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  1. Hmm. They do make a little noise, but not a ton. They are pretty tightly strung, so there's not much flap available.
  2. We have shade sails and love them. We have three. Getting them up and just right took some engineering on my husband's part. We have only had them four to five months so I can't speak to the durability. We have a wind tunnel in our backyard and they have held up so far.
  3. Quoting this one because it's last, but a lot of the other issues we have had as well, with two out of three children. The food issues I reached out to the hive a couple of months ago because my son was having SUCH HUGE emotional meltdowns that disappeared after eating. He's always needed extra snacks during the day since he was young (I remember him being four and screaming and kicking his sister, getting a spoonful of peanut butter, and then hugging her and telling us he loved us so much. It was unreal). It died down in the middle years and now at 14/15 is back full force. He now eats a
  4. I would think you would need to go with a neuropsych eval that does the full scale IQ test and then the questionnaires for your son and yourself to fill out - not sure what they are called even though I've done them twice now! After that if you are open to med, getting a psychiatrist for the med and a psychologist for the behavior -- so much of the "bad" that you see is anxiety because they cannot control themselves. Lying is a protective mechanism. It will start to go away when he is better able to control his actions. My daughter lied for years and it was painful for her -- she felt so
  5. I've enjoyed the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde (sci fi detective mystery taking place in out of of books -- they are book detectives:)) I've also enjoyed the Mary Russell series by Laurie King. The first is the Beekeeper's Apprentice. She's Sherlock Holmes' wife and solves mysteries with him. They can be clever but also not too challenging.
  6. No: as per Wikipedia, "Trump's impeachment came after a formal House inquiry alleged that he had solicited foreign interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election to help his re-election bid, and then obstructed the inquiry itself by telling his administration officials to ignore subpoenas for documents and testimony. It was not about Russian interference. The Mueller investigation which looked into Russian interference was separate from that.
  7. And to go further, the discussion of Russian interference wasn't focusing on overturning or questioning the votes, from what I remember. It was on malicious social media influence spreading disinformation. So the assumption was yes, people voted for Trump, but there was a lot of money and effort spent to sway them to vote. Which does not invalidate the vote count one bit.
  8. I am just jumping in here to mention that type of thinking has been pretty noticeable to me in the last few years -- and we have two examples in this thread. The idea is put out that there is election fraud, there are plentiful reports (and independent bystanders, and recounts, etc) done that point out there is little to no election fraud, one proof is found that computers were targeted that belonged to state and local governments which proves that there has or could be election fraud. Or there is found to be a small amount of ballots that were fraudulently cast and therefore that is
  9. My daughter did badly on Adderall (only took it one day) but did better on Ritalin. She's doing the best on Vyvanse, which is I guess chemically related to Adderall. But she is 21 now, so I can't speak to the younger years. For her with all the short acting meds the thing to look out for is eating enough (she didn't eat enough and that created its own anxiety problems) and night time anxiety when coming off the meds. But as the parent you can watch and control most of those. My daughter was off at college and is a very unreliable narrator. She kept not eating, having more trouble fo
  10. Yes, I would definitely say February at the least. I hope your positivity rate goes down! Ours is so high, and we have had restrictions for so long. It still surged. :(. We've had reduced capacity in all our businesses, we've had no indoor dining more often than not, salons and fitness centers outside only... and still apparently we are at like 19 percent? Ugh.
  11. Ok, encouraged by @LaughingCat and @AmandaVT I am going to post not and just do my best to keep up! I tried last year to follow along without posting, so that if I couldn't keep up I wouldn't have committed to anything:). Now I am willing to try and just do my best! I am almost done with How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett, which discusses the difference between the classical view of emotion (as emotions being universal and we all feel them and show them the same way) vs constructed emotion (that our bodies experience emotion differently based on ou
  12. At the very least, I would do two weeks of virtual after the holidays. That is what schools and studios are doing here. I know so many people that have traveled, or gotten together with extended family. All people that would insist they were being safe, but their risk budget is also larger than others. For instance, one college student went to go spend the last weekend with her boyfriend before heading back to college... and that boyfriend had just flown back from skiing in Colorado... etc etc. Speaking to longer term, I can't really weigh in. I have a almost 15 year old da
  13. Thanks Rosie:). We are definitely realizing there is something about the conversation style -- both my husband and my daughter (21 and adhd) have a very fast and over confident, bordering on argumentative style. This convo was actually lighter than usual, but typically they love to argue. He does ok sometimes, but if he's hungry, tired, or it's the end of the day means it can be just too much.
  14. My son (almost 15) is going in Wednesday for a neuropsych eval. He has done everything you have said. He asked to be evaluated because he was sometimes scared about how emotionally dysregulated he would feel. He has banged his head, called himself stupid or said "I'm an idiot", has difficulty with even gentle correction, has low EF though very high academic performance, and just yesterday went into sensory overload when my husband, oldest daughter and I were having what we thought was a fun and lively discussion on our hike. (we were discussing what voting system we should use to vote on whi
  15. I love my Ugg slippers sooooo much. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I got my daughter some last year, and this year got some for my husband and son. They love them as well!
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