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  1. I don't know about this year in particular, but I read a while back that allergies and pollen counts have been getting steadily worse for years, particularly in urban and suburban areas, because it's common to landscape in these areas with male-only trees to avoid the messes from fruiting female trees. But male trees produce pollen and release it into the air, and female trees remove it from the air, so the imbalance leads to worse and worse pollen counts. Edit: Nevermind, someone already said this.
  2. I had extreme pain up to my shoulder, and loss of motion, for about a week, but not up to my neck and jaw. Also a large, hard, swollen lump in my arm that was very painful. I was pretty worried about the second shot, but it was no big deal. More like people have been describing, just a little sore and feeling achy and tired for a couple of days.
  3. My kids' entirely independent subjects are math facts practice with xtramath, handwriting (once they are forming their letters well, not for my 1st grader yet), duolinguo practice for their foreign languages, and music practice (but not for my little guy). Also, spelling is independent for some of them except on spelling quiz days. But their grammar practice sentences and their math are semi-independent, as they attempt the grammar sentences and then I go over them with them, and with math I introduce the lesson and then they work on the problems without me until they need help. Their forei
  4. You get more adept at switching back and forth between kids and subjects/levels with practice. I had 7 and then 6 students for much of this year, so lots of practice with this. My oldest(6th) can work independently, so she might be doing math upstairs and only occasionally coming down with a question. The rest I keep all in the same room for school. My kids all have checklists of what they need to get done each day, and choose what order to do them in, so they are not all doing the same subject and requiring my attention at the same time. If they need my help with something, they know
  5. Also, the church's Humanitarian Aid fund is the best I have ever found for effectiveness and actually using all donated funds to directly help people. I would give some of the funds to them, too. Again, it's run by volunteers, not employees. They are often the first ones to arrive after a natural disaster. They fund a significant portion of the Red Cross's budget. They have provided medical equipment and aid to many governments through the Covid pandemic. And besides more traditional humanitarian aid such as immediate emergency response, medical missions to poor countries, providing well
  6. I would probably give most of it to the Perpetual Education Fund. This program invests donated funds and uses the proceeds to provide extremely low cost loans to young people from very poor countries for higher education. It forgives portions of the loan for things like getting good grades and graduating. And then when they pay the loans back, the money is loaned out to a new student. The program is administered primarily by volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the little overhead it has is paid for out of general church funds, not donations to the PEF, so 1
  7. It was awful after the first shot. I was in so much pain from my shoulder to elbow, and there was what felt like a flat, hard disc in my arm, a little larger than a silver dollar, at the injection site for over a week that was incredibly painful to the touch. Also some major fatigue and joint pain all over my body for 4-5 days. The second was so much better. Sore arm, tired out, but no big deal. I do think it is likely that I had coronavirus early on.
  8. Some of the stresses of the demographic cliff may actually be eased by covid’s death toll. As awful as it is, in broad demographic trends, a reduction of the older and less economically productive population shortly before the demographic cliff in young workers arrives would mitigate some of the stresses.
  9. Oh, I am not doubting that there is a place for cc as a reentry point for all kinds of students. I am approaching it from the attitude of, going forward, is using gov funds to make 2 years of cc free for everyone the most effective use of those funds to help the most students, or is there a way to make the same dollars do more to help far more people.
  10. My husband makes a pittance for his time there, but he enjoys teaching, and he enjoys finding the students who want to get somewhere and just need help to know how. He also figures the experience will help if he wants to do some more teaching somewhere when he retires from law. He does not get benefits, but I think maybe if he were working full time hours he would.
  11. They also have an incredibly low standard of academics at the cc. As in students regularly submitting written work below the level I would accept from my middle schooler. Dh has to spend the beginning of every term (in a second-year criminal justice class) going over such basic writing requirements as 'You must use complete sentences with punctuation'. He has been told by several of his students that he is the hardest teacher they've ever had. I think this is the main source of my skepticism of the usefulness of free cc. Yes, there are definitely students there making good use
  12. They offer four three-month trimesters per year, including summer term, so $1500 per class. Five classes each term for Fall/Winter/Spring would be $22,500, or $30,000 for year-round. I don't know how much high school teachers make here.
  13. Our local cc pays teachers $500 per month per class
  14. I am skeptical of how helpful two years of community college will be. Will it have real, significant net value to the majority of those who receive it? My first inclination to approach this problem is to look at the causes of climbing tuition prices and tackle those, rather than providing an even greater supply of students that don’t necessarily all really need or want a college education to meet their goals. At the same time, I feel that my opinions on this are not informed enough to know whether my gut reaction is in line with the research or not.
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