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  1. The last place I worked there were employees that their entire job was to manage the project deadlines - Project Managers. This is basically what Microsoft Project was invented for.
  2. I shouldn't say "continuing" to post. I posted once. Had my annual(ish) physical today. I'm healthy except needing to lose a minimum of 20 pounds. That gets me to a still overweight but probably a lot healthier weight. Still have to go do the blood work part of things.
  3. I made the mistake of going back and reading more. I shouldn't have. I wanted to jump in and argue. But knew that would be a mistake. It's wasn't an argument that could be won. So I let it go and satisfied myself with liking certain posts/posters to show some support since I chickened out on continuing to post.
  4. Morning, tired. Snoozed my alarm for 30 minutes so now I'm running late. But just late for my "arrive an hour early to do yoga", not anywhere near late for setting up for classes. So that's good. Every morning my ankle hurts when I first get out of bed. I"m pretty sure it's the ankle I sprained badly a couple years ago and took forever to get better but is mostly fine now. As soon as I walk around on it for a while, it's fine and it's fine doing yoga, going to the gym (including a small bit of jogging on the treadmill), and being on my feet all day. So, I'm not sure what's up with that. I can only think it' has to do with the position of my ankle when I sleep (foot relaxed into a straighter position) and I'm wondering if wearing my pf boot that keeps the foot bent would be worth a try.
  5. That could work. I actually have one. It's not super sturdy but does have large sturdy wheels and I could probably even figure out a way to attach my current backpack to it. Probably better to at least try that before buying something new.
  6. Does anyone know of a wheeled backpack or totebag or suitcase that is really really good over gravel and rough ground? I have a nice wheeled backpack that I really like but I think the wheels are going to be done soon from rolling over our gravel walkway and driveway. I need wheels to bring my laptop and planner and class notebook and files and all kinds of other stuff and my back can't handle it.
  7. Happy Birthday to all the ITT birthday people. I thought Monday's were my long days but today felt awful long too. Three classes, then math with dd, then run her home, go back to clean and tutor, then rush home, meet dh and the kids in the driveway (tutor mom wanted to talk), drop dd at tkd, go to gym for an hour, back to pick up dd, drop dh at my mom's to borrow her car, home. Ate dinner at 8pm. I had 3 students that are new this session today and one who tried out a couple classes. Maybe that's why it seemed longer. Three classes tomorrow and my annual physical, but then I'm done for the day.
  8. Remember when dh accidentally forwarded all our mail to MIL instead of just stopping her mail from being forwarded to us? Well, the suit I ordered on October 18th for ds's Halloween costume JUST got to MIL's house yesterday. Ridiculous.
  9. I"m EST so was in bed sleeping. I'm still tired. I'm waking up feeling congested and icky but I usually feel fine once I take my benedryl and have my tea so I'm pretty sure it's just allergies/sleeping in dry air/lingering remnants of whatever. I do have my yearly physical tomorrow so I guess we'll see if there's something more to it.
  10. If you have Powerpoint, bring the picture into there, click on the image and go to the Picture Format menu and on the far left will be Remove Background. First let it choose what to delete/keep, but you can select "Mark Areas to Remove" and "Mark Areas to Keep" to adjust it so it only leaves what you want. I use that to put green screen pictures onto random backgrounds but I've also done it with just random pictures. I attached one I did using a picture of dd using her nunchuks which originally had a very busy background in my living room.
  11. Classes done, back from the gym, now getting ready to head out to 4-H. Then Monday is done. Tuesday is easier, just 3 classes and one tutoring student (who was not feeling well today so may not come tomorrow). But once again I checked past history and tomorrow's plan was just done last Spring and needs to be changed.
  12. We had to deal with this with my dd all the time. Constantly asking us to confirm secondary insurance. Part of the problem was that the insurance companies have their own rules about what's primary/secondary, usually having to do with when the birthdays fall during the year. Both ex and his wife had birthdays earlier in the year than dh and I, so the insurance companies constantly wanted them primary. I had to keep sending copies of the divorce decree. I actually wished they would just drop her from their insurance. I was the one who always took her to appointments and they had our information if it was ever needed.
  13. We used a lot of Evan Moor when the kids were younger. Mostly for extra review or practice, or something we just felt the need to check off a box. I had a subscription to the Teacher's File Box for quite a while. Unfortunately, we're pretty much passed the point where they are useful for us.
