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    I will say try out the homeschool for a semester and see how it goes and then if it doesn’t work, they can go to the school. I feel that they are young enough that it should still be manageable. You have a pretty good idea of their needs and you are trying to meet them as best as you can. There is usually never an ideal situation but we do the best with what we have. All the best.
  2. Thrift stores do carry them. I bought our first one from a thrift store for my kids to use for kindergarten and elementary school graduation pictures
  3. The Georgia tech industrial design launchpad is on Thursday May 6th. You can register to watch it on their website. The link for the last one in 2020’is also there. That may give your student some Insight into it. We toured the department and my dd’s love the program. One wanted to minor in it but has changed her mind. https://id.gatech.edu/?mc_cid=06e51e0863&mc_eid=01d43b6db0
  4. 😆 I don’t care anymore. It’s a losing battle and the pandemic just made it all worse. I don’t think homeschooling will really go back to how it was before. So many of my friends who choose the virtual option with their public schools will tell me “we are now all homeschoolers” I just laugh and shanks my head. there is no longer a clear mark that separates homeschooling and I don’t know how I feel about it. I love the plethora of options and wish some were available when I was starting out but there is also that recognition that all in homeschooling takes a lot of effort that gets diminished
  5. I would love to believe this but one thing I think the Covid issue showed is that most parents do not want to teach their own kids. Parents with kids in school who were supporting students found it really hard to do. I know pandemic was not ideal but so many don’t want to teach their kids.
  6. Will finish our 13th year of homeschooling on friYay!!!! Still have 4-5 more years to go depending on what youngest does. It’s been with its ups and downs. I’m trying to make peace with the road less travelled.
  7. What period underwear does your child like? I just bought some from thinx and bombas? Yesterday and still waiting on them for my girls to try. Thanks
  8. I will Leave the algebra b out of his transcript. Some colleges may think he took it because he needs remediation. I think it is a good use of his time since he likes it and he is doing it during summer.
  9. If at all possible, try to move before the college resumption date so that you can be considered in state for where you are if matters.
  10. I used MEP in then elementary years but do not continue with it after MEP 6 as it does not align well with US math. I love the spiral approach and that you don’t get exposure to lots of different ways of solving the same things. For my oldest, she transitioned to AOPS prealgebra after MEP 5 but the others needed the reinforcement so we did MEP 6 before prealgebra.
  11. I will tell her to volunteer to lead events for transfer students. They usually are in the same need for friends and she might be able to find new friends there. They may be younger but I don’t think college friends need to go by age. Also if she can join other groups and be in leadership. She may make friends with others
  12. Between IRA and Roth, I prefer the Roth. With Roth, you pay the tax now and everything you invest is tax free when he is taking the money out. Most people earn more as they grow older so their tax bracket may increase but having the money growing tax free will usually generate more ar retirement especially for people starting in their teens or twenties. With the traditional IRA, you don’t pay taxes now and pay the taxes at retirement. Both have a limit that you can put in them per year based on age.
  13. I know Caltech requires all students to start at about the same level irrespective of AP credits. I think it may be better to contact each school your child is interested in individually and verify.
  14. Awesome. Yes it will be nice to know how to validate homeschoolers without AP or DE and what they willl be looking for in terms of recommendation letters.
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