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  1. wathe

    Make ahead dinners?

    We are on time of use billing (as is the whole province, as it is that standard way electricity is billed here). Instead of cooking ahead and microwaving, we have changed the way we cook during peak times: minimize the use of high energy consumption applicances and maximize the use of low energy consumption appliances. Avoid: Oven - it a huge energy hog. Minimize: Stove-top. Use it only for things that can't be cooked properly in a more efficient appliance - ie boil pasta, fry eggs etc. Avoid stove-top for long simmering. Use whenever possible: 1)Microwave (to steam veggies) 2)Instant-pot - super efficient, many of our meals have transitioned from the stovetop and oven to this appliance instead. 3)Rice cooker - -we have a fancy Zojirushi induction one that is very efficient (which we would have regardless, culturally rice is daily here). Less pizza, fewer oven meals, fewer casseroles, more wet/soupy dishes that work in the Instantpot (curry, chilli, pot roast, stew, short ribs, etc).
  2. wathe

    Plantar fasciitis/heel spurs

    PF is terrible. It can take months to resolve. I've been struggling with it for 3 months now - just in one foot thankfully. I found this article (excercises to do at home) helpful. It is slowly getting better
  3. Pain management with acetaminophen and ibuprofen only post-tonsillectomy is current standard of care. Backed by evidence: equivalent analgesia without the risks of opiates.
  4. wathe

    3rd grade language arts

    3rd grade was last year for younger son: Reading: Already reading very well so no special program. He voluntarily read chapter books on his own time and then we talked about them. Writing: Writing With Ease 2. Didn't finish, carried over to the next year. Just the right level of challenge. Grammar: First Language Lessons 3 Literature: This kid is a massive consumer of audiobooks. So I helped him pick some good ones, and he happily listened to them on his own time. Then casually discussed. Also participated in the National Mythology Exam. Prepared for this by listening to required reading on audio (D'Aulaires' Greek Myths on audio is fantastic!) Handwriting: Continued to encourage good habits. No more formal lessons needed. Spelling: This was (and had always been) the trouble subject. Found success with Words Their Way word sorts and entering a spelling bee - big brother had signed up and younger son decided he wanted to do it too. About half-way through the year it clicked and we moved to doing spelling entirely orally, spelling-bee style. Which he loved. 3rd grade was 2 years ago for older son: Reading: Motivated advanced reader. Novels at bedtime. Discuss plots in the morning. Literature: Ditto reading, plus Mythology Exam. Writing: Some of Writing With Ease 2 (the last bit carried over from the year before) and most of Writing With Ease 3. Grammar: First Language Lessons 3. Spelling: Spelling Workout. This kid is a natural speller and it felt like a waste of time, ditched it by Christmas. Switched to Words Their Way word sorts. Much better! Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears. Needed lots of reinforcement.
  5. No special paraffin source. We just melt one of the eleventy billion decorative candles that have accumulated in the house over the years 🙂
  6. wathe

    What's your house salad?

    I mix the dressing in the bottom of the bowl too. I learned how to make a "salade verte" this way when I was teen on exchange in France. We ate greens with a simple oil, vinegar, salt and mustard dressing made in the bottom of the wooden bowl with every evening meal. I was very impressed: before this I had no idea that there was such a thing as salad dressing you could make yourself. I had grown up on orange "French" dressing from a bottle and iceberg lettuce (and million other processed convenience food products from boxes, bottles and cans- Hampburger Helper, Kraft Dinner, casseroles based on canned soup and frozen cubed vegetables). Living with a French family for a few months in in the 1980's provided me with a very valuable food education.
  7. wathe

    Kids movies I hate

    All of them. Seriously.
  8. wathe

    Swapping dining room w/living room?

    My parents did this in the house I grew up in. It worked really well. The layout of the house was kitchen at the back, with small official dining room adjacent to kitchen and formal living room on one side, largish family room on the other side. The official dining room became a small sitting room off the kitchen that was very nice. the largish family room became the dining room with lots of space. The finished basement became the rec room (place with the comfy sofa and TV). I think you should try it! It's easy enough to move the furniture back if you don't like it.
  9. Similar things to previous posters: Cloth bags for Christmas gifts - some are re-used withing the family (15 years old!) and some are given away as part of the gift. Cloth napkins. Kitchen cleaner spray: vinegar, few drops of soap and a few drops of lavender oil Boy's jammer style swim trunks, swim caps and gymnastics unitards - my sons like unconventional colors. Chicken broth. Not exactly a unique thing to make, but before I owned an instantpot I bought chicken broth in a can. Waterproof firestarters for camping
  10. wathe

    Inexpensive K Choices

    A pack of Cuisenaire Rods and a pack of Pattern Blocks. There are oodles of free onlne resources for both of these. For c-rods I like Education Unboxed and Gattegno's textbooks. We are still using c-rods for grade 4 and 5 math. They are a good investment!
  11. wathe

    SOTW VII - Skipping Chapters

    Consider the audio version (CD's or MP3's). SOTW is fantastic in the car (even on vacation).
  12. wathe

    What's your house salad?

    Super simple: Lettuce and homemade oil and vinegar dressing (olive oil, salt, pepper, a squirt of mustard and either wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar). Delicious.
  13. The p209 (mustard yellow) is my DS11's absolute favorite. He's been using the same one for 3 years now. And for a kids who tends to lose stuff, that's really saying something.
  14. wathe

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    Same issue here. I sleep in a different room. I put a loft bed into our home office room. I also sleep well on a thermarest basecamp inflatable camping mattress, which is small to store (even fully inflated) and very easy to move. I used this before we had the loft bed. I find earplugs uncomfortable, but will use them occasionally (especially when camping). Another emergency measure for when we have to be in the same bed: one of us sleeps wrongway in the bed (feet to head), so maximum distance between snorer's head and my ears.
  15. This. I am pockets only. Wallet (small card holder) front right. Keys front left. Phone back right in summer, jacket pocket in winter. Back when tampons were needed, OB brand (because they fit in a pocket!!!!) ETA: All trousers and skirts must have pockets. It they don't have decent pockets then I won't buy them. I will alter skirts to create hidden pockets.
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