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  1. I feel like the majority of towns in VT have huge Christmas festivities, but here's one example:
  2. People gobble this dip up whenever it's made. 1 block cream cheese 1 jar of newmans mango or pineapple salsa shredded cheddar or pepperjack cheese (depending on spice preferences) Spread cream cheese on oven safe dish. Top w/ salsa and shredded cheese. Bake at 350 until cheese is melting and happy. Serve w/ multigrain tostitos.
  3. I just checked your link and my phone (Verizon) switched from 12:40 to 12:41 about 1/2 second before the website did, so I'd say it's pretty close.
  4. Not a fan of his whole "my $68 million tax refund is my reward for being a good Christian" comments.
  5. Califia Farms is our favorite - they have a ton of flavor and "milk" options:
  6. I have a pair of Betabrand and love them! Helpful hint - sign up with your email address and put something in your cart. They'll start sending you free shipping and 20% off deals. 🙂
  7. You could reply with something along the lines of: "I'll reach out if I need an appointment in the future. Thanks." And leave it at that. It's pretty unprofessional of her to be calling and texting you. I've never heard of that before - mine will text with me about upcoming appointments and that's how I usually make my appointments, but if I suddenly stopped going to her, she wouldn't chase me.
  8. Picwits is similar to cards against humanity with no questionable content. Pandemic is a fun one too!
  9. AmandaVT

    S/O Spanking?

    Not legal here or in the state where I grew up. I work in a public school and can't imagine any student getting hit as a punishment. 😳
  10. Hello! I have a math question that I'm thinking folks here may be able to help with. I have a couple of 8th graders that I'm working with who are currently around a 2nd-3rd grade level in math. I will be able to work with them for 30 min a day, 5 days a week. I may be able to get up to an hour with them, but for right now, it'll just be 30 min. Our school doesn't have math curriculum and I have pretty free range to do what I'd like with them. I'd love some recommendations from folks here. These kiddos will be moving on to high school after this year and I'd like to do whatever I can to help them get more math skills before they head there. Does anyone have a favorite math curriculum for a circumstance like this? Only one has an IEP - she's pretty average/solid everywhere else but math. The other did not qualify for an IEP, although I am not sure why, given her math struggles. I'm going to try to look at her prior eval to see what is going on. Their math teacher is great and has given me her full support in whatever I want to do, same with the principal.
  11. That's much scarier than our neighborhood bear! 😳
  12. When I was 100% sure he wouldn't chase a ball into the road or go into the stream without an adult. 4-5 ish I think for short periods. A bit older for longer periods. We currently have a very brave neighborhood bear, so the kids are back to having to stick close to the houses rather than play up in the woods, which stinks.
  13. We're pretty lucky - we have a great tree farm where we can cut our own every year and the price just went from $30-$35 for any sized tree. DH and DS a few years ago. 🙂
  14. Right? That tree would have to last 34 years before it would make it worth buying over a real one at the tree farm here! 😳
  15. Also, don't be surprised if he needs some extra wind down time before being able to fall asleep. Whenever DS has something that ends close to bedtime, he can't fall asleep right away and needs to unwind first.
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