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  1. It’s weird how perceptions work. 32 people commented before you on this thread. Four of them addressed side issues and did not say whether they’d pay for a hotel room for teenagers. Sixteen said they would not. Eight said it would depend on age and four said they would have no problem with a teenage boyfriend/girlfriend sharing a room with their teenager. So you are clearly in the majority, at least of people who’ve posted, and yet feel like you’re in the minority.
  2. That is not a connotation that I have for “significant other”. In my experience it’s mainly used by older people who think “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” sound too juvenile, but there’s no implication of marriage-like commitment.
  3. That actually makes perfect sense to me. He goes unmasked if he knows everyone present is vaccinated and masks otherwise. That’s what my husband and I did until our kids were vaccinated, and what we’ll probably go back to soon if numbers in our area continue to rise.
  4. I honestly can’t imagine anyone expecting 16 year olds to be continuously supervised at a mall outing. 16 year olds work at malls.
  5. I had my somewhat delayed routine mammogram appointment today. Medical clinics are still requiring masks and, well, yeah. I felt very fashionable. (For a certain value of “fashionable” that is closer to “ridiculous.” But that probably had more to do with the poses required by the breast-smooshing robot than the mask.)
  6. My son did something like that around the same age. My mom had taken him to her sister’s lake house and when he had to go someone (mom was a little vague about this detail) told him he could pee in the lake. He apparently protested, but was told (again, vague) that fish do it so it’s okay. He shrugged, climbed up on the dock, pulled down his suit, and peed into the lake.
  7. I’ve never had anything like that happen and we’ve had our Prius since 2006.
  8. That sounds like a great resource, although I can’t find where it’s actually linked in the DOE document.
  9. He’s totally woo. But linked at the bottom of the article linked above is an article he wrote about how the woo community worldview is vulnerable to conspiracy-thinking, and that’s an area where he has some expertise. I read it hoping to gain some common vocabulary for talking with my essential-oil peddling, yoga-teaching, COVID-denying relatives. I think it will be helpful.
  10. The college where I teach had hoped to be back to normal with required vaccinations. Nothing has been announced yet, but I’m sure the leadership is going crazy trying to figure out what Delta is going to do to that plan. I think schools in states where the local government has not lost its collective mind on this issue are more likely to both require vaccines and add other measures.
  11. Good Job! You did it! Give yourself a giant high five and a tight hug, or get your DH to do so.
  12. You ignore it. Didn't you say earlier that she's not allowed to be around the kids without you? So you're not going to agree to her taking the birthday boy out to lunch, so it doesn't matter if you don't return her call right away.
  13. I know several people who got it early when getting an appointment for any vaccine was a triumph and the guidance was "whatever shot you're offered, take it." It turns out if they'd waited a few weeks they would have had their pick of vaccines and appointment times, but they didn't know that at the time.
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