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  1. I had been wondering if that might be our son's issue, but the neuropsychologist was fairly confident that wasn't the case. At least that's one thing we can check off! Another two data points: Yesterday was another day without Adderall but with a cup of tea, and, though he had his usual grouchy moments, he didn't have a meltdown. This morning we forgot to give him his tea, and he had a meltdown before lunch. We sure made him drink his cup of tea after that! There's something that's going on in that brain of his that's responding to the caffeine, but the Adderall was just too much. W
  2. Your OT sounds wonderful, Kbutton. I wish we could get someone like that around here... We will definitely try another med. We're just putting the Adderall away until we can talk to the doctor. I do hope we can try something else soon.
  3. Thanks, PeterPan! I'll go up the food chain. Yesterday, we didn't give him the Adderall, we just went back to one cup of tea (which we weren't doing when he was taking the meds), and there weren't any meltdowns. He seemed happier. The kid can't keep on task for more than half a second, but at least there was no aggression. It's funny, when I started this thread, extra aggression was not the side effect I was concerned with. I was really most concerned about the growth retardation. But this is what happened. Just to let you know, I poked around on the internet a while and found a di
  4. Thanks for letting me know, kbutton! This is really encouraging.
  5. Oh, we've been logging his behavior for years! This isn't the start of our journey with his behavior, it's just when we added meds. I have plenty of practice with his rages, but they have definitely been more aggressive in the last few days, unfortunately. For his privacy, I won't give any details on what he's done in the last few days, but we've decided to stop the meds until we can get back into the pediatrician's office. Hopefully the doc will try something else. I'm encouraged by so many people here who have had good results with different kinds of meds. We won't give up!
  6. Hi again. Well, today was Day 4 on Adderall. I don't see any improvement in focus, though my son says that he likes how he feels on the meds and wants to keep going. Unfortunately, he's had three worse-than-usual meltdowns on the days when he has had meds, and we can't tell if it's coincidence or not. We're willing to keep going, but it's been discouraging. @PeterPan, we'll be trying to get him back on his exercises, but it's definitely hard to think about taking on more battles. I think he's probably mixed sensory. He also has an ASD diagnosis. The website for Pyramid of Po
  7. The PT/OT did give us exercises to do at home, complete with what (I thought) would be a fun reward system. But there was just no getting him to do anything he didn't want to do. I really do hope that once he's stable on the meds we can get better compliance and go back to the clinic. But if that doesn't work out, I'll look into the Pyramid of Potential DVD. I had once looked into a couple of years ago, and it does look good. I hope it really is, and that he wasn't just saying it because he's smart enough to know to say what Mom wants to hear. 😉 We're testing with o
  8. I think the dose is really low - whatever the starting dose is. We have an appointment with the pediatrician in two weeks to evaluate. I think the doc will up the dose then. He was working with a PT/OT for retained reflexes last winter/spring until the clinic put everything on hold for the pandemic. We tried doing Zoom meeting PT/OT, but my son can't focus on *anything* via Zoom (everything we've tried on Zoom for him has been a waste of time), so we've put that on hold. I would like to start back up again once we've got him smoothed out with meds. Yesterday was Day 2, and we saw
  9. Thanks, Cake and Pi! We just got through Day 1, and nothing bad happened, but I didn't see any improvement in attention, but we'll give it a few more weeks.
  10. PeterPan, this is so funny! I can imagine how your heart must have swelled that your kid was finally getting it! Okay, I'm convinced - I'll look into Interoception after we get the meds smoothed out. Thanks!
  11. Oh, I'm sorry it didn't work for your daughter, SanDiegoMom. Thank you for sharing her experience. But I'm glad she's found what worked for her. I'll watch out for all these side effects in my son.
  12. This makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the explanation!
  13. Thanks, PeterPan! We're really hopeful that it will help, I just want to make sure that I'm watching for all the right things. We tried Zones a couple of years ago, and it was useless for the kids at that time. I'm hoping that once we get him on some meds we can revisit it, because it did look like a great curriculum.
  14. That's good to know, kand! I appreciate your feedback.
  15. Thank you, kbutton! I'll definitely watch out for these reactions.
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