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  1. My father got a bachelor's degree in accounting once he retired from the military after 26 years so he was at least 50 at the time. He then got a job as an account with the state. I do not know if he went ahead and got a CPA but I do know that he had to do continuing education. My dd got a bachelor's degree in accounting and did an internship during the last two years and then went to work for that company and proceeded to get her CPA after that. She does have to do continuing education. She makes pretty good money and works from home. She can pretty much write her own ticket which I don't think she could have done if she didn't have the education that she did as well as accolades and experience that she did. I would say that you pretty much need both a bachelor's and some kind of experience to find a a job that pays a living wage. However, you do not need to both go to school and work full time to get there. You could take a couple classes each term and maybe work a few hours a week. Showing progress like that may help you find an internship or beginning job in the field which still pays pretty good. I think my dd was making about $40K as an intern in Atlanta when she graduated.
  2. Ok so the court had a tent set up out front where they took everyone's temp and exposure history and then sent the three of them packing to come back again next month. So that's all good. Now we are patiently waiting for the phone call to let us know if they are positive. Luckily we are pretty well stocked here so we can quarantine with maybe one food delivery in that time. Otherwise we will pretty much take things one day at a time.
  3. They see the friend on a regular basis so if they have it she has already been exposed but if not court will still be a problem.
  4. It has been continuous exposure by someone from work. That is a good idea about staying in the car until the judge makes a decision.
  5. That's what I was afraid of. We are all taking the above supplements.
  6. My dd has not. She is still receiving the message that her eligibility cannot be determined. The weird thing is that she filed her taxes and received her return way back in February so we know that they have her direct deposit info. Also based on her income she should have already received a paper check if she didn't receive a direct deposit and she hasn't received it either. There does not seem to be anyway to contact the IRS about this. She did use a third party preparer. Would it do any good to contact them? Has anyone else had this happen and been able to resolve it? Any recommendations?
  7. Someone in my immediate household has had extended exposure to someone who just tested positive for covid 19. He and my dd went to get tested today. They will not get the results for 72 hours. We know that the responsible thing to do is self-quarantine at least until we received results. However, both him, my dd and my dd's best friend who is 7 months pregnant have a summons for court tomorrow, With this short of notice the information we are receiving is for all three of them to show up with masks at court tomorrow where they may be sent home or the judge may decide for them to stay. The court room is very small and very crowded and the last time we were there we were stuck there all day long with people coming and going the whole time. I am very concerned about the pregnant girl. Also if their test turn up negative does that mean that we return to our current state of normal of does the whole house need to self=quarantine for 14 days? If one of them is positive and it runs through the whole family, do we self-quarantine until 15 days after the last symptoms of the last person to get ill? Also, just a curiosity, we have had two cats die in the last month. They were both 18+ years old but they took ill and dies fairly quickly. Could this possibly be related? Anything else I need to be considering?
  8. I don't know how much it cost but my last one lasted over 20 years and was in fact still working when my kids threw it away and bought me a new one. I have a tendency to hold on to things until they not only die but absolutely cannot be fixed. My kids as they have grown have made it their mission to go through my house and slowly but surely eliminate all of the antiquated items. Sometimes I get some say in the replacement and other times I don't. I generally look for the most basic item I can find whereas they are more, "oh look, shiny."
  9. Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and Amazon Prime. Occasionally when I have time I use Great Course Plus for educational content.
  10. IMO this is the most effective way to combat what you believe to be incorrect information. Censoring it drives up interest and makes it seem that there must be something to it for it to be censored. Answering with you are wrong and stupid because of science pretty much guarantees that people are not going to listen to you and it doesn't provide any helpful information to get a person to reconsider their stance. If more people answered with information like this, I think that there could be much more productive conversations about controversial topics.
  11. So we called the health department and found out that they are both testing and giving out cloth masks at our county agricultural center which is not ten minutes from my house. So at least we will have the basics until the ones I ordered on Amazon finally come in.
  12. Well, I got rid of the yellow button but I am not sure I care for the default theme. I guess I will live with it a few days and see but I know for sure the yellow button was driving me craazy.
  13. Our city, country (hell who knows maybe state, Idk) has now required masks inside any public establishment and even at some drive thrus but I can't find them anywhere. I can't even find any on Amazon for Prime. All masks seem to be coming overseas and will be here in June or July. I have one dd who is supposed to start wearing them to work next week. Any ideas?
  14. Semi permanent forts and cardboard mazes.
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