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  1. Thank you. I understand how you can see it that way. I also know why it has left me, a provaccinater, jaded. *%# it should not be that way. We should be able to trust doctors and scientists and until we can we are stuck with this crappy covid!
  2. I haven’t read all of this but did see above someone mocking the idea that healthcare workers will withhold drugs to push an agenda but I am a firm believer that the virus and vaccine is being politicized on both sides and it is a crying shame! I would like to tell my recent story. I am obese, was before covid, and am working on losing weight but just as it easier to say that you should have had savings in case of emergency, like covid, it is easy to say you shouldn’t have let your health go. Covid hit our health and finances suddenly and neither can be changed overnight. I also have high blood pressure treated with medication and am prediabetic, not medically treated per doctors orders. I have had other health issues lately that pushed me over the edge toward vaccination. Both myself and my husband vaccinated in March fully. I quarantined nearly entirely for a full year and always wear a mask if I ever entered any business during 2020. 2021 opened up our area and all masks were dropped but I still limited contact far greater than most around. A few weeks ago my 20 year old visited us, without symptoms, and later that night became sick. She had covid. She gave it to me. She is unvaccinated and it took her a full week to recover or maybe more. She quarantined for 12 days total. As I said I caught covid from her and my younger children did as well. My youngest had mild symptoms, next in age slightly more symptoms, and 15 yr old asymptomatic. My husband never tested positive or had any symptoms. Again both he and I are fully vaccinated in March. Days 1-4 were bad for me but tolerable. Day 5 I ended up at ER. My Bp and insulin was highly elevated along with other covid issues but I didn’t have pneumonia. The doctor insisted that I return if I got worse because pneumonia could set in. He stated that was the only thing keeping me from getting iv antibodies treatment, the lack of pneumonia. By two days later I was begging my husband to call 911. I lost all body functions, passed out multiple times, Bp and insulin skyrocketed, and I couldn’t breathe. Back to ER we went. Chest XRay showed pneumonia. Blood was drawn and 6 of the tests had warning symbols beside them. I could not get the doctor to give me details about each test so I still don’t know what they meant. He said it was expected because I was the sickest he had seen with covid of vaccinated patients. BUT he said be encouraged because as of yet NO vaccinated person has had to have additional treatment. I was placed in a room with monitors where the alarms randomly sounded,6 or more times, and never had anyone enter the room to check on or explain to me anything. The last I saw them was when they drew blood and did the ekg. Oh and when I asked for a pillow but was told people steal them so they no longer give them. I was not given an iv and was told I could walk myself to bathroom anytime I wanted just unhook. I had one small water I brought with me and was only brought another when my husband called to complain that I had not been seen in hours nor had any water. There were no visitors allowed. The nurse came in and assured me they were watching the monitors from their desk and brought water. Shortly after I was asked to walk with nurse and then placed back on monitors. After she left I noticed the monitors were not working and tried multiple times to get them to work. They were not answering call button. 30 +minutes later I was told by nurse that I was being discharged as my stats were fine. I asked how she knew since I didn’t a working monitor and she looked and said the other nurse forgot to restart it. I asked if I would see a doctor at all or have the labs explained before going. She said he would be in shortly. She did tell me when I was admitted that this was the slowest day they have had all week. I didn’t see any patients in lobby when I entered and only 3 when I left. Monday, 2 days before, was crazy full. An hour later a PA assistant came in and said the doctor said I was good to go and no treatment available for me. I asked why not considering that two days before I wasn’t as sick and didn’t have pneumonia and was told if it worsened I needed to come in immediately for IV medication. It worsened so I did. The PA said the same doctor was on call and doesn’t see any treatment for me and it wouldn’t make sense for him to have told me that on Monday. I asked about labs and he said they basically say I’m very sick with covid but some just have to fight it naturally at home. No questions I asked got further answers. The nurse came in to discharge me and told me to take mucinex and at night a cough medicine they prescribed. She gave me some tips on what to drink/eat but otherwise I was the same as before I came there hours before. Two days later I had a second opinion with another doctor as I was struggling with pulse ox dropping to 84 then rebounding to stay at 88 before slowly rising to 91 max. The new doctor was appalled that they didn’t treat me with IV antibodies and said I fit all the requirements, she had all the files and labs, after I had pneumonia. She said the only reason she can begin to think they didn’t is because I was vaccinated. She said they had to saving it for the unvaccinated thinking being vaccinated should help me. She said they are not in short supply of meds and they are giving them daily. She said at the very least I should have been given a portable oxygen to help if necessary. She said the last day I could get that treatment was the day I was in the hospital. I could go back and try to get them to admit me for more extreme medications if it became worse but otherwise nothing she could do. She went over when to worry about the oxygen numbers, etc. for two more days I struggled with low numbers, not being able to keep anything but liquids down, weakness, covid tongue, etc. fever was the only thing I didn’t have on those two days. Day 13 is my fist day where I can stand up and walk without support, eat, and basically function as normal. I am slower physically and mentally but finally better. I know this is long but I said all this to say, I and the second opinion doctor are pro vaccine. I know the vaccine can work for some as my husband never caught it even as caregiver. I don’t know if the vaccine helped me by keeping me from dying or it just didn’t work for me and covid almost killed me. Yes, I feel there were several times I was at deaths door. I also know being vaccinated kept me from getting the treatment that a friend and her 3 older kids got within the first week of getting sick. I also know with my obesity and health issues there is no way that all 4 of those met the requirements better than I. But they chose to not vaccinate. So on one had the vaccine was ideal for my husband. On the other it possibly helped me (no way to know) but it definitely hurt my treatment. So where do I go from here? I am grateful that my kids are healthy again, husband covid free, and I am recovering but I am also beyond angry. I should be able to trust doctors to do what they can to help me. Instead I was told multiple times that “Good news: NO vaccinated person has needed additional help.” Yet makes me wonder did they not need help or was it withheld to pad the stats. If I had seen the doctor even once that day he could have explained why I was no longer a candidate but he chose not to enter my room. So I have to make my own best guess and it has left me jaded.
