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  1. You can put the 12th grade courses and instead of a grade put IP for in progress. Most schools want to see what you are doing in 12th grade. Some have even asked my child for mid year grades.
  2. We have a copy my dd is reading right now or I would have offered to send to you. You may want to check Barnes and noble online used book or abebooks. Good luck
  3. So sorry Articmama. ((((Hugs))))) to you and your family.
  4. That is what is required in the common app anyway. assignments just state how the course is graded. Most of my classes have quizzes and a final exam. Some are oral exams, some are papers or projects. This was all stated in each course description.
  5. I think I will give her a credit and call it good. You may also want to just award 0.5 for world History ( I called my dd’s global history because it was more than just the western history commonly taught) and 0.5 for comparative government because some colleges want to see world history and govt. will she also do u.s government? Some colleges want to see that.
  6. I think instead of extending high school, I will have her take a gap year and just focus on what she wants to do for a year with no academics. I will also make sure she does some job shadowing with people in the line of work and see if it is what she really wants to do.
  7. Prayers for your friend and her family. Prayers for the medical personnel and all taking care of her. Prayers for strength and grace during this difficult time.
  8. I agree with what the PP’s said. You may also want to look at having him do 2 lab sciences if he does not have a tough schedule for spring. He may look at environmental science, astronomy etc but since he wasn’t going to take any before, I will advice you to either drop that school or look at other schools that will accept just two. My dd has 3 foreign lang and was going to take another Year but at the beginning of fall she decided she was done and so just had 3 on her transcript. Luckily, none of the schools she is applying to require 4. I will also add just take a big breathe and go with what you have. Don’t beat yourself up for what he should have done. Life happens and you just have to make the most of what you have right now. It will all work out eventually as long as you are doing what you can. All the best.
  9. Not it’s A lone class. It would have been part of other classes to make a half day coop but that didn’t make.
  10. One of the things I had been mindful of was what 8 talked about earlier. My kids had social outlets where most of their homeschool friends are. They are not generally doing any rigorous academics and most of them tend to veer towards music education. My older kids want to balance the fine arts with rigorous STEM so we have different paths towards our end goals.
  11. I am having the same issue with a class I’m teaching. Half the students don’t participate. I was going to have the students do presentations but had to drop that when it was clear it will be a failure. I support and teach the best I can but most of the students don’t do the weekly readings before the class so class time had to be restructured differently than I planned.
  12. There are lots of changes now with AP’s each student that will be taking the exam needs to be registered with college board and assigned to a class and and an exam. They do not need to take advantage of the class but it is useful. It has a lot of practice tests and exams that the coordinator can assign. the main advantage with AP is that it is standardized so colleges know what the content is supposed to cover and they can choose to accept it or not. Dual enrolled classes are not standardized so a good class in one college may not be up to par in another so some colleges won’t accept dual enrolled classes.
  13. He is adorable. Congratulations. Praying your dil improves quickly.
  14. I also think it is good for students doing the congressional award to apply since they would have met the requirements
  15. My dds applied to the program. I think it takes a lot to win the state level but it was good to see so many young kids accomplishing so much by volunteering. It can be a bit restrictive as you can only choose one student per high school/ middle or elementary for each 1000 students.
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