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  1. If they're the size of a grape tomato, they're probably husk/ground cherries. If they're bigger, like big cherry tomatoes or smaller plum tomatoes, they're probably tomatillos.
  2. if those are husk cherries, we just take off the paper and eat them. Roast up the peppers in the oven w/ onions, tomatoes, garlic and some olive oil, salt and pepper and then whizz it up with the cilantro and some lime juice for some yummy salsa!
  3. I can't watch - teaching inperson is extra tiring this year and I need to go to bed at old lady o'clock. But these are awesome and I may print for DH. I should also make school staff meeting bingo cards. Right now we tend to content ourselves with snarky side text conversations, but bingo would be more fun and inclusive! 😂
  4. Duluth Trading Company has some nice quality tops. https://www.duluthtrading.com/women/tops/tanks/ I have a couple of the no yank tanks and they're very comfortable and flattering.
  5. Agreed. Stitch Fix seems to have a magical ability to find pants and jeans that fit and flatter. I don't know how they do it!
  6. Both? We have close to 80 kids in the school and 4 grades. Approximately 20 kids per class. And big rooms. This is what the desks look like in most rooms. The tables are 6ft long and the kids each have their own. They have space to put their Chromebook and school supplies on either side of them which is nice. I'm terrible w/ dimensions, but the rooms are set up with 5 tables across and 4 rows. There's maybe 4-5 feet at the ends of each row to walk and 6 feet front to back between each table. Teaching styles have definitely had to change, but the teachers are adapting. It helps that we ha
  7. We are on week 3 of full time in person in my district. We have had 1 case during that time. That school closed for a week. Aside from that, it's been thankfully uneventful. 6 ft distancing, classes staying together, no cafeteria or gym, and masks for everyone is mandated.
  8. That doesn't seem too onerous to me. The county I live in is currently at 0.2 cases/100,000 and we still don't have large venues open. Restaurants can only open at 50% capacity and people aren't grumping about it. Many restaurants haven't reopened to in-person dining even though they may. They're sticking with their takeout plans to be extra cautious. Getting under 1/100,000 is doable.
  9. I've had a couple of appts. A cleaning and an appt to replace a filling that cracked or overstayed its welcome or something. They had Medify air purifiers in each room, spaced out appts. They did allow people in the waiting room, but only 1 at a time. Health/temp checks upon entry. Masks for everyone. Dentists and staff in masks, gowns, face shields gloves, etc. I felt very safe and like the risk is more to the people working there. They took safety very seriously from what I could tell. I wonder if you could get a first appt of the day, to be in there when things are cleanest?
  10. Ugh, @Not_a_number - i'm so sorry!! Also, if anyone wants to PM me, I'd appreciate it!
  11. We had a spike on the 20th too. I'm chalking it up to it being in the 50's both the 19th and 20th with lows in the 20s?
  12. One yummy way to make rice is to saute up onion, celery, carrot, and garlic in olive oil with a bit of salt and pepper. Add in the rice and stir around in the veggies for a minute. Add broth instead of water (chicken or veg). While that's cooking, you can cook up the chicken in another pan and add some swiss chard or spinach and a bit of lemon juice to finish. Not one pot though I bet you could make it one pot.
  13. Ugh - Vermont had its first school shutdown after 1 week open. And they're only open 1 day/week for in person.
  14. Vermont's colleges are off to a solid start - I was really nervous about students flooding back to UVM, but so far so good. 0.09% positivity rate! https://vtdigger.org/2020/09/11/officials-tout-success-of-college-reopening-with-38-student-cases/ And an interesting article on our health commisioner: https://vtdigger.org/2020/09/13/health-commissioner-mark-levine-reluctantly-fills-the-spotlight/
  15. San Francisco Bay makes really good k-cups - we use them in the office. They make a variety pack, which you could try and taste test to see which blends you like. We have a 12 cup drip and an old fashioned espresso pot at home. I use VT Coffee Company at home, which is my all time favorite coffee. We grind fresh for each pot too, but I do grind the night before. If I started the coffee grinder at 530am while getting ready for work, my family would mutiny. 😂
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