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  1. (((Hug))) praying for new employment soon.
  2. Prayers for your ds, for his health and recovery. ((((Hugs))))
  3. I agree. We don’t have this one but we have secrets of mental math and joy of mathematics and enjoyed both as supplements.
  4. He needs to call an FAA approved Aviation medical examiner and ask them but I also think it is a disqualifying condition.
  5. Problem may be car rental. It’s crazy this year till August I heard.
  6. Congratulations to the new couple. Wishing them the very best!!!!
  7. Wow congratulations on your new adventure. I will say the hardest part is starting. You will need to take gen ed courses so while taking those, you can use your time to figure out what courses are available and which one you are interested in. All the best!!!!
  8. For psychology my students read and liked, The immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks The man who mistook his wife for a hat Stroke of insight
  9. Even if AOC can make the repairs for her grandma, how about the many other families who don’t have an AOC to make the case for them? Do you think if the hurricane happened in a ‘ fancier’ part of the USA, they would still be without repairs 3 or more years out? That is the issue that needs to be addressed.
  10. But outside of the top 200 or so colleges, there are thousands of colleges in the US that will accept most students just based on their scores but most students want to apply to the top ones. Alabama has their requirements on their web page, you score perfect Act/ sat and have a 4.0 GPA, you get a full ride. You score less, you can get full tuition etc. So many schools have that and we have students doing well at those schools. They all don’t have to apply to the top 100 or so. There is more freedom and flexibility than you will like to acknowledge. The problem is that you want HYP, Stanford and MIT to also go that route and that is not possible. How many 4.0 gpa and perfect scores can you admit? What else are they bringing to the table other than scores?
  11. Congratulations. Wishing them a very happy married life. Well done mama
  12. Yellowstone is my absolute favorite national park. It’s got pretty much everything- the bison, the geysers, the waterfalls, the vegetation- just spectacular. We did a Midwest thing some years back and that was absolutely enjoyable. So many different animals, we went to badlands so saw lots of prairie dogs too. we stayed at a small cabin on the northeast entrance in Montana in Silver gate/ Cooke city. We found it through Airbnb. It was a small city.
  13. We kept ours for months in the garage. It kept well and never stank. The kids enjoyed it.
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