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  1. My parents left me home alone w/ a friend to sleep over at 17. Somehow word got out that the house was parent free for the weekend and half of the senior class showed up with booze. It was very stressful for me to figure out how to manage that situation and get the house clean before my parents returned home. Also, days are one thing, but 2 am feels much different when I'm alone in the house, even as an adult. I am prone to anxiety, but to this day, I'll still triple check that the stove is off and the doors are locked when DH is away for an overnight and I never sleep as well.
  2. no nuts? DS did not get that as a braces restriction - I wonder if that varies between orthodontists? They just told him not to bite directly into apples, but slices were fine and no gummy candy or gum.
  3. Wow - regular milk is on sale for $3.99/gallon here (Hood). I don't buy milk often, but last time I did, a half gallon was around $5. We have a Hood plant about 5 minutes from that particular grocery store and a LOT of cows in this state. I don't think proximity is an issue here.
  4. Glad to hear it, Melissa! I woke up thinking about you guys this morning. 💜
  5. Oh dear no....DH and I are both of the "make a blanket fort and hide" mentality about drop ins. DS would happily let anyone in for any length of time though. The exception is my mom, who is always welcome to drop in, though she will text 99% of the time and the 1% she doesn't is because she needs to make a pee stop at my house on her way somewhere and I'm always accommodating of emergency pit stops!
  6. Dice them up and roast in the oven. Halve lengthwise, scoop out insides and then make baked stuffed zucchini with whatever fillings you like. Slice, coat in the flour, egg, breadcrumb thing and make zucchini parm. Saute with yummy herbs and garlic. Zucchini fries!
  7. I have had good luck with the Old Navy curvy fit - I have a smaller waist and hips and bigger thighs and especially calves. I have gymnast legs, basically. They also have a great range of sizes at old navy.
  8. Cranky Weather guy is a great follow on twitter for storms:
  9. It was in the 40's when I woke up the other day. I'll try to blow some south for you guys!!
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss, Stacey! I heard a great explanation for drug addiction and the brain. They may use to get high in the beginning, but the brain quickly adjusts and eventually the baseline serotonin is no longer normal. It's low, so the user is no longer trying to get high, they're just trying to feel normal again and come back up to that. The more you use, the lower your baseline levels are so you need more just to not feel horrible. And some of the opioids only take something like 10 doses to cause addiction. I'm so grateful that Vicodin makes me throw up - I've had a ton of it prescribed to me between a C section and root canals. I just can't take it, which it ultimately a good thing.
  11. I went to a Union service with Presbyterians, Methodists and UCC congregations - the Reverend paused when she got to the Lord's Prayer and said: "Everyone feel free to say it in your native language", which elicited a fair bit of laughter in the pews. 🙂
  12. As we head into fall, a pasta w/ butternut squash and goat cheese might be a hit. I've made it a few times and had no complaints from meat eaters.
  13. I coached gymnastics - I had to pay for my hotel room and then get reimbursed at away meets. I got reimbursed for mileage at whatever the rate was at the time and had to pay for my own meals. Also, I only was paid for 3 hrs per session of the competition and usually worked more like 12-15 hr days. Coaching is not usually a get rich job. 🙂
  14. My aunt worked for the same man her entire career. Over 40 years - just the two of them. She was hard working, loyal, and essentially did the duties of 2-3 positions. When he decided to retire, he gave her 4 weeks notice and no "thanks for being such a wonderful, loyal employee" retirement gift/bonus. Due to her age, she was basically forced into retirement a number of years before she was financially ready. My aunt's story is why my answer is - do what's best for you. Your boss will figure it out.
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