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  1. Me to my kids when they are arguing, grumbling, complaining, or otherwise annoying me: "Is this going to matter 5 years, 5 months, or even 5 days from now? Because if it's not, just let it go and move on to happier and more fun things in your life. Go play with your cats and laugh at them." I will point out that they do not have all of the info that was involved in making a decision or policy. It could have been an honest mistake that something was overlooked or it could have been very deliberate because of factors they know nothing about. Either way, humans are humans, and I've yet to meet a perfect one, not even them!
  2. How awful. I'm sorry @I talk to the trees. @Jann in TX, I hope your nephew is healing and has a full recovery. @Starr, I am sorry for your loss as well.
  3. Aw, poor toad and DD. I hope the toad gets better ASAP, and that your DD doesn't feel too bad about the accident.
  4. It's not FB messenger, just the iMessages app for texting on iPhones but if you send to iPhones, then you probably do not have the glitch anyway. Thanks for the sympathy.
  5. Yes, apple messages. SMS and MMS are all included in my plan, so I don't have to pay anything extra and used it all the time. My phone is a little newer than yours - it's a 7.
  6. I do not have FB or FB messenger on my phone at all. Just regular old text messages that worked until I did the update last night. 😖 My phone is getting pretty old and in need of replacing soon anyway. Maybe I'll just revert back to a flip phone that can call and text - if they still exist. Do I really need apps and internet access at all times?! No, I don't.
  7. I can attest to the fact that being a military wife is often soul-crushingly boring and lonely. It takes a strong and independent person to make a military marriage work and yet, often that strong and independent person gives up a large part of themselves, their dreams, and their careers to the military complex. The constant moving, ever-changing day-to-day schedules and routines, deployments and trainings, mandatory group "fun" days when he finally gets "a day off", etc. Add the responsibilities of kids to the mix and this, in my experience, can really take a toll on self-confidence on top of being bored and lonely. It is not surprising to me at all that the cult-like "community building" and "be your own success story" of MLMs is often attractive to military spouses.
  8. I'll try again. Most things I saw were "contact your carrier so you can send MMS messages", or to do the things I had already done.
  9. And does it now prevent you from sending photos and videos via messenger to Android devices? I did the update last night and now I can't send vids or photos to my husband's phone. I checked all the settings and everything is good there. Tried turning off and back on. Now I'm stumped. 😩
  10. Um, sorry ladies, but MY sister-in-law is the best. She randomly texted me yesterday while I was at work (just a regular Monday, no special occasion) to invite us for supper, which consisted of ham, cabbage rolls, perogies, salads, rolls, fresh fruit, and all the extras like pickles, olives, pickled beets, etc. I hate cooking!! My hubby cooks, but not fancy like that. So, she wins best SIL.
  11. You are doing the right thing. I want to give you huge kudos for setting and maintaining your boundaries, and I'm glad you've reached a place of being at peace with yourself and your decisions, despite your mom trying to guilt trip you. And also big hugs because I'm sorry that it had to be this way.
  12. It looks beautiful! I remember when my best guy friend got married, his bride was in tears that something minor went wrong at the reception. Another friend and I had to calm her down by pointing out only she knew anything was "wrong". Everyone else was partying and having fun, not missing a thing. Glitches do create some of the most memorable moments, too! We've made several cross country moves, but the memorable moments are the random adventures of the wrong turns and dead batteries.
  13. I'm sorry. 😢 I hope the long haul clinic will be able to help you.
  14. I don't think either one is weird.
  15. This is how I read it at first, too.
  16. Big hugs to all who are struggling and have kids who are struggling. I wish I could make life easier for everyone.
  17. Mine is pretty amazing, too! He brought me pants, extra supplies, AND chocolate when I "overflowed" in ONE hour (sidenote: ugh! Perimenopause suuuuucks!) at work today. He also made my lunch and he makes my tea every morning.
  18. Our drugstore doesn't have a soda fountain, but it does have the only Starbucks in town.
  19. I still need @mommyoffiveto send her neighbors over. Either to eat the apples off the tree, or to share the ones my DH bought. 😂😂
  20. They apparently make really good pie. My aunt has already made a pie out of some of them and took it to my mom's house. I'm GF so I couldn't taste-test it. He bought Granny Smith apples. Ours taste very, very similar; just a little sweeter. It was truly just an honest mistake made out of habit because he's the main grocery shopper. I will check to see if our food bank will take some, or post them to our local free pages online.
  21. At least I'm not alone. Lol Eight! I can't even imagine. One tree is plenty! I'm not sure, but they are very delicious. To me they taste very similar to a Granny Smith apple, but a little sweeter so they are a little less tart. I don't think he really was thinking. He was making sure he had stuff for his and DS's lunches and he grabbed them out of habit. He said "These are for lunches, those are for other things and we might not have enough." Lol - it really was just an honest brain fart, so he was jokingly making up reasons.
  22. He already opened the bag. The damage is done. I wasn't home when he came home from shopping.
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