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  1. wathe

    Word Problems Needed

    @Farrarintroduced me to problems without figures on this forum. It's a very old text of numberless math problems aimed at grades 4-8. She has published a modernized version (that avoids outdated units, and questions about farmers buying opium....*). I found it really useful. *Nevermind. The farmer buying opium was from Ray's - similar vintage text.
  2. wathe

    Best small games to take traveling ...

    Our go to games for the packpack are: Pocket Hive. The plastic tiles make it good for outdoor/wet weather. Indestructible. Love Letter (we have the hobbit version). It is truly tiny. Fond memories of playing this in airports. Sushi Go Magnetic travel chess
  3. wathe

    Gymnasts and Periods (Menstruation)

    I used tampons right from the beginning. My periods started right before a class trip to a water park. I was not going to miss out! Just as an aside: I'm pretty sure you are asking only about blood-catching only, but I thought I would mention that managing menstration (if heavy or painful) with oral contracptives to lighten flow, or getting rid of periods altogether with an IUS (Mirena) are legitimate strategies for adolescents. My periods as a young tween/teen were extremely heavy and painful. I would have been all over these options if they existed as a legit option for adolescents at the time.
  4. I really liked it: dead simple to implement, rock solid phonics approach, kid felt successful immediately. It is plain (no pictures) but the little stories were silly enough to keep the kid entertained. It was perfect. I didn't like EZ lessons: too busy, made up character for 'th' was annoying, and the illiterate title annoyed me too ("EZ"). Our copy got given away prettly quickly. OTPGR also takes the child to a much higher reading level than EZ lessons. My younger child liked Phonics Pathways better, simply because the font is bigger and there are silly pictures of a worm on many of the pages. I had both PP and OPTGR on the shelf and let him pick. PP is otherwise very similar to OTPGR.
  5. I kept the book intact. We didn't use the student pages. The copy work lines didn't work for my kids. I transcribed the copy work to handwriting without tears style paper. I typed narrations. Dictations done on same style paper as copy work. Filed it all in a loose-leaf binder.
  6. What about increasing the intensity of the walking you already do in the morning by converting to nordic walking? It's becoming more popular here for ex- runners who's knees can't stand any more running.
  7. wathe

    Canadians--Please Help

    Both and Chapters/Indigo are good choices. Chapters/Indigo has brick and mortar stores (Plenty of Greater Toronto area locations) if she prefers browsing. U of T also has a really great book store; this would also be a good option.
  8. Podcast app on iPhone. My kids like: Storynory, Brains On, Smash Boom Best, But Why, and Pants on Fire.
  9. wathe

    Story of the World Vol. 1 question

    I used SOTW1 as a source for narration for most of 2nd grade. (We'd finished WWE1, but WWE2 was too difficult). Kid loves history and the story-telling style of SOTW! was perfect for narration.
  10. wathe

    Aru Shah and the End of Time

    10year old DS liked it. I asked him how he thinks it compares to Rick Riordan: "very similar". I haven't read it myself.
  11. My kids like Anki - they like to review their "stats" at the end of each session: how many cards in how many minutes, what percent they got correct etc. They like to try to beat their previous "record" and find this motivating.
  12. wathe

    Homeschool fails

    Me either. Soccer-baseball?
  13. wathe

    If you saw this at a scout camp...

    I didn't recognize the AHG acronym. I don't think AHG exists here - at least I have never heard of it.
  14. wathe

    If you saw this at a scout camp...

    Yep, figured it out. I was thrown by the thread title, I think. "Scouts" here has a narrower meaning, would be interpreted to mean Scouts (as in Scouts Canada or internationally, WOSM groups). That would not include any other youth organizations, religious or not. Wouldn't even imply Girl Guides.
  15. wathe

    Super Stealth History

    Mine loved the audio version of SOTW but despised the AG and print books. We play it in the car, and sometimes during breakfast or lunch, or while quietly playing. They've retained quite a lot - more than I expected. We started at ages 6 and 7. They still re-listen now (voluntarily, self-initiated) at ages 9 and 10.
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