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  1. I actually meant scary with regard to being new to homeschooling. I wasn’t even thinking about CoVid - but yeah, that’s scary, too!
  2. I’m sure they don’t see it at a luxury. Everything is scary right now.
  3. Yes, but would you if you could choose something that more closely represented you? I do, too, now. But I wish I didn’t have to is all. And I steered clear in the beginning.
  4. I always find it interesting when Christians expect it should be no big deal to weed through a resource with obvious Christian references and just take what one wants. And then I wonder if they would feel the same if a resource was written from an Islamic perspective or Wiccan or whatnot. My guess is probably not. But there are plenty of Christian resources out there so they don’t have to. fwiw, I’m a former Christian homeschooling secularly. I use some schedules that have Christian elements. I didn’t at first because I wanted secular and didn’t want the Christian worldview creeping in. Now I am better at weeding it out or not caring or being able to explain another POV, but that wasn’t the case when I first started. Homeschooling can be daunting enough when you are new to it without having to do the extra work, so I completely understand a newbie wanting nothing overtly religious.
  5. I only care about whether it’s sufficient to help them win a game of Trivial Pursuit. #LifeGoals
  6. Sad and relieved here. Relieved that my mom cancelled her backyard wedding ceremony at the end of this month, because travelling and CV-19 and parties with people and whatnot. Sad because it means I won't be visiting Susan. 😞 I was looking forward to knocking on her door.
  7. It was my #1 must have when deciding to move to FL. 🙂 I ♥ FL, but I don't think I would ♥ it so much without the pool. And CV-19 lockdown would have been really poopy without it.
  8. I was out yesterday in the heat, actually. As soon as I got home from work I jumped in the pool. And I mean jumped. I did a cannonball just like when I was a kid, LOL. ETA: I am a day behind. For some reason I was thinking today was Tuesday and Monday was yesterday. Wow. need coffee. But I swam both days due to the heat, so my post still stands.
  9. I’m guessing she’s using numbers because names would be political. 😉
  10. I did that one on my mom and she replied, “Reno!” nowherenowhere
  11. When we first moved down to FL, our credit cards (we don’t use debit for anything except taking cash out) had to be cancelled and replaced 3 times in 2 months after using at gas stations. CC rep said it’s a big problem down here. We’ve switched to cash for gas, every time.
  12. You didn’t plant the corn specifically for the squirrels? How rude.
  13. Ours is currently set to 80 and I still get chills 😆
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