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  1. We use ours more for the humidity. We have no basement and have tile floors, so the floor can get wet in the summer. It's gross. And dehumidifiers add heat to the house, so we run A/C off and on all summer, only on humid days and nights. I can deal much better being hot and dry than I can warm and wet. Ugh.
  2. Sounds like you're welcome to, but it's not expected or required and they love getting reviews for good work.
  3. I'd check in with whoever prescribed his meds. Some antidepressants can cause suicidal ideation in children and teens. Could the uptick be due to the med change? I'd also find a therapist. is a great resource. You can search by zip code and find therapists in your area (and network) who specialize in working with children and teens. Feel free to PM me and send me your zip code if you want me to help you look. Also, find your mental health emergency number. Most areas have a hotline you can call in the moment if things are escalating. You should be able to get someone on the phone within 20 minutes and talk to them and possibly get a mental health screening.
  4. I hope you don't get sick and made it to your event this evening! The only time I had food poisoning, the food tasted just fine if that makes you feel better. It was off, your taste buds knew it quickly and you stopped eating, hopefully before you ingested enough to be ill. Fingers crossed that's how it works!
  5. That's a very good point. Also, what are his friends doing? Are they also slacking and not caring about graduating? New friends? A 20 hr a week job would bring in $200/week and around $800/month. That's a lot of extra cash for a high schooler - where is it all going? I get the senior slump, but kids usually slump a bit, not essentially drop out.
  6. Oh, I've been getting those recently. We have been getting a few at the office that state that "noncompliance will result in an order to take your parents", which seems a bit over the top. They also didn't specify whose parents - we have 10 people who work with us regularly. 😂
  7. It sounds like there's something else going on - going from As and Bs to failing everything doesn't typically happen unless something else is going on behind the scenes. As a parent, I'd request a few family therapy sessions with and without my son to talk to the therapist to see what else happened.
  8. Minecraft is fun and is one of the games DS plays. We also have an old Wii Fit and he and DS play Super Mario Kart together on occasion. I love Minecraft and DH, DS and I play together frequently. There's nothing objectional in it - I'm not sure how old your DD is, but DS was a bit afraid of some of the monsters when he first started playing. There is a game setting that you can switch on to make everyone friendly. DS used to call it "peace and quiet mode". It's a great game to really get creative. There are so many fun things you can build and different biomes to explore. One part in the map has different colored terracotta blocks that you can glaze in a furnace to make really neat multicolored blocks. I have a whole world that has a village of brightly colored terracotta houses. 🙂 (yes, I'm a geek)
  9. Tweezers with lights. Something like this
  10. Bayside American Cafe - it used to be called Bintliff's and it is so good! The lobster benedict was amazing. Everything we ate there was delicious, really. We have a friend who used to drive up, sleep in his car, eat there for breakfast and drive back to RI after eating. (we were never that nuts, but enjoy it whenever we're in town)
  11. Either of these look good?
  12. We are having a big Easter dinner at my cousin's house. I ordered a coconut cake w/ a raspberry filling for dessert.
  13. I started taking BCP as a teen as well for heavy, painful periods. I think I was around 15, so maybe in 1992. They helped tremendously with the heavy bleeding and very painful cramping. Still do - I have been taking them ever since except when TTC.
  14. I like Lands End too - and yep, sign up for e-mails from them and you'll see the 40% off sales come around pretty regularly. I do hang mine to dry and they hold up very well.
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