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  1. 750 square feet, 2 adults and 2 teenagers. No bonus space at all (no attic, basement, garage, etc) but a decent outside area if the weather is cooperative (which it isn't these days). We manage because we're all introverts so the kids spend 99% of their time in their rooms. I'm really the only one that doesn't have a space of my own to escape to, but I also have the science center (my business) that I can go to. That helps quite a bit.
  2. I felt that way about Nicholas Sparks (Nights in Rodanthe I think?) and My Sister's Keeper. Just awful. I've mainly been reading very light fluffy romance lately because it's all I have the brain capacity for and I don't want deep thoughts or deep feelings. I picked something off my library's online list of "humorous". It was not humorous. A big trauma for the main character was a big part of the plot line. I wasn't happy.
  3. I agree with Arcadia that it's likely on their end. A lot of places send pdf's that aren't set up as forms so they are not fillable. I usually bring it into Powerpoint (by screenshot or import), use textboxes to fill in the proper blanks and then resave as a pdf. My handwriting is atrocious so I try to avoid it on anything official.
  4. Morning. No yoga with dd this morning because I didn't remember until around midnight last night that today was Tuesday, and that seemed a little late to send a message to make plans (and wait for a response). Oh well. I'm meeting a realtor this morning at a space down the road from my house. I need more space at the science center and this space looks great (except its second floor) and is inexpensive for the area. We shall see if it would actually work. I was thinking it was too early to look but dh pointed out we'd need time to move in and set up so would probably want t
  5. Light and fluffy is all I read these days, unless its science texts for classes. Happy Monday. I forgot to set up the kids school last night. No big deal, i can quickly put together something for this morning and do the rest of the week when I get back from teaching my class. I'm going to clean up my desk at the science center too. It's a wreck. Just stuff piled all over the place.
  6. Morning. I'm being lazy this weekend. I only have one class Monday (that I do need to finalize), no classes Tuesday but then my normal schedule the rest of the week. I have planning for the next session, calendars to get ready to publish, laundry to do, cleaning. But I don't wanna. I want to just sit and read books. Light and fluffy books.
  7. These are a couple of my favorite recent ones. I have a bunch of older ones on Pinterest.
  8. Forgot to post yesterday. 30 minutes Tai Chi and 7,063 steps.
  9. I got an email that I'm not eligible for the vaccine, but due to shortages there aren't any available, but I can try to make an appointment with links to three different ways. I'm just going to wait until more is available. I'm a teacher but small groups, short classes, full masking and I'm 51.
  10. Morning, It's Friday!!!! Another week done. Fairly easy day today, two "tutoring" sessions (class is still by zoom so we split) and one class. Next week I'm mostly off Monday and Tuesday - just one zoom class on Monday, then full schedule Wednesday through Friday. Then a new session starts the following week with a couple new classes.
  11. I'm another one with sometimes horrendous pronunciation since much of my vocabulary first came from reading. I'm also one who absolutely HATED family trees and heritage projects. My oldest had to do both. Family tree with divorced and remarried parents, half siblings, divorced grandparents - just messy. Heritage - Irish, Swedish, German, English, Italian and Welsh. I think she did Italian since her paternal grandma was actually born in Italy, but I remember hating that project because I wasn't connected to any of them, nor was my mother or any of my grandparents.
  12. Around here you have to bag your own if using reusable bags (due to Covid). Sounds like he was pretty rude about it. How much difference in time can it really be? Unless it's an extremely busy time with huge lines, I can't see it making that much difference. I'd probably complain if it happened again. Once, maybe having a bad day, twice he needs to be reminded about customer service.
  13. Morning. Happy Hump Day! Today is my short day. Two classes, no TKD, nice and relaxing (theoretically). My schedule is actually pretty good this year. Tuesday is my only really long hard day (I really should put the hard classes on a short day). The rest of the week is things I find easier. But, yeah it's the same old/same old with some January blahs thrown in.
  14. I no longer move around in my sleep since sleeping with babies. Instead I wake up almost completely before rolling over, then go back to sleep. I wake up stiff and sore a lot from not moving/not completely relaxing. My youngest child is 13, I really should be over this by now.
  15. I actually voted that it's "tiny little" but then reading your example, I realized that I might use "little tiny" in the same way you did. This is odd. I'd say "look at the tiny little mouse, isn't he cute?" but I also might say "where did the little tiny mouse go?" I'm not sure what the difference is that would determine which one I would use. Huh. I'm in NJ and pretty much always have been.
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