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  1. No advice here, just understanding.
  2. It's not just my neighborhood. It's my entire county. While it would be nice for single moms to get help, that doesn't happen. School is their help. As well as sports. We're not talking just small children, but athletic teens who NEED sports. I'm just saying that it is not true in my fairly large area.
  3. Do you have these views from personal experience or from what you've read? I'm only asking because I actually live smack in the middle of the poor and the minorities, and that is not at all what I am seeing here. The poor and minority families here are as desperate as anyone to get their kids back in school and in sports and did so immediately when they had the chance. And I see first hand the mental health issues of the single moms here who were struggling with having all the kids at home. They are fearful of the vaccine here because of misinformation, but they are ready to be out and about
  4. This is the study that keeps getting quoted to us verbally by an anti-masking friend of ours.(so I don't have a link) His explanation is that the mask catches the droplets. Then as it dries, the virus is spread through evaporation, dispersing much smaller particles, proving, in his opinion, that mask wearing actually spreads the virus more. Eta: he doesn't mean the gaiter "study".
  5. We had to have a few people in our family take the test in order to get accurate results. So myself, my brother, and a first cousin all tested in order for it to be clear whether a 4th person was a 1st cousin vs. half sister. 23 and me was vague as to which one it was. But the more people who took the test, the clearer it became. That may have nothing to do with what you are asking. 🙂🤷‍♀️
  6. Yes. SBC. Not all of our members are happy with how seriously we have taken it, and we've even lost a couple of longstanding families over it. But we have taken it seriously from the beginning. Thankful.
  7. We live in an older home. No garage, no mudroom, no coat closet. So we've had to get creative. We kick off shoes into a basket near the door. Then walk a little ways to a small hallway where we have hooks on the wall for jackets. Nicer shoes go on a shoe shelf underneath the jackets. There's also a cube shelf unit with cloth "drawers" in the hallway for random hats, outdoor items, etc.
  8. Also, 250 mg of Magnesium Citrate an hour before bed makes a huge difference for me.
  9. Getting up early and into morning sunshine, even if it's cold, on a regular basis goes a long way towards a shift.
  10. Is it possible that the number of people who have had it, people who didn't know they had it(asymptomatic so never tested), and the people who have been vaccinated are starting to combine into the beginning of herd immunity?
  11. To me it sounds more like a consultation. Maybe she just needs that much to get started.
  12. Because you are with Covid patients so much, you deserve to be protected.
  13. Waiting for someone to say November, because that's when I think we had it.
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