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  1. Had a tooth problem that caused ear pain like yours, went to the clinic to rule out an ear infection, wasted $2 (or whatever the co-pay for that was). The could do nothing for me. But at least it ruled out an infection? fwiw, 3 Tylenol max gel caps were the only thing that ever relieved tooth pain - and Tylenol has never worked for anything else in my life. I’m so sorry you’re feeling this kind of pain ❤️
  2. Waitwaitwait - but what about buffets that have baked potatoes sitting there wrapped in foil???
  3. Thank you all so much. I have access to checking (but not yet to savings) so I can put money in their account, at least. And I have money to put in their account, so I am so much better off than I could be right now. And my mother and I have poa for everything - thanks to everyone here who mentioned it over the last 15 years. And hopefully, I’m jumping the gun on a burial and he recovers, but I feel good that once it’s not a weekend of a holiday, that it won’t be a ridiculously difficult process. My grandpa was buried in Arlington a few years ago and that was a very difficult process. Just... thanks, all❤️
  4. Mom is in bank accounts, I did see an entry in the checkbook for “company x pension.” That’s all I know. Yes, he has a will. But it’s doesnt help me with the nitty gritty right now 😞
  5. Oh, that is great! Thank you! Idk why I didn’t think of that. And they use the same agent for both of those things (although she is impossible to get a hold of. Not sure she actually exists in our time or space...)
  6. I have been taking advice from threads like this for years and I really appreciate all the advice y’all give. I’ve tried very hard to get everything out in the open with my parents, but they just kept putting it off. And then, they set up a big binder of information in the event of a death, so I thought it was going to be ok. And I’m sure it will be, but it includes zero financial information and I’m stuck. Most important - How do I find who holds the mortgage and car loan? My mother has no idea and it’s the only things my dad doesn’t write checks for. My father is not dead - he is currently hospitalized but sedated and intubated and the bills are looming... I was able to ask him before everything went south and he said there was plenty of money to cover the bills right now, but I have no idea how he moves money around or where it comes from and bleh. I have been through all of the paperwork I can find in the house to no avail! What happens if he dies? Do the credit cards in both of their names get closed down? Do his investments transfer over to her? Does she get his social security or pension or whatever? I don’t think he ever officially retired, I don’t even understand what social security is and why she would get it? He wants to be buried in out military cemetery - in the event of his death how does that happen?? What are some important things that I need to make sure are in place right now in case he does die in the next couple of days? Thank you in advance and much love to those of you who have been through this.
  7. I went for a personalized book in that situation. A personalized stuffed animal would be cute?
  8. Sunny and 40s! Of course, we just had two days of school cancelled because of snow and frigid temps, but Halloween will be nice 😄
  9. I’m sorry, but that is precious. Yes, he’s a pest, yes they cause damage, and yes, you’re pretty great for not smashing him to death.
  10. And you’re sure you can send him any book? My friend in prison can only only receive books from a specific publisher.
  11. I thought I could pick up a violin and fool around until I could play it like I did the guitar and whistle, but I really needed just a couple of lessons to make sure I was holding the things properly. Like, I know there’s a million videos telling me this, but I just needed somebody to look at me and make corrections. Will your local violinist help with that?
  12. Bleh, I’m so sorry. Fingers crossed that you guys end up somewhere wonderful
  13. I don’t usually, but then I think of this song and it sounds more appealing 🙂
  14. You. I learned the hard way that even If a kid’s growth has thus far been consistent, you can’t always predict what the next size will be 🙄
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