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  1. Or poison oak. NOT a fun Christmas memory.
  2. I just had a policy debate with DS about gun control, which he is against. Because people need AK-47s to...fight off all those wild boars, ya know? 🙄
  3. I always wore my watch on my non dominant wrist (back when I wore one), and carry my pocketbook on my left shoulder. Otherwise, they get in the way of regular tasks. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  4. Kitchen: 1 wall Sea Salt where it continues from the living room, 2 walls Spring in Aspen to match the cream tile backsplash and blend, Indigo accent wall Shell White trim like the rest of the house Cabinets are Natural Cherry Tan/Beige tile floors with really dirty, I mean, um, brown grout countertops are tan speckled with a color that kind of matches the cabinets and also blues, and we matched the accent wall to the darker blue I love my kitchen in this house.
  5. Got up this morning to the hurricane still sitting over the Bahamas. Those poor people. I keep playing that line from Titanic in my head, altered for this hurricane: Why ain’t (it) turnin’?
  6. We get hummingbirds here without a feeder. We have a shrub/bush/tree which attracts them. It’s been flowering pretty much the whole time we have lived here. Now I’m scared of what’s going to happen when it stops blooming!
  7. I like dry crumbly cheeses, not creamy ones. And the sharper the better. Dark chocolate reigns supreme!
  8. I’m waiting for my coffee to brew. I’m up way too early and I’m tired. I walked the dog.
  9. We have charcoal. And we’re good to go. Thanks!
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