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  1. wathe

    Aru Shah and the End of Time

    10year old DS liked it. I asked him how he thinks it compares to Rick Riordan: "very similar". I haven't read it myself.
  2. My kids like Anki - they like to review their "stats" at the end of each session: how many cards in how many minutes, what percent they got correct etc. They like to try to beat their previous "record" and find this motivating.
  3. wathe

    Homeschool fails

    Me either. Soccer-baseball?
  4. wathe

    If you saw this at a scout camp...

    I didn't recognize the AHG acronym. I don't think AHG exists here - at least I have never heard of it.
  5. wathe

    If you saw this at a scout camp...

    Yep, figured it out. I was thrown by the thread title, I think. "Scouts" here has a narrower meaning, would be interpreted to mean Scouts (as in Scouts Canada or internationally, WOSM groups). That would not include any other youth organizations, religious or not. Wouldn't even imply Girl Guides.
  6. wathe

    Super Stealth History

    Mine loved the audio version of SOTW but despised the AG and print books. We play it in the car, and sometimes during breakfast or lunch, or while quietly playing. They've retained quite a lot - more than I expected. We started at ages 6 and 7. They still re-listen now (voluntarily, self-initiated) at ages 9 and 10.
  7. wathe

    Camp Question #2

    As a parent I would be all over this.
  8. wathe

    Camp Question #2

    Are you suggesting a sexual assault took place? What are the laws for consent to sexual activity between minors in your state? Here, minors under 14 more than 2 years apart in age cannot legally consent, and sexual activity between them would be legally considered assault by the older minor. This would be a police matter.
  9. wathe

    If you saw this at a scout camp...

    Ah, I see. AHG is a christian alternative to mainstream scouting. This whole thread makes much more sense to me now. I missed that. OP, perhaps your thread title might include "AHG" rather than just scouts?
  10. wathe

    If you saw this at a scout camp...

    I wouldn't have given it a second thought.I was sincerely confused by the content of the OP' first post at first, took me a few moments to get it. At any scout camp here no-one would even blink an eye at this. What this thread has made clear to me is that scouting in the US is clearly a different thing altogether than Scouting in here in Canada, where scouting is neither a christian organization, nor one that discriminates based on LBGTQ. Aside from requiring "a basic spritual belief" (which is so loosely defined as to be essentially meaningless: does not need to be theistic, belief in a god/gods is not required), Scouts Canada is fully inclusive.
  11. wathe

    Craft folks-

    A 25 yard roll of 1 inch or 2 inch orthopedic stockinette could make a lot of snakes. You could just know knot the ends after stuffing, or hand sew shut.
  12. wathe

    Cooks help me

    The easiest option would be a cheese platter: some Camembert, Roquefort , Boursin, and baguette.
  13. wathe

    MLM and women

    MLM's are based on the abuse of social relationships. That is the fundamental business model. That, and exploitation of their consultants women. There is nothing in this model that is worthy of any respect.
  14. Get a hold of a copy of On Food and Cooking: the Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold Mcgee. The best book about cooking ever published!
  15. Words Their Way does at the Derivational Relations Spellers level (advanced). Scope and sequence
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