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  1. Yay! Problem solved, healthy kitty ahead! Radioactive iodine treatment is apparently the gold standard of treatment - if you have the gold... it’s $1500 here and although I really, really wanted to do it, I kept putting it off. I guess I kept thinking if the cat is going to die, I don’t want his last few weeks separated from us 😭😭 It’s been about two years now since diagnosis and he’s still going strong, so I guess I should have done it two years ago 😕my mom had a thyroid cat live for over 5 years after diagnosis on normal meds - she was 18 so I guess I didn’t even consider the hyperthyroidism killed her. Good luck and good kitty snuggles!
  2. There’s a used book store here that prides themselves on their massive collection of books on tape/cd - maybe a store near you is similar?
  3. Idk what you’re looking to spend, but Bogs have tiny boots Uggs has tiny boots and we had a pair of these that had been waterproofed We also had a pair of uggs I would say these worked well for snow walking, playing, and sledding, probably not so much for watery slush
  4. We switched to full day K here and although schools may or may not continue to offer a 1/2 day program, it clearly states in the (mandate?) that you can arrange with the school to pick up at 1/2 day with no penalty. And virtually NOBODY realizes this because the schools that only offer full day never mention it. Now, this doesn’t mean that a full-day program has to offer the core subjects at a time that would be convenient to a kid leaving at noon, but it’s still a choice. Maybe it’s that way with you?
  5. They also take standardized tests (at least here). Ds had a classmate whose parents pulled him from our school (forest school) because the standardized testing from the public preschool said he tested below 50%ile in reading and fine motor skills. Probably had nothing to do with frantically driving from one school to another or living with a newborn or having just moved to the state or just starting preschool or having just been born a few years ago and everything to do with the fact he wasn’t in full-day traditional preschool 🙄
  6. It sounds like some of the symptoms one of my cats had right before he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, so I’m also saying vet visit! Apparently, It’s somewhat common in elderly cats
  7. Every once in a while, I think of Kinsa’s sister and her kids and I hope they’re safe and healing and doing well, too. Maybe it was easier for some people to just make a clean cut?
  8. He’s west coast, so if you’re not, there will be some regional differences (which is mostly minor). If you do all of the worksheets and practice, that will help, but it’s one of those languages that really, really need to be practiced with somebody fluent in the language in order to ever effectively communicate.
  9. Interestingly enough, just yesterday, my mom told me that she saw protesters on the street protesting circumcision. I told her that I would rather have a conversation with an opposite-minded stranger about politics or abortion before one about circumcision and she was super-surprised, but...
  10. Allow me to quote my SIL, a hospitalist: Uncircumcised penises are just gross! My point here is that there is still a definite bias and lack of education (she’s been practicing since 2015) 😕 OP, get an opinion from a urologist, then get a second opinion if you can.
  11. Curried lentils or daal. Just any recipe you like, but add some beans! Ive added kidney beans to this and it works great.
  12. You people are great! Dont let your kid miss out in the full range of flavors and foods just because you feel squicky about it. I say that with nothing but love, I promise.
  13. This. I do a judgy thing where parents and coaches swear that the girls need to be sparkly and wear makeup and I promise you, unless it looks ridiculous, no judge cares or notices.
  14. Setting aside the frequent mispronunciations and misspellings, people constantly shorten my kids’ names. Daughter’s name is kind of like Irene, and people (not even mostly family!) call her “I.” Like, they’re that desperate to not say the whole thing... And if my son’s name was Mike, they’d call him “My” or “My-my.” Not kidding. What the heck??
  15. And that’s why Rosie makes the big bucks 😉
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