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  1. I redid our family budget to reflect going from 9 to 6 household members (foster girls moved out). Next week Ri goes down to only once a week with the neuro-trauma pediatric PT over an hour away, and once a week with a local, less specialized PT. So that is going to save us a ton in gas and childcare. Unless he needs to start up chemo and be traveling for that, but we’ll just see. He has an MRI in a week and a half to find out about that. Our state tax return came in—we actually got something back this year. Waiting on the federal tax return. We have an appointment to take care of s
  2. When I was 13, my grandma took me to the church historical sites in Palmyra, New York, where I saw a very old man who looked lonely sitting on a bench. I struck up a conversation with him, and he told me about his whole life. He talked about growing up in that area, his family the only members of our denomination, and the one-room schoolhouse that his parents had to fight for their kids to attend. The schoolteacher tried to refuse them entry, and after she was told she couldn’t do that because their parents paid taxes for the school, she made them sit in the back of the room, facing the bac
  3. All my kids loved the Princess Bride by the age of 7. They might not get every joke by that age, but they were loving the story and characters and adventures, even if they missed some of the wordplay. My more sensitive kids would close their eyes and plug their ears before the torture scene.
  4. Get everyone up and going Get a few loads of laundry done Get in as much school as possible Pack kids in winter gear with school supplies into car Drive 1.25 hours to ds6's PT appointment and walk him in Wait in the car with the other kids while trying to get some schoolwork done (couldn't get a babysitter today) Drive through to feed all kids Pick up some bunnies some of the kids have been saving up for Drive 1.25 hours home Finish school Make dinner Sort out girls' toys in preparation for our foster girls' moving
  5. Another idea: maybe do some select chapters from Singapore 6 to work on solidifying the skills of focusing, organizing, and writing down her work at this level, plus something like Math-u-see Prealgebra to be keeping things interesting with introducing some new concepts. We could then do Math-u-see algebra as the rest of our Prealgebra. I think 8 uses Math-u-see algebra as Prealgebra, right? The pros of this idea are that dd is very much a visual-spatial thinker so Math-u-see might work well for that, that we would focus first on her application of executive function skills in math,
  6. Or another possibility—Agnes really was just one of the many puppets in Westview, which seems to fit her acting prior to this episode, but as Wanda is starting to lose it, she wants the real problem to be something she can fight against instead of herself, so Wanda creates an antagonist and retcons her in.
  7. Is this in a section I haven't read yet? I am not finding this. Where does it say requiring students to show written work is not bad? The section I read on requiring students to show their work is quoted below. Is there something I'm missing? "White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when... Students are required to “show their work.” Math teachers ask students to show work so that teachers know what students are thinking, but that centers the teacher’s need to understand rather than student learning. It becomes a crutch for teachers seeking to understand what studen
  8. I really appreciate you coming and giving a well thought-out differing viewpoint. We all benefit hearing and considering different ideas, whether we wind up agreeing or not.
  9. If my kids get in to the charter school’s lottery and I can find a way to move us over the river, they will attend there. (Trying to sell dh on the idea of a fixer upper we could actually afford). Otherwise, we’ll be homeschooling. Here are my rough ideas for that. dd11 (7th): AOPS Algebra (book, online class, WTMA class?), CLRC Online Intermediate Literature & Composition class, Spelling by Sound and Structure 6, Spencerian, CLRC Online Intro to Renaissance/Early Modern class, ??? Science dd10 (5th): Prealgebra of some kind, xtramath, MCT Voyage level (except f
  10. Yes, live sessions with native teachers living around the world. My kids have all chosen different languages, so we have never tried the group lessons.
  11. I was in a similar situation, and my six-year-old told me he wanted to learn Japanese. So I bought 20 hours of online Japanese tutoring from LanguageConvo.com. He has loved it, and learned a lot. It has been a really fun thing he could do from home through quarantine.
  12. Another quote: "Teachers often treat mistakes as problems by equating them with wrongness, rather than treating them opportunities for learning—which reinforces the ideas of perfectionism (that students shouldn’t make mistakes) and paternalism (teachers or other experts can and should correct mistakes)." (emphasis added)
  13. I did think it sounded like it could be a positive thing, until I actually read what's in it. I don't see anything encouraging in math educators being taught that they are perpetuating white supremacy by correcting their students' work, focusing on having them able to do the work independently and answer correctly, and having students show their work.
  14. The author has certain key words/phrases that he refers to over and over again as fundamental to white supremacy culture. One is 'objectivity'--not the suggestion that math is always purely objective, but the idea of objectivity itself. You can see it in the quote in my first post. "Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity". Some other examples of these key words are 'defensiveness', 'perfectionism', 'fear of open conflict', 'individualism', 'paternalism', 'right to comfort', and 'worship of the written word'.
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