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  1. I don't have experience with this situation, but having navigated other difficult situations with hospitals... they often have services that they don't tell you about - both on the medical end and the support end. There's a lot of one hand not talking to the other kind of things. This is why they need a social worker. Just generally, they need to be talking not to the doctors and the billing people - or, not only to them - but to the non-medical support end folks that most hospitals have. Those are the people who know the system and can often help families understand what their next steps are.
  2. And yet again, I'll say it. Once it's here in the US, it'll spread even faster than in other places because there will be a huge number of people who avoid treatment because of the cost. The fact that so many victims have such a mild version I think will make it worse because people will think, okay, that'll be me, I'll be fine.
  3. All the precautions still assume that it's only able to be transmitted when someone is symptomatic. It seems like that might not be true. I mean, at least on the east coast, I've already got some mild stuffy early pollen stuff. And apparently that's the level of symptoms that some people feel. That's it. When you add in that there are hot spots cropping up where no one knows how people were exposed, then that's serious trouble. I mean, on Friday, if you were living in a small village in northern Italy and you felt a little off and had a bit of a cough, but you've literally never been to China and don't know anyone who has, would you ever, in a million years think you had this thing? Yet, that's what has happened. Boom, there are more than 150 cases and most of them the Italian and European authorities have zero clue where they got it.
  4. They definitely need a social worker. And they should definitely investigate whether there's anywhere else for them to go. Families move far away when things like this happen. I hate our healthcare. Things like this are so common and show us to be such a depraved society.
  5. It's not so much that courses junior year need to be harder - I may have said that a little funny... but rather than a lot is judged by junior year - it will be the most recent complete year that colleges will see. Colleges generally want students to be taking on the most challenging courses available to them and to be increasing the level of course difficulty, so that means... junior year is hard. In practice, no one necessarily needs to go full throttle on everything... but it depends on the goals.
  6. Holding you in the light.
  7. What's happened in Italy is the beginning of the pandemic, I think. It just exploded practically overnight from a couple of cases that were very specifically traceable to their infection to well over a hundred people that they don't know how they got it. That's the next step in a disease like this. It's just going to spread now. I think they missed the ability to control it. So far, it seems like every single rare bad thing that could happen with this virus has happened. Most of them can't jump to humans, this one did. Most of them can't jump person to person, this one did. Most of these sorts of viruses can't be transmitted until the person shows symptoms, this one can. Most of them have a 14 day window for quarantine, now they're saying this one seems to be longer. I mean, geez. It's just the perfect bad virus.
  8. Both chemistry and physics are hard for a lot of students... which one is harder might depend on the kid and the class and it might not entirely be predictable. The kid I thought was really going to struggle in Connie's class has a pretty good grade. It's the other kid who is a hot mess. Sigh. In general, junior year is peak hard, so if there's a natural way that doesn't limit a student's options going forward to do something slightly easier for a subject that year, then that seems positive. Colleges want to see a student taking on harder courses junior year... but they don't know which specific online or local courses and teachers are necessarily harder than others, so... Just things to consider.
  9. In terms of the wildlife trade, it's not just the pangolins. There's apparently a high likelihood that the pangolin is responsible for this one, but that's done. The next one could be another animal altogether. Leave wildlife in the wild. In terms of precautions... I've read that wearing plastic gloves is more effective, despite the widespread masks. Here in DC, I've only seen a tiny number of people wearing masks on the street so you'd definitely stand out a little, just FYI.
  10. I'm pretty chill with my kids over everything that isn't cruelty to others so it's not like I'm in there battling him over it all the time, but every once in awhile, I wade into the mess that's his room and lose it a little bit, I admit.
  11. Has the pangolin thing been discussed here yet? This thread is looong. I just hope this finally gets China to crack down on all their various illegal animal trades. Like, they should have anyway, but maybe they'll finally see a good reason to. We're supposed to go to Italy and Greece in April. Right now, I'm hesitantly thinking of ditching the money we spent on the Italy end of stuff and buying new tickets to just fly straight out of Rome when we arrive and on to Athens, skipping that whole part of the trip.
  12. I've read that young people don't use top sheets at all. We're not fans here. The fitting sheet thing is an ongoing battle I have with one of my teens. He refuses to put the thing on. If it starts to come off, he lets it and then pulls it all the way off and won't replace it. I don't feel like it's a personal preference... I feel like he's ruining the mattress. It's icky.
  13. Just to note... most colleges want to see that specialization too though. They want to see that your student checked off everything, but that they went more in depth with some things and that they have sustained interests. So, for that 4x4, maybe your oldest will just do the minimum "good" for math and science but will do a much more rigorous set of history and English and will do an elective or two that highlights her writing or reading or something else. And then when she goes to apply for colleges, that will be her "story" - that her love of ___ really shines through. SWB is such a good speaker. I have to admit that I don't adore TWTM overall, but the couple of times I've heard her speak, I do adore so much of what she says and emphasizes about the reality of homeschooling and shepherding kids.
  14. I mean, I've seen a number of different simulation type games for different types of viruses where you do something similar. Sometimes with glitter (though, please don't use glitter) and sometimes with lotion that only shows under blacklight. I think as a sort of very very basic school science class thing on germs, it's fine. As sex abstinence thing, it's absurd for a whole host of reasons, but if it's about the coronavirus, it's... I mean... You're going to abstain from... touching things outside your home?
  15. These are cool and have a lot of options:
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