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  1. (((Toto and DH)))(((Toto’s neighbors))) I always worry about that, too. Because even if you get someone else to do it, then they are the ones at risk and potentially not making it home. 😢
  2. I slept in. It was 80 when I got up. Dog continues to shed.
  3. I’d be interested in the first two, unless they are geared toward young elementary.
  4. Scan & Go don’t usually have lines. People scan. And go. I prefer them.
  5. I like Southwest. This flight is American Airlines. They charge $30 to check a bag and my suitcase is old so not the right size for today’s carry-ons. I’m poopy about it even if work is paying. Because #Southwest rocks. #AA does not. The plane better not crash because then I’ll be really poopy. 😂
  6. Flying out to Fort Worth, TX tomorrow. Have an ASQ World Conference to attend next week, but I get to spend the weekend with my sister and family. ❤️ Wish DH and DS could come to visit my sister, too, but I’ll just have to suffer through the trip on my own. :svengo: 😂
  7. Never mind! You already answered. Yay for reading!
  8. I was thinking about you just the other day! How’re things?
  9. I don’t think anyone can pull off a Pollyanna. Even Pollyanna. 1) Pollyanna was scripted. 2) Pollyanna got to do retakes if it wasn’t right. 3) Pollyanna got paid to be happy. 4) Pollyanna had someone edit her footage and cut out all the bad hair days. -Response to Random Musings
  10. It’s Free Comic Book Day today.
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