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  1. The CDC has not said "it is safe, take off your masks" to everyone. They have said it is safe for fully vaccinated people to take off their masks. That means no one over age 16 qualifies yet, and 12-16 yr olds who's parents seek out vaccination and have no reason not to vaccinate will likely reach that stage by the end of summer. That is something to celebrate. It means that my 16 yr old's high school graduation can probably happen without masks for many of the students. It means that next fall, middle and high schools can probably not have mask mandates on campus, and the same for colleges.
  2. And, just like this winter, it seems worse in some ways to back off now and then have someone get really, really sick right before a vaccine is available. Once I knew there were vaccines that worked, the idea of getting sick just before getting vaccinated, or before the shots were effective, just seemed utterly untenable. I feel the same thing for my students. The idea of one getting sick now because we relaxed mask requirements in the building, when if we can just hold on through the summer they can be vaccinated just feels awful. It doesn't cost me anything to keep masking a few more months.
  3. Deaths are rare. Catching it, not so much, and even mild cases as far as symptoms can have some pretty major long term effects. So basically we're saying it's OK if kids get sick, since they usually don't end up on ventilators, and who cares if they have long term heart damage or long COVID effects, we just want to be able to take our masks off. If 100%-or even 70%-of the eligible adults were vaccinated, I wouldn't be as worried, but at this point, in my area it's more like 30%. Not enough to provide any protection to children and adults who cannot be vaccinated.
  4. L has decided that it would be nice to have a tablet input device for digital art, because drawing with a mouse is pretty limiting. A new Win 10 notebook was a major Christmas gift, and we upgraded the graphics card, so it should be able to handle whatever is needed. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. I know for Agnes, our first meeting with the Admissions counselor for our state included her explaining that the extras for homeschoolers are really "If you don't have grades/test scores", and that the same applied to non-traditional private schools that do written evaluations etc. Basically, it's a route to accept students who do not have all the boxes checked, but would be a good fit for an LAC. I think that's the case for CTCL schools in general. It's not that they necessarily require extra hoops from homeschoolers, but that there has to be SOME way that they can evaluate the student, which
  6. I generally assume a family member or close friend, and, statisticslly, that is probably true even if they don't know it yet. I have had friends from high school, who have been married for years and have children, come out in their 40's. Like many teachers who teach teens, I have had kids come out to me before they have come out to their family. I suspect one reason is that I do wear clothes with rainbow motifs fairly often.
  7. I will be continuing masking in my studio until my students (age 3+) are all eligible for vaccination and have had enough time to be fully vaccinated. I explained this last semester to my kids once I was vaccinated as a matter of fairness. They willingly masked to protect me, and were very concerned about it, so I will continue to mask in class to protect them until they can be. I have real problems with dropping mandates before kids are eligible for vaccination at all because it basically says that kids are disposable and we don't care as much about their health as we do about ad
  8. Not yet. The local school district is leaving theirs in place for the remainder of the school year, stating that parents place decisions for this school year based on the plan that has been in place thus far, so they will leave it in place until Fall 2021. I am hoping that lets us leave it in place through the summer as well, and that 2-11 approval comes sooner than September, so parents can have the option of getting their kids vaccinated before we start fall. I know the preschool/after school director is pushing for this for the summer camps since none of the kids will be vaccinated exc
  9. My local city is giving away a new car (one of 5 possible models). You must provide proof of full vaccination if you win, and the dates are such that you could get fully vaccinated between the time it was announced and the drawing date. I figure whatever works.
  10. Yes. The common app adds some extra hoops, but that was about it. My senior picked a school that did have extra requirements on paper, but they were only required if you didn't submit a test score. The state schools were no problem at all.
  11. The biggest hits this year were DE Writing for Media (which turned out to actually be responsible for a particular publication for the college. My high school senior was the ONLY non-Journalism major in the class) and an Introduction to Exceptional Learning class that was only 7 students, each of which had a personal interest in a particular population, so basically the last half of the semester was students each presenting and talking about their population and their experiences in the educational system (my kid talked about gifted homeschooling, online education, and early college).
