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  1. If I could say, "The power of Christ compels you!" and make something happen, you'd better believe it would not be sticking a penny to a wall. I'm not really a Christian anymore, but this is not anything like the Christianity I grew up in. If it comes up in mixed family company, I'd say something about respecting different nuances of belief and faith. To my own kids, I'd explain both why that's not compatible with your views of God, but also why it's important to be polite and respectful to others and how to change the subject.
  2. The software was horrible ages ago when my kids were little. Unless they've really changed it, I certainly wouldn't trust it. A huge part of what they were judging as "reading skills" for - let's remember here - early elementary kids - was how fast they could type the word. I'm a fast typer and reader and I could barely keep up.
  3. I would do a mix of things. I'd make sure math was a solid option online. But this would depend on the kid. I don't think it has to be live to work. Depends on the kid. I'd also make sure that you're covering writing somehow, but either you do that or you choose an online class that will do it. I'd focus on making the fun enrichment stuff I did at home work for both the 9 and 12 yo. The vast majority of kids those ages could do history and science together. Possibly even literature. I'd enroll in a couple of online classes in addition to the math. I think there are a lot of options out there now. Groovy Kids, G3, WTMA, Brave Writer, Open Tent... I've been teaching a middle school class online 🙂. But really - I'd browse options and have her pick a couple of things. Middle school classes don't fill up like high school courses do so there's plenty of time. You'll have options. I wouldn't focus on getting the "right" subjects in. Find something sciencey and something humanities leaning if you can, but I would focus on letting her pick. Middle school is great for that. There's no rules.
  4. Apparently the vast majority of art inside was removed before it could be damaged. Firefighters took things out to keep it safe as the fire blazed on the roof. If you’ve been, I think they mean all the stuff in the main part of the cathedral in all the little chapels. One rose window shattered. But apparently they’re optimistic about most of the glass. I guess we’ll see. Some of it is definitely intact. The whole interior wooden frame and latticework is gone. That included very old stuff. Also, the roof and the spire. At one point, they thought the bells might fall and the tower might collapse. They saved it. If you look at the photos, you’ll see that the whole stone interior is still there. It’ll never be the same, but they’ll definitely restore it. 😥 I’m so glad to have seen it. My boys were so little when we went, but Mushroom said he does remember it (mostly because Grandma tripped and hurt her knee coming out!).
  5. Just from a pragmatic perspective, ASD is such a wide ranging thing that it clearly is a gift for many people - who are able to turn their focus into rewarding work and lives, who like the way it gives them a unique perspective. For others, obviously it does make the world more frustrating and puts them in a more vulnerable position in society in a whole host of ways. Presumably everyone has the right to determine for themselves whether they see this aspect if their identity as a challenge or a gift.
  6. Mathematics: A Human Endeavor. I also couldn’t bear to part with the c-rods. Unless you count literature used, I’m sure I’ll eventually part with everything else. I can’t imagine keeping it. I already have very little left from before 7th grade. I mostly kept math books for reference and to loan. Even those I’ll ditch eventually.
  7. At one point, I had a really good, top of the line glasses benefit on my insurance. So I tried to shop somewhere where I could use it. Despite hundreds of dollars off, they were still going to be substantially more than online. Warby Parker takes insurance. Some others may too. But even if they don’t take yours... still a better deal most of the time.
  8. I got lower quality from EyeBuy and Zenni. My Zenni ones were downright wrong. So I stick with Warby Parker and... what’s the other $100 one? I had a good pair from them. I still have an ancient pair of WP’s that have held up better than any glasses I’ve owned.
  9. Sorry, Janeway. I also thought this was this child’s first year in school so I thought she’d been home for kindy. My main point was really just to say that I know you’ve posted about your struggles and worries across the board - but I think that’s because you’re someone who puts that out there to work through it - not because you’re doing a bad job by any means. I hope you’re able to find the right path for her. She and you sound miserable with this school.
  10. I know she’s struggled and worried, but I think this is a major overstatement for a first grader. You’re basically saying Janeway failed at kindergarten. I don’t buy that any loving parent can do that. And one year of school is one year of not a great experience, not a fail - especially for first grade. I feel like Janeway and others talk about this situation in terms that I’d reserve for a much older student. She’s six! Nothing has been given much of a chance to work. At this point, I stand by my advice to pull her. Who cares if Janeway has a plan to “adequately educate” her for the next month and a bit. It’s so little time. She’s prioritizing her kid’s mental health- because I promise that this situation where Janeway and the teacher harp on her for this pointless work is hurting her more than “inadequate” first grade reading or math practice.
  11. I think Daniel Willingham’s summary of this is useful: I wouldn’t focus on learning styles - I’d just read good books aboutvteaching and education.
  12. Stop prioritizing the homework over her mental and physical needs. You’re sending the message to her that she needs to do this pointless homework and wasting both your time. I feel like a lot of people in a previous thread about this - once we realized how young she is - urged you to stop doing it at all. If you cannot bring yourself to, then, yes, I’d pull her now.
  13. Anything by Oliver Sacks. There's a Steven Pinker book that's good as well - How the Mind Works. I know there are a lot of more recent books, but I haven't read those, but hopefully you'll get more recommendations.
  14. So, maybe? She apparently does Skype sessions. She's really great. I know she's licenced as a professional career counselor, but I'm not sure how that works from state to state. It may not be an issue...
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