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  1. I have seen that, and we're going slowly. But the long lessons and slow progress are discouraging. I chose it for the content it teaches, but it just isn't a good fit for my family.
  2. My kids are ready for the depth of grammar in Grammar for the WTM, but the lessons are so very long. We've been breaking them up, but now it will take us (what feels like) 20 years to get through the book. Is there anything available for grammar that goes to a similar depth/difficulty but has shorter lessons? I'm hoping for something that is 1-2 years max because we've already wasted so much time very slowly moving through Grammar for the WTM.
  3. I need a workbook spelling program for my son. It looks like most middle school spelling programs transition to vocabulary, but he still needs spelling practice. He's refusing to do sequential spelling with me anymore, so we need something that is independent. thanks!
  4. I've seen the recommendations that the first half of intro to algebra is alg 1 and the second half is alg 2. Comparing the topics to what I remember having learned and what the local high school lists for alg 1 and alg 2, it didn't seem to fit. Most notably polynomial division, more in-depth coverage of logarithms, and conic functions. Thanks for the mention that there are alg 2 topics in in the intermediate algebra book (assuring me that I'm not crazy). He's did the whole geometry book, so he has done the brief section on trig functions. He does like programming, and so I've deba
  5. I forget the exact details, but Prodigy placed my child multiple grade levels above where she was actually working. During the placement test, it would give her only a few questions per grade level before "advancing" her (eventually incorrectly).
  6. My son is getting bored with the heavy focus of polynomials in AoPS Intermediate Algebra (we're about to finish chapter eight). It's been ages since I took algebra 2, but would it be any different with a different text? Or is this just a huge part of the course regardless of the source? If I were to give him a short break from the book, what topics would be good as a distraction from polynomials?
  7. My daughter is almost done with Dolciani Pre-Algebra. There was a lot that she knew already (since Pre-Algebra does have a lot of review), but she liked it a lot better than AoPS (which we tried first, since she did well with BA). She's quick with math and hates repetition, so we found that doing odds worked well for her, and the answers to most of the odds are in the back of the book. As far as price, keep an eye out, because I got my copy for $1.45 (well, almost $7 after shipping and tax) back in May of this year. I bought from this listing on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/03
  8. I do time based, one-on-one. I go over the lesson part with them and they work on problems with me there to check answers and answer questions if needed.
  9. My middle child has shown some potential interest in graphic design. She's in 6th grade, so a lot of the usual resources that are aimed toward adults won't appeal to her. I'm also looking for software/apps for windows or android that are good for someone just starting out (non-subscription preferred). Thanks!
  10. The board said something had gone wrong, so I tried again, but instead it made a double post. Sorry!
  11. Has anyone tried Denis Gaskins Multiplication games book? Do the games tend to have mixed fact practice, or do they focus on one fact at a time? https://www.amazon.com/Multiplication-Fractions-Games-Tough-Topics-ebook/dp/B01MXIQX01/
  12. I'm looking for games my daughter can either play by herself or with me as part of math to practices her multiplication facts. We've done multiplication war, but would like some other options. I want something with mixed fact practice (so not something that focuses on a single times table at a time). I also don't want a computer game or app, Thanks!
  13. I left the red squiggle on, but turned off the autocorrect features. I feel the immediate feedback of the red squiggle helps with learning spelling.
  14. He's without a mask at all times. Our church building is small enough that the people sitting closest to him are probably about 8' away. The building is old and without air conditioning, so he actually has a fan up there, which he used this weekend, completely nullifying any distance anyway. I'm not sure if there are any other options than those you listed. My husband and I will definitely have to discuss which one to do.
  15. He outright said that he doesn't want to.
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