  14. Lots of our stuff is do-the-next-thing too but somehow my kids still can't figure it out.
  15. Made it to the science center almost at the usual time, did my yoga (ouch), then realized the activity I had planned for the first class was something that a few of them had just done in April. Way too soon to repeat an activity, so I scrambled to find something different to do. It wasn't too hard since all my stuff is here, it was just finding something I didn't need any extra ingredients for. We did activities on bugs, including the hissing cockroaches coming to visit. It worked.
  16. Neat. They are cheaper on Amazon for that brand, and they have a few other cheaper brands.
  17. There's not much to see except maybe my super messy handwriting. Our binders look exactly like this except they don't have a zipper all the way around, just a velcro strap. Each kid has their own color (which I then wrote their names on because I can't remember which is which). Their workbook pages are in the expanding part. The rings only hold the cardstock with library pockets, reference sheets and extra paper (less hole punching). I have attached a picture of the library pockets. They are just generic, plain pockets. I write their daily schedule on the outside (badly as you can see, I'll do new ones soon now that things are pretty firmly set) and put the cards for the days assignments inside. ETA: The cards aren't usually numbered as you see in the corners there, but I was trying to set up 14 days worth so did that to help. I tried having details written along the edge that sticks out but it was unnecessary additional work. I have to index card boxes, one for each kid, that hold any cards I've written out ahead, usually by subject but I bundled together a whole week for the next couple weeks.
  18. I never did laundry over the weekend. You guys didn't remind me, it's all your fault! Not mine at all. That big pile of clothes all over the bathroom floor that you almost literally can't do anything without stepping on it (really small bathroom, hamper is still in kitchen laundry nook from last week) wasn't enough to remind me, I was counting on you guys! Actually we're not in bad shape since I was doing laundry until almost mid-week, but I really should at least put the big pile into the hamper.
  19. We're supposed to get rain tomorrow night, then temperatures will drop and it will turn to snow. I don't think we're supposed to get much accumulation. I'd rather just have snow, it tends to not feel as cold as freezing rain. Just keep fingers crossed I don't have to use a snow day the first week of my new session. That would kind of stink. ETA: Ugh, a freezing rain, snow booya
  20. Good Morning. I said sleeping is effortless so of course I had trouble falling asleep last night. Not sure why, I do seem to have a few days of hormone based insomnia each month. Could just be I'm not as active on the weekend. I'm not nervous about classes starting up again so I don't think it's that. I have a few new students but for the most part classes are continuing the way they have been.
  21. It's back to my usual routine tomorrow. Back to yoga first thing in the morning (haven't done it all week, it's going to hurt), back to teaching classes all day. New is going to the gym with ds while dd is at TKD. Hopefully we'll be able to build that as a good routine. I did get the next three weeks of the kids school all planned out. They are going to do school the week of Thanksgiving except Thursday itself. I'm off classes so I can plan the weeks after that of both classes and their school. Tomorrow is three classes, one tutoring student (maybe), gym, then 4-H robotics. Mondays are my long day. I"m heading to bed, 6:30 is going to come awful early tomorrow.
  22. I don't do any of the regular cooking unless dh isn't here. We do have multiple crock pots. Like 4 or 5 or 3 but one has multiple crocks or something. No instant pot or pressure cooker at all.
  23. I can't think of anything I do that is effortless except reading. I love to read and it takes no energy at all. I like to do research but that takes effort. I like to teach my classes but that takes effort - some more than others and often the most effort is in the planning not the doing. Sleeping. Sleeping doesn't take any effort at all 99% of the time these days.
  24. In the past I've done Excel spreadsheets, printing out a checklist for them each week, I've done student planners. I feel like I've tried everything. Problem is, I like to plan ahead and most of those methods are a pain if you need to adjust them. I'm trying index cards this year. Each assignment is on a separate index card (I reuse them later), I make up the index card for a given subject as far ahead as I can. They each have a binder with a cardstock page with library pockets labeled Monday through Friday, plus one that says Any Day. At the beginning of the week, I take cards for each subject and distribute them through the library pockets. If I need to adjust because they didn't get to something, I just put that card in again. If I need to add an extra step, I make up another card and bump things back. The binder also has expanding pockets for worksheets and thinner workbooks, plus a zipup pencil pouch. Behind the library pockets the binder rings hold extra paper, any reference sheets they use, etc. So far it seems to be working. They get things done and I can do setup pretty quickly.
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