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  1. I'm out. I can't even. This is my city. The president has militarized my city. It's the only place in the nation where he can do this because we're under imperial rule. He tried to take over my elected officials' offices against their will. I was down there yesterday and left just before this went down. I have friends there now and yesterday. This is just... I want to scream.
  2. Again, I was there. We're not talking about a few reporters. We're talking about liberal, conservative, middle of the road, and a TON of international correspondents. You're genuinely saying every one of them is a liar.
  3. I was there. I'm not saying things were not thrown at other times. However, no journalist and no one I know saw anything being thrown other than a couple of water bottles. They moved them out for the president's photo op. Including the church's priest. With very little warning. Before curfew.
  4. No. I thought I made that clear. I'm saying maybe. We DO know that there have been agitators in the crowd. There's video of a young white man smashing up the sidewalk that night. Protesters swarmed him and literally dragged him across the line and handed him over to the police. I'm not saying that the protesters haven't caused any damage. Like, there are some buildings that it's very well documented. Like, a block east, it was definitely young protesters smashing windows at the offices of a university and another protester tried to stop them. In the case of the church, whether it was agitators or protesters or looters (though that makes little sense in the case of the church) I'm saying it was definitely not about how they felt about the Episcopal church's policies or stances. I mean, the Episcopal church already supports BLM. It was likely an act of random violence. And possibly one that was not by the protesters. Possibly.
  5. Just adding to my thoughts on Mariann Budde's beautiful statement. The statements from Teaism in DC or the Bangladeshi restaurant in Minneapolis that was burned or any of countless other business that were harmed in the chaos are not things I see as hedging their bets or appeasing the protesters. I see them all as honest and genuine. It would be irrational to try and appease the protesters for some of these - the damage is already done. You can only destroy a building so many times. But also, the destruction is mostly random, geographic, and occasionally targeted at places with things worth taking (every T-Mobile I passed both times I was out today was utterly destroyed for the goods). There are different things at work here. Whether it's opportunistic looting by other people or protesters and other people or people desperately cornered by the police or white agitators trying to start a race war... the targets of property destruction are not aligned with some ideology. The church was briefly burned because it's right there and anger was spilling over. And possibly because someone wanted to make the protesters take the blame. Not because the protesters had feelings about the Episcopal church. Or about Bangladeshi food or tea or even CVS or T-Mobile.
  6. Twitter is a cesspool, but it's relatively easy to have an account to look at specific things... like, say, to follow your school and that one celeb you like and leave it basically at that. Though that's the issue with all social media. It's good for ___ (what it's good for depends on which platform) but only if you leave it at that. It's hard to do that sometimes for some people, maybe even for most people. I don't think there's one right answer to this. My teens have access. I check in a lot. The big thing is limiting themselves.
  7. To note, every protest I've seen here recently has been incredibly well masked. Much better than any other group I've seen. Certainly better than the people on the patios at the newly opened restaurants. Better than the people nearly wall to wall for the last several weeks in the parks. So the idea that these are mostly unmasked protests really depends on the city. I don't like it. But also, I'm fed up.
  8. I think you're entirely misreading this. I was literally there. I spoke with the priest briefly while I was in the crowd with the protesters. Several church people were there giving active support to the protesters on both days - before the fire and after. This is the Episcopal church. All my DC Episcopal friends, some of whom know the bishop, have read her statement as an endorsement of the protesters, not as some appeasement plea.
  9. It's also the case that studies show that vote by mail does not clearly favor one side or the other. Like, at all. So the idea that one side needs to quash it is coming purely from the gut feeling they have to limit the democratic process or they'll lose power. It's not even true for this particular aspect. It's entirely irrational. I don't want vote by mail this year to increase because I think it will help "my side." I want it because it will prevent increased infections in a pandemic, potentially when the virus is surging again.
  10. I think her reaction was just knee-jerk. But yeah, it's like if a certain person suggests something, then all logic flies out the window to support it with no reflection among some folks.
  11. A relative was posting that no one should be allowed to vote by mail. She reposts it now every few days. Finally, I was like, even the military stationed out of state or country? Even the president, who always votes by mail? Even in the states where it's the only method of voting? Yep. None of them should be able to vote. Like, not the military. I can't even.
  12. And I thought we had variety with 5 or 6 cheeses. But 7 or more is a nice number. If I have that many, it's usually around a holiday or entertaining time and I've had fun, nice cheeses out with appetizers. Right now there's... mozzarella babybells cheddar gruyere monterey jack parmesan
  13. But this is why bodies like the CDC are so important - because their job is to bring together a multitude of different researchers and people working in the field and distill their evidence into guidelines for other scientists and the general public. It's not that one expert should rule the day - it's that independent groups should help figure out what the scientific consensus is. And that's why an expert like the Plandemic "experts" don't really fly. They are way, way far outside the consensus, even if the woman at the center had not faked her lab data. And it's also why we can't be the deciders. It takes experts to even know which experts to trust fully. They don't always get it right. Scientific understanding evolves and a large body like the CDC can be slow to move. But that's different than this. It's their job to be our baseline so we can figure out who to trust for nuance or what is a disagreement by an expert vs. what is just out there. And now they can't really be trusted themselves. I hope your church finds a solution.
  14. There's a lot of number cooking going on to make political leaders look good.
  15. I hate to say this, but I think this is hugely problematic. I do think that's what needs to happen practically, but most people are not experts. We need experts to guide us. Every person thinking they know better than the experts because they read an article or two and listened to a podcast or watched Youtube is one of the biggest problems right now. While we all should evaluate information and check our sources and so forth and make decisions that are the best for us... it should also not be on us to figure out what to do in the absence of real guidelines. This is literally the job of our government. While they have made many missteps over the years, I have never seen anything like this where I find the advice of a scientific body to be so blatantly untrustworthy and politically motivated.
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