  3. Sorry my posts are so long. Trying to be clear and as honest as possible so y’all can help.
  4. Thank you. Definitely following your suggestion of staying on top of her for a while especially the first semester. I have already started that. She had 6 lessons left in algebra and I believe she expected me to let her slide since that’s her best subject. I have insisted that she finish but in her own time. She can do them all in a day or spread them out over the next two weeks. We finished last week with everything else. We have already talked about books we can read and discuss during the summer. Her dad hates reading and said he will read every night for 15 minutes working up to 30 minimum if we do it as a family. (Separate books) while waiting on replies I ran across Movies as Literature and ordered it right away. I think this would be perfect this summer. Thanks again for all your help.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to give me such great advice. I understand why my post may seem to imply that my daughter has a language disorder even though that wasn't my attention. In truth her issues are more with my downfalls rather than her own. I have three older children that have graduated or currently attending college. Our eldest two chose to attend public school after homeschooling a while. My third eldest struggled with school from the very beginning and it wasn't until middle school that we realized she was dyslexic and had an auditory processing disorder. It was extremely difficult figuring what worked best. My younger kids excelled at whatever programs I gave them so I began to focus more strongly on daughter #3. Daughter #4, the current 9th grader the post is about, loved reading at this time and excelled with all the classes she is average at now. I allowed her to choose the books she wanted to read but there was a required amount to accomplish. Daughter #3 Junior and Senior years were so difficult with playing catchup for graduation that I didn't realize my daughter #4 becoming a teen and doing just enough to officially finish. She kept her scores A/B range and slowly read less and less without heavy prompting. I tried to stay on top of everything but I had to spend so much time preparing my oldest for graduation. Then 2020 hit. It may not have impacted other homeschoolers drastically with school but became a factor with ours. We lost 5 family members to corona, some distant but all hitting hard. We also had several that were hospitalized with severe symptoms that recovered. Of our closest family members, numbering 34, 25 of them had corona and this doesn't even account for friends or the time we were exposed. My eldest was the only one that had corona of our household. My stepdad, their grandfather, passed away from corona 2 weeks from our first planned visit in a year. Then I had a medical issue arise that slowed us down for a couple of weeks. Any other year it would have been handled quickly but doctor's appointments were much harder. In the end, we like everyone else struggled and I was just happy to be able to get their school must do's completed. Daughter # 3 graduated and will graduate top of class in cosmetology school in a few weeks. This year we have worked diligently on our school and accomplished so much but I came to the realization that daughter #4 is slacking whenever possible. Again, she is doing the work and capable of more but not pushing herself unless I am on top of her. She is bad to pull up other tabs on her computer while doing her math classes online rather than spending the entire amount of time on studying. Or she claims she is reading but will waste time daydreaming, phone,, computer, until caught. Etc. Obviously from her reading scores on achievement tests she isn't struggling with it as much as she pretends. Anyway, I would like to choose a program that does give her independence so that I can not have her my primary focus of the three yet still where I can step in and make sure she is implementing it well. I am going to try to push her harder while maintaining more balance than I did with our previous daughter. So now you know my deep dark secret.
  6. My daughter is entering ninth grade and I would love your advice for our English/Language Arts curriculum. Her achievement test scores showed well above level in reading, average in vocabulary and grammar. Even though we made slight progress in writing this year both of us found Write Shop 1 difficult to use and the result has left her behind in writing. She hates reading and prefers workbook style learning rather than my preference of Charlotte Mason style. We used English Lessons Through Literature as well this year but it was like pulling teeth. I also need to choose more independent choices for her as I have an 7th and 5th grader. Now I am not sure what to choose for next year. Below is a list of curriculum that I am considering and would love your thoughts. The Good and the Beautiful (too Charlotte Mason? Not independent enough? ) Learning Language Arts Through Literature ( love the look of this. The samples seem workbook enough for her and CM enough for me. I don’t know what level to choose. To meet state requirements I would need to go with Gold but is it too advanced for a beginner writer? Is there a way to make it work or should I choose a different level and work up?) create my own program: Spelling: continue with Sequential Spelling Vocab:??? Writing:continue Write Shop 1 since she is learning even though slow and cumbersome Grammar: Fix It Grammar (she previously used Easy Grammar and wants a change) Literature:???
