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  1. I'm looking for games my daughter can either play by herself or with me as part of math to practices her multiplication facts. We've done multiplication war, but would like some other options. I want something with mixed fact practice (so not something that focuses on a single times table at a time). I also don't want a computer game or app, Thanks!
  2. I left the red squiggle on, but turned off the autocorrect features. I feel the immediate feedback of the red squiggle helps with learning spelling.
  3. He's without a mask at all times. Our church building is small enough that the people sitting closest to him are probably about 8' away. The building is old and without air conditioning, so he actually has a fan up there, which he used this weekend, completely nullifying any distance anyway. I'm not sure if there are any other options than those you listed. My husband and I will definitely have to discuss which one to do.
  4. He outright said that he doesn't want to.
  5. We live in an area where masks are required by law in indoor public areas. Our pastor has chosen to go without a mask anyway. Regardless of how you feel about COVID, masks, etc, I feel that this is a bad example to have in my children's lives. I don't want to teach my kids that you get to ignore a law if you find it inconvenient. I know I can tell my kids that I disagree (they're all school aged, so not as black-and-white thinkers as a 3-year-old would be), but I feel that it puts both me and the pastor in a bad spot to be actively telling my kids things that I think he does wrong. There isn't
  6. Good tip about the chin! I think it may have been the problem. Thanks! I tried the Jesse mask and we'll see how it does today.
  7. I've made the craft passion mask for my husband, both the men's and women's size and they both slide down his face. I tried tightening the ear elastic and doing the long ribbon ties, but it still doesn't seem to fit right. Does anyone have a recommendation for a pattern that might fit him better?
  8. We've listened to sermons for a few of the churches we've looked at. It certainly helps narrow things down a bit.
  9. I'm worried about when our state allows church meetings again. We have some covid deniers in the leadership, so I'm sure that masks won't be required and there will be no social distancing and no changes to worship. My husband and I are starting to poke around the websites of neighborhood churches, but we obviously are unable to visit any to see if they'd be a good fit.
  10. This website is like pictionary, but with no yelling out answers (you type instead): https://skribbl.io/ My son's youth group used it. They stayed logged into zoom, for the audio, but they all went to the website and joined the same private room.
  11. Another vote for Bosch Compact. It's small, lightweight, and has never given me any problems.
  12. She can do the basic bar diagrams, as they're similar enough to cuisenaire rods, which she's used. She can even muddle her way through slightly more complicated ones. But the book has some where it's not clear how to even set it up. Here's an example of one she couldn't do: She was able to solve it by using equations and variables, but had no clue how to even begin for the bar diagram.
  13. Does MEP 7-9 have as many puzzle type problems as levels 1-6? If so, what years would be a good pre-algebra equivalent? In doing searches on the forum, I found the Russian Mathematics 6 book by Nurk mentioned as a good pre-algebra. But I also saw mention that it may not be available anymore. Has anyone had success in purchasing that recently? Did the answer key ever get completed?
  14. She enjoyed the fact that there were puzzle problems in BA. The word problems and the more rote problems she disliked. But the ones that were maze like or other similar puzzles, she enjoyed. I'm not sure what made AoPS Pre-A such a bad fit, but I think it was that a lot of the problems were hard just for the sake of hard and there were no puzzles. There aren't very many straight out rote problems, but she didn't enjoy the ones that required her to see some special insight or that took a long time to solve.
  15. My upcoming 6th grader has finished Beast Academy back in December. We moved onto AoPS Pre-A, and she hates it (we got about halfway through chapter 5 before deciding it was a bad fit). We've tried a little bit of Singapore Dimensions 6A (just the textbook). The more interesting problems have not been doable, because we didn't do any Singapore math before this, so we don't know how to use bar diagrams to solve some of the trickier problems. This is especially noticeable in the fractions chapter. She's good at math, but she doesn't like it. Rote problems bore her; she much prefers puzzles
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