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  1. silver

    GF/DF dessert recipes, please

    I'd say I'm at a mid-level for baking. I'm not afraid to cook from scratch, but I've failed a some more fussy recipes that I've tried.
  2. My home is gluten free, so no worries about cross contamination of gluten, and I have a bunch of weird flours already (my family doesn't do nut flours, so we don't have those). We're not dairy free, though, so I don't have any "go to" recipes that are both gluten free and dairy free. Does anyone have a no-fail, go to GF/DF dessert recipe they are willing to share?
  3. These are some of the things my kids do while I do math with one of their siblings: * handwriting or typing practice * spelling (if they do a workbook) * grammar exercises (I go over the lesson before doing math with anyone) * chores * read the history encyclopedia for that day's lesson * read a fiction book to himself * Math "warm-up" (a rotation of problems to keep skills fresh on things like time, money, etc) * math fact practice * any other workbook/worksheet type work they have * read to a younger sibling
  4. I've enjoyed the grammar and vocabulary instruction of the Island, Town, and Voyage levels of MCT. I don't see as much written about the upper levels, and they seem to be different enough that I have a few questions about them (Magic Lens/Word within the Word levels). Is the grammar instruction as good in Magic Lens as it is in the lower levels in terms of clearly explaining grammar terms and concepts? I've read that Magic Lens gets really in depth about verbs. I'm hoping for good, clear teaching about mood, voice, and tense of verbs; does Magic Lens provide this? With the lower levels, the writing books are a big part of the grammar teaching, where the details are fleshed out and punctuation rules are given. Is AAW the same way, or would we be OK to skip the composition books? I'm not an expert at diagramming, but my kids and I have found that we can use the sentences in Practice Voyage to diagram. Are the sentences in the upper level practice books similar levels of complexity in terms of being able to diagram them? I adore Caesar's English for vocabulary. We don't do any written work for it (not even tests), but my kids retain the vocabulary and apply the roots they learn to words they encounter in their independent reading. Is Word within the Word as good at teaching roots and clearly defining/showing the use of new words?
  5. silver

    CW Homer: Grammar to add?

    If the grammar is CW is so much, would I be able to get away with using Fix-It as a grammar program? Or is CW more about applying what a separate grammar program has explicitly taught? My kids are doing level 2 of Fix-It this year, and it doesn't get very in depth about grammar, because it's more concerned with how grammar relates to writing and mechanics.
  6. silver

    ELTL vs cottage press

    I've only used ELTL (the first four levels). I really liked the grammar instruction. My kids enjoyed the fables and novels used. I liked the grammar exercises. The writing instruction wasn't enough for my children. There's a demonstration of what they need to do (outline, summarize, etc) and then they'd be told to do it. My kids need more step-by-step on how to do that. When I had looked over samples of Cottage Press for this school year, it seemed like the writing instruction was very similar to ELTL. But, having not actually seen more than the online samples, I could be wrong.
  7. silver

    CW Homer: Grammar to add?

    Thanks! That was one I was considering, but I worried it would be too much (compared to Harvey's) timewise. I assume you skipped the writing assignments in R&S?
  8. Classical Writing Homer level says to add grammar, spelling, and handwriting/typing. If I don't want to use Harvey's Grammar, what would be a good substitute? I'd prefer to not use a DVD based program, because my computer does not have a DVD player.
  9. silver


    Is there a robot.txt file or forum configuration option that prevents search engines from indexing the site? Google barely returns any results when I use it to search the forums. Also, is there a way to make the forum search return threads instead of posts? If a thread has 15 posts in it that contain my search term, I get that same thread 15 times in the search results.
  10. Thanks for all the ideas, I'll look into them. I'm not a creative writer, and neither is her older brother, so I'm at a loss for how to ease a creative writer into academic writing. I would have thought that she would hate outlines, but we're going through TC, which does outlines that vaguely resemble KWO, and she has said that she finds it really helpful. I don't think she'd want to plan a novel out paragraph by paragraph that way, but for shorter stories, she really took to it.
  11. I have a child that loves coming up with stories to tell her siblings and would probably be labeled a natural writer. If my other kids have writing assignments that involve playing around with sentences, I have to remind her not to insert herself into their assignments. We've been reading through MCT writing books without doing assignments and she has come to the conclusion that academic writing is boring. I'm looking for a logic stage writing program that won't make her wilt (I don't think she'd mesh well with WWS). My goals for her would be learning to outline and organize her thoughts before writing along with continuing to work on mechanics. I'm currently using TC for writing and MCT for grammar (voyage level), but I'm open to changing next year if need be. Suggestions? Currently on my radar are W&R and CW. I'd likely skip the fable level for both of those, as she has had plenty of rewriting fable practice by using ELTL in previous years.
  12. We used ELTL the previous four years, but not this year. I love the instruction of the first years, especially grammar, but the writing requirements were outpacing my children's ability (one child using it above level the other is a reluctant writer).
  13. silver

    Spelling help -- possibly dyslexic?

    I have the 5th edition, and it looks like there were enough changes that I can't direct you to exact page numbers or even section names to help you out.😕 I'll try and explain the main areas that would need to be read and understood. In mine, right after the pages on handwriting there is a section about oral and written phonogram review. It's when you do the review that you would use the phonogram cards. My edition has sections boxed off with headers of "Oral Phonogram Review Procedures" and "Written Phonogram Review Procedures" that scripts how to do it. After that is a section called "Teaching Spelling Using Phonograms and Rules" that gives an overview of the method and marking system. Then there is a section boxed off with "Spelling Dictation Procedures" with an example dialogue following. There are several videos on YouTube if you search for "Spalding Word Dictation," some of them are from other programs, but they are using a similar enough method that they'd still be helpful to watch. From the table of contents of the 6th edition, it looks like the phonogram list starts on page 206, you'll want to familiarize yourself with those. On page 221 is where the list of spelling rules starts, another thing you will want to read over. These rules will be mentioned in the book in the Extended Ayres list. I'm no help with where to start an older child. When I went through it, my child was young enough that I started him from the beginning.
  14. That looks like a good tracing sheet. I've been having him do lines like row B, D, and E. He does have problem with it right now, so I'm hoping that practice will help with fluidity of his writing.
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