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  1. I think my sister is planning a trip to Key West for us all next Jan for my dad’s 70th. Hey, if someone else is paying, I’m game! They picked Key West because we can drive. (Peanut allergies prevent DS from flying.)🥰
  2. Herbie Hancock is not in my (mind’s) files. Unless he was in one of the filing cabinets corroded shut from alcohol. It’s a possibility. I had to google. I will probably not retain this information. It’s just not something I can see myself remembering long term.
  3. I was originally thinking butcher’s paper or something like that.
  4. Perhaps. What do you do with it? nm - I googled it. Paper towels!
  5. No. But I snuck a boyfriend IN. Does that count? 🤪
  6. 🤣 Less than a month away from 5 years, ladies!
  7. I did a whole of nothing today, while making it look like a whole lot of something. You may be surprised to hear that it is rather difficult to do nothing while making it look like something without actually ending up doing some of that something in the end.
  8. Back in PA we had those at the park on my street. They were great. And free. 👍🏻
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