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  1. And there's a "Put Bernie Anywhere" site:http://bernie-sits.herokuapp.com/?fbclid=IwAR0XCEoiJ0olX5lS5mn3Xk0VSpC0Nv1oTPIga3ut-Xdqu895EeYO1zWYkD4 Also, Bob Ross 😂
  2. I hope so too. In my state, they're going w/ an age band system after front line (and not so front line) health care workers. 75+, 70-75, etc.
  3. That makes sense and we were talking about that at my school recently. Special Ed (me), paras, behavior clinicians and the principal are in every classroom each day and see kids from all classes, teachers rotate between 2 classes, so their exposure is half of ours. I try to minimize in classroom services and stick with pull out whenever possible and I run my air purifier all day.
  4. Here too - and I kind of prefer bagging my own anyway. I get so sick of every heavy thing thrown in one bag and cans and bread in another. Rudeness is never ok though!! I'd be tempted to complain too.
  5. I think my favorite part was the walk into the White House. Even DS teared up at that point. It just felt so meaningful and like we were watching history in action (we were). All of my VT friends are chiming in on Bernie and wondering if he could look anymore Vermont-y in that outfit. I cracked up at a tweet asking "what IS a dress up occasion in VT?" 😂
  6. I came back to this thread ready to rethink all of my life choices and realize that I've been a filthy human all these years - surprised and happy that most everyone else seems on board with wearing jammies more than once! 😂
  7. I usually wash PJ's twice a week. I shower immediately before bed, so I figure I'm pretty clean?
  8. I'm glad he's feeling better! Hopefully his second shot will be easy on him. I can't wait until my parents are able to get vaccinated. My dad is almost 78, so hopefully he'll be able to get it soon. DH update - he has a slight itchy rash at the injection site. It must be common because he said it was one of the checkboxes on the post vaccine app.
  9. @Acadie - how's your dad today? I talked to a good friend today. She's a dental hygienist. She got the Moderna vaccine a couple of weeks ago and will get her second shot next week. She said she had soreness in her arm for the first day, hurt to lift it. That faded, but on day 9 or 10, the soreness came back along with itching and a rash. She spoke to her PCP who recommended allegra and apparently a delayed reaction can happen with Moderna.
  10. Restaurant meals started to bother me around that age too. I think it's the high fat content. I had to start making very light choices at restaurants or take a pre-emptive pepto bismol. For me, I think it's the high fat and that I tend to eat more in a restaurant than I'd serve myself at home. If I do order something rich, I'll eat a very small serving of it now and I can usually tolerate it.
  11. That's what we're wondering too. It was a flu like he'd never had before. I also had something awful that gave me on and off fevers and a nasty cough for like 6 weeks last spring. Yes! That's how DH is describing it - he feels weak. Although today (Day 3 post shot) he feels 100% normal again, so that's good.
  12. DH got the Moderna vaccine on Wednesday. He said he felt nothing from the needle - like weirdly nothing. Not even a prick. No arm pain, but he did start having a headache yesterday that has continued today. Nothing terrible, just annoying. He never gets headaches, so we're guessing it's vaccine related. Yesterday he was also super tired and brain foggy. He said it was exhausting to lift a finger to change channels on the TV. He also said it reminded him of the exact symptoms that he had in March (except he also had a high fever, chills and a nasty cough that lasted weeks). At the time we wonde
  13. Special education evaluations? Do you have any experience in assessment - from your special ed endorsement classes? You may be able to apply for a job as a special educator. Special educators are often very needed positions and you may have luck getting a job with a provisional license. That's what I did - I was hired with a bachelors, having been out of the education world for quite awhile. I was starting a masters in ed. - k-8 math. My district paid for my classes needed for the special education endorsement. Have you taken any OG classes? Tutoring students in reading, especially if you are
  14. I agree about Lori D. If anyone were to recognize my posts, it would possibly be due to my overuse of commas and dash marks - I tend, to, overdo, both.
  15. Thanks for sharing this one @Carol in Cal. - I coached gymnastics for almost 10 years and am sickened by what happened to those athletes. Denhollander is an amazingly brave woman and I would like to read this one. I am currently reading a MUCH lighter read. It's a series by Emily Harvale. The first is called Christmas at Wynterhouse and it's honestly just what I need this week. I'm on book two and will probably finish the series this weekend. I love Kindle Unlimited when I'm looking for enjoyable, easy reads. I've also read her Merriment Bay series this year, which is 4 books. Also, good
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