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  1. I don’t think the pp’s meant redoing a grade until the student has an A. Students don’t always have to make an A in every subject. With math, my students do the exercises and grade them by themselves. Then if they miss any, we go over it and see if it was just a simple mistake or more a comprehension issue. Because I don’t stress the mistakes, they have learnt that when they don’t understand, we go over it again. I do the same with science. History and Lang arts are a bit different to do that way but teaching to mastery really do produce better results.
  2. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the general studies degree. He will be able to have a degree which is way better than transferring and then not finishing with a degree.
  3. Can he take withdraw form one or two classes, take a break and do an internship for next spring and Then retry in the fall. He should also go talk to his advisor and see what they say.
  4. This year is a crazy one so I can’t definitively say what will happen but I know MIT has repeatedly said they always take the best score of all the scores reported. I hope it is still true. Lots of hugs for your son. It is hard
  5. Anyone hear about this? Authorities found lots of p0rn material in the home of the happy scientist Robert Krampf and he is indicted in Utah. https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2020/09/18/cgb-police-thousands-of-child-porn-images-found-at-home-of-southern-utah-man-who-runs-popular-youtube-channel/?fbclid=IwAR33b2x3_Fv-1au6o8_PHnxGdySqRnMm_61Ffo9_MZJNYGr9YI6UsmwbHLU#.X2ZqgyRq0lR
  6. It’s really very sad but I had an inkling she was trying to hold on for so long.
  7. I do agree about the cheating. It’s been well known for a number of years. One of the highest paying students from the IVy blues scandal paid millions for acceptance to Harvard and both the college board and ACT have had serious issues with cheating from Korea and China. I am just addressing the fact that quite a lot of their students are getting top notch education and now the tide is turning because they are going back and starting to become a dominant force in technology with Huawei and ByteDance etc
  8. I think one aspect to this that we don’t like to address is also the fact that a lot of Asians do value education more than we do and they are willing to invest in it. Most high level colleges have Asians- not Asian-Americans making up a large percentage of their graduate programs. They used to stay and become naturalized but now most of them are going back to China primarily.
  9. AP tests are valid for 4 years beyond the last year an exam was taken so it doesn’t matter when they start. It will be on the record. My student started in 7th and it was still on the records for college application.
  10. I used honors in the course title so I had Honors Chemistry I also only have yearly grades unless it was a semester course like govt 0.5 credit
  11. Congratulations Lori, I so appreciate your wisdom and recommendations over the years. You have been a blessing to this community.
  12. There are so many texts in the math Algebra1 thread pinned above. I will suggest buying two or three used texts and see how your students do with them. My oldest was also a strong AOPS student but the younger ones have taken different paths.
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