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  1. I will put in another vote for just letting her read for literature and if you have time, read them yourself and have fun chatting about them with her. I do these with my kids at some point in high school. We do lost of more traditional classics as well, but this is a fun set of books and would be a great transition from public school as you are finishing out a year. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (early modern example of detective/mystery novel Dickens contemporary) Carry On, Jeeves by Wodehouse (British humor, read a few of the stories more if she enjoys them, but enough to
  2. Here is a direct link to speculations about 2022 https://www.compassprep.com/psat-national-merit-class-of-2022/ My daughter is at the highest value our state has had (the first year of the new PSAT I think) and a point higher than it was in the two highest in the last 3 years. So we are watching this with interest, though it seems there aren't as many scholarship opportunities from it as there were 10 years ago.
  3. I thought my post wasn't very clear and the whole issue is a little cloudy anyway. What I mean is that if Homeschool organization A has football and basketball and you play football for A can you then go play basketball for organization B even though A offers basketball?
  4. I am looking for information about how sports participation is handled in homeschool groups in communities where there is more than one homeschool sports organization. Are you allowed to participate in both for different sports? Are you only allowed to participate in the 2nd group if the 1st doesn't have the sport? Our community is growing to this point and wondering how it is handled. Does your state high school sports association have any say in the matter or restrictions on the groups (Assuming they are competing against non homeschool groups as well) Feel free to send me a private me
  5. I don't currently need them for those reasons (or they will take our word for it), but those are the reasons I have needed it in the past. It just seems wrong that you pay for a test and can't either print or get a copy of the result. A brick and mortar school could download one (According to the ACT rep) and give it to you, but that obviously doesn't work if you homeschool. I don't usually get worked up about such things much less post about them, but this got to me. I must need a nap:). Thanks for listening. I was wrong about the last name, though. The first name is all that is list
  6. In the past you could download a PDF of your child's ACT score. That option is not available anymore. Also, only the student's first name is on the score report screen. So if you need an unofficial copy for car insurance or application to the homeschool national honor society or homeschool accountability group or other reasons, you can not get one that has your child's first and last name on it. I was told via email from ACT (a very nice person who responded quickly to all 3 of my emails) that I could have a copy sent to a local school and have them make a copy for me. This would be
  7. Yes, other than SWB books which I already own! I've heard of Ma's book for so long and know I would enjoy reading it. Thanks for the ideas!
  8. I should have said podcasts! I'm glad you mentioned one.I've not heard of Prisoners of Geography. Gatto will do that for you : ). Thanks for responding!
  9. What books have you read that influenced/improved/gave you food for thought about learning/teaching in general? What have you read that has improved your knowledge/teaching in a specific subject area? Thanks, Kendall
  10. I couldn't see any of the new test dates and Sept 12 was full. Did any of you see the new test dates as options?
  11. When it is a novel such as Pride and Predjudice, I am definitely in the read the book first camp. But what about Shakespeare? We are going to start with Much Ado About Nothing this year. It is a play after all. What would you do? Watch first or read first? Thanks, Kendall
  12. Do you know of any blogs, etc that talk about using this especially in a homeschool setting with high school age kids? Thanks, Kendall
  13. When doing Year 4 the last time, my high school kids read Hero of the Empire by Millard. It was so interesting. I want to find some interesting non-fiction books to read in the 1600-1850 time period (though I'll take recommendations for civil war era and beyond as well). They will be doing hard work in history, and I want to maintain their love of history by having something more story/less textbook to read as well. Though Hero of the Empire by Millard was adult level, I'm also open to children's books as well that are non-fiction. I have found some great children's books recent
  14. I don't have specific suggestions about content, and you've gotten some great ones, but I will share an idea I learned from a sample transcript from someone on these forums years ago. The transcript had 1.5 credit of English and literature each year. I really liked this idea because I wanted my children to read more and write more. 1 credit just didn't seem like enough time to me for such a foundational subject. What I did with my 5 graduates, and will continue to do, is each day they do 1 hour of English/writing and 30 a day for literature reading and discussing. Rather tha
  15. I will describe the best way that I have found to review regardless of text, though we do use Foerster. As the year moves along, I write problems on index cards. I don't do word problems on the cards, just representative problems from each section-usually one problem per card. I put the solution and answer on the back. Recently I have color coded the answer side with a different colored dot for each chapter so that I can sort through them and reuse them for the next child. Each day they start with 5-10 minutes of doing problems from the cards. The get shuffled each time they start the deck
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