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  1. My hubby is on it for neuropathy. It is not really working so he tried to go off of it and the depression was overwhelming. So he is back on it with no plans of trying to go off again anytime in the near future. He also tried gabapentin without success. I have severe crippling neuropathy and have tried both gabapentin and pregabalin and neither one of those really work either. I have not ever really found anything that works well for nerve pain and the only thing that has worked for my chronic back pain is opioids. I have been on those for about 10 years now without any side effects or real escalation once we reached my target dosage. I can't take any form of antidepressant because I am bipolar and they make me manic. I also can't take any form of NSAIDS because of my esophageal erosion. Finally I did take tramdol for awhile and it did manage my pain but it caused irritation of my IC. I don't feel like we really have a lot of good options for managing chronic pain and would like to see more R&D in this area.
  2. In Atlanta I would recommend the aquarium. It is supposed to be one of the best in the world. My dd just went earlier this we and she loved it. In Nashville I would recommend the Parthenon. It is pretty neat especially the statue of Athena. The you could head downtown to see the country music scene and find a decent restaurant. In DC there is so much that you should pick the things that are most interesting to your family. I particularly like the Museum of Natural History.
  3. Most of the common living areas in my home are Valspar Crepe which is a sunny gold color. The kitchen and over the chair rail are this same color cut by 50% white. The formal dining room is a very dark red. All the trim is white. The living room soft goods are browns, rusts and oranges. The couch is currently a brownish color with beige worn looking patches but will eventually be changed to a maybe oatmeal color and the browns changed to teal. All of the wood is a medium cherry. Two of the bathrooms are Valspar Tuscan Gold with a brownish marbled (flat not shiny) tile and black hardware. Various browns, tans and golds for soft goods. One bathroom is headed towards an old fashioned black and white with rubber duckies and yellows as the accents. The master bedroom a color called pale glow which is a pearly pale cream/gold. The headboard is an upholstered gold silk. The bedding changes occasionally. The kids are allowed to do their bedrooms any color they like and they are currently all some shade of pale grey as is the guest room although I really dislike the whole grey thing. It is still working in the guest room which has taupe upholstered goods and. pale purple bedding and curtains and one of the girls rooms which has greys, pinks and metallic golds. They other girl has teal, purple and burgundy but I am not repainting any of these rooms again until all the girls leave and then they will all be painted the same as the master. My oldest dd has the Joanna Gaines look in which almost everything is white/grey with black hardware. Her couch is an oatmeal and she changes all the accessories seasonally. It really works for her but is a little to cool for me. Once again, I really don't care for the whole grey thing and I am glad it is finally headed out.
  4. I did know they were eggs layers but did not know that they tend to disburse so that is good news. The cat is just a kitten and indoors only so we think not this. We have never even seen snakes in our yard and we live very close to serious retail development, not the kind of place you would expect to see snakes but obviously looks can be deceiving. We do think that the house is not snake or mouse proof because when dd was looking for her snake she said she saw what looked like mouse droppings under the fridge even though we have never seen mice in this house before either probably due to the preponderance of cats we usually have. So we are having Orkin out to check things out for us.
  5. The lost snake was also very young so we don't think it was the mother. We have never had native snakes in this house before so we did ask her if there was anu way that she accidently brought the other snake home from the store but she said no they are pretty secure, hard to get to and there wasn't any missing. So our working theory is: she bought a couple mice home and ran a fan over their cage to waft their smell to attract her snake back to his cage. Perhaps native momma snake smells the mice and decided this is a good place to have her young or the young were born nearby and were attracted by the smell. In any case, mice have been sent back to store so hopefully no more snakes will be attracted to the house. Either that or she starts selling them.
  6. My dd had a very young milk snake that somehow escaped from his cage. He has been missing for about two weeks and we have all been on the lookout for him. So earlier today we see our kitten chasing a snake. One of my dds grabs the cat and I pick up the snake. Of course he bites me. But I forgive him. He was obviously scared by the cat, he is a little cold and probably hasn't ate in two weeks. So I put him in his cage, turn on the heat lights and get him some water. Then I called my dd at work and told her we found the snake and put him in his cage. She thanks us so much and says she will see us when she gets home from work. So later she shows up in my room and says, "Mom, that's not my snake!" Pretty sure it is a practically newborn milk snake so now she has a new snake and we are still on the lookout for another snake. This is the dd that works at the pet store. We have a room that she has basically turned into a terrarium. She has two bearded dragons, some other type of lizard, three snakes now, two tarantulas, a scorpion, three frogs, a bird and a fish tank, plus a cat and dog. I didn't ok any of these animals and now here I am getting bit by strange snakes.
  7. I was diagnosed as an adult by my regular doctor, later confirmed by my Pdoc. I am also bipolar so it was difficult to find a med that worked without making me anxious or manic or exacerbating my OCD. I tried a few different meds and found that a low dose of Adderall worked best for me. It is very smooth so it doesn’t cause all the problems listed above. I only take it four or five days a week. It is a med that works when you take it. It doesn’t have to build up in your system to work and it has a fairly short half life so many teens do take it just when they have class or need to study. Then it can wear off so that are hungry later and can sleep at night.
