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  1. The thing that has plagued me has been the lack of awareness of typical female cattiness--usually I don't notice it until way, waaaay later when I think, "Hmm...whoa! These chicks didn't really like me! Wow. They wasted their time doing stuff 'to me' that I didn't even notice until now." [Does anyone else know the feeling? Please tell me I'm not alone!] That's why I said it has "plagued me but also been kind of great." It has spared me a lot of hurt feelings where, looking back, I always seem to be drawn in to groups of women who aren't in to gossip or cattiness because we seem to be the
  2. Thanks for everyone's input! I'm feeling better about this today and have a better idea of what direction to go. My husband is an introvert with social anxiety, so I have not discussed this with him. His answer is always, "Why do you care about this! Just ignore them indefinitely and stay inside!" 😂 Thanks to you all I have been able to come up with a solution without bothering him or even any of my other family members. I'm going to act like nothing happened, treat them politely, and move on. There are other neighbors to meet who do not have children playing in the street--older, empt
  3. Honestly this perfectly sums up my thoughts. I have thought that it was on them and that, on some level, they should feel bad because, personally, it's the rudest thing I've ever seen done in a neighborhood. I mean--right out in their front yard? Wow. It did lower my expectations of them, and quite swiftly and dramatically. I have been a bit sad about it because I do tend to like being friendly with neighbors. Now it's more of a "hmmm...are my kids going to want to go out with these people now? Because I don't want to. But there are no other kids." 😕
  4. Thanks everyone. Lots of good points here. Right now we are moving in to a self quarantining phase so that we can visit with some elderly relatives for Christmas. I've told the kids that they aren't going to get to play outside with kids right now. They've been through this two times before during a potential exposure (negative) and a weird bug we got (just to make sure). After that it will be much harder to keep them inside. I have no idea how a Santa discussion may have gone amongst the kids. 😂 We don't hate on Santa, they just don't believe he is real. We tie it to St. Nicolas an
  5. It's more among the parents. A certain group of moms congregate in one particular driveway and hang out/do chalk, whatever. I've walked my kids down there and hung out a few times assuming that, because they are "front yard people," they want to/are willing to meet others (this is how I would feel but I guess not everyone is like that...live and learn). Overall I thought that things had been going well. My girls hit it off with a few of the kids, and the moms seemed normal. Well, yesterday they decided to hire a Santa for pictures with Santa, then install him in the front driveway. W
  6. Thank you to everyone for sharing your perspectives along with challenging viewpoints and encouragements as I navigate a new neighborhood during covid. It has given me a lot of food for thought, and I appreciate you!
  7. (My mom remarried in this age range.) I second the join-a-club/be set up by friends suggestion. You sound like you are only really interested in meeting someone if it has the potential to be a serious relationship. You are better off putting yourself in the position to meet people who have similar interests to you at a club than just fishing around online (if you have the time for that). I met my husband online but in a different age bracket, so I’m not 100% opposed if you want to just have it going on in the background. Just quit if you get discouraged. My mom was widowed and single for
  8. We have one more child to teach to read, and I'd like to move away from using 100EZ. Any suggestions for what to use?
  9. I guess it all comes full circle. Once I get more confident in how to actually teach language arts I would love to have it be on some sort of autopilot system. For math my goals have been pretty easy to identify and incorporate, so at least one major subject doesn't have me saying, "Wow...I need to learn a LOT more about this!" 😂 Thanks for all of the feedback!
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