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  1. Old Navy has nice linen blend pants and cropped pants: https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=6759960320003&cid=1124176&pcid=1124176&vid=1&nav=meganav%3AWomen%3AShop+Women's+Categories%3ABottoms&cpos=28&cexp=2223&kcid=CategoryIDs%3D1124176&cvar=16849&ctype=Listing&cpid=res21040813946598924205917#pdp-page-content I have a few pairs of the pants and they are comfy and cool in the summer.
  2. My mom has tinnitus in both ears (also issues w/ vertigo). She just got her second Pfizer vaccine last week and has not had any issues with tinnitus.
  3. I do a 50/50 dish soap/white vinegar combo in one of those dish wand thingies that has a sponge on the end. Works very well. I tend to use palmolive instead of dawn but I think any dish soap would work.
  4. I've been keeping a spreadsheet of people I know that have been vaccinated. Moderna and Pfizer have varying side effects, but everyone I know that has had J&J report feeling like they've been "hit by a train". I'd be comfortable with any of the 3 - I will say, I do like that Pfizer just came out with some great data about efficacy the other day. Only having 1 shot for J&J is nice though and immunity after 2 weeks.
  5. https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/78463?page=quilted-riding-jacket&bc=12-27-610-504728&feat=504728-GN2&csp=a&pos=16 LL Bean has a nice quilted jacket that looks similar to the Nordstrom one.
  6. I don't think I've heard vaccine shot. I just say vaccine, I think. Also, for some reason I say tuna fish when it comes in a can for sandwich making and tuna for sushi. I hadn't realized that until now, but apparently I have categorized them differently in my head.
  7. Vermont is doing the exact same thing and I don't get it. We had over 250 cases today, which is close to, if not the record high of any day since Covid started.
  8. DS is fine - I'm super crabby still. I was just getting used to not driving to work in the dark every morning and now it's dark again. Also, I got to bed early and it's just now (8:15p) dark outside, so I feel all messed up. I wish we could stay on normal time all year.
  9. Vermont had so much growth in homeschooling this year that all end of year portfolios/assessments/teacher reports were deemed not necessary to reenroll. Typically we have to submit something to "prove" we homeschooled effectively over the past year, but they have too many to process, so I only needed to fill out a very quick form to re-enroll DS for next year.
  10. I'm fascinated by how these pop up. Are they bots? Or are there actual people coming here, wondering about cutlery organization and nothing else.
  11. It's 2 weeks here too. And at CVS. My uncle had recently had the second shingles booster and had to wait for the covid shot. He got that on day 15 after the shingles shot and was fine.
  12. VT's governor was getting a bit of heat in the beginning - we've done age bands since the start (after front line health care workers) and he's been making comments recently that other states were switching to the age band plan. I was wondering if he was just trying to save face - but it sounds like it's true. Honestly, the age band thing made me a bit twitchy at first, but it runs really smoothly and we're working through bands quickly.
  13. The department of health called the counseling company I worked for and requested that every employee come in for a vaccine. I think (not totally sure, but this is my guess) that they want to get companies back up and running as normally as possible as soon as possible. Also, it helps with organization. They don't have to call us or make an announcement a second time later to say that all non client facing employees are eligible. Health care workers were first here and front line workers. Then we did a strictly age band thing for awhile. They are finishing 65+ now and moving to both teac
  14. I loved Bag Man! I'm adding to my to be listened to list from this thread too, so thank you for starting it! American History Tellers is a neat one I started recently Stuff You Should Know is my current favorite - they touch on so many topics! Just in the past few days: Mermaids: Not a real thing, Why is the Equal Rights Amendment still not ratified? What will Farming 4.0 look like?, How Hurricanes Work, Why are so many disembodied feet washing ashore in British Columbia?
  15. I'd sign up. If he gets sick, he'll be at a higher risk of severe infection right? It's an extra layer of protection for him. Is he eligible too?
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