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  1. Not as a general rule, but in times of frustration I know I have. Usually with a curse word added in. After asking them nicely 3 to 3,000 times, depending on the day and my patience level. I'm more likely to yell "Silence! I keel you!", but that's because my kids are older, know Jeff Dunham characters, and it will break the tension and create amusement. Usually the only time I would need them to "shut up" is if they are arguing between the two of them. When they were younger and just being loud, I would just remind them inside voices belong inside and if they wanted to use outside vo
  2. Hi, I just became aware of this thread thanks to a pm asking about my book. This is my first signing back in after the upgrade. Thanks chocolate chip chooky for the heads up. Thanks for recommending the book, CatWoman! I see the question if EFT works has already been answered, so I'll just chime in with the chorus of yeses. It's been studied clinically, there have been meta-anylises done on it meaning lots of studies proving it works in several physiological ways - hormones, nervous system stress responses, brain scans proving it actually changes neurological brain patterns, etc.
  3. Yes, Freedom Filer. I posted about it recently. I love it.
  4. I don't think so. I was here for the switch and I started hs'ing January of 2012. So it's only been about 5 ish years because I was on the "old" board (not the old-old) for awhile pre-switch. I say 2013ish ETA: I must be thinking about a different switch than others. I'm just talking about the previous iteration where search function and tags worked.
  5. :iagree: Also, paying for movers or delivery on large furniture purchases. Worth every penny spent. Good quality food. I agree with whoever said British tea. Coaching. Someone to cheer me on, support me, ask me hard questions when I'm not living up to my potential, and give me accountability. Attending conferences and trainings in my area of focus.
  6. The Great Hive Blackout of 2018 When houses got sparkly clean, homeschooled kids had to do their work the first time because mom was looking over their shoulder, and wine sales soared. :lol:
  7. This is my life. I loved cooking for DH and I - neither are picky at all. My kids ate everything when they were younger - people commented on it. Now - picky, picky, picky. I blame all the people who made a big deal of their wide open palates as youngsters. :lol:
  8. I hear you. This is my life everyday. :) I never feel like cooking. You are not alone. I don't blame you! You've had such a rough ride with your guys lately. Who wants to be creative when it might make you feel like Sh!t?
  9. This! If you can practice perfecting your Ice Queen haughty distant demeanor between now and Monday, that would be great. Stone faced, silent, impenetrable. Let your lawyer do all the talking.
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