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  1. silver

    Spelling that’s NOT AAS

    My middle child does R&S independently, but she's a decent speller. My oldest is my terrible speller, and I do Sequential Spelling with him. It's not independent, but it's quick and is actually improving his spelling.
  2. He's doing medieval right now and will be doing ealy modern starting in May.
  3. I've not had much luck blindly choosing non-fiction from the library catalog. They have a lot of boring, poorly written books. You know the type? It's almost a weird cross between an encyclopedia entry and a public school textbook. Or it's a cluttered book full of factoids. I can plan to take longer trips to the library to browse the shelves. I usually request books online and then just return books, pick up my holds, and leave.
  4. I'm looking for some non-fiction books for history for my son. We have a textbook/spine. I don't want to add historical fiction. I'd like well written non-fiction historical books that are good for middle school aged kids. Where is a good source to find these books? It seems like book options I find listed on various curricula websites tend to be picture books or historical fiction. I'd prefer some sort of source for finding books that I can use when he expresses interest in a topic, but if you know of a not-to-be-missed title, please share.
  5. silver

    Resources for programming in Python

    My son is working through invent your own computer games: It's also available as an actual book, if you prefer that.
  6. Thanks. I'm looking for something with slightly more teaching or detail than a handbook. 🙂
  7. Do you know of any sample or online version of Harvey's Revised that I can look over? Do you have Warriner's Composition and Grammar, Grammar and Composition, or Handbook?
  8. I'm looking for a grammar textbook that can be used by my kids as a grammar reference. The actual reference books I've seen are either too simplistic and short in their definitions/descriptions or they are too dense and detailed. I'm hoping for a textbook that a middle schooler with a strong grammar background can understand (so probably not a college textbook). I would like it to have fairly comprehensive coverage (including topics like verb mood/tense/voice, objective complements, types of dependent clauses, verbal phrases, etc) and a few exercises for each topic. I don't plan to go through the textbook page by page, but we'd skip around as needed to read up on topics he's not as strong on.
  9. I'm looking at this Spanish curriculum: From the looks of it, the student works with visual flash cards to learn vocabulary (rather than learning vocabulary by learning to translate). I'm interested in an approach like that. But I can't seem to find much about this program from people who have used it. Anyone here have insight?
  10. silver

    Would this be redundant? LA

    I've not used Essentials in Writing, but I wouldn't think it would be overkill. Mainly because I don't really think MCT is good for writing and I use a separate program for writing assignments.
  11. silver

    Favorite "Fun" math books?

    I'll second Math with Bad Drawings. I got it from the library for myself, but my 6th grader has run off with it before I got a chance to read it.
  12. I think the main argument against that "I can look it up if I need it" mindset is that it's nearly impossible to understand things you read without background knowledge. You need content knowledge to understand what you read. Try to read an academic paper in a field one is unfamiliar with and one will quickly see why actually knowing something oneself is useful. That, and it's impossible to make connections between anything if you don't have knowledge. For example, you can't make a connection between the area of a rectangle and the volume of a rectangular prism if you know neither what each shape is nor the two formulas.
  13. I used this a little bit with one of my kids: I could see it helping with mental math if you stick with it. The most of what he got out of it was to figure out how to count to 99 on his fingers (the thumbs are the "heaven" beads that represent 5, the fingers on the right hand are ones, the fingers on the left hand are tens).
  14. silver

    WWS 1 Topi Sheets

    The ones that list out the procedure and the list of things to remember? If so, those are at the back of the TM in WWS1 (not sure about the other two books) in appendix 1.
  15. silver

    Favorite "Fun" math books?

    The Man Who Counted is a fun one. If you're looking for interesting problems, Borac Competitive Mathematics books have some.
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