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  1. Here’s my question: Were you raised with shower or no shower? I was always told no shower, no tooth brushing, etc, but BF’s family has literally never heard of that. גמר חתימה טובה Easy fasting!
  2. They make you less lumpy, but they don’t make you skinny unless you’re already skinny with some small problem spots. For belly issues, consider one with an open bust because, regardless of the claims, unless you have a corset, they will roll down. Even the ones with boning. Like this, but idk about brands https://www.nordstrom.com/s/spanx-oncore-mid-thigh-shaper-bodysuit/4856220
  3. Idk if these count as store-bought, but these are great, you can customize, they quickly fix any problems that may occur, and they’re great people who usually do amazing cosplay https://www.vadymakes.com/basic-masks BUT for you in your situation, I’d go for N95s, for sure.
  4. I have never seen free, full-length practice tests, but they definitely exist when you pay for them http://www.mercerpublishing.com/cogat/grade-5 BJU has Iowa and Stanford practice https://www.bjupresshomeschool.com/category/homeschool-practice-tests IME, test taking is definitely a skill that you can and should practice if you are able. My daughter did ACT/SAT/PSAT for talent search starting in 5th (different ones in different years) and when the time came to take these tests “for real” there was no extra stress because she was very familiar with them. Yes, it’s a ridiculous “Playing
  5. I wonder if mom maybe said something derogatory about new GF that 6yo misinterpreted and is trying to see if it’s true. Doesn’t explain the butt pinching, really, but again, maybe she said something like “Daddy thinks he can pinch a butt and get whatever he wants.” Idk, I agree with everyone else about it being overall worthy of some level of concern.
  6. The problem often seems to be how to convince your kid about your gut feeling without pushing them away. Or maybe not even convince, just mention. People can be awfully dramatic sometimes and if you are no longer talking to your kid, how can you know when to swoop her out of danger? Bleh, kids 🙄 (I was way worse than my dd, so I’m actually very grateful).
  7. BTDT. The first time my dd was with somebody in a situation that was not great, there was no way I could have said anything without a huge explosion. I just always, always kept a non-judgmental ear and let her know I would always have a place for her. We talked about everything except her relationship and how I thought it was awful. Eventually, she opened up about it and I never told her how I felt and finally, it ended. This last time around we were in a different place in our relationship and I straight told her what I thought and why and it turned out that all of her friends -and e
  8. Totally normal for fall and spring. It spends fall spiking one day, drastically dropping the next and then coming out of it with the next week with slightly lower temps than the week before. Reverse that for spring. Although this one seems especially drastic, it isn’t too bad as we had 30 then 85 in the spring. BUT it is kind of early in the season to get snow 😞 ETA: 94 is the high today, 39 tomorrow. Also, we have heavy, heavy smoke and ash over the city so we are just all messed up over here.
  9. Money. The possibility of losing a chunk of their congregation makes it easy to find a way to make them happy and it seems easier for a church to take the viewpoint you’re describing. What I mean is, for lack of better terms here, “both sides” will attend if they go the anti-mask route and the pro-maskers will grumble, but if they go the pro-mask route, the anti-maskers get loud and threatening.
  10. I think most people use the term “cult” when they perceive a (generally religious) group dictating the lives, opinions, and finances of its members to a degree beyond what is considered normal by mainstream religions. I know I’ve said this before, but I had always wanted to be a Amish/Mennonite/Convent/compound-y person if it weren’t for the religion. I love the idea of working for a community of extended family (may not love it irl...). There is a famous, non-religious compound that was recently accepting application, but they don’t allow pets 😕 ETA: I know absolutely nothing
  11. Whole Foods here has separate shoppers and drivers. I asked who got the tip and it was the driver. My SIL uses instacart exclusively and she says they often work in teams so one can shop while one is delivering 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. A lady I knew once loved to tell the story about how her ds9 was being disrespectful so she pulled over and kicked him out of the car. She said they were only a few blocks from home, but after 20 minutes when he didn’t show up, she went looking for him and the cops were there with him. From what she says, they just handed him over 🤷🏻‍♀️ The best part about the story was always the awkward silence that followed it.
  13. I hope they don’t require, I do hope they offer the option to whomever wishes to vote ”most people you know” are probably much like you are and your idea of safety does not jive with many, many others.
  14. I could have written that other post, so I’m going to add my $0.02. i have a cat right now that is ALL the drama. She is so very, very loud with the warning meows and it only seems to encourage whomever she is meowing at to lunge at her. She doesnt fight constantly, she just makes everybody think they do. And the rest of the time, they all love each other. i would say that a few times a week I hear what sounds like a horrific, scrabbly, screamy cat fight that Races around the house and only very occasionally ends up with fur flying. They really are dramatic like that. Physical
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