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  1. We got there too late and the place was closed 🙄🤷‍♀️😬
  2. DH and I are going to exploring to look for a side table for the lanai. The newly painted chairs need a side table I decided. Something cute but cheap. As in if I see something by the side of the road it’s in contention kind of cheap. Bonus points if it’s kitschy.
  3. I was very confused by PA’s love of that stuff. Blech!
  4. I bought nothing. My dad bought my DS a 3D printer he wanted for his upcoming birthday/Christmas. He saved $100 on it and was glad he waited for Prime Days.
  5. Morning. The rain here is clearing up. Looks like it might be a nice day. Day 2 of my staycation. Day 1 I repainted my Adirondack chairs. I did it in the garage and the lighting was bad. I came out to the lanai this morning and noticed I missed a whole section of one of the back supports on one. Oops. Guess I’ll get the paint out again later and finish up. They look good, though! Ethel of Tex, what color car did you end up with?
  6. So he’s already figured out to manipulate you to get what he wants.
  7. You should tell it to get its act together and get cleaned up.
  8. If I made my son clean after actually getting work done, he’d make it a point to never get his work done ever again. Ask me how I know. 🙄
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