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  1. If he is the sole teacher of your kids arts class I will list him as I listed other teachers. Instructor-mr. Xyz has a degree in abc. Then list the course description. You don’t have to note that he is the grandparent.
  2. Yes I did. Some of the schools here in our state require a homeschool portfolio with the labs detailed and assessment. I just completed it for my rising 11th grader for dual enrollment. It was mostly- biology- 12 labs completed including x,y,z. I listed the lab texts that was used and if a kit was used, I’ll list that as well.
  3. I guess like all things it depends on what you are after. She gives good advice for doing transcripts and course descriptions and she does try to make the whole process achievable. My only thing is sometimes I feel she sets the bar a bit low and depending on your kid, you can find out that that advise will not serve them well. like a pp mentioned, sign up for her free webinars and attend a few and then decide for yourself.
  4. Wow! That’s quite impressive. Your FIL has an Erdos number 1!!
  5. 15 days after the election, we are still getting mail about voting. I wonder if they were mailed so long just it’s still taking mail this long to get through.
  6. Sorry 😢 for your loss. Please don’t blame yourself
  7. I like homeschool Spanish academy. My dd is in Spanish 3 and was placed in the college intermediate Spanish
  8. There are lots of different things she can do with math like pp’s have mentioned. I will also suggest looking at the fintech industry. It is a fast growing industry and there are lots of quantitative analysis being done. I will advise her to seek out research opportunities on campus from her first year as that will expose her to more areas of math and what she can do. My college freshman is going CS but wants to do a math or music tech minor. She is waiting to see which one as the much tech one is hard to get into.
  9. I read recently that colleges were already anticipating a drop in enrollment from the class of 2025 due to the population statistics. Now with Covid, low enrollment from overseas and financial fallout- the college admission scene is going to change a lot in the next 5 years.
  10. For unaccredited homeschoolers, my state flagship still requires validation of the 5 core areas- math, Lang arts, science, social science and foreign Lang but they will accept AP, DE or subject tests and even a couple cleps. My dd did not have foreign language but they accepted AP comp sci A as a foreign Lang- just strange and arbitrary rules no rhyme or reason.
  11. I know but just because something has been done for so long doesn’t mean we can’t change it. It is a frustrating and exhausting thing that doesn’t really do much for filtering- varsity blues comes to mind.
  12. In all honesty, I will really like some standardization in college applications but this is America and I doubt that it can happen. it is very frustrating when students and parents have to do much gymnastics trying to meet an ever shifting requirement for admission- this school wants subject tests- this one doesn’t but want to see rigor demonstrated through AP or DE- this one will give you 3 credits for this course but this other one will give you 9 credits for the same course- this one will accept Clep, this one won’t and on and on. It’s quite frustrating and confusing just a waste of ene
  13. I’m enjoying the parade across America. So great to see
  14. I am not sure if it suffers a poor reputation or that most selective schools don’t accept it. My first daughter didn’t take any because her top 3 schools won’t accept them. for my current 10th grader, some will accept and some won’t so I want her to wait till she is close to application/ acceptance before taking it if she does.
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