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  1. My condolences to everyone who loved Ernie.
  2. My sister's kitty loves a similar list of foods. Broccoli is his absolute favourite, loves his peanut butter and honey, and also fries. With him you must put any chocolate behind closed doors or he would commit suicide by chocolate.
  3. I hold the government leaders ultimately responsible. There should be rigorous background checks, extensive training, and massive liability insurance requirements to purchase and own any firearms, along with stringent storage laws once you do own them. There should also be limitations on type of firearm and ammo available to citizens to purchase. As for 2A, I'm fine with randos owning the exact firarms and ammo that was available at the time of the 1st writing of it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nobody at the church, parade, mall, grocery store, movie theatre, concert, backyard BBQ... should be carrying any weapons, and especially not high capacity ammo weapons.
  4. Did the "good guys" not shoot a kid in the head in this incident? I may be thinking of a different one. There are so many to keep track of, I might have them mixed up.
  5. Thicker soups like roasted creamy tomato, broccoli cheddar, loaded baked potato. All are fairly thick yet soft. I make them using full fat cheeses and heavy cream, so they are also filling if he's not eating much.
  6. Vehemently disagree. Learning to drive is exhausting as they are learning so many new things at one time. Once they've built the muscle memory of the basics, they have more capacity to deal with a$$holes. Other drivers getting infuriated to the point of violence is a them problem and those people should not be on the roads if they don't have the patience to be out where humanity lives and drives. They need to stay home and never get behind the wheel of a car, ever.
  7. Sending you all the get well soon vibes. Hugs.
  8. Sorry! Couldn't get rid of the quote at first. Sounds like a case of 'friend's little angel can do no wrong'. There really is nothing to discuss, at all in that case. I once had a discussion with a mom who "witnessed my child being mean to her child" by not letting her sit in the same bus seat as her. It took a bit of chatting, but eventually she confessed the part where her child hip-checked mine first and she refused to share her seat in response to that. She could not get it through her head that her child was the jerk in the situation. I told her if her kid touched mine again that she'd soon discover who can be a real jerk if need be.
  9. I agree with everything Faith-manor said. And I agree that it is easier said than done, but do the best can to keep those boundaries strong. Sending strength and hugs.
  10. Text back: There is nothing to discuss. Have a nice life. 👋🏼👋🏼
  11. Where is this in relation to your most-uses entry/exit door? If you don't need it for kitchen use or a drink station, I'd evaluate what kind of "random junk" is landing there and why. If close to your entryway, it can be set up to be used as your landing zone for keys, wallets, sunglasses, library books, shopping bags - anything in transit into or out of the house and just processed and straightened out daily. If not close to the door, it can be your "command central" for all paperwork, calendars, mail sorting and processing, etc. that it takes to run the household. Or, clear the counter off and put a large-ish vase or piece of art there, for decoration only. It doesn't have to be a productive area, it can still be functional, even if the function is a place to add beauty to the room.
  12. I can kind of sew, but probably won't have time. I will shop and drop either this weekend or Wednesday of next week, while working 9 hrs/weekday between now and then.
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