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  1. I have OCD and I feel strongly that that would not work and may add guilt on top of the handwashing. OCD is so insidious because it can not be reasoned away. There is no logic involved. OCD involves compulsions that you can not control. If it was as simple as coming up with a good reason not to do something, you wouldn't even need to mess with new soap because there are already so many good reasons to stop doing this. I've managed mine for the most part with medication.
  2. Thanks so much for the additional article. I had not read this one yet but it pretty much confirms everything else I have read.
  3. Could you elaborate on this? If not the consent model, then what? How else would we negotiate sexual relationship?
  4. I was watching a Nightline episode which mentioned a documentary called, "Trumpland: Kill All Normies". So I went to youttube to watch that which lead to a wiki article on the incel movement and eventually this article. I don't know where I have been but this is the first I have ever heard of this. What's weird is that even though I was not aware of this movement I have been aware of an underlying anger and hatred of women in a certain segment of men for at least the past ten years. When I talked to people about it they called me paranoid so in a way it is a relief to know that this does exist and it has a name. On the other hand, I find it quiet alarming. I am posting this in hopes of making people aware and maybe opening a discussion about the matter.
  5. We do Florida every year. We've done both Disney and Universal and my family preferred Universal by far. This year we are planning a low stress Air BNB, where we just hang out, swim, go to the water park and otherwise just eat drink and be merry. Next year my hubby and I are going on a cruise on one of Royal Caribbean'a big ships to celebrate our 30th anniversary.
  6. Not Lady Florida but yes that is what I learned in college 30+ years ago. The legal fees cost more than the prison costs and then sometimes we still get it wrong which can cost a fortune if discovered (looking at it from a strictly cost perspective).
  7. I have changed my mind about a lot of things due to conversations here on this board (and I may post about some of them later) but never in the 16+ years I have been here have I ever changed my mind because someone was yelling, or saying people who hold certain opinions are stupid and that their children deserve to die or be removed from their care. Nor do I ever find it effective when someone says there is tons of proof out there to support my opinion why don't you just research it. I am fairly intelligent (IQ in the 120s), well educated (BA), very well read and have already done the research, come to my conclusions and formed my opinion. It may be different than your opinion but that doesn't mean I am stupid. It just means that we disagree and generally when things are controversial it is because there is no cut and dried right answer. If I felt the need to change someone else's mind (which I rarely do), I would try to do so by presenting the research that supports my POV, referring people to that particular research and offering to answer questions to the best of my ability or referring to those answers elsewhere. I might also offer life examples that support my point of view because IMHO sometimes emotions are more effective in opening someone's heart to different POV that straight up scientific info. Basically anger and hatred are rarely effective but gentle sharing of info and opinions might be.
  8. If so what did you take it for? Was it effective? Any other positive benefits that you noticed? Any side effects? How was your overall experience? Any particular advice?
  9. I have a pair of fleece lined Crocs that I wear almost all of the time. The can get a little warm at about 90+ degrees but with a pair of socks they have never been too cold. The pair I have doesn't have the holes in the top so they are more water proof than normal but can get wet if it is really deep snow or water. Probably not the best with a skirt or dress but so comfortable.
  10. I would have thought nothing of it and would have double checked everything myself before heading out. Your reaction does seem a little intense and it would have hurt my feelings if I was just trying to help you. On the hand I definitely would have been have been upset about the too emotional comment.
  11. Maybe she is hoping it will motivate him to start pulling his weight.
  12. Venus carries separates in multiple sizes and cuts including DDD. They have high various high cut bottoms and full coverage tops. I have at least three of each from there.
  13. Try eggs over medium. I like mine the same way and this almost always works.
  14. Three of my children are vegetarians so I had to spend more than a decade ordering hamburgers with no meat amd in my kids' cases no pickles or ketchup. so basically a cheese sandwich. I even learned to say it in Spanish and to tell the cashier the sequence of buttons she needed to hit so that the people in back would make it correctly. About a year before they stopped eating so much McDs they added cheese sandwich to the menu. What a glorious year. My Starbucks order was also a little challenging until I learned how they key it. For the Mcflurry try asking for lite on the m&ms.
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