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  1. The Romania thing really got me. I'm all in on this. Like, is it art? Is it an elaborate performance piece? Are WE all part of the art because we're talking about it?!?
  2. I ADORE Arrested Development. There was a conversation about favorite rap group ever and I was like, they're still in my top three or so. But this is apparently a deep embarrassment to my kid and his budding love of rap. I don't mind the nonsense. Like, I don't make him turn off Lil Mosey, who is just complete nonsense. I was like, what the heck IS a Blueberry Faygo. My kid had to explain that Lil Mosey himself didn't know but just liked the way it sounded. What's Poppin kinda grew on me throughout the summer and that's both dirty as all get out and nonsense at the same time. Like, Jack Harlow
  3. Mushroom knows I don't enjoy some of the rap he likes, particularly and that if he plays those songs - especially things that have the N-word a LOT or that are especially demeaning toward women - then I'm just more likely to seize control of the car radio myself in general more often, even if I'm not censoring particular songs. So he tends to put on Childish Gambino, Logic, Eminem... hip hop artists I like more than he does DaBaby or Lil Baby... guys, why are they all called BABY? Sigh. I mean, he also likes a lot of other stuff too. He has wide ranging taste, he's just been listening to a lot
  4. I tried to find confirmation and couldn't because that wasn't included in any of the other stories I read. The picture of the hikers is weird. They... picked up the little pyramid and put it on the pile of rocks?
  5. Several years ago, I made this resolution to get better at lunch. I made a list of lunches. I committed to making a hot lunch most days. We started eating really well at lunch and watching documentaries while we ate and eating on time. It was great. Then I stopped making dinner. Oops.
  6. Farrar


    A friend who had different parts of her family who simply could not share space eloped and only friends were allowed at the wedding in Vegas then held separate celebrations of the marriage for those folks. Seemed like a brilliant solution to me. Scarlett, from what you're saying, you made it beyond clear that you are happy to abide by her decision and that it's genuinely her decision and you refuse to make it for her. I would stop responding to efforts to hash it out with you. Seconding the pass the bean dip advice if she tries. And good luck dealing with the person you're not speaking to
  7. Farrar


    In the end, she has to make the call. It's her wedding. From what you're saying, it almost sounds like she's pushing you until she gets a certain response she wants. This isn't so different from what others have said, but I'd just bluntly say, "Obviously I would rather not see X and I absolutely appreciate that you thought of me. But you and your decisions and wedding are up to you. I would feel terrible if you didn't have the wedding you wanted and needed. It seems like you want me to make this decision for you. But in the end, it's your call and I respect that." If pressed past that, honestl
  8. Seconding Set and Rat-a-Tat-Cat for that age. We also really liked Shut the Box. And we played Mastermind a lot at that age. There is a kid version, but unless they've updated the design, it's incredibly poorly made. It's better to just get the regular version and remove some of the colors and/or put tape over some of the peg holes to make a shorter sequence to guess.
  9. He asked for coffee, slippers, bubble bath, and crossword puzzles. I think I might be married to an old lady when I type that out. I'll definitely get him bubble bath and crosswords for his stocking. And I got him a couple of Nats print masks for the stocking too. I guess I'll just get him a box of coffees to wrap. Sigh. I'd love to get him something surprising and delightful, but he can't do the things he loves most right now - attending theater, being in theater, and traveling. So I guess we may as well save for when we can.
  10. A few hours later, not weird. A day later... slightly weird, but depends a little on the context. Two days later... actually weird. Like, at that point, is it a response? Isn't it just a new text? But it also depends on what the context of the text is. I mean, to family about casual things, I don't necessarily expect a response at all unless it's a clear question. To friends that I text with, it depends. I have one friend who will respond to something I said like two days later. Sometimes it's so much later that I'm like, what are you even talking about. But also, she's genuinely a weird
  11. Another vote for both youtube and Sephora. My (male) dancer has used both. I also think it's okay to rely a little bit on the other moms. Trust me, someone wants to help. I am very surprised that false eyelashes are being required for classical ballet. The girls at the series classical studios we've been at have never worn false eyelashes. None of the professional productions my kid has done has had the girls in them either. I'm just very surprised.
  12. We get a veggie and fruit box all through the winter here... it's not a CSA - they source local when they can and do other things when they can't. In the winter, you end up with bananas and the stored apple crop a lot for the fruit, for example. I agree that the quality of the frozen produce matters a ton. When the pandemic hit and stores got really empty briefly, I bought a Costco sized bag of green beans, thinking, well, I'll live through it if we have to throw them in soups. But they were shockingly good. We actually ate them all - I mostly roasted them, but they also did fine in the
  13. I have my mother's stocking. I'm stuffing it and boxing the whole thing up so she can open it on Christmas morning. She'll probably be able to see my step-sister, since they live in the same town, but I know it's not quite the same. We rarely see other family at Christmas, so same old same old for them. If I see friends, it's always in passing, here have some cookies sort of a thing anyway, and I'll continue that, just in the context of outdoor hellos and not holiday parties.
  14. Yes, it sounds like it's Covid and that it's absolutely possible that you got it from him. Of course it's possible that it's a sinus infection, but I would go on the assumption that it's Covid. It really sounds like it is. I'd isolate from everyone as best you can, start on vitamin D, get a pulse ox if you don't have one, get tested (I wouldn't bother with the Doctor on Demand - get the first test you can tomorrow presumably), and stick a humidifier in your room if you have one.
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