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  1. I love oyster bacon stuffing. I make it every year. We didn’t have it growing up, but I made it once when DS was younger and DH and DS both requested it again the next year, and now it is our tradition. Soooo yummy. But really, it’s probably the bacon. Because bacon. eta - mine is rather dry. I detest really “wet” stuffing of any kind. And gooey sounds gross. Blech.
  2. Nah, I was mostly kidding. Nothing wrong with using the forums for their intended purpose.
  3. I have empty laundry bins every weekend. But then again, there are only 3 of us, and DS will rewear pants, so it’s not a lot of laundry.
  4. And that’s why we don’t swim in the sea, ladies!
  5. My dad would grill steak and slice it thin, and serve it with mashed potatoes and gravy. And every time he would invite my BFF over for dinner because it was her favorite, too. She’d even eat her veggies in order to not ruin her chance to get re-invited the next time. So it was my favorite because having a friend over was fun.
  6. We had a “chute” when I was a kid - it was really just a hole in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet that went down to the laundry room below. It was horrible, because it meant my mother never had to look at the dirty clothes, and she’d forget/not bother to do laundry until we complained. You’d open the laundry room door to an absolute avalanche of clothes. Dirty, smelly, wet clothes and towels. I never want a laundry chute again.
  7. Depends on the child, ime - my child always leaked through Huggies. We were a Pampers family.
  8. Okay, sweatshirt has been removed. But I got to take the dog for a walk sans bra, so that was nice
  9. It’s 70 degrees this morning. Had to pull a sweatshirt out of the closet.
  10. From, originally? Wareham, MA From, most recently? York, PA Currently reside? Tampa ❤️
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