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  1. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    nm. I’m done.
  2. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    It doesn’t matter what your goal is; shooting someone is using deadly force and should be treated as such. You have no business even aiming a gun at someone unless your intent is to kill. The idea that you can shoot someone only to injure them is for movies and TV shows, not real life.
  3. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    False dichotomy.
  4. Word Nerd

    Instant Pot WARNING: One model may overheat/melt!

    I’ve never even heard of the IP multicooker until yesterday, and it doesn’t affect IP electric pressure cooker users. It’s also not a recall, so there’s no reason to panic even if you do have one.
  5. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    Two of the officers who remained outside (not including the resource officer who resigned after he was suspended without pay) have been placed on restricted duty while the sheriff’s office investigates whether they could have or should have done more.
  6. Word Nerd

    Alternative to panhandling

    I can picture that working somewhere like on Boulder’s Pearl Street, but not where I live. Walmart is where panhandlers go to collect money from vehicles leaving the parking lot.
  7. Word Nerd

    Local schools received threats of violence

    There have been multiple threats reported across my state in the past week too. Even my little hometown’s junior/high school added police presence at the school because of rumors of a threat made through social media. It didn’t turn out to have been a credible threat, but they took it seriously.
  8. Word Nerd

    Winter Olympics

    Warning: I heard they’re going to be NBC’s announcers for the closing ceremony.
  9. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    That was just an example. I'm certainly not arguing in favor of it. But people have explained why various gun control proposals wouldn't be effective or would have unintended consequences too. They're usually dismissed as "throwing their hands up in despair."
  10. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    The bolded seems to depend on what tribe you're perceived to be in as well. No one is accusing the posters saying arming teachers won't work of being obstinate or unwilling to look for solutions.
  11. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    My state doesn't even require that much. If you can legally buy a gun, you can CC. No permit, no classes, no fee—nothing.
  12. My dad had similar problems when he was in incredible pain before he was able to have back surgery. I know our Walgreens has signs posted that say they may be unable to fill prescriptions for certain types of medication regardless of what the prescription says (I don't remember the exact wording), but other pharmacies in town don't have signage like that. It would be worth checking with a different pharmacy.
  13. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    Arctic Mama did, and another poster explained what semi-automatic means.
  14. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    He did move the kids out of the room and call the police. I wouldn't shoot in the same situation (I wouldn't personally be holding a gun to begin with) but I don't think it's outrageous that the homeowner believed a person in a window well trying to break into a home he knew was occupied posed a threat to his family.
  15. Word Nerd

    Florida school shooting :(

    A detail that the PP didn’t include is that the intruder wasn’t just standing outside but was crouched in the window well by the children’s bedroom, which changes my view of the homeowner’s actions. It's still under investigation and they may still determine it was not justifiable self-defense, but it's more understandable than just shooting someone standing outside.
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