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  1. I figure learning this is part of the purpose of PreA. My son isn't 100% there yet, but he's gotten a lot better, mostly because he's made enough mistakes from not writing things down (or being sloppy about it), and he's leaned from experience that it's better to go over the work to find the mistake than to do the whole thing over again.
  2. My 5th grader has been doing AoPS Pre-Algebra this last year. I set a timer for 40 minutes and when it goes off, he finishes up the problem he's working on, and then he's done for the day. He does at least one problem a day on Alcumus. I have Alcumus set to have him get his bars blue (instead of green) before moving him to the next topic. I know my son well enough to know he will not read through the text fully. So when he's at the start of a section, I read any of the text before the problems to him. He does the problems. I look over his solution and share anything from the text solution that he may have missed. Once he's done with that, he goes through the exercises and I check his work after he's done. If he gets a problem wrong, I have him redo it. For the review section, he works all the normal review exercises, but in the challenge section, he does the even exercises independently, and I work with him on the odd ones. Doing it this way, and with the timer, he gets done with a section in two days (one day on the intro/problems, one day on the exercises). Occasionally he can get through both problems and exercises in a single day, depending on the topic. The review problems (with the challenge section) take about 3-4 days the way we do it.
  3. I've found two people who sell the materials. They both have terrible customer service (as you've seen from the rudeness of the one with the videos). Shipping is super slow (it took a month for my products to even get shipped, and that only happened after I filed a PayPal dispute because no one was responding to my email). When I finally got the product, the books that were in the updated format had so many errors! Some books had typos as frequently as every 5th problem. So, unless you can find some old used copies, I recommend not trying to use Mortensen math.
  4. silver

    Math Lessons for a Living Education

    I used level 1 for a kindergartner a few years back. Content wise, it would have been enough for K, but my kid flew through it, easily doing multiple lessons a day, so we finished it in less than a year.
  5. silver

    Fractions and/or Beast Academy 3D help please!

    I would go ahead to the other two chapters of 3D, but continue working a little bit each day on the fraction topics. When it seems like he gets the topic, you can go back and do the fraction chapter. You could get the MM dark blue book that introduces fractions for another source to teach fractions on the side:
  6. We're mostly changing up English. We had been using ELTL, and I really liked it for everything but writing instruction. But it takes too much time to add things to (which would be required to get writing instruction I like), so I'm dropping it and I'll do separate copywork, grammar, writing, and read alouds. I'm also adding in some spelling review work for my older kids to work on independently (beyond the usual spelling curriculum).
  7. That's not it, but it does look interesting. I did find the game. I had actually bookmarked it, and it was buried in my mess of bookmark folders.
  8. I have a vague memory of a math card game (no board involved), but I can't find it again. It involved factors and/or multiples and was a multiplayer game. I vaguely recall that it involved "battling" creatures/monsters/wizards or something like that, but I could be mixing it up with another game. Has my brain made this up, or does it exist? Anyone know the game?
  9. The $49 price is not always the price. The website shows that because it's a sale price and you don't need any "coupon code" to get it. I want to say they offer it to homeschoolers each spring (I paid that much last spring and my subscription will run out in June this year). New content seems to be added very frequently, and you don't have access to that without the paid subscription. I'm also not sure if you can do the free version for two years or if it's only a one time thing.
  10. I was able to see your test post. I also only see three members shown, even though it says there are 25.
  11. silver

    All about spelling past level 2?

    AAS 3 is my favorite level of the first three levels. It teaches rules for adding suffixes and emphasises spelling the base word first. When I've looked at remedial spelling for older kids, those are the things the programs focus on (along with making words plural). I've not done AAS after level 3, so I can't speak to those levels. But I do like to finish up level 3.
  12. For math, I check as they do it. After every problem (or page, depending on age and what work they are doing), I check if it's right or wrong. If it's wrong, they correct it immediately. There are three levels for correction here. (1) "You made an error, find it." This is best for short problems or simple errors. (2) "This step has an issue." This is best for long, multi-step problems. (3) "Let's go over this problem together." This is best if they child actually isn't understanding the math. We'll go over the problem, I'll make up similar problems that we work on until they get it, and then we move on. I'm pretty mathy, and my oldest is only in PreAlgebra, so it's worked for us thus far. For grammar, I check right away and will discuss the errors and what is actually happening in the sentence. For writing, going over the writing with mom is part of the assignment. The assignment isn't done until we have read and discussed it together. We'll talk about grammar, spelling, sentence improvement, and I'll point out the good parts (using strong nouns/verbs, varied sentence structure, that sort of thing). Almost all other subjects either don't get correct/checked or are done orally (which has built in checking).
  13. Does anyone here use Spelling City without a premium membership? It looks like the free membership does not get use of student accounts? How do you use it if your students can't actually log in?
  14. I've used online worksheet generators for this purpose.
  15. I plan on doing WWE 1 with my 1st grader next year. She knows how to form her letters and is reading well (she needs to build up stamina, but is almost fluent). Other than the 2x/week copywork (from WWE) and what she does in spelling, how much other handwriting should I expect from her?
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