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  1. I'm back. I only got blocked out of this thread one time today. So things are looking up. My job is crazy still. But DH has had enough of working in commerical printing, his body was breaking down, and he was being asked to start working rotating weekends. I told him that if he was okay with it financially he could say no and quit. So he did. He is officially retired. Since my job requires travel this is actually a good thing for us. I told him that this is the end of me being responsible for certain things around the house now, though, since I am working and he is not. I passed
  2. It took me a gazillion tries to log on to this thread just now.
  3. I was just thinking protection, too. A good knife - and maybe even a gun and ammo (even though I own no gun in this time period, you never know what you will encounter).
  4. Sesame Street One Of These Things (Is Not Like The Others) One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song? Did you guess which thing was not like the others? Did you guess which thing just doesn't belong? If you guessed [the guy in the blue shirt] is not like the others, Then you're absolutely... right!
  5. I so understand this. Did I mention my boss was let go when we came back from our holiday break? I found my workload quadrupled overnight. So, so tired.
  6. DOn't be sad, Slachie! My kiddo (that's for Krissi, LOL) has never done Latin or Greek. Well, we do word roots and things like that. Covered a lot in MCT. But no formal Latin.
  7. ETA: EdPo I don't want to talk about what my child is or isn't doing with regard to schoolwork right now. I'm in denial. Although I think he is still getting an A in his Russian class with CLRC, and I know he's plodding through Algebra, so I guess it's not as dire as I feel like it is. I blame the pandemic. We can still blame the pandemic, right? Or are we blaming something else now? It's not 2020 anymore. Can't blame 2020. I'll blame the dog. That sounds fair. I spent too much time with the dog. ETA: JAWM
  8. Oops, I hit the rating on this thread by mistake. Anyway, my take on it is she never had to do anything, then the others were hired and her bad behavior meant they went away and she could go back to doing nothing. She’s trying to get you to quit. She’s a brat. They need to take away riding lessons and strip her room bare. Or something. You leaving isn’t going to teach her to act better - but that’s not your problem. ETA: An elimination diet may help. It’s worth a try if the family is willing. My son never reacted to red dye, but he had other triggers like tomatoes and chocolate.
  9. I did some gardening. I now need to wash the goat. But feeling like maybe I’d rather just sit on the lanai. The goat can wait.
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