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  1. IDK, but I do know that you are entitled to a complete copy of your medical records if you request them. You may be charged a copying and shipping charge (usually a small amount). I recently got a copy of my records from rehab. There were a thousand pages and there was not charge but when I got the records from the hospital there were only fifty pages and it was $15. It is my understanding that they can not give you a partial or redacted record so if the doctor left notes in your records you would have access to them. That leads me to believe that records would basically contain just the facts and certainly nothing derogatory. If your doctor wished to make note of something like that they would probably keep them in their own personal notes not associated with you records. Also with my recent health issues I had to sign forms allowing all of my various doctors at different institutions to access my various records and talk to each other. Although I am not exactly sure what the law is regarding this because it does seem that one doctor was able to pull my records that I don't recall signing an authorization for. I can't be positive though as my memory of the whole events is not so good. Perhaps someone with a little more knowledge in this area could elaborate further.
  2. Has she had her B12 levels checked? That is something that is rarely checked for but it can cause all of those symptoms except the asthma.
  3. That's not my understanding of the article you posted. My understanding is that there was no trans person there but not necessarily that there was no man there. I don't see that they addressed this possibility at all which is the issue most women seem concerned with. So far every viral video I have seen has turned out to be legitimate. I am not saying that there have not been fake videos, just that I haven't seen any so in my experience they can be trusted until proved otherwise. Of course, YMMV.
  4. Married 30 years now, mostly friendly and comfortable, more so as the years have gone by. Neither of us are particularly romantic and the frisky times ebb and flow but the strong deep core attachment is still there. Neither of us would do well without the other.
  5. Just because there was no trans client DOES NOT mean there was no MAN in the women's area . The woman was not complaining about a trans person in the women's area, she was complaining about a man (which is what many of us thought in the first place) in the women's area. From what I can tell (I can't hear what the employee says) it was the man in the video (who didn't even see the person in question) who first mentioned that it could be a trans person. I can't really tell if the woman speaking was recording or if someone else was recording but it wasn't just the one woman who possibly posted the video. There was a small crowd of women there and the one woman trying to get her money back. Certainly if they could keep track of one trans client, they would have noticed a small crowd of women who were not members trying to stir up trouble. In any case, there is no more proof of this article than there was of the original video. As a matter of fact, there seems to be less. And even if the video was a faked, self-ID is still a legitimate concern for many women and we need to be able to discuss these concerns.
  6. No, I didn't but I did consider myself lucky to come out of rehab without covid given that I am and pretty much everyone there was an at risk population. I have been homebound since then and my hubby works from home so I don't worry as much as I would otherwise.
  7. I have been checked for celiac and Crohn's and don't have either.
  8. Well I didn't know to ask that question at the time but I am pretty sure that is not the case for me because my hemoglobin and hematocrit were normal and they only had me continue injections for two weeks after I came home. I will ask at next appointment though.
  9. Yes, see Arcadia's post above. Also it is my understanding that there can be a genetic issue regarding IF (the chemical that allows one to process B12) in the stomach that can make a person unable to process B12. That issue seems a little more complicated. For most people it comes down to diet, medications or issues with digestive system including bariatric surgery.
  10. Yes, I am not sure that most doctors have this forefront of their mind. My husband has had numbness/tingling in his feet for years now. He has been to a neurologist a few times and she never mentioned a concern about his metformin or the need for B12 supplement. If this hadn't happened to me it could have happened to my hubby. Now we know to reconsider the metformin (he is not currently diabetic) and to make sure he takes his B12.
  11. Yes metformin can also cause B12 deficiency, the knowledge of which has caused us to reevaluate my hubby's meds as well.
  12. I don't take lithium but the PPI (prescription antacid) was probably a contributor. I have been on it for years and I wasn't warned to be on the lookout for trouble. I can't stop it because I have esophageal erosion that gets so bad I can't even swallow liquids without it. I had weeks of B12 injections and have to strongly supplement for the rest of my life. I would have done that already if I had known.
  13. I am an older woman, I wasn't eating well and I am taking a PPI (prescription antacid) for esophageal erosion. I had many of these symptoms for years and it just slowly progressed for the longest time. I have always had fragile health so I just thought that I was getting old and that the symptoms were from other issues until the crash. Plus cognitively I wasn't at my best so I wasn't making the connections I needed to make to catch it. Now that I know and can treat it is possible that I will eventually feel better than I have in years.
  14. We had to call an ambulance on April 2 because I was dehydrated, malnourished, unable to walk or even stand and hadn't been able to urinated for over 24 hours. It turns out I had severe neuropathy including brain issues due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Doctors said it was probably years in the making. I spent a week in the hospital and three weeks in inpatient rehab. I have been home for two months and back upstairs in my own room again for a month. I have a home PT three days a week and am learning to walk again as a senior. I need an afo brace on both feet and I can still only manage walking or even standing with assistance of a walker or a person with use of my gate belt. Still using a wheelchair quite a bit and have to change positions from sitting to lying down frequently due to severe numbness/tingling and pain in legs and feet. This has affected my whole body. Serious cognitive issues, blurred eyesight, wonky blood pressure and pulse (sometimes very high, other times dangerously low), the numbness/tingling and pain in both hands and feet, limited use of both, still have trouble with using the bathroom at times and just so much more. I had no idea that B12 was so important for almost every function in the human body. Several of my doctors said that they had never seen such a bad case. I am still looking at 9 more months of recovery and they are not sure I will even fully recover. Physically I am about where my 18 month old dgd is. She can walk better than I can but I have more upper body strength and of course experience. Cognitively at a fourth grade level with math and problem solving a little more advanced in language. I have significant memory issues. I am probably in the best possible situation to handle this though. I am strong, resilient, have good insurance and an excellent support system and luckily I have been able to keep my emotions pretty stable (I am bipolar and emotional instability is a possible problem with severe B12 deficiency). My hubby works from home so I am rarely alone in case of difficulty. I am working on my PT and otherwise confined to my room but I have my computer, a stack of books and a bag of snacks so I am good to go for now. I always said that when I got old I was going to retire to my recliner and read all the books that I own and now I have a chance to do that. Its all good.
  15. It is my policy to not offer unsolicited advice at all and most definitely not unsolicited marriage advice. It has served me well so far.
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