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  1. Excelsior and memorial press both have 1 semester class- the excelsior class is equivalent to AP Lit but she can also dual enroll with LeTourneau to get credit. The memorial press one had a different schedule which made it overlap but my dd took that in the fall. It is called senior Thesis.
  2. praying for Greta and her family through this season. This is so hard
  3. I think what he needs to do ASAP is to go to the instructor's office hours and meet with her. If she does not have an office hour, he should email her ASAP and ask if he can meet with her after class as he needs some help. He should also seek out tutoring if available but he needs to have some face time with the instructor to understand what she wants and how she tests.
  4. Great. Praying for good outcome
  5. That is great. His resilience and perseverance will stand him in good stead. He is a head worker and has s lot going for him. All the best at MIT.
  6. There is an integrated conceptual science by Hewitt and Suchoki you can look into. I am not sure how much is project based on it but it has basic physics that covers the spectrum.
  7. Prayers for good success at the interview.
  8. I was going to do The Story of Mankind with my 5th grader but changed plans due to the older one. I got the illustrated book and love it. I am looking forward to doing it next year. I will combine it with books from each continent (except possibly Antarctica) and also read around the world in 80 days.
  9. Yes I thought I read something about it last year. I hope it doesn’t become the Norm. The school my dd took hers at finished registretaion before December last year so they may shift it to August. That won’t be helpful at all.
  10. I just forwarded an email to my dd that said python is now the most used language followed by JavaScript, java and c. I will concentrate on those ones. You can look at udemy or other platforms online or take the AoPS python class.
  11. Congratulations!!! That’s great news. Well done.
  12. That is so cool with the t-shirt. All the very best to him and his team mates at the IMO
  13. oh lol. I guess their marketing dept has been hard at work trying to find what will work for students. Not a lot of students will know that they don't have application fees.
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