up. So now to work more on the garage itself. It's an attached garage so at least it has a little warmth from the house.
  14. Good Morning! Happy Tuesday. Coffee, much too late for me. I'm racing against the big chill and potential snow. Still so much to clean up outside! Paradox, your hijacked megathread just makes me chuckle. Count me among those who now feel like terrible homeschoolers. And I KNOW RIGHT?? That dead army had nuclear capability. Stay warm, everybody. Except people who don't like to be warm, I suppose.
  15. Temps will plummet for us tomorrow afternoon. Just the kick-in-the-butt I need to get this garage ready today! #isaidbutt
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