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  1. You've Got Mail Summer Rental Not a movie, but I rewatch 'Frasier' a couple times a year.
  2. Thanks y’all. We will absolutely see him again. I had a vision/thought/not sure what to call it when we were in the room waiting on the vet. It was of Heaven and he was there with other dogs. It kind of shocked me because it’s not anything I’ve ever imagined (that particular scene). I won’t get into details but it was especially comforting especially for an animal lover! Anyway, I’m trying not to cry too noticeably because of my beagle. But that’s hard to do. I just want him back, but well. Anyway, much love to y’all. Thanks for the hugs and kind words!
  3. I've asked questions a couple times and gotten awesome help and advice from y'all regarding my chihuahua with end-stage congestive heart failure. This afternoon I made the decision to put him to sleep. It was time. It was just me, him, and his vet and it was beautiful. She and I told him we loved him and I got to rock him to sleep before the actual big shot. afterward, she and I held each other and cried. She's been his vet for several years and sees him at least monthly. When they brought me his box, the tech said she was in the back crying her eyes out. I'm so happy my baby had someone there besides me who loved him so much. I knew it was time for him to go and dh did, as well. (He could not be there at the vet, he's more emotional than me right now). We buried him behind our fence so we can sit on the deck and be near him. I swear we're all still feeling him here with us, even our remaining dog. Anyway, I'm an emotional mess, but I'm so happy to have had so many years with him. Thanks to y'all for being there when I had so many questions about his condition!
  4. I’m going to also imagine that he did a gymnastic routine and somersaulted in to the studio and the photographer snapped the pic at just the right second as he was coming up for his victorious finish. He totally stuck the landing. these pics are a thing of beauty. I’d hang them over my sofa. For real.
  5. I’m so angry right now. Raise hell tomorrow, mama.
  6. Does he not want to eat often? If so, maybe one of those carnation breakfast shakes would work. Yeah, not the most nutritious, but when my kid didn’t/doesn’t want to eat, he’ll grab one of those to get something in his belly. Would he be happier doing breakfast himself? He can crack an egg in a cup and stir it, put a little cheese in it, and microwave (my nana did that every single morning). No mess, no big plate of anything left out. What about brown sugar oatmeal packets? Could he do those?
  7. Just one more reason we need universal healthcare. 🤬
  8. I've already posted, but oh well. This is too sweet a pic not to share. This is my chihuahua with end stage congestive heart failure. He's the baby.
  9. Haven’t read everything, so this may be mentioned…. But my ds19 loves “rollups”. He does peanut butter and jelly (you could try sun butter), refried beans and cheese, deli meats, etc. you can get spinach wraps, cheese wraps, etc, to change it up some.
  10. Huge hugs, terabith. I wish we had somewhere close by with a program like that. I’d definitely take advantage of it. 💛💛💛
  11. I love listening to old stories from family. my nana used to tell me that was why I and my cousin were her favorites, because we were interested in everything about her past.
  12. Tv remotes, coasters, a notebook and pen (because for whatever reason I always end up needing one).
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