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  1. D: I am so sorry, that’s rough.
  2. That’s interesting because our Target stores are hopping (except for late at night). I don’t buy much there - no food or clothing, really - but I drive by one on my way home and it’s always full. I’m assuming it’s the same with Walmart here We have no KMart’s here, I thought they all closed down! I had to look at the date to see if this was a zombie thread 😛
  3. If it makes a difference, the doc already got paid and dgaf about you, so you’re just potentially hurting yourself. That said, I also live in a state where they just eat the costs, so I would not pay out of spite.
  4. yes. Especially if he has not had them before since everybody’s body seems to have their own preference. we started buying online because they have the rebate forms and are nearly always 1/3 less!
  5. We just got test results today and it took about 3 weeks, so they’re still doing the thing!
  6. How many do I *own* or how many are actually out of the box and being worn instead of waiting for me to decide i want to wear them? I definitely don’t own any flip-flops, though 😛 tbf, it’s only been in the last 7ish years that I’ve owned more than two pairs, so I understand your dd’s pov!
  7. Depending on your price point, you should wait to buy one until you can have an instrument in your hands. There is variation even among Seemingly identical instruments and one will appeal to you more than others. 3 years ago, I ordered a $40 ukulele for my then 18-month old to mess around on. It’s a tiny soprano and it’s cheap, but it’s surprisingly well made, still in fantastic condition and I love it. I would love to get a good tenor but, like you, I just kind of play for a bit and walk away. No real practice. It’s my 5th most important instrument so of course I play it every day 😉
  8. Absolutely changes if you want an iPhone. Use the iPhone upgrade program, then You own the phones and don’t have to have a contract with a cell company. It also comes with AppleCare, has no interest, and you don’t end up paying more than the price of the phone.
  9. Call the company and talk to a different salesman. Then have spouse call and talk to an even different salesperson. Ask a direct question like, “if I’m using a hotspot, how many GB can I use before speeds slow?” Or ask for a copy of the contract and go through it thoroughly. Look for reviews or complaints online. Ask a neighbor. Ask your kids’ friends. I’m sure somebody else will have more idea 😉
  10. I highly suggest that you verify this statement to be absolutely true without caveats. If you live rurally, perhaps one of your students attending a school in a city can start a phone plan and put everybody on it, which would at least give you a wider range of companies to choose from? if you end up with a contract, make sure there’s a reasonable buyout option!
  11. Is it the one that is $2.99? Wait, you wouldnt know... By Smileyapps?
  12. It should be wayyyy back in your history of purchased apps. Maybe it would be easier to find it in iTunes, idk, but it will be somewhere in your history! if you find it, tell us because it sounds great!
  13. You can share screens with free zoom, I just don’t know how many people you can have in a meeting. you can share your screen or share an app.
  14. I have no idea what you are specifically referring to, but I just read an article from a person who believes that our disruption of animal habitats (and perhaps the subsequent selling of them as delicacies) as well as mass animal farming for consumption has “created a perfect environment for the emergence and mutation of new diseases...” And, of course, mass farming and production is linked to destruction of the environment on many levels. but I have the distinct feeling that’s not what you mean and I’m sorry 😕 eta: this is obvi an opinion piece, not a peer-researched scientific document
  15. I’ve started going anywhere I have to go at the last possible minute before they close and it’s been great. We were in Target with only 4 other shoppers the other night! They had no music or ads playing and it was bordering on creepy. Had to go a grocery store yesterday around 4 and it was terrifying. So many people... I don’t like crowds on a good day...
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