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  1. Well, I would imagine it is because it is in Orange County, which had a pretty large outbreak? Here in San Diego things like Sea World and the Zoo are open in limited capacity, but the LA area was much harder hit so they have had to stay closed longer. I have to say, I feel safer here in CA than my parents feel in Florida, where restaurants are open at 100 percent and masks are not mandated. I am thankful that they are tracking the data and making decisions based on the data they have.
  2. I thought in general viruses usually mutate to become LESS deadly so that they could spread more easily before incapacitating or killing their host. Is there something about this one that is different, or did I learn that wrong?
  3. I haven't been a big poster here myself, but so many of these posters have been such a wealth of information to a lurker like me! ChrysalisAcademy, Quark, Lewelma (thankfully she's still on!) NaninMass, and others that I can't remember at the moment.. but I know they have influenced my philosophy of homeschooling!
  4. My daughter does ballet 5x a week. Each time is a different start time and a different length of time. And it is in person every 1st and 3rd week of the month and zoom every 2nd and 4th week. Except for Tuesdays which are always in person. Ask me how many times I've messed up with the drop off and pick up times. And of course the day we get it right and my husband shows up at 8:01 to pick up from a class that ends at 8 and usually goes over? My daughter had been frantically texting me to find out where my husband was! Apparently they all got out early that day and of course al
  5. I am nonreligious but I am sending my healing thoughts towards our citizens.... I strongly wish for calmness, serenity, and understanding among all the people in our country.
  6. We've done that for non fiction writing SOME, but not a lot. It's a skill we've worked on occasionally. He definitely prefers to write the perfect and only draft, and seems to be afraid to commit to paper something "less than". -- even though nobody but he will ever see it. We've talked about how much work is supposed to go into rewriting, revising, editing, etc. He's learned that it's ok to struggle with math through AOPS, and those were pretty tough lessons to learn. But now he knows that he can go down a path that's wrong, backtrack, and come up with something completely different and
  7. It sounds like you were assertive, which is good. But oftentimes those of us who are conflict avoiding have a hard time being able to differentiate between assertive and mean. I think it just takes practice. I am 43 and still learning. For instance, even with my husband I have never been super assertive... but a few months ago I thought I stood up for myself and was being assertive and he saw it as more than that. So we had a good discussion about changing dynamics of our relationship, how to be assertive without hurting feelings, and honestly how gender roles affect the perception
  8. Both his sisters love to write. His twin sister is in his class and she just rattled something off within five minutes and had it submitted with no issues. My oldest daughter has written about 500 pages of various novels-in-progess. But I could count on two hands the entirety of my son's creative writing portfolio from the time he started writing.
  9. We did that in the past when we homeschooled and it helped a lot! And we used SWB's Writing With Skill 1-3. Which was an entirely different type of torture, but one that he was able to do since it wasn't creative!
  10. Thanks -- yes to your previous post he is definitely a perfectionist! He's written very little creatively because he looks likes he's being tortured when he is forced to do it, so I never did, lol. But he once he got over the 2 hours of back and forth (I can't do it, I can't do it, ok I will do it, I can't do it) and then sat down and did it... he was extremely happy with his results. And I told him how happy I was that he worked through the anxiety, as painful as it was. I tried to talk to him about how it's ok to phone it in sometimes, that it's about getting it done, not getting it perf
  11. That was apparently in the writing prompt. (Also one writing technique, such as imagery or foreshadowing, and some dialogue!). I thought he would be there all day, or just refuse to do it (anxiety spiraling into avoidance, which was something my oldest did as well). He actually managed to write it though, and even though he says it doesn't exactly match the title of "falling" he is happy with it. Here it is -- I couldn't fix the formatting. A pair of creatures passed above a cloud. The turtle looked down. “We’re quite high up, I must say.” The eagle gave no respo
  12. Background: So my twins are in ninth grade doing virtual public school, but my son is taking a couple of classes on the side because why not. His public school classes are Spanish, English, PE, and Calculus (he's doing AOPS calc on the side, as well as Connie's Organic chem class). He is currently in an anxiety spiral because he has to write a 100 word story for English. 100 words. He has finished his chemistry - no problem, he has done his AOPS homework - easy peasy .... but this story. It's going to take him ALL DAY. This is why when I homeschooled him, creative writing alwa
  13. Yeah -- LA didn't see it's big increases until the summer, even though it was suspected to be there early.
  14. People think it hit LA in February even -- I read somewhere that there were 50 percent more flu like cases seen at hospitals than the previous year. I know at UCLA LOTS of kids got sick and they didn't know what it was. My daughter got sick for a few days (fever and fatigue) and her roommate almost went to the ER because of her coughing and fever. This was early to mid February. Of course everyone gets sick at college so who really knows and it's too late to test for antibodies for my daughter.
  15. Here at the Trader Joe's you can bring your own bags in the store, but the bagging is outside or at your car. I don't mind bagging myself, as long as it's not 100 degrees!
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