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  1. My two will be 4 in November! The plan is to do more tiny motor stuff like using a pair of scissors and so on. I think that we can work on little/small motor skills in art lessons for now. How do you develop small motor skills?
  2. Can I ask you a question? What do you do for PE? Where do you find a children's bible study class?
  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to alter some of my original homeschooling plans. Instead of abandoning science altogether, I might try out a Christian science curriculum like Apologia with the twins and see what happens. And I have now found a Bible Study Class as well which is good. I also had to modify other plans too to squeeze everything into my schedule but that is okay with me personally. Instead of gardening this week, we might do more cookery lessons instead.
  4. For this week Organise a fortune telling party Clean up after Storm Dennis (my back yard looks like trash seriously!) Make a chocolate cake Read up on escape rooms and pick one for the summer Finish placement tests for both the little ones too Sleep at some point
  5. I highly recommend this website- Just be aware this is a UK website however. And you will have to make a account in order to access all the resources. But totally worth it.
  6. Is she a dedicated student? If so this is totally doable. Does she like STEM subjects or not? If so, I recommend gently exploring realistic options with her. What are her interests and hobbies?
  7. I like RightStart A and Sonlight Primer.
  8. Quiz shows? What about Game of Thrones? Have you watched Suits or not? I love this is us too.
  9. I have two toddlers. They turned 3 in November last year. Next school year I plan to start with Right Start A with them. In the fall, we will also do lots of reading, spelling and Bible study too, we are a Christian homeschooling family. I am planning to do a placement test soon to see what I need to focus on during lessons. Both kids are starting pre kindergarten in six month's time. I am excited and nervous about this at the same time. Plus we will also include lots of time for prayer, snuggles/cuddles at home and skill building in addition when we are out and about in the community or further afield. What are your 2020-2021 plans then? I'm struggling to decide how to teach science from a Christian perspective. I had thought about not teaching science at all.
  10. My local gym is great! It is one big room full of equipment. There are some weights, a treadmill for cardio lovers, a stair machine, some hula hoops, bikes, mats and other machines. Plus there are televisions on one wall and lockers for any belongings. What do I love about it? The gym also has personal trainers too on hand to answer questions and assist if the need arises. The gym does run classes as well. There are also dumbbells to use. Overall I think it is a nice gym and always leave feeling slightly tired and happy post workout. I've been a member for more than two years now and I love it so far. I see results already which is good. Additionally, there is a creche so I leave the kids there for a hour and exercise. I have not done any but there are pool based exercise classes available in addition. Make sure to request a induction prior to using the equipment. I had one when I first joined, it is a good idea seriously. A fitness trainer should do one with you. I can even book classes online if I want to but I never really find the time to do so however. Side note, I found exercising according to my body type also beneficial. You can find more information about this online. For example if you are a ectomorph, limit cardio.
  11. This is my todo list for half term Find a new childcare provider (ongoing) Exercise- lacking motivation right now due to storm Dennis Organise the baby's room- started Hold a bible study class at home complete with prayers- pushed back until afternoon Pray for good weather- unlikely but a girl can always pray.. Happy half term everyone!
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