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  1. I read a funny tweet about this and I have to say, it would make for an interesting funeral!
  2. Beast is enough. DS started with Math Mammoth and we switched to beast in 2nd. For the next couple of years, I would occasionally worry if he was really understanding a concept. I'd pull out a MM page or two of the same concept for extra practice and each time he'd breeze through it like it was nothing. He's taking Pre-A through AOPS online as a summer class and BA prepared him very well for it.
  3. I salt tomatoes and avocados, but I've never heard of salt on melon. Does it taste salty? When I sprinkle a little on an avocado, it just makes it taste more avocado-y I guess, but not salty. What does it do to the melon? I'm intrigued.
  4. I am so sorry for your loss Moonflower! And so glad you were able to get to the dr's quickly! ❤️
  5. I frequently watch something on TV while I'm working - Hallmark mystery movies are good for this, you know where the plot is going, so you don't need to give it your full attention. Comedians in Cars getting coffee was another fun one that I've watched. Sitcoms like Seinfeld and Big Bang Theory are easy as well. Also, you may enjoy this article with the inside scoop on House Hunters:
  6. Oh I feel your pain- our DMV has us look somewhere above the camera and they ask you not to smile, so I look like I'm totally out of it and angry.
  7. Not in the midwest but yes! Our road flooded out today. 😞 So much rain.
  8. Hmm - I'm not super crafty but a museum near us had something similar-ish a couple of years ago. What about a build your own gears type of craft?
  9. I hope the interview went well! Crossing my fingers for you!
  10. Vermont doesn't have any charter schools, so I am not speaking from personal experience, but it seems that charter schools create rather than solve problems. I have a friend in the Los Altos district and her kids may not have a school to attend next year - a charter school is taking over the public jr. high school there. I haven't figured out exactly how that works, legally, but apparently according to some CA law, they're allowed to do that. So the neighborhood public school her kids have been attending may be closing its doors so the charter school can waltz in and take over the space. My personal feeling about public schoolers and private schoolers receiving tax payer money from the state is that it's not ok except in extreme cases. I'm choosing to not put my kid in the public school. If the state pays me for that, it takes away money from the general education funds that go to public schools that need them. It's my choice, so I pay out of pocket for it.
  11. University of Rhode Island has a couple of neat looking summer camps - one of them is Naval Science and Technology that looks interesting. She also might be interested in the 4Ocean company- they clean up oceans around the world, pulling out plastic. They sell bracelets made from recycled materials and each bracelet they sell "pulls a pound of garbage from the ocean". They're a neat company and I love the bracelets:
  12. Perfect - now you'll rest easy knowing no one is being murdered in your back yard and it's safe to let the kids play outside. 🙂 Although if you have a kitty of your own, be careful letting it out because fisher cats do attack house cats sometimes. Hopefully yours finds a place to scream farther away from your house tonight and you can get a good night's sleep!
  13. Fisher Cats scream like crazy too - we've been woken up by one on more than one occasion.
  14. I'm not sure if you've looked at his website already, but Steve Gleason spends his time helping others with ALS and has resources and ideas on his website.
  15. That sounds about right, price-wise. DS is a few more months into treatment than when I posted before on this thread. The office has amazing customer/client service. Appointments are approximately once a month and during his appointment, both the orthodontist and the hygienist work on him. If they need to do additional x-rays, those are included in the price. We had to call once because a wire had come loose and they had us come in immediately to have it fixed and no extra fee. We're getting excellent service and responsiveness for $150 a month, which is more than I can say our cable/internet provider gives us. 😂 DS's issues are mostly cosmetic as well - his teeth are a bit crooked on the bottom and will need braces and they had to close a gap on top to make room for his eye teeth to come in. So my verdict is pricey, but worth it so far.
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