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  1. Pricey, used by ritzy private schools to supplement, but you can also enroll as an individual. The set up is a bit more like PAH's asynchronous courses in that there may be interaction between the students, but it's much more like something like UC Scout in that the primary interaction is between the teacher and the student. Apparently they do require student-teacher meetings as part of the course, they're just not part of a class set time. I've heard they're good, but I can't give specific reviews on any particular teachers.
  2. It's warm enough to see people in person again. I am looking forward to keeping doing that.
  3. Oh, definitely. I would say this is one of those things where a story in and of itself is not negative. Some people are crazy, some people buckle under pressure, some people are driven to do irrational things by grief. Those are good things to tell stories about. But when the same story with the same problem elements gets told again and again, it can become diminishing. The Wandavision writers have literally talked about the "crazy lady narrative" and hoping to get past it and be more nuanced because that's not a particularly empowering narrative. I guess I'm trying to decide if they succ
  4. I liked some things about them a lot. But the disjointedness made it hard to appreciate them. I'm not sold on them, basically. My kid really, really hated that they brought Vision back essentially. He was like, that's so Marvel. Just give people consequences for once. A friend pointed out that the whole grief-mad woman thing is a trope and a pretty tired, anti-feminist one as well. They felt that Marvel wanted to use that trope, but then didn't want it to be too trope-y so they tweaked it but that was part of what possibly undermined it. I'm thinking about whether I agree or not. I'
  5. I'm on the fence about the final two episodes. I feel like I'm going to go back and watch the whole thing again to decide. There were definitely moments of brilliance, but... I'm not completely sure if the tone shift ended up fully working or if they built enough of the end theme of grief into the beginning for the whole thing to hang together as well as I want. The thing I most wanted a payoff for was the Twilight Zone-esque horror that built slowly from the early episodes to the middle. And that... maybe never got paid off. In the finale, I loved Vision vs. Vision. I needed WAY mo
  6. To some extent, definitely. But there's also clearly some writing tricks that they've all learned in terms of how to craft complex sentences, take a pattern and vary it, etc. in ways that I don't see most kids doing that I'm pretty sure they're picking up from the BT feedback specifically.
  7. My kid is taking the Lili Serbicki class at Aim in the fall. This will be the first (and apparently the only as he's a rising senior) time he'll have English not with me. We'd do dual enrollment, but this is much, much cheaper for us. I've got some good reviews on it. But... we chose it because it seems like it's not going to be an intensive AP. So that's probably not what you want. The moving parts on Blue Tent are also not totally my cup of tea. I recommend them pretty often, but I think they're flawed. I like my own humanities class, lol, but I guess that's to be expected. I will say t
  8. I mean, there are so many other options, so I'm guessing that explains it? The two core groups who use CTY are homeschoolers and public schoolers who need enrichment. But like, any school with an AP program will have AP Lang. I'll bet it's the only AP exam at some schools or one of two or three at a lot of schools with smaller AP programs. Given how expensive it is to do a CTY course and given how many other options there are... I wonder that they even have it, honestly.
  9. I actually don't. There are so many options for it that I think people are less likely to use it.
  10. Right. And don't be put off by the reviews complaining about how spicy it was.
  11. I'd also do it 1-2 times a week for the right option like Regentrude said. If things go back in person next year, we might be spending an hour there and back, which I'm not looking forward to at all. It's not even that far, we're just in a city and there's a river. It's very much not convenient. Supposedly there will be some outdoor labs for environmental science coming up soon so I guess I'll see how that feels.
  12. Really seconding that a lot of the reviews are now pointless in the pandemic with the transition to online. Ds is in a class with a professor who had a large portion of bad reviews. Reading between the lines, we decided she was a tough grader, but excited about her subject and that ds would just have to be really on things because she didn't give enough support all the time. The section was just the best option so we decided it was worth the risk. But she apparently changed how she does things in the pandemic. So much more support. She's great. Ds raves about her and how she structures assignm
  13. We've had two radically different experiences at two community colleges with Covid. One went online and the profs disappeared and the workload went poof. The other doubled down on being present, showing up, in class online stuff. It's been... interesting. The community thing... Yeah. I think these are challenges for a lot of students homeschooling. We didn't face that exactly, but we know many who have.
  14. My understanding is that a lot of places are trying to strike a balance between likelihood to be exposed vs. likelihood to experience complications/death if you do get exposed. A young person without comorbidities but in an institution isn't likely to die from Covid, but is more likely to be exposed, for example.
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