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  1. I'm home from my escape room. My very last Tech Tuesday. As soon as they pay my last invoice, I'm letting them know. It's such a relief to be done.
  2. I was told that if they cauterize the ends of the tubes when they cut them, it's less likely to undo itself or have an accidental pregnancy. If they just snip, accidents are more likely. I had mine cut, clamped and burned. Very unlikely to have an oops.
  3. I know around here developers will advertise when they have a big retailer "anchor" store in a strip mall in an attempt to entice other big name retailers, as well as smaller retailers to fill in the between spaces.
  4. Sickness - I'm just getting over a bout of bronchitis. Still coughing, stuffy nose but I did my 5 day course of antibiotics so should continue showing improvement. It's a humid 88 degrees here today so yeah, hot and yucky. I worked at the science center. I'm doing an escape room at my pt job tonight and I had to set up what I could do before I get there and lay it all out. Also did some tutoring and general cleaning up.
  5. I had my tubes tied during my c-section with dd. The recovery was basically the same as my previous c-section. I assume recovery without being part of another surgery will be pretty different though. ETA: I was also already 39 years old so figured getting pregnant wouldn't be that easy anymore anyway.
  6. Morning. Dh woke me up before he left this morning, so way too early. But he made me tea and an omelette so I have to forgive him. He's going to be at his mom's until Friday, working from home down there so he wanted to say good-bye but he also needed to pack up his c-pap machine and there's no way he could do that without waking me up. I'm heading over to the science center as soon as I'm done with my second cup of tea. Cleaning, organizing, tutoring at 11am, then more cleaning and organizing, home for dinner, drop dd at tkd, go to my Tech Tuesday, pick dd up from tkd, early to bed since I may have camp tomorrow and need to be there around 8am. Also this week, more lake days, laundry so I can pack for vacation next week, some straightening up, lists of what to pack.
  7. The Joust series by Mercedes Lackey is good - Ancient Egypt with dragons, very character driven. I would be careful about her other series, but Joust is very good.
  8. Tai Chi is a form of Qi Jong, or a derivative of it. Tai Chi classes often start with a warm-up of Qi Jong movements. From a practical point of view, they seem very similar. It's only if you get into the history and deeper meaning of the movements and practices that a real difference is shown. At least one of the "Tai chi" videos I like to do is actually Qi Gong.
  9. I don't like Starbucks. I don't drink coffee of any kind and there tea is just blech. Dunkin vanilla chai tea or Panera chai tea latte are my go-tos. But I had my tea this morning. Ran to the store, took too long, had to rush the kids when I got home and got to the lake 5 minutes late. But it was okay, nobody else arrived for at least 10 minutes after we got there. We stayed until 4:30, then I had to drive the kids home super quick and get to the science center by 5 for tutoring. I'm tired now. I just want some ice cream, a book and early bedtime. But we don't have any ice cream and I don't want to change out of my pjs to go get any.
  10. Tai Chi can give many of the benefits of yoga without some of the issues. I have bad knees and a wrist that can't bend backwards or support any weight, so a lot of yoga poses are just not possible. I love doing Tai Chi.
  11. We had a very similar situation with my oldest. Her school is between 30 and 90 minutes away depending on traffic and accidents. Definitely "commutable" since people do it all the time, which is why the traffic is so bad (her school is actually on the way to NYC from our house, so BIG commuter traffic). We decided to let her live on campus for many of the reasons you mentioned. Her tuition and fees were paid between us and her dad (divorce agreement) but we allowed her to use her Stafford loans for room and board. So, yes she took on some debt but fairly minor overall. It made for a much better experience for her and I do think it made it more likely that she would finish. She was able to pick the best classes for her schedule, rather than trying to keep things together or not too late at night for her commute. She had days where she had early morning classes, huge breaks, then late classes. That would have been awful if she was commuting. She has her 4 year degree and is now back at the same school commuting for grad school but grad school is all in the evening only one day a week. What does you son want to do?
  12. I'm sitting here waiting for the kids to be ready to go to the lake. We're meeting friends around 11am, which is in 20 minutes. Ds is eating lunch (he usually eats around 11/11:30 so not that early for him), dd is eating cereal, I ate a snickers bar since I went to AFSA to buy snacks for the beach, safe spray sunscreen (harder to find than you'd think and $$$$$), and mini M&M's to use as zombie antidote for my escape room tomorrow. Have to leave beach by 4:30 since I have tutoring at 5pm. We're expecting a big storm tomorrow or at least lots of rain. I'll go by the science center to work most of the day.
