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  1. I'm going to the doctor. Probably for her to tell me I have a cold and there's nothing they can do to help. But I'm feverish (101.9), and coughing, and tired, and achy. If nothing else, I need a refill for my albuterol because I need to use that more often when I'm sick and the one I have expired last year (although according to dh, those expiration dates don't really mean that much). I hate going to the doctor. I hate being sick. But I guess if I had to get sick, this was the week to do it.
  2. Our schools finish up this week and go back after Labor Day. I tried to take a nap. I don't think I slept much but I laid down and rested. I think I want to go back and try again. I tried to eat some soup and I just can't eat. Other symptoms are much better - not that stuffy, coughing a little bit (but a deep cruddy cough when I do), but seriously achy and tired. This needs to go away now.
  3. My cold has moved from my head into my chest, so I feel like I"m going to cough up a lung. Totally predictable sequence every single time I get a cold. Sucky way to spend my first week off. On the bright (?) side, the weather is seriously crappy and is supposed to rain/thunderstorm every day this week so at least I don't feel like we're missing out on a lot of fun field trips and activities. I wanted to spend some time at the lake this week but that wouldn't be happening even if I wasn't sick. The kids haven't done school all week so far. I guess that's not too bad, it's only Tuesday right? I'll set up school today so they can do it the rest of this week.
  4. I cancelled everything and tried to lay down for a nap. No luck sleeping so I got up. It probably would have kept me from sleeping tonight if I had been successful anyway. Anyone else always feel like a slacker when they actually cancel things due to being sick? When I was a kid (and with exh) I was always treated like I was just slacking off/being lazy/lying to get out of doing things/ when I was sick. It makes it very hard for me to take the time off, I always feel like I'm being lazy/slacking off/could really push through this it's not that bad. Except I really do feel that bad.
  5. Weren't we just talking about getting sick when you have downtime? I'm sick. Didn't sleep at all last night. Stuffy head, runny nose, achy throat, coughing, sneezing, body hurts, miserable. No real fever though (99.7). Probably just a nasty cold. It came on super suddenly, like I knew the moment my throat starting feeling scratchy. I'm supposed to do two tutoring jobs today of an hour each, and have our last 4-H meeting tonight. Dh can't do 4-H without me, two leaders are required and we don't yet have a backup. I'm trying to decide if I can just be there sitting in the corner while he runs it or if I should go ahead and cancel. It's just an end of year party that we originally were going to do at the lake but it's supposed to thunderstorm this evening. I probably should just cancel everything so I can rest.
  6. My kids like drawing on walls but dh's dad owned a painting business and dh worked for him a lot during school. So, he never sees it as a big deal to have to repaint something. Okay, time to take some Dayquil and go to bed. I can't take Nyquil, it keeps me awake. Dayquil makes me feel well enough to sleep. I know, I'm strange.
  7. Dh is driving to visit his dad who's in some kind of nursing home to get his meds regulated in the morning. If he gets stabilized and doesn't lose his temper/get erratic, he can probably get moved to the same assisted living place as MIL. Things are kind of looking like they have a chance of working out there.
  8. I built a third bookcase and unloaded everything from all the cabinets, closets and shelves at the science center. Now I have to organize and put it all back. I was thinking I had all week to do it but we have 4-H Monday night. The meeting was going to be at the lake (an end of year celebration) but it's supposed to rain and be late afternoon thunderstorms. Which means we're back at the science center. Which means I have two days to put everything away and we are going out to dinner tomorrow night with my dad.
  9. I think I have a cold. I have that scratchy feeling in the back of my throat and nose. I don't want a cold. I'm on break next week. I don't want to be sick for my break.
  10. I'm done with my first full year running the science center! I already have a bunch of registrations for next year, plus the school assemblies, plus tutoring. Looks like this thing may actually work out. I am kind of excited to have next week off. I can certainly use the break. And I'm only doing at most 2 weeks of camp the following week. Then vacation the week of July 4th, then a full week of camp with 8-10 kids. After that it's all up in the air.
  11. So I am planning to continue my old commonplace notebook. I really like it, it has an Irish blessing on the cover and celtic knots (one of my new ones has Celtic Knots, I love that kind of stuff). BUT, some of the poetry was self-written and some of it is truly truly awful. I wrote a lot for a creative writing class I took in high school and they were for specific types of assignments. Would it be wrong to tear out those pages? On the one hand, they are truly truly awful. On the other hand, I doubt I have copies of them anywhere else.
  12. You have the booya! Somehow it shifted since last night. Happy Birthday to ds now 9.
  13. I'm also thinking of doing a book for the kids school. Ds is starting high school, dd is starting 7th (which started junior high when I was a kid). Notes about what they've done, plans going forward, etc. I just wonder if that's something that would be better done on the computer (where I kind of do already have an outline). I bought really nice embossed leather cover notebooks with a gift card today so I want to use them for something worthwhile and worth saving. ETA: A pretty notebook booya
  14. You guys should all be proud of me. I actually have a notebook that I used the WHOLE thing. I don't think I've ever done that before. It's one I use for my classes - list of students with allergies and if pictures are okay, contact information for parents (it's the one I keep in my purse so I have it at home for weather closings), activities that I do each week, activity ideas, etc. Of course, I have about 5 empty notebooks that I want to use. I already have a NASA one started for next years classes. I think I want to do a commonplace book, but I actually have one with quotes and poetry from when I was a teenager and there's lots of space left. I think I might just continue in that one. It might be cool to have the stuff from when I was younger. I'm also thinking of a smash book with my favorite pictures.
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