  7. Oh I understand and honestly I am not well versed in the second coming as a Christian. I find Revelation and all the dispute about the second coming tiring and honestly it has created more fear in my mind than necessary. I figure that as a Christian I just have to believe Jesus will come back, live according to his commandments, repent more times than imaginable but still not enough, and let Him worry about when to return. I am not saying I shouldn't try to learn about that time but I just am not in the right place with my walk to focus on that time right now. I also see how this is considered unfriendly to unbelievers at the very least but they have the choice to believe in Jesus or not just as I do. They can choose their own religion or lack of one. I am sure not everything in every religion is favorable to myself as a nonbeliever or Christian. I don't force my beliefs on them.
  8. I am sorry for that. I didn't make that distinction because of ignorance. Even so I wouldn't stand for mistreatment of a Jew, Israeli, or Zionist or any other label you want. It is so wrong. So an Israeli can be Jewish but not every Jew is Israeli and not every Israeli is Jewish? Not every Jew and Israeli is pro-Zionist, correct? Is there a term for one that is anti-zionist?
  9. I have questions about your first paragraph but I would prefer to keep it private so you won't have to justify your responses to others if you don't mind my messaging you. As for the Christian supporters, I can't speak for everyone but if you had asked me last year I would say I stand with Israel without any real knowledge as to why other than it being Biblically the right thing to do which is connected to the second coming. Yes, it is disingenuous and wrong and something I am trying to rectify now.
  10. I couldn't sleep well the last few nights just thinking about the plight of both Palestinians and Israelis. I am not talking about politics but the actual individuals, the moms, dads, grandparents, children. I keep saying what if it was I that was needing to rush to a shelter in Israel or rushing from a targeted building in Gaza. What if I disagree with who is in charge of making the decisions but don't have any real control over it. Truth is Americans should be more sympatric to this plight than we sometimes are. Our own elections exemplify how you can do everything in your power to have the person you want to lead be chosen but then realize the opposite was chosen instead. (by this I am not limiting it to the last election.) It is too easy to say choose better leaders. And when it comes down to it, my heart is broken for them all. If I am struggling with the bias or lack of clear, precise answers, then how can I fault both countries for struggling as well?
  11. Hmmm.....ok. I originally thought this way but then the more videos and comments I read led me to believe that I was wrong. I always understood that not everyone will agree with their government. I'll go one farther and say not all Christians will agree with other Christians, Jews with Jews, Palestinians with Palestinians, etc.
  12. Thank you for this. Man was I right when I said that I knew welltrainedminders was the place to find people that were educated and experienced on the topic. I hope you don't regret this post as well which is why I asked people to message me rather than post here. I don't want hard feelings, etc to come from my need to learn. I will say that a couple of the things you said I had formed the same opinion but wasn't sure if I was understanding things well enough to form those opinions or was it my bias or ignorance doing so. I was even doubting my intellectual ability to learn as I am not well spoken and had very limited education in politics and world on a grand scale before adulthood. Anyway, thank you so much for the response.
  13. I am sorry if my post is pulling you out of your safe space. That really isn't my intention. Everyone deserves safety and I wish everyone had it. Wishing it to happen doesn't help it seems so I am trying to learn so that I can live better and do a better job of teaching the next generation that while politics is great to discuss always remember in all your grander choices to consider the individuals it impacts and what you can do to minimize the damage for yourself and others.
  14. Thank you. I don't post lots because I am not as knowledgeable as the rest of y'all. I will say y'all have challenged my beliefs more times than not and been the catalyst for my challenging them myself. I tell my kids all the time that the reason I watch opposing politics more than those that share my view is because I already know how I feel and need to see if it stands the test when opposed. Opposition will either destroy my opinion or make it stronger but it is always better for the challenge. It also gives me the opportunity to learn why others feel differently than I. My new motto is that if my beliefs cannot stand up to my own challenges then they are only my opinion and not beliefs that I should hold with such force. Besides that you have all helped me tremendously over the years in my homeschool journey. My dyslexic child would have never graduated without that help! She not only graduated but won a $20k scholarship to attend Cosmetology school and is graduating top of her class! Matter of fact, she was the only student to pass the boards test on the first try. Want to hear something funny? She failed the corona questionnaire that is basicly have you been exposed, etc because she thought the final question asking if you agree with the above answers was tricky. She had answered no to all the corona exposure/risk questions and couldn't understand how answering yes to the do you agree meant she wasn't agreeing that she was exposed but that she hadn't been. LOL. When they finally got through that she had to take a pretest on how to work the computer system and failed it because she said they were tricky questions as well. I am not sure how but they finally said she was out of time and just had to figure out the computer on her own. She didn't have any trouble and passed with higher than an 80. Don't have official grade but all the others in her class failed and a few failed a second time. Anyway, I know I wouldn't have made it through teaching her had it not been for the people helping me choose programs that worked for her. Thank you.
  15. No it says can't locate the item. Is there a way to remove this question here and get it asked on the politics board?
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