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  1. Interesting. Thank you. That explains why some later books (ie My Father's Dragon) are public domain in the US. Canadian copyright laws are quite different.
  2. Looks like the original text is a government publication that has been edited and republished since at least the 1940's. Several different versions (including "simplified" - I wonder if your workbook's text repeats an older, "simplified" edition verbatim?). You can buy a 1943 simplified edition for 5 bucks on amazon. Probably cheaper than your workbook!
  3. Revising the title this thread with the name of the workbook, publisher, and the nature of your concern would give those researching this curriculum a clue!
  4. Except that someone clearly did edit. Some sentences have been deleted, and others truncated or paraphrased. Sure makes me doubt the publisher's integrity and academic credibility. I've never dealt with Rainbow Resource before, but I get the impression that they are a serious, reputable source for homeschool materials. I wonder if they are aware of the quality issue with this item. Perhaps an FYI email to them would be a place to start. Maybe they will drop this publisher.
  5. Nothing fancy! Just typed one of the more dated sounding sentences into google (the one with the word "druggist") and it came up on the first page of the search. I doubt it's public domain as there is a "permission to reproduce this copyrighted material....." stamp on the second page of the original text I linked (though without a date). I'm not super familiar with US copyright, but in my experience things published after the 1920's are seldom in the public domain in the US. (I do know the Canadian rules: 50 years after the death of the author. So for us, C.S Lewis' works are public domain but Tolkein's aren't, even they both published works at about the same time). Copyright is a separate issue than plagiarism of course: If your workbook has lifted entire sections of text without explicit attribution to the source work it's plagiarism; copyright or public domain doesn't matter..
  6. That entire workbook page is lifted directly out of this text, with sentences either directly copied paraphrased to simplify.
  7. Copied literally word for word.
  8. The text looks to have been lifted directly (including capitalizing the word "State")from this "Federal Textbook on Citizenship: Our Constitution and government". Edited in 1970! Scroll to page 194 of the original work (which is page 206 in preview), Chapter 17, section titled " a state may help in the guarding of the health of its people". This edition was edited in 1970, and specifies 50 states. So your work book lifted the passage from an earlier edition. Quill, does your workbook cite the textbook that it has copied from?
  9. wathe

    If she adores "The Reluctant Dragon"

    Librivox has a lovely recording of My Father's Dragon read by a child. It's surprisingly good. And free!!!
  10. The guideline here is 12. It is not law. I have had kids in the front seat as young as 8 when the car was full (city streets as low speeds). biggest kid goes in the front with the seat pushed as far back as possible.
  11. wathe

    Scouts controversy

    I agree with this. Girls aren't dangerous to boys, and visa versa. I think that keeping the girls separate will be a barrier to full inclusion. Programming will likely be different, either subtly or no so subtly, and the girls will be the losers. We've had a truly co-ed, fully integrated scouting program in Canada for 20 years. It works very well. No girl scouts or boy scouts, just scouts. Not boy-led or girl-led but youth-led. Girl Guides of Canada remains available as a single-sex option for girls and maintains a strong program. The angst over that is evident over including girls in scouts BSA really highlights just how culturally different scouting is in the US compared to what I'm used to up here in Canada.
  12. Yes, the lake and local outdoor rinks are free here too.
  13. Competitive figure skating is extremely expensive. But recreational skating can be quite cheap. Group lessons around here are very affordable. Recreational family skate times cost $2.75 per person, or $7 per family for 90 minutes. My kids like skating as a rec activity and don't have any figure skating dreams so for us it's a fun, affordable family activity.
  14. Still waiting in Canada too.
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