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  1. Arrival might be a good one:
  2. Cuddl Duds make some good thermal type clothes for kids. DS will wear their stuff under his snow gear to keep warm. The neck doesn't seem too tight and they are very soft and warm.
  3. This extension looks awesome- thank you!!
  4. Let's see, right now DS only does two activities that we need to pay for. Piano: $50/week ($2000+/year) Tennis: $210/month, which gets 6 hrs a week of practice time with his group. ($2520/year)
  5. Here you go! How the Light Gets In: Christmas The Long Way Home: Mid-summer The Nature of the Beast: Early autumn (I loved this book) A Great Reckoning: Starts with the first snow of the season Glass Houses: July Kingdom of the Blind: Winter A Better Man: Early spring
  6. One of the bigger ick factors (of many) for me was the fact that he put the reusable grocery bags on the counter first, unloaded them, put bags away and then rolled pizza dough out on the counter. Blech. Two days later and neither of us are sick still, so I guess our immune systems are holding strong!
  7. Bridge of Spies may fit the bill - also, has Tom Hanks, bonus! My husband and I both really enjoyed Mr. Holmes I'll add another vote for The Martian
  8. Hypothetically speaking...... you’re at a friend’s house for dinner and one of your hosts comes in from a grocery shop, brings in all of the bags, unloads groceries on the counters, and immediately starts making pizza without washing his hands first. Then rolls the crust out on a counter that wasn’t freshly washed and dried and doesn’t wash the veggies for the pizza or the salad. As a guest, what do you do? (DH and I cringed on the inside but kept mouths shut, hoping that the oven would kill anything on the pizza and said quick prayers before eating the salad.)
  9. One program starts this Friday and the other starts 2/1. I'm taking Number Theory for my math masters program and Emotional/Behavioral issues in special ed for my special ed program. One of the dates for the programs conflicts with the other program, so I am going to have to tell my Special Ed professor that I need to miss a day. Not looking forward to that, but I need to do it.
  10. I am so sorry Arctic Mama! You and your family are in my prayers tonight. 💜
  11. We're using Memoria Press Literature this year for my son (almost 12). The books and lit guides are great and they go along pretty well with Medieval History:
  12. Welcome to the world, sweet baby boy! Praying for both mom and baby.
  13. Praying for you and the baby Arctic Mama!! 💜
  14. Do your kids have ipods or something similar with headphones? I'd be more than happy to let my DS plug into an ipod or tablet or something in a situation like that. If SIL starts getting rude, the kids can listen to music or play a game or something and tune her out.
  15. We have my mom and her partner over along with a few friends. Usually Chinese or Vietnamese food and board games. I love the predictions idea @Harpymom! I am going to try to add that in this year!
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