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  1. I don’t know any teetotalers at all. I have met very few in my life and certainly none at that young of an age.
  2. I found that it interfered with sleep.
  3. Ft. Worth is a much nicer zoo. I would definitely hit it if you only have time for one.
  4. I am absolutely certain that I am loved and also certain of the love I have for my family. And that my mother was a better woman than I gave her credit for and certainly a stronger woman than I am.
  5. I have never once found a person I was looking for on FB, not even with full names and relative birthdates and of course where they lived when I knew them.
  6. A mechanic with his own business put the wrong size oil filter in our car which caused all of the oil to leak out of the engine and then the engine to burn up, We went to small claims court to recover the cost to replace the engine. We won and received a judgement. The court and legal system refused to do anything else for us. No garnishment of wages, no seizure of property, no other help of any kind. We were told in no uncertain terms that it was up to us to collect the money ourselves. This was in Niagara Falls, NY in roughly 1995. Of course, we have not bothered to try small claims court again. It may be different in other places, I was just warning that this result is a possibility.
  7. Just a small warning, even if you do win in small claims court, they do not collect for you. You are left to do that yourself and it has been my experience that people who are unwilling to do the right thing in the first place are no more likely to pay after a court case.
  8. I agree with Willie Nelson, Morgan Freeman and Paul McCartney.
  9. Yay! Congratulations. Grandbabies are the best. Do your best to help any way you can and maybe direct her to services that might help. As a single mother she will probably qualify for WIC, maybe food stamps and AFDC. A social worker at one of those places might be able to refer her to other services. Of course, she will be eligible for child support. Have you guys consider the possibility of her moving closer so that maybe you could provide childcare if possible? I know it seems overwhelming right now but you guys will figure it out.
  10. The House with the Clock in it's Walls series. They're quick, they're easy, they're fun and they have some of the same magic as Harry Potter., perfect summer reading. I read them as a kid when they first came out and they have remained some of my favorites ever since.
  11. Both grandmas have passed. We refer to FIL as grandpa Joe and my dad as grandpa Jim. Hubby and I go by grandma and tada since we have had grandkids.
  12. First thing this morning hubby received a call notifying him that a person he has known since he was a child had committed suicide. This was a vet of three armed combats who was suffering from PTSD. I did not know this person but it is rough on hubby. Shortly thereafter we received a call that my mother's best friend had passed. My mom passed 11 years ago. My dd was staying with her at the time. This best friend was there with my dd when my mother passed and took my dd in and took care of her til I could get there (they lived in TX and I live in TN). She is like a second grandma to my dd and also a very close friend of my brother's. Her son lives with my brother and has for the past 11 years. My dd is 12 weeks pregnant and head out alone from GA to TX. Then we got the call that my FIL is very ill and if we want to say our goodbyes we should come now. It looks like we will head out in the morning. I am very worried about my hubby as he just lost his mom in Feb. and a very good friend just a few weeks ago. All of this on top of the house stress and my recent health scares. Surprisingly I am holding up pretty well but like I said I am worried about my hubby and don't know how much more stress he can handle. Prayers and well wishes are of course appreciated.
  13. I am so glad to hear that your kitty is doing better.
  14. I do listen to Hans on a regular basis because for some reason my one year old grandson absolutely loves him. He has a concert on Netflix and my grandson knows how to get to it on my phone which he does on a regular basis. He has tons of other options but listening to Hans is always his first choice.
  15. I am ashamed to admit that I have lost the ability to more than the most rudimentary math and I am talking about really anything above long division. I, of course, went all the way through algebra II in high school, again in college and again while teaching my kids and yet I can not remember how to change decimals to fractions and then to percents and back again. I can't even remember when I need to do what. Of course, I look it up and say to myself oh yeah, I remember but then the next time I need to do it I forget again. My command of English is better. I can usually remember what to do but not necessarily why. My vocabulary is still strong and my memory of classic literature pretty good but I have finished books recently only to realize that I have already read them. I frequently finish reading things only to realize that I have no idea what I just read. History and science are pretty good as far as memorization of random facts but the putting together of how and whys not so much. I do have ADD/inattentive. I have been off my meds for a few years as I figured I did not need them anymore but I just restarted them recently because quite obviously I do. Not long enough to know if they are making much of a difference but I am hopeful. I want to spend of few hours a day in study relearning all of this but I am struggling with both the motivation and physical ability to do so. Of all the indignities of aging, this one is the worse and personally the least expected personally.
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