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  1. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

  2. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

  3. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    I can see your point about the black bedspread. But I still like black walls. I like charcoal better. We'll see. It's possible he will change his mind in the next 24 hours and go for all out color once I introduce to him all the wonders that are Lisa Frank. Or not. LOL
  4. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    All of you who don't like black walls are probably the same people who like Lisa Frank LOL And glitter...
  5. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    That's his goal. Dark. The primer/repainting is why I told him the ceiling and trim stays white. No way am I going to repaint all of those back to white after black. If it is just the walls, I can handle repainting. Besides, we're going to live here forever. [echo: Forever * Forever * Forever...]
  6. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    I love black rooms... That said, we did suggest a charcoal or gray/grey with black curtains on the window and a black bedspread. DS is thinking on it.
  7. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    We have a house. I need to paint more than I thought. But that's okay. I wiped down all the cabinets last night and we started moving over some boxes. The former owner left behind a large desk along the entire wall under the window in what is to be DS's room. It's a partial built-in, I guess. He now has a very large area to setup his Lego city OFF OF THE FLOOR. Yay!! DS wants to paint his walls black. We're working on DH. DH is not keen on the idea, but what does he know. Besides, it's DS's room and I am inclined to allow him to choose. But he has to keep the ceiling and trim white, I told him. I inspected the flower beds a little more yesterday. I am excited about all the new-to-me plants. And the lady left all her outdoor planters. Score.
  8. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    Go, Jean, go!
  9. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    We used to have a cocker spaniel. I had a mutt growing up. DS wants my sister’s dog. She said no, he can’t have him. 😆 It’s a pit. I used to be opposed, but this dog was the sweetest thing, and DS didn’t react to it like he does to labs. I think DH is still leery about pits, but they’re not off the table. Whatever we get will most likely be a rescue.
  10. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    Will probably end up with a larger breed.
  11. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    We have our walkthrough at noon; signing at 2. Then our bank account will be sucked dry and we will spend the next 2 weeks schlepping boxes to the new place. DS still wants a dog.
  12. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    I’m cleaning the stove. Fun, huh?
  13. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    You really need to get out more.
  14. ikslo

    Ignore this thread!

    That’s awesome!
  15. ikslo

    What's in your nightstand drawer?

    I like this idea!
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