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  1. We had a stray cat come by when I was a kid that figured out how to ring the back doorbell. It wasn't stray for long. And my father permanently disengaged the doorbell.
  2. I use Spelling Notebook (iOS app) for quizzing and practicing the kids’ lists. They can email their results to me. Very handy. Set up your own lists; the app does the drilling and quizzing.
  3. Hmmm... They are doing some work, at least. I just had Spelling quiz results emailed to me.
  4. Great for my first full week back at it. But I’m definitely worn out! Summer laziness biting me in the butt. Dh is in charge while I’m at the dentist this morning, so today may not be as productive. #isaidbutt
  5. Happy Nirthday, SuperDude! We have done many of the things today, but not all. I may decide to do VERY abbreviated forms of the rest of the list, just so I can say I did all the things, three days in a row, for the first time ever. It will likely require eliminating dinner. Not that I had any plans for dinner anyway.
  6. We had a creamy pesto and butter bean sauce over pasta, a big clear-out-some-space-in-the-fridge salad, heirloom tomatoes with cottage cheese, and dh's homemade oatmeal raisin cookies for dessert. Day #2 of school and we did all the things again <shock!>. Dd7's precious elderly Gal Pal from church took her out for chocolate ice cream and then we all went to the farm. Tomato season is over. 😥 But I think I froze almost 3 dozen quarts of tomato sauce, so we will enjoy a little taste of them all winter long. And even though the nights are quite cool, littlest duckling helped me cut flowers and I still collected enough zinnias and Black-eyed Susans and lavender and ageratum and bachelor's buttons to fill four happy vases. And the ducklings sucked on honey sticks that the honeybee lady gave them and everyone played on Bob the tractor and we remembered to get more milk and we brought home ten feet caked in dirt. We still have 6 more weeks of produce, but I am so very sad to say goodbye to another summer. Wish all this sentimentality means I am the pregnant one, but alas, no.
  7. 😆. Except that this is a very ratty old stuffie kitty. And apparently the next hot influencer in the math manipulative market.
  8. Someone took 28 photos of Kitty lounging beside a cuisinaire-rod staircase. In 28 different poses.
  9. First full day of school and I did all the things. Even a science demonstration, AND I refrained from biting off a single head. All science demonstrations end badly, so this is a positive step forward. It won’t happen again until March, of course.
  10. Is a bottle of wine and a card an appropriate gift for a newish neighbor who showed up yesterday to let us know that "he's remarrying today and there will be lots of cars parking on the street and loud music from their backyard and oh by the way please feel free to come by and celebrate with us and you can even come to the ceremony if you want" ? This was the first time we'd met newish neighbor, even though they've been here a year and a half (down the street a ways). Other neighbors are going as well (some he knows, others like ourselves he just invited yesterday -- probably to smooth any ruffles the parking and noise might create-- so we really ought to pop by briefly during the reception, just to be neighborly, right?
  11. Oh, Krissi.... hugs! I'm so glad he's getting the care he needs. Mine would have suffered at home. Neither Dh nor I have any experience with that, and the ER would have been the last thing I'd have done. Praying for a quick recovery!
  12. Yawn. Which reminds me of Daniel’s three friends: Shakethebed, Makethebed, and Tobedyougo.
  13. Jean— I couldn’t decide between a trophy or an lol. 😁 Night night again.
  14. ‘Tis midnight! My pumpkin carriage awaits. Nighty-night all.
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