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  1. Day bed with pop-up trundle? Full-sized bed? I may not get a bed for a room that only saw sleepers a few times a year unless it was a dedicated guest room and not a room I regularly use.
  2. I would not send the kids anything out of the blue. I can see how that would be perceived as an attack and if she didn’t understand how you got her address, it may cause her paranoia if she previously felt that she was safe. Plus, who knows what she tells her kids; they may be scared if she is scared Did that make any sense? Essentially, I wouldn’t violate her privacy without testing the waters and asking her permission.
  3. We waited an extra week for a sewer inspection because we didn’t want to, idk, “run out of money,” for repairs, I guess? Like, if the seller only set aside 10k for repairs, I wanted it to go to sewer, not light switches, or whatever less important thing is on my list. Maybe they just need to see all of the numbers together to allocate their repair money properly?
  4. One problem we encountered with early calc was that there were no classes beyond calc BC at the local hs. In fact, only one school in the metro area offered classes beyond that level (calc 3, diff e, linear alg) and the rest had the child do dual enrollment at the cc. Which still only offered 3 post-BC classes It was also our experience that dd still needed 4 years of math to be a competitive university applicant, so we held off and just focused on competition math for 8th. Then dd never went to a b&m school anyways. Computer science a is a ton of work, but I’m not sure I’d consider it difficult. Definitely a different mindset than math, though. As an adult, I watched other adults that were “good at math” drop out of intro computer science courses pretty quickly Physics C is kind of the same - a different way of thinking. I personally had something like 20 post-calc credits before I did physics and I struggled, while dd took it concurrently the year after BC and did just fine. No harm in only ending up doing one of the tests since he will still have to take bio/chem/whatever In HS. Also remember that some schools have competitive entry into AP. Classes or reserve them for certain grade levels, so just because he’s doing this now doesn’t mean he would be on the track you want him to be.
  5. I should make a small difference because closing a browser window stops the individual pages from killing data. I don’t know what add-ons or extensions you have and it is those that pull data after the window is closed. Plus, things often pull data just waiting to see if they need updating (if that makes sense). You absolutely can shut off everything from pulling data by either forbidding them from access the internet unless open and choosing to check and install updates manually. No clue how much data that would save you.
  6. It’s more likely just because you have 5 people using it for everything, but yes, things continue to pull data from the background if they are open in a browser window. Even after the browser is closed, data is being used for some apps an various other things - Steam, for instance.
  7. I think average usage in the US is close to 200gb/mo. How much are they charging per gb?
  8. Ailaena


    That was great! And I concur: the snooper.
  9. Yay! So I’m stupid, and even though I’m looking at the website, I have no idea what this is. It’s a club? With amateur music? There’s no food? Why is it so popular? Just because Nashville is a country music magnet?
  10. Everybody knows I want a green burial, but even just to wrap my body in a shroud and throw it in a hole costs around $2k. If we had land, we could do a home burial 😄 My only concern is that during the zombie apocalypse, I’ll look awful 😞 Embalming is not required in any state here, but if burial isn’t imminent, then you need to be refrigerated or possibly embalmed depending on the state/time. And I believe crossing state lines requires embalming.
  11. Ailaena


    I’m assuming you care because you’re considering NCAA eligibility, so that would probably be a better place to find official answers to your specific situation. And if my assumption is wrong because maybe you just want her to be able to play all four years of high school, ask the high school coaches.
  12. I have too much to say and no time right now, so I hope other people will fill in the blanks before I get back, but growth hormones are not scary! They are not always necessary, but do help in aiding root development. You dip the cut end in the stuff and then stick it in dirt, easy-peasy. I use this gel:
  13. Individual cleaners often advertise on Craigslist here, but I hired a service and told them I only want kitchens and bathrooms. They sent somebody out to look, decided to charge me the minimum fee, and I had a (partially) clean house every two weeks
  14. I won’t use duct tape on a box, but I can’t remember what went wrong in my life to say that... I have used a cheaper brand for regular stuff, but this is what I use for book boxes. Too cheap and you’re crying when you can’t get the end unstuck and it doesn’t stick. Buy one with the dispenser and make at least ONE portion of your move easier!
  15. After some more thought, I do only know one physician with a small tattoo on her hand, the rest have tattoos that can be covered. Nurses tend to have more tattoos, ime, but I cannot recall seeing a face tattoo in a nurse. The more white-collar we go, the less I can think of people with hand/neck/face tattoos, but there are some here and there.
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