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  1. It’s becoming more common in the US. Not “mainstream” yet, in my perception.
  2. The four Harriet Vane novels hang together as a subset of the Lord Peter series. Strong Poison is the first, then Have His Carcase, Gaudy Night, and Busman’s Honeymoon.
  3. If it’s showing you Courtney Milan ads, buy them all. Books about relationships with male protagonists and depressing endings are “literary fiction” while books about relationships with female protagonists and happy endings are romance. Right now I’ll take the happy endings, thanks.
  4. I agree with everyone else. There is no way I would attend this, or any other family event, if my daughter was excluded. If it’s an obvious adults-only event, sure, but an event that she’s been invited to in the past? No way.
  5. No. There’s quite a lot of effort that goes into making sure it’s not possible to link particular votes with individual voters. That’s what all the fuss was about with the double envelopes for absentee voting. The outside ballot has the voter number and signature, and whatever else each state requires (witness signature, ID #, etc). Once that has all been verified the inner envelope, which is anonymous, is taken out and put in the “too be counted” pile. After that you know who voted, and you’ve got the number of votes for each candidate, but no way of connecting a specific voter to a specif
  6. Absolutely. I can’t believe it’s not a requirement in all states. When I first heard that in some states a “recount” just means they hit the “total” button again because there is literally nothing to count my jaw dropped. And then a friend who lived in a state that had all-electronic machines (this was several years ago) said it was okay because the machine printed a paper receipt so you knew your vote was counted. But the voters took the receipt with them! There was absolutely no way of knowing that the vote registered with the machine was the vote printed on the receipt, and no
  7. The reason for “most secure election in [recent] US History” is that more states, out of exactly the concerns you’ve indicated here, switched to voting machines that have a paper trail. They use either a paper ballot that is scanned by the counting machine or an electronic ballot that prints a paper receipt that is checked by the voter and then retained at the polling site. And then the results were audited by hand-counting the paper ballots at selected polling sites, observed by representatives from both parties, and compared to the machine-counts.
  8. I would use a more generic name for the LLC (not specific to housing) and use it as the legal entity for all your family business projects. You could have Lubery Books and Solid Rock Residential both as brands of LB Ventures, LLC.
  9. I just looked it up, and in addition to being used for inflammation and menstrual cramps it supposedly has mental health benefits. So perhaps we can assume that someone who is shocked that she would be met with force when unlawfully trying to access a government building has not been using fennel for long.
  10. I also suspect there were people who were going to push it as far as they could, but really expected capitol security to stop them before their conduct crossed the line into federal felonies. Then when the capitol police tuned out to be woefully unprepared and understaffed they had to decide in the moment whether to pull back from the line or be swept across it. They weren't prepared for that moment of ethical responsibility and missed it.
  11. The performative social media aspect of the whole thing complicates a lot. When you mix up people cosplaying insurrection, people performing insurrection ironically, and people actually attempting insurrection it can be hard to tell who is who.
  12. I’m pondering the fact (if it’s an onion) that she had a peeled onion in a towel along with her. Either someone who believed the onion antidote theory expected to be teargassed and brought onions along or she planned the hoax in advance and brought an onion along. I hope someone interviews her and discovers the provenance of the onion. edit: quick, someone ask her about the onion before she gets a lawyer who reminds her that talking about your crimes publicly is bad for your future.
  13. No. The qualifications for president are in the constitution. Trying to add requirements legislatively would be asking for long drawn-out court battles.
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