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  1. I’m pretty anti-screen (the kids would tease too much for it if I got them started... I have 5 kids from Kindy to grade 5) but we did get an iPad for a few educational apps last fall and I especially love it for spelling. The app (Spelling Notebook) allows me to create the lists, and then the kids use it for practice and testing (emailing the results to me). I love passing that tedious job off to a computer and the kids’ spelling has improved pretty dramatically because they enjoy practicing. Quizlet is handy too. We’ve primarily used it for Spanish. I should add that we don’t have games on it, so that hasn’t been a problem for us. If I had games as well, I’d need a way to digitally monitor them/disable them during school hours.
  2. Bible Study was this morning. Now the kids are engrossed in 8 hrs-and 40 minutes-worth of Beatrix Potter unabridged. And I have coffee. ☕️😁
  3. Clean floors are the bestest. Makes everything look great, even if all the rest is a pigsty.
  4. I’m a tad worried that it’s described as a fantasy island....
  5. Yes to the goat bottoms! My 4 year-old DS would be especially delighted. And yay for bathroom improvements and for leg of lamb and for stopping by to say hello (belated or otherwise)!
  6. A Haiku in Honor of ITT’s 4th Anniversary Some of us Booyah Others Booya or Bouja ITT’s all yummy stew
  7. ::EDPO ALERT:: To justify another year of our presence on the General Education Discussion Board, some enlightening reading. #h
  8. It is the baby I like in this post, of course. And the rocking chair!! I have the same one from when I was a kid. But not the no h.
  9. 2018-2019 I did not move. I did not have a baby. I think I finished a few walls in the laundry room? And we took our really big US History Three-Week Field Trip. The rest is a blur. A good blur. But a blur.
  10. The trophy is for the ITT and the super cute baby. Not the “Booya.” #cringeworthyspelling. #h 😁
  11. HAPPY ITT-VERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May your day be filled with celebration, good cheer, chocolate, and Sven! Much Love from Truant Duck (who begs the Queen’s pardon for aforementioned truancy) (Also, h)
  12. A friend is taking three of my children for the afternoon. I think a nap may be in order.
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