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  1. I am so sorry your family is going through this and I’m so glad you’re able to be there for her. Navigating medicine can be a full-time job for multiple people 😕 What I have done is to make myself the primary contact for all situations, that way *I* get the phone calls with instructions and reminders and can relay them to her. I also would have called the office and made any changes necessary. I know the portal is great to communicate with doctors, but calling the front can get often faster results regarding mundane things like instructions. If you cannot be at an appointment with her, schedule it for a time you’re free and then be on speaker phone when the doctor is in the room. You can mention this ahead of time when the appointment is set or you can have her spring it on him, but no doc has ever said no to this. To be honest, my mom isn’t sick or declining in mental health, her anxiety is so severe that she can’t listen to directions or do anything new. However, I also did this when my father was ill just to take the burden off of him.
  2. If your child invites you and says it’s fine then it’s fine. I feel like arguing with him would be disrespectful and treating him like a child. (having adult offspring is hard 😞)
  3. My grandparents wanted the jewelry to go to their children and my parents want their jewelry to go to me. Plus, the remaining party may want the Jewelry.
  4. maybe it’s because historically, people that age who catch *anything* don’t have a great outcome and really don’t do well with covid? Maybe it’s the formula they are using that skews high the higher the age? How many people who are vaccinated have actually died from covid? How many of those were over 90? I have to say, I don’t think this site is rooted in hard data and needs to be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, I would say it’s justifying people not masking properly and going to crowded places because it’s presents the risk of catching covid as tiny.
  5. Ah, I see it. Are you sure the number you saw was 12% and not 0.12%? I saw a risk of dying that was 0.069% before it crashed and managed to copy this: Among people in your county who have behaviors and levels of interaction with others that are similar to yours, the estimated probability of catching COVID-19 through community transmission in a week is 0.13%
  6. The number it gives you is not a percentage, it’s a risk score based on their calculations. The number is essentially meaningless unless you fully understand what they’re doing. which I am apparently not in the headspace to do so rn 😛 near as I can tell, I cannot make sense of any numbers unless I put in two scenarios. “We wanted our tool to be sensitive to the wide variety of circumstances encountered in the US right now; as a result, it's calibrated around a score of 50. A score of 50 is defined as an equal disease burden as the flu, estimated based on total number of flu cases, hospitalizations, ICU admission, and deaths in the 2018-2019 flu season. For every 10x change in (Exposure*Susceptibility), the score will change by 50/3. Thus, for two users, one with a score of 20, and one with a score of 70, the user with a score of 70 is 1000x more likely to have been exposed to COVID-19 and experience a serious consequence (hospitalization, ICU admission, or death).”
  7. I didn’t even get to the end of the title when I cracked up. But in all seriousness, making fun of people doesn’t bring them to your side and we need everybody to stand together while navigating a pandemic and the whole thing just terrifies me if I think about it for too long.
  8. I think this is a hardcore political topic, but I have to say that I think this will cause a certain number of people to see proof of a conspiracy and cause them to be further alienated.
  9. No clue why I even read that, but now I’m sad. Not just from what it said but from thinking about how many people ARE one-issue voters and how politics is infuriating.
  10. I just got my mom Tovala and although it’s fantastic for her - and BIL family uses it - maybe not for most regular families with more than one person. The oven is $50-$150 depending on current offers and referral bonus and although it makes the food delicious, it is a glorified toaster oven BUT, that’s great for my mom who wants things to be easy and flavorful. (It’s not technically a steam oven because they steam doesn’t get to a certain temperature, but it makes leftover delicious) The meals are not reheated food, they are made from fresh food and they do have a variety of chicken, pork, and beef, but it is chicken-heavy. The vegetables seem to be mostly broccoli, potatoes, or Brussels, with some occasional random other things. Meals are $11.99, minimum 3/week. Shipping is $5.99 unless you get 6 meals/week. The oven holds one serving at a time, so I don’t know how BIL uses it for a family of four. It is super-easy to use, you just assemble food, scan QR, hit start. I would recommend for older or single people who just are not cooking for themselves or eating well, can afford $45/week for 3 meals, and can wait 20 minutes for dinner. DD did imperfect foods for a bit but, like pp said, it doesn’t seem to be much cheaper. The food is loose in the box, but the eggs and meat were always well packaged and never leaked. And they got flowers sometimes!
