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  1. A little bit of R&S and a lot of Dictation Day by Day has been what has worked the best so far.
  2. What is your opinion on say, a 9th grader, reading history spine type books that frequently are considered middle school level? Especially if upper level literature from the time period would be included?
  3. It seems their pattern had been to offer light units to accompany textbooks. At least with other subjects
  4. I am not saying anyone should. But those of us who already buy into the CM method are used to hearing skepticism. I just appreciate some of the stories of those for whom the method worked out just fine. Definitely we should all seek to know our own students.
  5. I think it is worth mentioning that her son was accepted to the University of Alabama on a partial academic scholarship, pursuing a degree in engineering, as a CM homeschooler whose science education followed a very non-textbook path.
  6. I agree with much of what Jan said. We are only using parts of the WG guide. We dropped R&S to use shorter grammar lessons, but I agree that it is plenty of writing instruction with all that is included in this guide. However, we are using the writing program and the literature from this guide, and it's fine for now. We are also using the World Religions and Cultures study as written. I really like that study! If I were to use a full guide, I would leave out a lot of the detailed assignments, but that's me. I always love the book choices.
  7. We are using parts of it this year. What would you like to know?
  8. Good morning. Hiding in my room again. I can't make this a habit. I can hear kids tiptoeing around getting cereal bowls. Hallelujah for the make-your-breakfast-stage you only dream of when they're toddlers.
  9. Nap, nap, nap! I really need to nap, but the window is closing. Wednesday nights are somewhat brutal around here. Help put on supper for 40ish people at church, play the piano for Bible study, and pop in to help out in youth group. All while answering 6,000 questions from those who think I am my husband's keeper. The joys of being a small church pastor's wife. There's joy in there somewhere. Really.
  10. I need to get rods and hope hubby will hang them this weekend also!!
  11. This may sound crazy, but we are enjoying A Beka books 3 and 4, spread out over a few years. I know it's not a beloved choice. But we use it the way Merry and Erin described. Twice a week, they read a little, write a little, and draw a little. They can do the activities if they choose, some of them have been fun. Then in between, as a family, we are reading Find The Constellations and drawing constellations. I also check out random science and nature books from the library and keep them in a basket. With a few videos from time to time, it's been working well. I've even given them some other choices, and they picked A Beka.
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