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  1. Resources available to the students like extra curricular students clubs etc. people in more urban or suburban areas may have more resources than those in rural. Those are some of the things you can highlight in the school profile, available resources/ or not and how your student took advantage or not.
  2. It might help to also look at the schools in your area as you will have the same demographics- urban, rural or suburban and that will affect availability of resources.
  3. So sorry Ottakee. Praying you get volunteers soon.
  4. I would say like everything, it depends on the child. My child loves math and did not want to stop with calculus in middle school. She took 6 college level math courses after calc BC through dual enrollment and have met all the math requirements for her major before starting college. Her toughest high school course was AP lit with PAH.
  5. Some schools cover it in 12th grade when students are 18 and able to vote. My students will likely graduate before 18 so they took it when it worked well in the schedule. One did it as a semester course. One took it as a summer course at home to free up the schedule.
  6. I agree with Lori. Also if he did some trip with Algebra 2 you can do Algebra 11A and. Algebra 11B with trig. That’s shows continuity. I do agree with business math if you need a 4th math
  7. No they did not. He did not want to say too much so that students that want to cheat don’t try to work around security but I think they may use a room scanner where they will ask the student to take a 360 picture of the room to check that there is no one else there. also, he did say that students all over the world will be taking the exams at the same time so some like those in the Southern Hemisphere May be taking it at 1am and they can choose to either take the make up or forgo it.
  8. No they did not mention that. I will assume they won’t send it anywhere but the student can call and request it.
  9. I think the webinar is available online now. Some points that were not covered before that I remembered were 1. Students should be prepared not to finish all the questions in the time given and that is ok. 2. Students should not rely on their books though they will have access to them but the time is too short to be going through books 3. No one should be there in the room and no checking online chat rooms while the exam is going on. 4. students that don’t take either exams will have their payments refunded to them. College board does not collect the exam fees until after the exams 5. results will delayed by a week late as they will be transmitted to scorers and then also sent to teachers to confirm that it is in line with what students have been doing during the year.
  10. I’m so sorry for your loss. ((((Hugs))))
  11. Congratulations to your dd. She will bloom where ever she ends up with the skills she had acquired.
  12. I think it’s great that she has a plan and she is working towards it. She may want to look at the 4 year colleges and check their articulation agreement to see if the courses transfer. 4 year colleges accept courses not necessarily associate degree so if she takes the courses required in the first two years, then she will be in a good shape for finish earlier. She has Check that the courses will transfer between colleges.
  13. Most junior colleges will offer precalc. Check to see if she needs to take a placement test to be placed in the precalc after Algebra 2. I won’t have her take college algebra unless she did not do well in algebra 2. If her goal is to be a PT, she may not need an associates. Sometimes fulfilling the requirements for an associates may take away from course she can take towards PT.
  14. Counting and probability is not necessarily a step back depending on what is covered. My dd did AOPS intermediate counting and probability and Number theory and then took both dual enrolled classes at GT. The intermediate Number theory was about 2/3 of the GT 2000 level course and the probability was different but a 3000 level course.
  15. They will refund all students that ask for one this year even through the refund date has passed. You need to contact the school that your student registered with since the college board don’t get their payment till June.
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