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  1. Morning. Happy Hump Day! Today is my short day. Two classes, no TKD, nice and relaxing (theoretically). My schedule is actually pretty good this year. Tuesday is my only really long hard day (I really should put the hard classes on a short day). The rest of the week is things I find easier. But, yeah it's the same old/same old with some January blahs thrown in.
  2. I no longer move around in my sleep since sleeping with babies. Instead I wake up almost completely before rolling over, then go back to sleep. I wake up stiff and sore a lot from not moving/not completely relaxing. My youngest child is 13, I really should be over this by now.
  3. I actually voted that it's "tiny little" but then reading your example, I realized that I might use "little tiny" in the same way you did. This is odd. I'd say "look at the tiny little mouse, isn't he cute?" but I also might say "where did the little tiny mouse go?" I'm not sure what the difference is that would determine which one I would use. Huh. I'm in NJ and pretty much always have been.
  4. 45 minutes yoga, 7,294 steps (so far).
  5. I wonder if this will make CLEP a more popular option for average students or homeschoolers wanting to show some mastery, even if its not for credit (or just elective credit).
  6. Morning. It's Tuesday. My hardest, longest, craziest day of the week. yippee😝 It actually shouldn't be too bad. I'm not doing any super messy activities today. Two weeks ago I did four extremely messy activities and that was a looooooooonnnnnnngggggg day. I yoga'd with dd, one intense standing yoga routine and one relaxing/calm yoga routine. I should see about 8,000 steps over the course of the day, then home to take dd to TKD. She got two vaccines at the doctor yesterday so may not feel up to it.
  7. I forgot to post yesterday. 30 minutes yoga/tai chi was about it. Two of my three classes for the day were remote so not as many steps as usual, although I did hit my goal (6000 for now).
  8. I'm in the Northeast and everybody always just called everyone by first names, whether bosses or subordinates. I can't really think of any exceptions. If I really didn't want to have someone use a nickname, I'd probably first try a lighthearted "Ha ha, you better stick with xxxxx or I might not realize you're talking to me!".
  9. I allow my students to call me whatever they want. The little guys tend to call me Miss Firstname, the older kids tend to avoid calling me anything at all until they know me better. 😁 I have two that call me "Mom" 😉, one that calls me "Miss Teacher Lady" (as a light-hearted joke), and a few who do call me Mrs. Lastname. Quite a few of my newer students probably don't know my last name. My Freshman year of high school I had a Biology teacher who called me Dottie at orientation and I didn't realize he was talking to me. I don't think I've ever had anyone else call me a nickname at
  10. I set up school for the week and did some longer term planning for history/geography and dd's math. Then I worked on classes and got my entire week planned out. I washed the goat, did the laundry. Only thing left for today is to change the kids sheets when they go shower. They have checkups tomorrow so showers are essential but they won't have time tomorrow. They pretty much always shower on Sundays (rest of the week varies based on schedules) and I figured out when they are in the shower on Sundays is a good time to change them. All in all, a productive weekend.
  11. Morning. Dh is on his way home! Yippee. I'll get to listen to football while trying to set up school this afternoon. 😉 It's definitely quieter when he's not here (especially when the kids are still asleep) but we miss him. I've been feeling very very tired lately. I'm sure it's a combination of gloomy winter (I need to up my vitamin d consumption) and eating too much crap. I'm working on the crap part of it. Dh made me a big pot of oatmeal that I can nuke a portion of for breakfast each morning so that will help. We don't have much candy in the house anymore so that wil
  12. Finland doesn't exist? I haven't heard of even half of those.
  13. I'm not really sure it's going to work but basically I'm going to do history by region in the order it's in the geography program. So I took the geography and matched up with the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History and the Kingfisher Encyclopedia of World History and a little bit with History Odyssey (since I have it). We'll do history first, doing readings, adding things to our timelines (which I'm setting up by region, maybe color coded I'm not sure), then doing Geography for that region. I'm going to do this up through Early Modern then emphasize US History for Modern. I think.
