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  1. Oh, yeah, I’ve seen it that way, too. But always with the -cht at the end.
  2. Fasnacht. And you claim to be from PA? For shame. 😂
  3. When I set up my yahoo way back when, everything I tried was taken, so out of sheer frustration I entered my (now maiden) name backwards, and have used it ever since. But then on another board someone figured out my name, so I shortened it to just ikslo. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m Polish. My avatar is my son’s first self-portrait. It’s not me. 😉
  4. Okay, what happened with that radom font size change? Weird.
  5. DS had a little bitty brown frog hopping around his room last night. He was a wall climber to boot. He was a hard little bugger to catch.
  6. I now have doors with new hinges. I also now have doors that close properly and don’t squeak. My hallway ceiling is painted. Wine has been consumed. Goodnight.
  7. We did school today, even though I didn’t wanna I don’t think DS was happy about it
  8. We’re about 90% unpacked and 80% painted. I’m ready for our move to be over.
  9. I still have to paint the hallway and all the door trim for the doors off the hallway. But first I have to change out the hinges. Former owner painted all the hinges. That’s a big fat DO NOT DO THIS in my book. Even lazy people should not do this. Just no.
  10. I should maybe think about educating my kid again. I think I have forgotten how.
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