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  1. I also wanted to say that I never pre-made a diaper unless we were going out, I just threw a liner in as we needed them. The rumparooz did go right in; took a couple of seconds. Pop-ins just snapped in, so that was easy. Definitely second the trial but remind her not to be hard in herself if she uses disposables for the first couple of weeks while they get into a routine. And CONGRATS!!
  2. https://www.kangacare.com If you can find them on sale, these were very good. If you live close, you can trade modeling for diapers and be set 😉 I tried a couple of every brand at first and I liked these and blueberry. Literally lasted from newborn to potty trained and fit so well. I used the hemp or bamboo insert depending on what I felt like and they held an awful lot of pee... Wait, that’s a lie. Pop-Ins were my favorite but they don’t seem the sell them in quite the same style anymore. Remember every baby is sized differently and some diapers will work better than ot
  3. Vaccines aren’t approved for under 16 yet, right? And the trials right now are only 12+? So kids won’t be vaccinated anyways, only parents. Ask yourself what is ideal to you, what is acceptable under what circumstances, and what will never be acceptable. Then work on not feeling bad for having boundaries 😉 I know all kids are different, and all families, and everybody, and things look bleak, but dd grew up without really being a part of any “homeschooling community” and I don’t regret it. Not every kid has friends or best friends in school and If people aren’t part of your mindset/w
  4. Plenty of people do 3/4 split and make it work - even with school. The key is communication with the school and teachers, letting them know that on Thursday (or whatever), mom drops off and dad picks up. Or giving them a calendar stating exactly which days are which. And leaving said calendar with the kids. And lists for the kids. And consistency. Before you know it, it’s just a way of life and you don’t even think about it! The problem is sometimes when the communication between the parents is virtually none or hostile because you inevitably have to pop over and pick up something tha
  5. To me, a red herring is more like two totally unrelated things being compared. Like, when somebody says “Save the Rainforest” the person will say, “What about whales?? Why aren’t whales important??” I see this as more of tu quoque. Like, “My news source is bad? Well YOUR news source is bad.” But I think that “They’re ALL bad so nobody is right.” is a different fallacy whose name is slipping my mind 😞
  6. Frontline workers are getting it here and they are supposed to get a rapid covid antigen test to make sure they don’t have it when they get a shot. Idk if that everywhere here or just the few healthcare systems in which I know people. I’ve heard sore arm that gets better by the next day multiple times and supertired a couple of times (all first doses, Pfizer).
  7. Girls here are competing. It’s smaller competitions now, but in October, they were doing meets with 50+ kids in a session. Everyone is staying positive for optional season, but who knows. Other states are doing some virtual women’s meets here and there, not too many. Boys are also looking at smaller competitions right now, hoping for a state meet, at least. Virtual is slightly more common across the country for men, but nobody really wants to do that here in this state T&T is going virtual for the first couple of meets, maybe for all of them. Regionals was already cancelle
  8. It’s reasonable to ask kids to have a certain outfit for a performance UNLESS that performance is mandatory EXCEPT if you’re at a private school. Idk how new you are to small, private schools, but they mostly kind of do whatever and you go along with it (sometimes with an eye roll). Let me say I totally understand, not trying to be mean, or anything. Under no circumstances should the teacher have said anything to the kids, that’s petty. The only thing you can do is tell teacher that it would be preferable to bring objections to the parent as the children are not yet buying their own cl
  9. I didn’t know your kids were still not taking, I’m sorry. seems to make everything harder for some reason. I also feel bad that you had a poor therapy experience. Worst thing about therapy is finding somebody you feel actually wants to help you. In fact, that act of finding somebody is so difficult, it’s why most people just give up 😞 I have nothing for you other than hugs and I’m glad you at least have a chance to vent ❤️
  10. If you can find a drive-through testing place, that minimizes some risks. Also, insurance companies are increasingly paying for a rapid-antigen test, but they run $150 out of pocket.
  11. Just so you know, most new washers do not allow you to open the washer once it’s filled. And you cannot seem bypass that safety mechanism without breaking the entire machine. I have no idea why this bothers me so much, I rarely did this, but now that I CANNOT... 😞 i think the speed queens still allow it, I can’t remember. Also, I couldn’t find a machine that would let me choose the amount of water I needed. I spent some time seriously contemplating used washers, for sure. ETA: I see you said FRONT, not top, Sorry.
  12. As good of a rule that is, I freaking abuse my watch and it hasn’t chipped or broken In two years. I don’t *deliberately* do it, just feel like I’m constantly running into things with it. They sell a little plastic scratch protector it, if you’re worried. I initially got it because I was working 14-hr days on the weekend - mostly no phone allowed - and needed to feel like I could be reached in an emergency. But now I just like the freedom of being phone-free sometimes! Ok, if I’m being truthful, maybe the ping feature is the best feature for me...
  13. I visit irregularly, leave some flowers or a rock. I know a few people buried in the cemetery so I visit everyone since I’m there (not that they would know otherwise). Anything that happens to a body after death is intended to help the living come to terms with it. Some people don’t need to visit a grave, some people need to visit as often as possible, some people plant a garden, some people have jewelry made out of ashes, some people sleep with an urn. It’s all very personal and widely varies. Nobody should ever be made to feel guilty for their own way of handling a death.
  14. Colorado Ballet streaming free through local PBS https://www.coloradoballet.org/ https://video.rmpbs.org/video/the-nutcracker-by-colorado-ballet-kqlyqd/
  15. Please do it. Sometimes, need isn’t about the money. I hope you begin an upswing soon! ❤️
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