  14. Good afternoon. I finished up my business taxes this morning and sent a copy to the accountant. I hope I did them at least mostly correctly. I feel somewhat brain dead these days. I'm tired, I hate winter, and I have two million details to keep track of. I feel like I'm working three full time jobs, but things should settle down after next week. I have a little bit of a break, then two weeks after that I'm mostly off for President's day week. The rest of today I'm working on homeschool plans for the kids, then tomorrow I"ll work on my classes and do laundry.
  15. So, can most people NOT read upside or mirror images? I can read upside down just as easily and fast as right side up. It's come in handy a couple times (I found out a boss I had who was a real jack*** was planning something and I was able to get my paperwork ready before he sprang it on me). I know my kids can read upside down at least a little bit, particularly if the print is large enough. I never thought to ask dh if he could.
  16. High School, ugh. Dd will be 9th but she's also a young 9th so I try not to drive myself crazy. We had a bit of a rough school year for 2019-2020 and Covid didn't help on catching up. She's doing Key to Algebra this year. Math is not her strong suit and she needs lots of repetition so we'll probably do MUS Algebra 1 next year. She doesn't do well with busy textbooks. She's currently doing Mosdos Press Jade. We may do their 8th grade, Gold, next year or I may have her do Essentials in Literature 9 which ds is currently doing so I already have it. She's a strong enough read
  17. Obviously you are allowed to bring it up because you did. Your post is here, it hasn't been removed or altered in any way. Asking for what evidence you are using to draw these conclusions (and thinking that there is something suspicious about the election and fraud must have occurred is still a conclusion, even if it's just from your BS detector) isn't preventing you from posting.
  18. Morning. Happy Friday! Two classes today but one is split into two separate Zoom sessions so more like two tutoring sessions. Should be interesting. Dh is heading down to visit his mom for the weekend. I'll do my usual - work on classes. And finish up my tax stuff. And maybe go through the kids drawers and pull out stuff that doesn't fit. And set up some school. Next week is my last week of the current session but the following week is a make-up week so I still teach Wednesday Thursday Friday, and one class on Monday (by zoom), so not exactly a week off. But I'm
  19. 30 minutes yoga, 15 minutes Tai Chi, 8,143 steps from teaching class for 4 1/2 hours. Still haven't managed to do any walk videos this week. I have to do them at the end of the day so I'm not sweaty while teaching but I'm wiped out by the end of the day.
  20. Morning. Happy Thursday. Another week almost wrapped up. I did yoga with dd this morning, ate breakfast and I'm relaxing (at the science center) with my second cup of tea. I have until 11:30 to relax, do some dishes, organize some stuff before my first class. Between yearly tax return, quarterly tax payments, registration, and starting to think about summer camp and next years classes, this is a paperwork heavy time of year. But I'm not teaching any less, it's paperwork on top of teaching. I may see what dh thinks about asking our accountants that do our tax returns how much t
  21. 45 minute Tai Chi, 15 minutes yoga. Not sure of steps because my Fitbit battery died.
  22. Good Morning. Today is my easy day and I made it easier by choosing to do activities that aren't that messy.
  23. This sounds like they didn't set their system up correctly. You have options for limiting it to certain hours, "snoozing" certain hours. We live in a neighborhood with absolutely no street lights and the nearest light is our neighbors house about 100 yards away. We still get very good (for "night" vision) video in the middle of the night. We've been able to watch bears try and decide whether they want to climb the fence to get to the garbage, and racoons run along the top. A lot of people around here share video of those kinds of night visitors. I can talk through my ring even
  24. We have a Ring doorbell/camera. We have it on our fence around our backyard because our "front" door is actually in the back of our house. The bedrooms are on the front of the house so we can't see when someone pulls into the driveway or a delivery is made so the camera helps with that since we can look through it any time. My kids are occasionally home alone so we like being able to see if someone comes to the house when we aren't there. Crime is not really an issue where we are.
  25. 45 minutes yoga and 5 hours teaching on my feet (Tuesdays are my long days) - 9,442 steps just from class.
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