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  1. Data from Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Health Statistics https://www.heritage.org/poverty-and-inequality/report/marriage-americas-greatest-weapon-against-child-poverty-0#_ftnref13 It seems likely that a factor in the disparity goes back to slavery and its destruction of Black marriages and families. How many newly-freed Black Americans at the time of abolition had had their families broken, or never had a nuclear family because of the rape of slaveowners? We know that children growing up without intact families are statistically less likely to have an intact f
  2. This seriously reminds me of my relative lecturing me for using the word Hispanic and that the correct term was Latinx. Some members of the left have ideas about group terminology that doesn’t actually consult members of the group.
  3. Most definitely. And when a policy or law results in disparate outcomes, we need to look into why that is, and what can be done about it. I think that searching out root causes and addressing those is far more useful, and more truthful, than making vague generalized claims such as “The construct of White is legally favored by law, health care policy, education practices, policing and voting, commercial banking, real estate and lending, non-profit organization, environmental policies, and every other social scaffold” and using this to justify teaching school kids to divide themselves into opp
  4. Yes they did, according to your own link. They had to either have the newer Tribal IDs or use their Tribal ID plus additional documentation to show residency.
  5. Because significant portions of school funding come from local taxation, and again, there’s the generational wealth gap that is a large contributing factor to having disproportionate numbers of minority students in lower income school districts. Also, rates of single motherhood are very strongly correlated with poverty rates. But rather than call the schools racist, why don’t we address the root causes of this disparity? This could be done by trying to address minority poverty directly, or by changing the school funding system to no longer be linked to local taxes. There would be major
  6. Okay, but is that because of racist policies, or is that because states plan where to position polling stations based on distances voters have to travel as well as on polling stations per capita? And like you said, urban centers with higher population numbers tend to have larger minority populations. That right there might be related to the generational wealth gap that is a long-term effect of racist policies of the past. And perhaps we need to take a long, hard look at what should be done to try to correct those long-term effects trickling down through the generations. But does
  7. Okay, I was confused because I was off searching for anything referencing NRA IDs with voting, but I see you edited this. So in this article concerning North Dakota, government IDs for voting purposes have to include residence address or be accompanied by supplemental documentation of residence or documentation obtained from their county 911 coordinator to show residence for homeless and others who don’t have other documentation for whatever reason. Tribal ID was accepted, but residents who hadn’t yet obtained the newer tribal IDs which had addresses on them had to bring the additional p
  8. Wow. This is horrendous. We need an investigation, both on the individual level of these appraisers and lenders involved here and on a large scale check on the industry. The link indicates an HUD investigation into the complaint, but that seems insufficient.
  9. See, even if a lesson doesn’t go as far as making kids identify themselves as oppressed/oppressor, things like this connected to CRT are going to be a big problem for a lot of people. These are exactly the type of claims that are made without evidence other than disproportionate outcomes and expected to be accepted that make the less extreme implementations of CRT still a big problem for many people. Commercial banking, real estate and lending were racist, and that suppressed the development of generational wealth in minority communities. But is it racist now? Are these industries stil
  10. We were given a whole sheep to fill up our freezer. I mean, it was a lamb, but I pictured a lamb as little. This thing was the size of a sheep. A sheep farmer we know called us up this evening and asked if we wanted a free lamb to butcher ourselves. Some dogs had gotten at his sheep and chased this one into a fence, and it broke its neck. He had no more refrigeration room to store the carcass, couldn’t get it to the butcher in time, and didn’t want it to go to waste. We offered to pay him, but he said no. He had already skinned and gutted it and removed the head and feet for us. Do
  11. Isn’t this what is supposed to happen? Most of the time, we wind up with opposing sides holding power over different branches of government, and that’s by design, right? So they can be a check on one another, and force compromise, unless there is so much consensus in the population as to provide one party with multiple branches, super majorities, etc. ETA: I do think that term limits on the Supreme Court would be a very good idea, so that the judiciary branch will also fit into this natural check better, rather than a party that was voted more power at some point possibly many
  12. There was the teacher from Dwight-Englewood school. I’m sorry, I don’t have time to find the post now. I have to go.
  13. This response wasn’t about the original post. It was in response to this post: (Bolding Sneezyone’s to emphasize what her response was to.)
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