  8. A lamp, a stack of books, my medicines and a cup of water.
  9. Definitely consult a lawyer. I think if I were in this situation and I knew my sister needed the money and you guys were legally entitled to it then I would certainly try to get it and no I wouldn't feel bad about it. The sons are getting plenty from the estate.
  10. My non-fiction is organized by the dewey decimal system. All of those are in the master bedroom in the attached office. Fiction is in the formal dining room which we use as a library. They are separated into adult and juvenile. All of my shelves are full and I am wanting to buy more books so I need to clean them out again. I have been trying to buy new non educational books on Kindle so that I have less space issues but there are some more educational books I would like to buy for my grandchildren.
  11. I am always here this time of night. I take enough sleep inducing meds to stop a Mack truck and still don't usually fall asleep until five or six in the morning. I do usually get enough sleep in that I normally sleep until one or two in the afternoon (which I can easily afford to do during this season of my life) but we just can't seem to adjust my circadian rhythms to save my life. Every now and then I will have a cycle of very little to no sleep for a week or two but that seems to have gotten better as I have gotten older (I really think menopause wrecked havek on my sleep but that has been over for years now). I catch up on the board nightly and then either read or watch a not overly exciting item on my laptop until I fall asleep. Hello to all the other night owls. Wishing you sleep soon.
  12. Unfortunately yes. We just lost an older cat to some sort of intestinal blockage that the vet could not remove without an extremely expensive surgery in which the odds were not good. We took him home and tried many things to keep him hydrated, fed and to try and pass the blockage and although we did get a few more weeks he did eventually pass. I would watch his eating and drinking and litter box. Also watch his behavior and if anything seems off get him to the vet. If the cat is young and healthy it is possible he will pass it on his own especially if the cat is larger and the pom pom not so big. But just be on the watch in case he doesn't.
  13. From the deep south here and I am very familiar with the phrase although I also thought the use of butt was a little more delicate that what I actually usually hear. I am more familiar with, "Showing your Ass". A good example is generally almost anything that happens after the phrase, "Here, hold my beer".
  14. Any school associated activity would have required a permission slip. Was there one of those? Did you actually talk to the coach yourself? Or just communicate through email which she initiated? Have you talked to any of the other parents? Did you verify that the police okayed the breaking of curfew? Even if they did there is no way they could have vacated the laws regarding teenage driving. This all sounds very fishy to me. Given all of the weirdness and your dd's likely disposition about it, I would just gracefully decline.
  15. I have a dd who lost a pregnancy due to blighted ovum at 8-9 weeks, had two children and then miscarried at 12 weeks after we had already heard the heartbeat. It is defestating. But we are hoping for a healthy pregnancy again in the not too distant future.
  16. I also have very low temps. I once measured it at 95.0 and I haven't had a high temp in probably decades not even with an infection.
  17. I would be ok with the Buffy/Angel scene. It was tastefully done, discrete and there is an important lesson to be learned there. Less ok with Buffy/Parker but also a lesson there. Both of these are good talking points if you watch with your kids. Also pretty ok with Buffy/Riley but the Buffy/Spike stuff is pretty intense and gets pretty dark before it works itself out. I think that part would be better left until a little later, maybe 13?,
  18. I have ogled Spike myself on occasion but yeah, I think a little older for that.
  19. Just curious. Like how are they finding them and if the thread is that old why not just start a new one. I can't even find old threads when I know specifically what I am looking for.
  20. Providing of course that one's partner is willing to learn which you think you could figure out by talking but sometimes what a person is actually willing to do is not the same as what they say. Of course then you would have more than just a sex problem but again I am of the opinion that that is better to learn before a marriage.
  21. I am pretty open to talking about sex in general here on this board and of course I talk with my hubby about it in more detail but the real surprise has been how much I talk to my dds about it. It turns out that if you communicate with your children that that they can truly talk to you about anything, they will. I know way more about my some of my children's sex lives that I ever really would have cared to but I tough it out because sometimes they need someone to talk to and they don't have other people they can ask intimate questions of. Sometimes conversations are lighthearted and funny, other times they are more serious. The girls are also comfortable talking to each other about these things as well. One experience that was a little uncomfortable was when I took one of them to get BC and since it was her first pap, I went in the room with her. The doctor asked some really intimate questions that I would not have expected or have even thought to ask. As far as when and with who, I am of the try before you buy persuasion. In my life I don't think it would have made any differences in my marriages but there was at least one guy that was eliminated from further consideration due to a mismatch that would have affected my health for the duration of our relationship. I do feel that a longer courtship in which we were already intimate may have been beneficial for my marriages. As far as my dds are concerned, I feel like I have raised them to the best of my ability, their father and I have modeled a good relationship and I trust their decision making processes so I am comfortable with them making their own decisions. Of course I am also available to the should they have questions or ask for advice.
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