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  1. I honestly did assume she was vaxxed. I figured they all were (everyone working in the dr's office). I'll be quarantining at home and see what happens, I guess.
  2. No symptoms until this morning when she woke up feeling mildly achy and decided to get tested, just in case. I've talked to her husband. She's feeling pretty ok right now.
  3. Dh had no problems. In fact, he was ready for 'TeA' that night and I said no.flipping.way. Tylenol, frozen peas sounds like a good plan. I did drive dh and I would advise that. Take the Valium, too.
  4. I actually do mask everywhere but it’s cumbersome to get a message on my neck and have a face mask on and then turning over on the table with the face mask on in the little face hole is aggravating. I only stopped masking once I get in the room, because I’m fully vaxxed. 😒 and it wouldn’t seem like such a big deal but we are talking closely and constantly the whole time so it’s not like a regular dr visit where someone is seated several feet away. I guess I’ll just hope for the best. I’m about to call her and see if I can bring her anything and drop it on the front porch.
  5. I would definitely not go to any place you mentioned between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The crowds will be nuts and the heat...😱. If you can ever swing it, keep Cape San Blas and Mexico Beach, Florida in mind. It is our favorite beach place and that’s saying a lot since my parents live on Amelia island and that makes for a super easy and cheap vacay. But we’d still always choose the Cape. It is magical.
  6. this has probably been covered somewhere but because with my stressful week, my brain power is zilch. I’ve been vaxed with Pfizer, both doses. Last vax was April 13. I got a massage yesterday (medical massage) and did not wear a mask. My massage therapist was dx’d with covid today. She wore a mask. Obviously we where in close quarters, tiny room, and we know each other so we literally talk from the second I walk in till I walk out. doctors office called and told me to watch for symptoms. I asked what are the symptoms if you’ve been vaxed? Are they the same symptoms as without
  7. Thank you for this, Pamela. In my case, it's my son, but this is helpful, regardless. I hope you are doing better now! 💛💛💛
  8. I'll see what I can find this afternoon after I'm back from an appt. I feel a little better today. Went on a crying jag yesterday. Talked to him and ended up crying like I don't know what. Not at all what I wanted to do. I don't want him to avoid telling me things, so I texted him last night to explain that I just broke for a minute and I still want to hear everything and have him be honest with me; I can handle it; yada yada yada. Really hard to carry the burdens of your loved one with mental and physical health issues and also have mental and physical health issues of your own.
  9. Mil: "I talked to representatives from the retirement system for the school. Also the social security office." She said more, but it's not applicable in your case...
  10. I'm in SE Ga. the stations in my little town put bags over some of their pumps the first day and on the second day there was still gas available. I guess they were trying to discourage panic buying?? Idk how that works tbh. I saw one of the stations I go to was open yesterday and nothing over the pump handles, so maybe that strategy worked? Idk. Ds's roommate is totally empty, or at least he was. Maybe he's found some gas by now. I guess ds or gf took him to work. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. Idk, but my mil is also in Georgia and her school system didn't pay in and screwed the employees over if you ask me. Now that she's retired, she is doing well. I don't know exactly what she did, but she spoke to someone who was the ss specialist, either with the school system or directly with ss. I would rely on them for straight answers, not us. (Not that wtm isn't awesome!! but in this case, I'd go with the person who specializes in it). You can pm me for more info if you want me to find out who she spoke to, whether it was someone in her local school or ss.
  12. Ill call tomorrow. Today ended on a rough note.
  13. Yes, my dad is having serious issues from vaping mj, so he’s switched to other methods. Vaping is bad.
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