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  1. I like the Bali brand Comfort Revolution bras - as a bonus, they're sized Sm, med, lg. 🙂 So some of the sizing angst is taken away. They're quite comfortable too. I buy from Kohls, but I am pretty sure Amazon has them too: Dot&prdPV=1
  2. I wonder why upstate NY is so different from VT - I'm about 2 hrs from Lake George (think you said you were in upstate NY) and people here are starting to loosen up as restrictions are relaxed, but for the most part we're seeing compliance and people preparing themselves for loosening and tightening of restrictions as needed.
  3. Veritas offers a live pre-calc class. I haven't used their live classes, but it might be a good one to look into: @Matryoshka - thank you for the WTM academy recommendation. I was getting ready to sign DS up for AOPS Algebra 1 for next year but the late in the day times AOPS offers just don't work for him. WTM had a morning class that looks perfect - thanks!!
  4. I keep an eye on the data- VT is down to anywhere between 0-5 cases/day, no deaths in 10 days and today was the first day the hospitals had 0 COVID patients. Our testing is up a lot too and we're starting to hit the testing milestones we're aiming for. Right now I'm comfortable going to stores as necessary, wearing a mask. Church is not opening any time soon. The public pools in my area are closed for the summer as are a number of summer camps. My son re-started tennis last week - his coach is running semi-private lessons with two kiddos at a time. I'm cautiously hopeful that we'll be in good shape until (if?) a second wave comes.
  5. Burlington, VT will fit your criteria. We even got a Target in VT recently!
  6. The gov. of VT has been talking about this a lot because we are in the process of slowly opening up. What it looks like here: Very few new cases, like 0 or 1 most days Increased testing including testing for asymptomatic people - across the state we now have pop up testing sites and people are being encouraged to get tested Contact tracing for any new cases and self isolation for anyone in contact with someone who tested positive Basically pretty South Korea-like here right now.
  7. DS has an appt that was supposed to be last month - our dentists just got clearance to reopen. We're running somewhere between 0-3 cases for the state most days recently and testing and contact tracing are increasing. I was just thinking about what I would do if they call to reschedule him in soon. He has braces as well and has now missed 2 appts due to COVID. I think our doubling time is 12 weeks right now. Hard to decide - I'd probably feel safer with him going now than if a second wave hits in a few months.
  8. I think our state had 2 new cases yesterday. Our governor has slowly been opening businesses up and this week added in outdoor recreation like golf and tennis. Not churches yet. I think it'll be at least another week or two before he starts recommending in person gatherings.
  9. We have used the IOWA for the past few years. I buy through Seton Testing. I like it because it covers most of the subjects I need to report on each year. I just need to put PE, Health, Art/Music and a booklist on our portfolio.
  10. I bet they'll be part of the May 11th opening as long as cases don't start increasing. My son's tennis coach will be allowed to re-open the tennis academy (with a ton of precautions) in two weeks too if all goes well.
  11. I went to Shaws grocery store today - I can't remember their parent company, but I think it's Albertsons. Everything was decently stocked - no tofu, Gardein veggie burgers were very low (made in Canada). There was some TP, but not a ton. Flour was back. Produce, rice, beans, pasta, and frozen veggies were all well stocked as well. We don't eat meat and I was going to check out the meat area, but totally forgot.
  12. Vermont is easing up more on restrictions in the coming weeks: "Scott opened the door for those businesses to increase the number of people allowed to work together from five to 10, effective on May 4. And on May 11, “manufacturing, construction, and distribution operations may restart with as few employees as necessary to permit full operations while continuing to maintain health and safety,” the governor said in an addendum to his original executive order, issued in March." If cases stay low, it sounds like next week there will be further loosening, this time also allowing more social contact and opening of golf courses.
  13. Ours reopened for curbside pickups this week. They are holding books after return for 72 hours to ensure they're not germy.
  14. Smaller stores could sell them still. Which, felt pretty silly, but it did seem to help traffic control. I think pharmacy stuff was purchasable everywhere, but, yeah I couldn't get shampoo at walmart, but I could at CVS. Now more stores can do curbside. We don't have a lot of delivery options in VT, which makes things tricky.
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