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  1. My happy masks kept me from getting covid after I was exposed this year, so I declare them effective. DH has had to wear N95s for work before and be fit tested for them - he says they are not easy to wear for long periods of time.
  2. I have thick 3B curls and using a wide tooth comb in the shower w/ conditioner in seems to work best for my hair.
  3. Simone posted a video of herself trying to do a bars dismount today. I'm so glad that Japan was able to get her into a gym with a pit so she could attempt these safely!
  4. From everything I've read, she has really supportive parents and coaches. Her original coach was one of the few to ever stand up to the Karolyis and her current coaches also seem amazing. Jordan Chiles moved to Simone's current gym for a more supportive environment. Simone and her family own the gym and chose the coaches they felt comfortable with. I think a lot of the pressure is internal, but also, for years, USAG has been able to choose teams knowing that they'll win because of Simone's excellence. If another team member made a mistake, it was "ok because Simone will pull us through". That is immense pressure - knowing that everyone else completely depends on you to be amazing. That was always the cushion between the US and the next highest ranked teams. Without Simone's insane scores, the US is definitely in the mix, but not a clear cut favorite. And the media hasn't done her any favors. Even today, one of the headlines I saw was: "Simone Biles and the US gymnastics team cheer on the All Around competitors."
  5. This! I was so hoping that he would have left you to live in peace by now. Are you "done" with him after this? Or will you have to have more dealings with him in the future, aside from maybe seeing him at a wedding or funeral?
  6. There's a local mobile health clinic that comes to our school and both students and staff can get flu shots (students need permission slips). So, whenever they come! It's great - last year I got a lollipop and a sticker. Pediatric nurses are the best! 😂
  7. This was a nice article about Vermont's current status. I trust Dr. Levine - he's been calm and decisive throughout and has steered us well so far through the pandemic. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/28/us/vermont-most-vaccinated-coronavirus-state/index.html
  8. And the worst part about that "iconic" moment is that the US didn't need her vault in order to win gold. They had already secured the win with the scores that had already been calculated. Bela was just an evil egomaniac who wanted his gymnast to bend to his will.
  9. They were all abused in some way. Elite gymnasts in this country were shamed for eating the food that would give them energy to practice and compete (and you know - live). They were terrified to say if they were hurting or struggling because there was always another gymnast waiting in the wings to take their spot. If one good thing has come out of the light being shone on the disaster that is USAG, it's that gymnasts are able to talk to some coaches when they are unwell or injured. 4 years ago, there would be no way Simone would have been allowed to even consider advocating for her health like she did this week. Marta wouldn't have let it happen.
  10. I coached for 8 years and the twisties are the scariest and hardest thing I ever watched a gymnast have to work through. Imagine you have driven a car just fine for your whole adult life. Then one day, for no reason, your brain tells your foot to step on the gas instead of the brake. And suddenly every time you go to brake, you accidentally hit the gas and have no idea how to stop it. That's my current best analogy for non flipping/twisting people. One of the gymnasts I worked with got it bad - she had been doing "just" a double twisting backflip for more than a year and, out of the blue, in practice one day, she got lost in the air and from then on, every time she did anything backwards, she started to involuntarily twist. It took months and we had to back up all the way to a backward roll - preschool style - to find a skill her body didn't try to twist. As soon as I heard Simone had the twisties, it took me right back to that time and how agonizing it was for the gymnast I worked with. I can't fathom a gymnast getting it at the Olympics. She is an amazing human.
  11. No new regulations here, but I have seen an uptick in people masked in stores again. People just seemed to get comfortable not masking like 2 weeks ago and now we're back up to ~25% masked in stores. There haven't been any announcements but I'd bet that we'll be masked to start the school year too.
  12. I like it - I agree with Katy and Prairiewindmomma though, shorten it up and add bullet points to make your points stand out. Also, depending on where you live, you may be writing well above the average reading level of your community school board and you might want to use easier to understand language.
  13. I have this guy by Medify: https://www.amazon.com/Medify-Medical-Filtration-Air-Purifier/dp/B086T3RJV6/ref=bmx_lh3mot9o_2/136-7603924-4327402?pd_rd_w=0KzF2&pf_rd_p=1f75fbb3-7d95-464f-8182-952155c0316b&pf_rd_r=ZADXF0GP48MTCGSNCV4J&pd_rd_r=2fc7f6e3-289c-4d53-a41c-0199ba6de91e&pd_rd_wg=ZhOAu&pd_rd_i=B086T3RJV6&psc=1 I'm not sure how effective it is against Covid specifically, but I kept one in my office all year at school and every time the custodian checked the air quality in my room, it was always the best in the school by a wide margin. So much so that our school secretary got one for her office after the air quality there was terrible. It improved a lot after she got it. Also, it got rid of the middle school stink - my office is near both the gym and the cafeteria and it helped a lot!
  14. I am a chronic over-tipper. I worked in restaurants in high school and college and know how crappy waitstaff are treated. There has been one time that the service was so horrible that I didn't tip. We went to a restaurant for lunch. It was almost empty, the waitress ignored us, we had to walk up to the host station to get our menus, after about 20 min, we went to the bar to order drinks and brought them back to the tabel ourselves. After many attempts to order, our waitress never came to take our order. We left, paying for our iced teas and I left a note as to why there was no tip. We have not returned to that restaurant since.
  15. I've been thinking about my first reply while procrastinating on writing a paper. We moved in October, to a house with more room for storage and have been able to get ahead on most of our Amazon subscribe and save items (laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, sponges, garbage bags, etc) and we have a second fridge and storage for food in the basement, which got us in the habit of buying ahead. So when I open a bag of flour, I purchase a second bag to have in the basement storage. So we have more of a rotating stock of things than we have in the past, which made it tricky last spring with so many shortages and so little space. I'd have to be creative and use a bunch of frozen veg, but if there were shortages again, we'd be fine for a month I think.
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