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  1. I hope that baby stays where it's supposed to for another couple months!
  2. I think we get better at knowing that we need to have the hard conversations. But, that doesn't make having the conversations any easier. Hugs. You deserve a rest now. Emotions are ex.haust.ing.
  3. I'm sorry for your loss. ❤️ Barnabas is adorable!
  4. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Hoping Marley feels and gets better, ASAP.
  5. Does the child have the option to choose no breakfast? As a non-breakfast eater my whole life, I've never asked what my kids wanted for breakfast, but rather IF they wanted breakfast. My son is like me and rarely ever eats before lunch time. Some people are just not hungry in the morning, and being told "you have to eat breakfast" still makes me want to throw tantrums at 45 years old. 😂 So, how I would handle it is give the option to eat now or later.
  6. It would be worth attorney consult fees to ask an estate attorney this question.
  7. @Jean in Newcastle Your kitty looks like a panther! 😳😻
  8. We do our cats front claws about once/month and back claws about once every 3 months. They love to walk/sit on our shoulders, so we know when they need to be done. The trick is to touch their feet a lot when they're young so the get accustomed to us "playing" with their feet.
  9. I'm glad it has been resolved. I bet you feel relieved that this is no longer an open question "hanging out there".
  10. OP didn't say who initiated the conversation about the gift budget, but it is not over the top to have those kinds of discussions. Right here on this very forum there have been many "reasonable amount" gift budget discussions and questions over the years for every imaginable gifting occasion.
  11. It wasn't "any adult". It was our own individual parents. Mind you, many of us turned 18 in the spring of grade 12, and we could drive east or west across the border and legally drink in a bar if we wanted to. Drinking age is 18/19 all across Canada.
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