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  1. I felt so light after my second dose I’m a little surprised I can’t fly.
  2. Please hear this with a virtual hug and all the concern I can get into my tone. You have a tendency to read extremes into what people say. I don’t think there’s anyone here who would say it’s irresponsible to attend an outdoor event after you’re vaccinated.
  3. Part of the reason is that there's no such thing as uninterpreted scripture. Many people who think they're following sola scriptura are following sola John Piper scriptura or sola RC Spraul scriptura. To choose two not entirely random examples. The evangelical world has a handful of men who get to interpret the Bible and everyone pretends that they're not interpreting, just teaching what it plainly says.
  4. I would mention it and directly address how it applies to the posted job in the cover letter, not on the resume.
  5. I wouldn't say "accident" either, even though I don't think she meant to shoot him. "Mistake" would be accurate. She pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger. The fact that the device in her hand wasn't the one she thought it was was also because of her actions.
  6. There have been enough instances caught on video of people doing everything they are told, or trying to when given conflicting instructions, and still getting shot to make this statement laughable. It isn't the people being killed who have the responsibility to de-escalate. It's the literal job of the people with the guns and badges.
  7. I don't know what was going through his head. I doubt is was rational, I suspect fear was involved, and I don't think it was anything like "I'm going to try to escape so I don't go to jail." Edit: I should clarify, I think fear of the police is rational in this circumstance. The actions that fear might lead to aren't, necessarily, because there is no rational, right answer. Do exactly as you're told? Might still get shot. Try to run away? Might get shot. Fight? Might get shot. Flailing about in a panic is probably also not a safe option, but I'm not sure it's demonstrably
  8. I don’t believe that any young black man pulled over in the Twin Cities right now, during the Chauvin trial, has “going to jail” at the top of his list of fears.
  9. https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/eradication.png
  10. Disagreement between the “eternal submission of the son” faction and the classical Trinitarian faction is part of the SBC’s current meltdown. If by “standard” you mean there are lots of people who teach it, sure. If you mean common and largely undisputed, no way.
  11. The problem is that when it’s combined with extreme views on male headship it becomes a sneaky way to say that only men are people. Men are individuals, women are appendages.
  12. OP said the games are two hours. So it’s the difference between $100 per game and $50 per game.
  13. $50 per game, not per hour.
  14. There is no way on God’s green earth I would be taking my children to their house this week. Or myself. Occasional phone contact with mom would be my limit for the foreseeable future. I normally think people are too quick to cut contact with family members, but they are trying to “mend” a relationship with your DH’s abusive parents, and they’re confirmed meddlers and that combination is not safe for your family.
  15. I think your reasoning is faulty, and a fourteen year old will certainly notice. He has to work to accumulate savings, but if he doesn’t want to then you’ll make him pay for things so that he has to work but still doesn’t accumulate savings. What’s your actual goal here?
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