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  1. As the older person in the rehab facility, one thing I have to offer is make sure they have checked her vitamin B levels. When I showed up at the hospital I had some serious cognition issues: my speech was slurred, I was losing words, I couldn't answer simple questions that I knew the answers to and was having short term memory loss. My vitamins B levels were basically zero and it was damaging my nerves. after massive B replacement, my cognition was the first thing to return. I haven't had any more episodes like that since I have been in the hospital. Also majorly important issue hydration and
  2. I totally agree with you POV. I do not like making phones calls unless I absolutly have to and I detest receiving phones calls from strangers that I am not expecting. I never answer a phone call from a number I don't recognize. I also agree that No means no. It doesn't not mean convince or coerce me, especially a non-parent adult speaking to a child. I also do not appreciate someone telling me to suck it up to do something that they want me to do. No thank you. You suck it up and deal with the fact that my dd is not doing this. It's your responsibility, you deal with it.
  3. I was already homeschooling but I read the first edition in about 2001. It had a website so I came and checked it out. I lurked for about a year before I started posting. I think I first posted in about 2002. I don't really know because I can't find my posts from the old board. This board only has my posts from this board. Anyhow, I really liked the old boards and was reluctant to make the change. I think I was even first once. I remember a lot of old posters that aren't here anymore and a lot of contentious threads about shoes on vs. shoes off, shopping carts, crockpots, many math wars and wa
  4. Pioneer Woman. She used to post here as Ree.
  5. I remember. It's so weird to see her everywhere now.
  6. Since we moved to the new format I always forget how to edit my signature. It is out of date and needs to be up dated.
  7. I had neuropathy and basically all of my B vitamins got so depleted that I started suffering severe nerve damage. By the time we called the emergency room I could no longer stand, I was numb from my waist and elbows down and had not urinated in more than 24 hours. when I first showed up at the hospital they weren't sure I was going to recover. I spent 10 days in the hospital before they transferred me here. They are not adaquetly managing my insomnia and pain even though I talked to the doctor about how I was successfully managing it at home so now I am headed into a manic phase which really p
  8. One of my dds owns a restaurant and earlier this week they lost five employees or family members of employees in a 24 hour period. All suicides of older teens or young adults. They had to close the restaurant for a few days and she is a little traumatized. These were people from a middle class small town with no obvious warning signs, It's scary.
  9. At least seven, maybe as many as ten times in the last month I have fallen for no apparent reason. No dizziness, tripping, spilling or any other obvious reason. Not even any warning. I am not aware of the fact that I am going to/am falling until it has already happened so I can't even brace myself for it. At least twice I have face planted, a few times I have hit my head and a few various other contutions. My blood pressure and sugar are good. I have already had a brain MRI which was basically normal. Could this be something neurological? Any other ideas? I am really starting to worry I am goi
  10. I haven't watched the news since election day so I literally have no idea what is going on other than the weather and I can't say that I am terribly motivated to check it out either.
  11. My PCP is the one that originally got me on the right cocktail and he also does my medication maintenance, even though I was originally also seeing a psychiatric nurse practitioner who worked under a psychiatrist until I was stable. I have been seeing solely my PCP for psychiatric management for at least ten years now. I think it really depends on what state/county you live in.
  12. You can get tremors from taking too much or from withdrawl when you quit taking it. It really should be managed by a doctor. I have had tremors before from missing a single dose.
  13. I am talking about the trees that you would usually see at Walmart or Target or some such place where you would take a tag that would tell you what the person wanted and then would turn the stuff in to customer service and they would turn it in to the service that managed it. We used to do this every year or do toys for tots of some such thing. Our whole family is pitching in on this this year so wee could afford to really help a family but I am not seeing these trees anywhere this year. Does anyone know how we could find a family to help? We would rather do that than just put a bunch of toys
  14. We were going to hire a company to put up Christmas lights for us and after a little research founds that rates start at $1400 to $1600 with the average around about $2500. So we won’t be doing that! I think I am just going to let my dgs pick a few things he likes and get them.
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