  13. With all you said, I'd bow out. Do they know you're husband hates this kind of thing and your ds is on the spectrum and hates this kind of thing? Because it sounds like they chose the worst possible vacation given all that. Unless.... if you hardly see the in-laws and this is really a rare opportunity to see them all and they are getting older so there might not be many more opportunities to spend time with them, then I might bite the bullet and go. What does your dh want to do, since it's his family?
  14. Stove is lit, tea is brewing, didn't burn the house down.
  15. We are going to the lake around 11am. I have to run to the store before that for spray sunscreen, snacks and Advil. But I WANT my tea first.
  16. I did not mean to get up this early. But my neck/back of my head feels achy when I turn my head. I want my tea but our stove (propane) electronic lighters don't work anymore. So we've been lighting them with a grill lighter. But the grill lighter isn't working anymore (at least not for me) so I found matches. The box is really old and the match won't light by running across the sides (to worn down), so I found a cigarette lighter we use for candles. But then I burnt my finger so I was going to use the lighter to light a match to light the stove. And then I realized I evidently didn't turn the stove off all the way after my last attempt so there was propane built up. So, I have the door open to air things out before I try to light the stove again. It is most definitely too early for this sh**.
  17. It look me longer than it should have that I already read the book I brought with me and since it was a book I just bought up in Connecticut, that more than likely I now have two copies of it. Made plans with friends to go to the lake tomorrow so that will be fun. Tuesday is going to be crappy/rainy so I'll finalize my escape room and do some more cleaning/rearranging at the science center.
  18. Went to the lake for a few hours. Dh fished, DD swam with friends, Ds swam and annoyed his sister and her friends, I kayaked and read a book while sitting with my mom, who kept talking while saying "I'll let you read your book" then would start talking again.
  19. I hardly swim but I have multiple suits. We swim in lakes and on sandy beaches so suits get full of sand and need to be washed really well before wearing again. And yeah, they don't always dry that quickly and I can't get them back on if they're wet and clammy. I pick based on fit and comfort. I'm not going to buy new ones just to have ones that dry faster. Mine also vary based on what the plan is - one I will wear if we swim inside, long sleeve rash guards if out at the beach all day/planning to kayak, long shorts if planning to kayak, shorter shorts if mainly swimming inside or out. Dd wears bikini tops and double layer exercise shorts. She has two or three of each.
  20. I liked it overall. Toward the end with all the hims was kind of weird but interesting to think about how even a few different experiences can change so much. I finished it in one day so didn't find it hard to get through.
  21. I get those moments where I look in the mirror and see my mother. Or my brother. I don't look as much like either of them when I'm not overweight but when I am, and especially as things are starting to sag. I was talking to someone the other day about how long I've been involved in science education. It's been almost 30 years. And I was definitely an adult when I started.
  22. My current drivers license picture is so bad the person at the DMV asked if I wanted them to retake it. I didn't care. We'd been on line for about an hour, I had the two kids with me and they were about 6 and 4/7 and 5. I just wanted to get out of there. Now that I think about it, I may be up for renewal soon. Unless I've been able to renew without a new picture, which is possible.
  23. I have bike short style long swim shorts and shorter looser swim shorts from Target that have lasted a lot of years. Tops are harder because I am most definitely overweight but it doesn't come along with the bigger booKs that most women seem to get out of the deal. It makes it really hard to find tops that fit well. I have a couple - one tankini style which is good but I mostly wear two rash guards since I burn super super easily. I bought a white bikini top just to wear under the rash guards because I don't want to ruin my bras wearing them underneath and they definitely need something. I do have one dress style bathing suit that isn't awful but I don't find it that comfortable. I like to wear shorts over my suit until I'm actually in the water and I can't do that with a skirt.
  24. Clean and reorganize my entire house. Train the kids on doing laundry, vacuuming, and maybe a few other things. Figure out our club display for the 4-H Fair. Work on plans for the additional 4-H club I'm starting with a friend.
  25. Start my yoga/Tai-Chi/Kick-boxing habit. Take the kids fossil hunting. Go beach combing. Go kayaking/canoeing.
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