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  1. Is there a program that would teach my 8th grader computer? We can do the basics but being able to fully understand word and excel would be wonderful. I can usually figure out what I need for myself but I have no idea how to teach a class to my daughter. Is there a program that you can suggest? People still do this class, correct?
  2. Has anyone used Oh, Freedom curriculum by Woke Homeschool? It is a history curriculum that is supposed to give the other side of history from the perspective of minorities. I would love to know if you have any experience with it and hear your thoughts.
  3. Received: LCR and we played with nickels so it was a little more “skin in the game”. My extended family are not gamers so they don’t give or like receiving games. Boo! i did however have a second copy of Santorini and gave it to a friend that has game night with kids. played: Santorini: well loved by all. We played multiple times and each time had a different winner. 12 Days of Christmas (card game): a simple easy to learn game that is fun for everyone. We look forward to playing this every year. Finally pulled out Kodama and while it isn’t the m
  4. When I picked our home school name years ago I had no intention of schooling through high school yet here I am. My daughter will graduate this year and is not happy that Jubilee Learning Center is the name to be on her diploma. I have a short window of time to change it but would love to keep the Jubilee part. Any ideas? We are Christian so it can be part of the name but not a necessity. Honestly I would love ideas of random words that sound right with Jubilee as a school name rather than just Jubilee Academy.
  5. We purchased something called Fireworks from Petco but you can get it online. It’s drops that you give them based on weight. It helps tremendously with our Indy. We have tried everything else even the shirts.
  6. For Mother’s Day we spent two days playing multiple rounds of board games. Here’s my review: Aquarius card game: a fast, easily understood game yet very fun. Ages 8-47 all enjoyed it. It is card matching designs similar to matching in dominoes. First person to match 7 cards to their “goal” card wins. There are several action cards that can change the game as well. There is some luck in the game but it has enough strategy to keep interesting even for avid gamers as well as teaching beginners. The play time is quick as well. Picture Charades for Kids is exactly what you expect
  7. We have so many games and several we haven’t even had time to play yet. I feel guilty that I am even considering buying more but this is my one addiction. For us we get out a new game and it takes us a bit to get a feel for it. If we love it, we play it over and over without trying a new one especially if the directions are complicated. One of our recent loves is Midnight Werewolves. We have played it at least 20 or so times in the past couple weeks. Everyone loves it from age 7-46. Some of us love games and two of us only tolerate it, dh and son age 19. Really one of our favorites ever!!!! We
  8. I have heard so many southerners say exactly this. Darned if you do and darned if you don't.
  9. Nope, they don't have to wink but not everyone that winks is a racist. Sometimes people are just winking. Just recently the elderly parents of friends of ours were beat to death with a hammer in their shop by a former employee that they provided housing and a job. Many speculate it was drug related. It was a horrible crime scene. Anyway, many comments on the news stories were from people stating comments like "bring back public hangings" "hang him" "let the family have a go at him" Yet not once was it considered racist. To be honest, there is a measure of me that wants him to have to pa
  10. I have so many binders that my kids use that don't fit in their desk and end up on the floor. Is there a pretty way to store binders?
  11. We live hours away from family so it is just dh and myself doing the driving. My daughter has her permit but no license yet. We told her she can get it as soon as she completes all of her work for the week before Friday so we can go then since I schedule Fridays as light days for all the kids. She likes to procrastinate and never finishes all her M-T work without some carrying over on Friday so she hasn't earned the privilege of a licence yet.
  12. Thank you for all the responses especially concerning our schedule and allowing down time. You have given me much to think about. I guess part of why I do all this is because I was never allowed to do outside activities growing up because my parents were not willing to drive us places. Church was not even a given while I grew up until I began driving myself. I wanted more for my kids but somehow more has taken over. I do need to reconsider everything. I definitely don't want to lose any personal relationship or closeness we have because of time constraints on things even if they are not neces
  13. I've have dreamed of pulling back but the kids are fine with the other siblings pulling back but not them. Then I feel guilty just considering it since my oldest two, one in college and one newly college graduated and married, were able to do multiple activities because we didn't have so many children at the time. It wasn't them that chose to have a big family.
  14. Here football practice starts at 6 and ends at 8 if the coach doesn't run over a few minutes and is four days a week. Thankfully the fields are 5 minutes from house so not much driving time there. I did include driving times in all the other practices though. My son didn't start playing until last year and was the only newbie on the field. Kids start playing at 5 and 6 yrs old but we refused to let my son start that young even though he begged every year even though we let him try many other sports that were less time consuming. Honestly we would rethink even letting him play now if he wasn't
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