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  1. There are lots of changes now with AP’s each student that will be taking the exam needs to be registered with college board and assigned to a class and and an exam. They do not need to take advantage of the class but it is useful. It has a lot of practice tests and exams that the coordinator can assign. the main advantage with AP is that it is standardized so colleges know what the content is supposed to cover and they can choose to accept it or not. Dual enrolled classes are not standardized so a good class in one college may not be up to par in another so some colleges won’t accept dual enrolled classes.
  2. He is adorable. Congratulations. Praying your dil improves quickly.
  3. I also think it is good for students doing the congressional award to apply since they would have met the requirements
  4. My dds applied to the program. I think it takes a lot to win the state level but it was good to see so many young kids accomplishing so much by volunteering. It can be a bit restrictive as you can only choose one student per high school/ middle or elementary for each 1000 students.
  5. Some states like GA require 3 social studies to include- world history, us history, govt and economics. Govt and economics are usually half a credit
  6. it depends on the student but should be fine.
  7. There is a place in the common app where you will be asked to list what college level classes your student have taken so you will get a chance to list it there
  8. The stock market game is good. My students are playing it now as part of our Macroeconomics course and I have students from 8th - 12th grade. Check i think registration is over for the fall but they can play in the spring.
  9. I like Daijobu’s suggestion. While I do not particularly like the collegeboard, I have to say they have made registering and preparing for the exams way easier. They have a bunch of practice questions that can be tailored to the topic and you can set it up for your student. Adopting a syllabus does not mean to you have to follow it rigidly. I submitted a syllabus for calculus but mostly used AOPS text even though it wasn’t listed as one of the official texts. You still have a lot of freedom to teach in a manner that suits you.
  10. Much (((hugs))). Agreeing with PP. mental health trumps all.
  11. I will say let him take it. He can always do another one but you just never know. My dd took the practice Friday before her test and scored an ok score but lower than she had scored when she was 13. She was quite discouraged but took the test and knocked it out of the park. You just never know. The tests don’t measure any real knowledge but it is what it is. Let him sleep well, eat well and relax and take it and wish him all the best.
  12. I wouldn’t bother. She can put her time to better use writing scholarship essays lol.
  13. For the common app, I will say stick to 2 pages. There are other places on the app you can elaborate. There is a place to put your grading scale, so you can remove it from the school profile. There is also a place to put dual enrolled courses etc.
  14. My dd has a resume but no school has asked for one. She used the information on there for her activities etc. it’s nice to have one handy
  15. Ye that is our experience so far. The U of Alabama rep for our area had no clue about homeschooling and was telling me things I knew were not true. The actual application was easy and she was awarded merit scholarships.
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