  12. Yes. According to my neurologist, florescent lights can trigger migraines in some people, and I'm one of the lucky ones (yay, me!). In my studio, where we have overhead lights like in a school, I will turn on a lamp and turn off the overhead lights to take a break, but it's really not bright enough to read by. My building engineer is also really good at changing them when they start to go vs waiting until they go out, because that stage is definitely worse than when they are fresh.
  13. The state U that my kid was accepted to had both marked the vaccination record as complete, like, at acceptance. So I assume they were able to pull it either from the state database or maybe from the community college.
  14. High school debate was helpful to me, so you might want to look for online classes or other options focused on that, too.
  15. This, only in a size 4 https://poshmark.com/listing/Hello-Kitty-Girls-Shoes-Flats-Size-2-597ceb4d7fab3a45c607e297 Sometimes having small feet is an advantage :)
  16. I have this awesome pair of sparkly hello Kitty shoes. They always get complements, too.
  17. Ours are in our fireproof box, and I made and laminated copies to carry. I also have them scanned on my computer. My senior has an appointment for a physical next week (because health records have to be to the college by mid-June), so I am hoping that the pediatrician will add the COVID shots to the single record so we have one thing to send to the college.
  18. I have a regular plumber who is my first choice to call who is a lovely woman, and from what she's said, she never is short on work, even at a higher rate, because women are more comfortable with women. She has had a series of female apprentices/helpers. I do think I'd be nervous about going into peoples homes as a female professional-it's one reason why I teach piano at the community center, and not out of my home or in other people's homes.
  19. Music programming in urban neighborhoods/schools.
  20. My allergist had me start taking my surge protocol, which is usually reserved for high pollen count seasons, back last Spring. The reason was explicitly to control symptoms both so it was easier to tell if I had caught something else, and for social reasons. I do think masking during allergy season has helped me, fortunately, but I sometimes wonder whether there will be any long term side effects from being on the high doses of antihistamines for a full year, when usually I'm only on them at that level for a couple of weeks.
  21. I grew up in an area with a lot of Mennonites, from the conservative to the more liberal, and I can think of one family that had a courtship model. The oldest daughter married out of high school, she and her husband went to college, he became a pastor, she became an elementary school teacher. She stayed home for a few years when she had younger children, but went back to work when child 3 entered K-the youngest is graduating high school this year. The middle daughter who was extremely musically gifted went to college, worked for Christian Light Publications for quite awhile, got a grad degree
  22. I think the clear strap effectiveness depends heavily on how you're built. It may be better for gymnastics, which seems to usually have a more tight range of build, but in cheer, it was mixed. For my kid, who is petite to start with (I didn't get over a B cup until I was pregnant), it was fine. It provided an extra layer of confidence, but wasn't that big of a deal. For some of the teammates, particularly the very muscular ones, it was not enough. When you're a D cup at 16 and are a power tumbler, you NEED support. I've seen girls buy their uniform tops a size too small just on the hopes of p
  23. I absolutely approve as a parent who had a kid do a sport that has body baring uniforms-and who got less and less comfortable with it as puberty progressed. There is a trend in competitive cheer to go to uniforms that have shorts or capris and to do full coverage tops for more teams. It was supposed to come in as a new requirement for international division teams this season, but due to COVID, it's been pushed back. I approve-it looks athletic, but more importantly, as I've watched eCheer this season, I've seen far fewer girls uncomfortably pulling down their skirts or adjusting their to
  24. Same here. I do not think it is at all a coincidence that L picked the college with the most conservative COVID response and that had said that they expected to require vaccination, would be offering it on campus, and please upload your card when you get it (and now has definitively stated that it is required to have completed a full vaccination series of whatever vaccine is approved in your home country in order to attend classes on campus, unless you qualify for a very limited waiver and have said documentation-in which case you will be required to be tested weekly and to quarantine if expos
  25. I have to be honest-this year (and last year), I've started the church stream, but muted it for children's time and the sermon. Mother's Day is hard for me because it brings the death of my son back and is a painful reminder. It's been kind of nice to be able to go in and out of church for the parts that are less emotionally charged for me without anyone knowing. Honestly, this year I did mother's day activities with my piano students, but had kind of missed when Mother's day was-it was simply that it was the next set of Holiday music/composition activities I had, and since recita
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