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  1. My hubby is an amatuer songwriter and has been to the BB many times. I got to see George Jones at the Ryman before he passed. That was great. I agree you should definitely see the Parthenon while in Nashville. Also people frequently like to stroll through the Opryland Hotel and maybe check out the restaurants while there. Hope you enjoy your trip.
  2. My dds talk to me. I read a lot of books and made a lot of books available to my children. Believe it or not, I asked some of my most awkward questions of my father because at the time I really didn't realize that they were awkward questions. And he was a trooper in answering them honestly and openly. Once I was an adult I was able to talk to my mother some and as my grandmother lost her inhibitions in old age I had some conversations with her that I would never have dreamed of as a child. I have participated in threads here including the original one. I discuss things freely with my doctors if need be. While it can sometimes be uncomfortable, it like most things in life becomes easier with practice. I think it starts by letting people you care about know that you are there for them anytime they need to talk about anything and then you deal with that anything the best you can.
  3. You explain to them that you feelings are hurt and you need some time. If they still try to pressure you after that and not give you the time you need then they are being manipulative. But I don't necessarily think it is manipulative or passive aggressive to refuse to talk to someone who is purposely hurting your feelings. I tend to think of it as more of a natural consequence. And provided that the person knows that they hurt your feelings, I find it strange that they would expect you to continue engaging them in conversation.
  4. (((Pen))) You are in my prayers as well.
  5. Not in my social circles but common among my girls and me.
  6. I got the results from my U/S earlier this week and the lining is thicker than it should be so I had to go in for a biopsy today. I won't get the results until next Wednesday so of course I will be worried until then. I haven't told my children because I don't want them to worry until they need to. I could use prayers and well wishes though.
  7. Oops. Sorry about that. I removed it. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. My SIL owned two franchise restaurants in Atlanta, GA. He paid his employees a higher than minimum wage of approximately $9 per hour and invested most of his money back into the business. He worked 16 hour days, frequently 7 days a week for almost the entire three years. In that amount of time he brought home roughly $70,000 total, not per year but overall. There is no way he could have paid anymore than he already was. On the other hand, two of my dds make $9 a hour where they work and they both work 40 hours a week. One lives with someone who makes slightly more then she does and they are struggling to make ends meet. The other has lived at home until now but will be soon moving into a house with two other couples and it will take all of their combined income to cover the household expenses. Both of them love their jobs and would love to continue doing them. I can clearly see that my SIL can't pay more and that my dds can't live on that much, so I don't know what the answer is but clearly something needs to change for all of them.
  9. Yes, I meant her siblings, their spouses, her aunts and uncles, etc. Her parents and one of her siblings were already buried there. My father remarried and moved elsewhere. Originally my brothers and I all lived in that same small town too but we got out and moved on a long time ago and we wanted to take her with us because we would rarely if ever be able to visit her grave there.
  10. I have to admit that if you haven't had to pay for a funeral yet you might be surprised as to how much they cost. For just my mom's service and cremation, it was $7500 and that was 11 years ago. And of course that was not all of the expenses. Me and my youngest brother had to split the cost. We both had to borrow from our 401Ks and it set us back for quite a while. So it is easy for me to see that not everyone could easily afford it. I think in these circumstances I would assume the best and contribute if I was able. If it is a real burden she can check with her church or any organizations that he belonged to. Some will provide or pay for funeral services for members in good standing. We had some craziness at my MIL's funeral and she laid out and paid for everything ahead of time. We weren't able to do to the memorial so we were able to kind of ignoore most of the turmoil but it was still a little stressful. So sorry for your loss.
  11. When my mom passed she wanted to be cremated and all of her children were very happy with that plan as it would allow us to split her remains and have them with us but her family wanted her buried in the family plot in east of nowhere TX where none of us would ever be able to visit her.
  12. We owned three cats that weighed in at about 17-18 pounds and I could have four cats on our condo at a time. It had a very wide sturdy base and then fairly large sturdy shelves. It had four shelves so each cat could have it's own shelf but frequently there would be two on the top shelf. This was a very large condo and it cost about $300 twenty years ago but I am sure you can find something that would work now that is a little smaller and cheaper.
  13. If I didn't feel that I had complete mastery of the subject or I might have forgotten quite a bit or the info had changed especially if I didn't feel I could catch up on my own I would consider retaking a class but if it was something where the info hadn't changed or it wasn't terribly important to my degree then I wouldn't bother.
  14. I also remember when ten cents would buy a stamp or pay for a local phone call or a trip to a public restroom.
  15. I used to take beta blockers for high blood pressure. I personally found that it compounded my overwhelming fatigue. My hubby also noticed some fatigue when he first started taking them as well but that went away after awhile. He takes a pretty high dose now and doesn't have any problems. Beta blockers are known for helping with anxiety so they certainly shouldn't make it worse.
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