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  1. We picked it up this afternoon. Now the hard part is figuring out how to get it into our actual yard and unloaded from the trailer. 😁 Wish us luck! For now, it will stay on the trailer at my Mom's farm.
  2. We are getting an already built deck/step so we can tear down our rotten deck and add the step to our back door sooner than we had hoped!
  3. So glad Mamu is doing well! Sending good poo vibes for him!
  4. I'm so sorry! 😢😢 She lived a life of love, it's just never long enough. Big hugs to your family. ❤️
  5. I'm so sorry. I don't have direct experience with something to this extent. But, my thoughts and experience on a smaller scale is that directness and truth make it difficult for the rumors and half-truths to retain their potency. Trying to retain "too much" privacy can look like secrecy, which can fan the flames. A blunt statement of fact such as, "The loss of our son/brother has had a traumatic impact on our family. As a result, our mental wellness is not great. As a LEO, I/DH/Dad did/do not feel in a position to do the job effectively, so took time off to try to heal." Every family member can say pretty much the same thing.
  6. Me too! The BRF is strong here. 😖
  7. I feel like I need to find a good joke or meme to combat the creepy bug derail. 😁 Just re-posting this one until I find a better one.
  8. It was only my DD who actually had to do "Chicago Math", as DS was only in pre-school at the time. This was grade 2, but much like the original problem in this thread, the homework problems were very convoluted and just didn't make sense. What happened at homework time was tears and frustration on DD's part, and me phoning every teacher friend I knew asking them WTH is this even asking!?! Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for my teacher friends in other states and another country, they were NOT using this curriculum and didn't have a clue. Between that and "teaching to the test"/standardized test prep, it got to the point that DD was in tears every morning, not wanting to go to school. Homeschooling was much easier, compared to that.
  9. Congratulations! I hope the rest of the process goes as smoothly as possible!
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