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  1. Yeah, I thought if I used a small amount of beeswax and melted it before adding it to the other ingredients it might work. It might make more of a balm type texture but as long as it spreads easily that would be fine.
  2. I considered cocoa butter but I read that it can have a strong smell to it. Do you find that to be the case?
  3. I have been making a homemade body butter to moisturize my grandson's legs because he has severe eczema. His mom prefers all natural ingredients so I have been using shea, coconut oil and tallow. The final consistency is about the same as coconut oil. He likes it because it doesn't sting his skin when I put it on and it has helped quite a bit but he is still having some itchy spots. I have been doing a lot of research and have read that coconut oil can cause problems for people with eczema so I am wanting to change that out for something with approximately the same consistency. He already has
  4. Preferably ones that counter the claims of anti-vaxxers with hard science and statistics(at a layman's level) hopefully all in one book. So something that deals with all of the various claims anti-vaxxers make that can be read by someone with a high school education. I know lots of anti-vaxxers who would be willing to read such a book if presented with one but they are not willing to do graduate level research to find the information. I don't know of anything to recommend first hand.
  5. Well, my brain is not used to moving at that speed but if there were more than one suddens wouldn't that imply it happened slower? 🤔
  6. I concur. There is not just one sudden but many. Pick one. 😉
  7. No it's, "All of a sudden." For reals man.
  8. Oh we have plenty of tests and you can easily get one for free from the health dept which is one of the things that make that advice so strange.
  9. The local medical center is recommending that if you are exposed to a positive case or have symptoms to self-quarantine for 14 days but don't bother to get tested or even go to the doctor unless you are so sick that you need the emergency room.
  10. We are still doing Christmas this year? 😧
  11. Three of my adult dds and their SOs and children lived with me at same time earlier this year. So we had eight adults and four children in the house. One of my other dds shares a house with two friends and all their SOs. That is six adults, one baby and a small zoo. That dds living situation is probably not that abnormal for her area, ours a little more so but not completely unheard of this year. Could be something like this.
  12. Gatorade. It's my drink of choice and I haven't been able to find it in Walmart, Target, Aldi's, Kroger's, Publix, Amazon or any drugs stores for about three weeks now. I have been managing by buying a couple bottles at a time from convenience stores but it costs at least twice as much this way. I even Googled it to see if there was a reason why the sudden outage but nothing. Also, I have had a really hard time keeping Method brand Waterfall scent foaming handsoap avaiable since this whole thing started. Apparently that is their most popular scent. On the other hand, I have at least
  13. This is my favorite and fully sums up my understanding of covid to date.
  14. It is all over the board for me. Some items I get the next day and one item took about 5 weeks. That was a Keurig shipping from Amazon listed as Prime that I ordered the middle of April and received May 23rd and it wasn't out of stock either. Last Saturday I ordered about 10 items and I got deliveries everyday this week. I have also had many deliveries running late and some that didn't come at all.
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