  11. I’m fine with in-person lectures, but I cannot pay attention to anything recorded. It just drones in the background. I blame it on getting read to since I was born because I often just fall asleep instantly. When I do have to watch a video, I put it on double speed and turn on the subtitles and that helps. I agree, though, that the inability to follow directions sounds like a problem. Auditory processing difficulties? (Is that even a thing anymore?)
  12. DS has been singing since before he could talk. He’s still constantly humming a tune everywhere, all day. I am not a singer, but I definitely sing with him and teach him songs. Over a couple of years, we learned so many sea shanties/maritime songs, now he likes Viking songs 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. I literally never knew why there were ties in the inside of our duvet covers 😔 that said, our covers from PB Kids stay on the duvets just fine without them!
  14. Interior bathrooms have to have an exhaust fan, right? Are those difficult to put in?
  15. I was at a kid’s sporting event and the national anthem wasn’t playing so everybody broke out into The Pledge, so I assume it’s still taught in schools.
  16. But health care for diabetics isn’t covered 100%, they still have to pay the regular deductible/copay/20% or whatever when they end up losing a leg to diabetes.
  17. Some of my individual shelves started sagging after 8ish years, but I wish you could see the amount of books I have on them. They’re not dangerously sagging, just... a touch soft. The rest of the bookcase still seems very sturdy and I have moved 3 times with them.
  18. Just so you know, my grocery stores had Mike’s EXTRA hot honey, so now I’m sold, for sure 😛
  19. Just last Wednesday, there was a notary at our house, so it’s possible there is one near you that will come to you!
  20. Unroll it and roll it the other direction so it’s only 8’ long? To get it in your car, no ideas if it doesn’t fit your space 😞
  21. Whenever I think I want to move again, things like this pop up and suddenly, I’m happy to live where I do all over again 😛
  22. In short, it violates TOS with Nintendo. Obviously, people do it all of the time. You will have to change all of your account information, including the email, removing all personal data and then find somebody to sell it to. There exists a fairly popular market-like site from which you can sell it that you can find with a quick google search. They will walk you through the process. You’re not downloading anything, you won’t get a virus. The shady part comes from Nintendo selling you something that you never really own, but I suppose since you agreed to it, not much you can do about it. ETA: TBH, unless he has loads of games, he won’t make much more than selling it with a factory reset.
  23. Denver is but the surrounding cities are not even necessarily requiring masks. ETA: all staff in Denver public schools are required to be vaccinated, not just teachers.
  24. Yes. We have one at my mom’s house and one at my daughter’s house all on the same account. It doesn’t care where it is, only the account it’s logged into. the only drawback for us is when we occasionally try to stream music at the same time and we can’t. Nbd for us, maybe for you?
  25. If there is a possibility that he has a feeling something like this is coming and he already has a certain amount of control, he may have her social flagged and will know immediately. In fact, if she goes through a standard background check for a regular place, he will know then, as well. If he’s an attorney, he will probably have contacts and friends who could make things awful. Is there somebody she trusts who can write a check for her? Is she willing to fudge some info to open a secured credit card (oops, typo’d my ssn). Is somebody willing to open a secured card for her? Can she look for an apartment in a small building managed by the owner? Maybe call the local women’s shelter and ask if they have any leads on places who will take cash? Does she want to hide her location from him? She may have to have somebody else rent a place in their name and she can be the roommate, or whatever. Somebody who is vindictive can make things just as bad as somebody who is violent, only in a different way. Who is the lady who just had an update on her nightmare divorce? Home’scool? And don’t forget Kinsa’s sister’s nightmare.
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