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  1. She is eligible for coverage under your family’s health insurance until age 26, so you have some time yet
  2. That’s interesting. I’ll go out to the garage and see if I can figure out how to bypass it for a while
  3. I don’t think so. My diet hasn’t changed and this was an overnight 0-60 intense reaction to something that had never bothered me before. I chalked it up to changing hormones due to perimenopause, but when my daughter started reacting the same way I began to wonder if there was a common factor edit: Come to think of it, I was using a pure formula of salicylic acid on a breakout, but not on my eyelids. I’d used it on and off for the past year with no issues. But I live in the desert and winters are crazy dry here—like around 20% indoors. Maybe it isn’t the potassium, but the drier weather. Sarah has steam heat in the apartment
  4. No, she brought her own products with her, but from what we can tell she is also reacting to salicylic acids. I will be very interested to see whether she continues to have a problem when she returns home.
  5. Ah, thanks. I do not have a background in chem lol
  6. Is it possible for potassium chloride in a water softener to react with, say, salicylic acid to cause skin irritation? I suddenly devolved a wicked dermatitis on my eyelids and neck about two months ago. I wasn’t using anything different to wash or moisturize and it seemed to be a problem whether or not I used makeup. I wasn’t using anything different and I went nuts trying to figure out what was causing it. As it turns out, salicylates are in almost everything you put on your face. Not only are they in willow bark and aspirin, but cucumber, tomato, aloe, chamomile, and many other fruits and vegetables are high in salicylates, which are anti-inflammatory. My skin care problem was a moving target because salicylic acid is hiding everywhere. Weird that I developed a nasty reaction overnight, but I know it happens. Then this happened. My 19yo who is living out of state came home for Christmas. Within a couple of days, HER eyes became scaly, swollen and red. She said she also has never had that problem either. So I started thinking maybe it’s something in the house. I bought a water softener in the fall and for various reasons am using potassium in in rather than sodium. I know potassium reacts with acids and can also cause drug intactions when taken internally. Am I off base thinking that the potassium in the water could be reacting with the salicylic acid in our facial products to create skin burning and irritation? Google is failing me. Any ideas?
  7. If the kitten is very young, (younger than 10 weeks or so) Handle her a lot. Carry her and hold her whenever possible to have her bond and grow used to human contact before she gets too grown up and adventurous to tolerate it. The best cat I’ve ever had was handled constantly for the first six weeks or so that we had him. His feet never hit the floor in that time ? Stroke her belly and tail and feet little bits at a time so she is used to it and is less likely to attack a child for touching those sensitive places or to attack your fingers during nail trims. Don’t allow her to use her claws or teeth on you. Don’t use your hands to play fight with your kitten even if it’s adorable and funny now. Make a hissy SSST noise and pull your hand away if she tries. Ive used the clever cat box goldberry linked up there from about 10 or 12 weeks. Prior to that a little cheap open litter pan with low sides is fine. I wouldn’t get the hooded style. A lot of cats loathe being trapped in there with their own stink and will go outside of the box. The clever cat keeps most of the litter inside the box. Even still, get a litter mat for underneath the box to catch pieces stuck to her paws and your floor will stay a lot cleaner. I have this one and it’s great: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01MDNDDYS/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542234894&sr=8-3&keywords=litter+mat&dpPl=1&dpID=51PUI8W%2BJ7L&ref=plSrch Just remembered a couple more things. A lot of cats won’t scratch, bcut if yours is one of them there are claw caps you can use if she tolerates her paws being handled. I’ve had really good luck with these: https://www.amazon.com/Soft-Claws-Cats-System-Medium/dp/B0006343W2 You have to trim her nails and then fit the caps on but it’s easier than it looks with a cat who lets you handle her well. Our litter box is in the under the stairs storage closet. We used to keep it in the bathroom but the litter seemed to go everywhere. I prefer having a mat on top of the carpet and the box on the mat. The carpet grabs any stray crumbs the mat doesn’t get and hangs onto it for the vacuum. It’s a lot less messy that way.
  8. I wouldn’t worry. In the main, they haven’t been enforced because there are other laws passed afterward that supersede or otherwise render them moot. I do understand the worry about unenforced laws hanging around though. We have laws on the books here in AZ that make illegal any non-barrier forms of birth control, for example.
  9. It seems like a lot of states have struck down provisions because they conflict with Medicaid. I don’t believe there’s really anything to worry about except maybe if you live in Pennsylvania and so do your parents. The other cases seemed to be more about going after offspring when they were hiding their parents’ assets.
  10. I wonder how something like that could be enforced across state lines when parents and offspring live in states with different laws.
  11. All I am finding is “Medicaid Estate Recovery” which allows Medicaid to go after the estate of the deceased. MERP seems to specifically exclude the assests if family members. I can’t see how offspring could legally be on the hook. https://www.medicaid.gov/medicaid/eligibility/estate-recovery/index.html
  12. Is it state specific then? That may explain why I’ve never heard of it.
  13. Ha! When we redid our kitchen I decided I wanted to push my island closer to the sink (42” rather than 54”) and use the extra space to enlarge my island by 18”. My old island was like 48” deep maybe including a 12” overhang for barstools. Well my granite guy took it upon himself to add ANOTHER six inches to the width that I didn’t ask for an presented it to me like this lovely gift since there’s no such thing as a too-large island. Now I can’t clean the entire thing by reaching across on each side. It’s annoying.
  14. Also don’t borrow trouble. It could be years before she starts her period, particularly if she is a gymnast. My mom started her period at 9. I started with breast buds at 8 (which, incidentally have nothing to do with the timing of menarche). I didn’t get mine until 13. Two of my girls were 15 before getting theirs. My 13yo was in a 32DD bra before she started hers. Girls can be all over the place with puberty. Hugs ?
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