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  1. I think you've done enough. You acknowledged the incident and offered restitution. Friend's mother wants to use this as a teaching moment, so let her. It's very annoying when someone is "being helpful/nice" and undermining your parenting at the same time.
  2. No rules. Unfortunately. That ship sailed before I thought about boarding it. Some (male) members of my family take pride in their abilities to clear the room of all other living creatures. 🤮 But mostly it's either funny or a non-event.
  3. So glad he's feeling better. Sending positive vibes for a complete recovery and that the ketones stay at manageable levels.
  4. I really enjoyed the Sue Grafton alphabet series.
  5. Hugs. That must be so hard.
  6. Yeah, I've never seen a dimmer on fluorescent fixtures before, and they will be coming down when we do some updating because I don't love them.
  7. Thank you all! Currently we do have fluorescent lights on a dimmer switch that run the length of one wall, behind a wooden valance, above the living room window. All of that will probably be removed when we renovate and although the light level can be controlled, it's not really cozy feeling in my opinion. Beyond that, the only other light source is the ceiling light that sort of straddles the living room and front entry way. It is not centered in one or the other, but between the two. Again, it's not overly brightening to the room, but also not inviting and cozy. Real fire sour
  8. Do you still need the job to build your resume, or is the experience you've already gained enough? Maybe if you start putting out your resume for jobs closer to home, or work from home (if that's possible in your field) between now and when this particular job re-opens, you'll have a better idea if it's better to keep it or let it go.
  9. Today the Christmas tree came down. And with it, the soft, cozy lighting that makes the living room feel more inviting and warm (not literally) for a month or so each year. I'd like to replicate that feel the rest of the year, but I totally suck at home decor and lighting. And truthfully, this is my first real attempt at it since we are, for the first time in almost 20 years of marriage, finally in a long-term home that we bought a few months ago. Does the Hive have any awesome tips, tricks, or advice? Maybe, Pinterest or blog links that you've stumbled across?
  10. I have my "arm pillow", which is just a firm pillow that is about 1/2 the size of a regular bed pillow. I injured my arm about a year ago that is very sloooowly getting better, but certain positions are uncomfortable so I need it to prop up my arm when I lay on my side. My 18 y.o. DD sleeps with either a large panda or large stuffed lion. She seems to rotate between the two.
  11. Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your illness and glad you're doing better.
  12. Sadly, we lost that kitty this spring, the night before DD's AP English exam, 12 hours before her appointment to be euthanized. But, she definitely was not afraid of anything and loved to be bossy. 😁 I, on the other hand, was definitely scared to homeschool my kids many moons ago when I found this forum and needed a username. 😉
  13. There are probably not many who remember me, so I don't need a whole thread to say Hi and update about me, but I thought this might be a good thread to re-emerge from lurker status. After the boards changed a couple years ago, as soon as I logged in here (maybe related, maybe not) my email was inundated with so much spam that it made it past the spam filters to my inbox. I took it as an opportunity to take a break and didn't get spam stormed again. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm hoping with the newest update it is safe again because this is the best place in the world for intelligent conversation and I dearly miss
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