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  1. Do you want to work on an ambulance or in a facility? Do you want to work in emergency medicine or just transport? Are you emotionally prepared for handling trauma and stress at that level? I have seen some emts elsewhere i guess, but far and few between. Are you thinking of staying emt-b or going paramedic? Do you have a reputable training facility near you where you can get the extra certs? Do they pay well in your area (they don’t always pay much more than a cna) Are you in great shape? Good shape? Can you do 12-hour shifts?
  2. I also call it “mom” but my mother is literally the sweetest, most caring woman I have ever known. She cares about you a lot and will nervously wait until she hears from you and she legitimately does not want to bother you - especially if it’s medical related. I think it’s a combination of low self-esteem and anxiety from one time when somebody made her feel like a burden. I Probably know that because I’m similar - I care a lot about you and I don’t want to annoy you to death :( ❤️
  3. Zombie thread, but arent those mini cribs? I thought euro cribs were 25x38 making them equal to mini cribs. Either way, cramming all of those people into any space while looking nice and clean is a feat, for sure.
  4. I would first try to find people online, then ask the doc if he knew anybody who would talk to me, then, if I absolutely had to, I would consider calling (but knowing me, I never would). her experiences as an adult going through a procedure may also be vastly different.
  5. I agree that you should know exactly why a dentist is proposing something, but keep in mind that a 3rd dentist will give you a third opinion - and none of them could be wrong. They all have their own ideas about treatments and how aggressively to treat things so it kind of comes down to you and how you are and what you can afford and what is absolutely necessary within your budget. fwiw, unless they are baby teeth (for which I would still hesitate), I would be very hesitant to put a multiple crowns on a child’s teeth for something that could be regular-sized fillings. That’s permanently changing the tooth and crowns don’t last forever. But I’m definitely a wait-and-see kind of person.
  6. Absolutely ridiculous and I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I thought my animals would enjoy it. in fact, I’m going to admit right now that I recently looked at cat strollers....
  7. I wouldn’t do it. Aren’t post-dated checks just a courtesy and they could be cashed at any time? Have they been Inside the house and can verify that he is the owner/manager? that said, I have heard it mention here that there are areas where that’s a thing. Still would t do it.
  8. Was driver A cited? The rental car company’s insurance will not pay for an accident caused by an unauthorized or illegal driver AND they will go after that person for damages to the rental car, maybe that’s the cause of the reversal of admittance of fault. It’s also possible that they lied to the company about who was driving, so knowing there was a ticket would be helpful and the charge on that ticket would help the insurance companies decide who was at fault (or more at fault depending on state). What about the motorcycle? Was it a residential neighborhood? Maybe somebody has a camera view of the intersection ? with no witnesses or cameras, and two people’s Matching story vs one person’s version of a story, it doesn’t seem good. She could at least consult with a lawyer for a small fee and see what they say.
  9. I have a 4yo and dd was a gymnast, but for whatever reason, I keep on reading this thread over the years. Thanks to you all for supporting your kids in the arts!! Sooo is this phrase a dance thing or a typo? either way, it just cracked me right up 😛
  10. Thinking of you; wishing I could do anything helpful
  11. Everything that goes to email goes into my junk box unless it’s my daughter, dad, bf, or a reply to an email I sent. I go through my junk box and move receipts to a receipt folder, school things to a school folder, and work things to a work folder. it’s amazing. I love it. No inbox clutter, yet nonessential stuff I haven’t moved stays around for a month In case I need it.
  12. To dispose, you can put in a Container or some kind, put it in the refrigerator to solidify, and then throw it out in the trash. A plumber recently told me to put it down the drain, just pour slowly and run hot water for at least 5 minutes after it’s done, but I’d be super-wary or this method. Maybe he needs more business 😉
  13. I boil mine because every time I don’t, my lasagna overflows because my pan is too small 😞 I finally convinced my mom that she didn’t have to pre-boil noodles and now she makes All kinds of lasagnas!
  14. Crap. I’m just so, so sorry. And to be stuck working together - damn. There are steps to be taken in a situation like this and absolutely do not confront until you have all of your ducks in a row. Like, Not after until you have figured out money plans and seen a lawyer. Don’t even tell your family members or mutual friends just in case - call a therapist or even one of us if you want to vent or cry, I guarantee there are lots of us who would listen.
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