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  1. To me it sounds more like a consultation. Maybe she just needs that much to get started.
  2. Because you are with Covid patients so much, you deserve to be protected.
  3. Waiting for someone to say November, because that's when I think we had it.
  4. I suspect low iron for myself. Those of you who take supplements, every time I read about supplements, it always mentions on taking them under doctor's supervision. Are there any that are safe enough to try on your own? Or do you always go through the doctor?
  5. Same. To all of it. I left that group about a year ago for similar reasons. I primarily stay on facebook just for the groups. Charlotte Mason Inspired has sometimes been a good one for education. But I agree. I would love a place like you described.
  6. Thank you all. She said the nausea has passed after about 2 days. Now just headache and allergy type symptoms.
  7. My sil (in her 30's) tested positive for Covid around day 13 of her quarantine since her husband had tested positive. She mentioned to me that she was having a lot of GI symptoms, and it was making her uneasy because no one she knew who had Covid had those symptoms, and she wasn't sure what to expect. So I was just checking in for experiences with GI symptoms in those here who have had it.
  8. I have numerous friends and relatives who have tested positive for covid. I have lived in a lot of places, so they are from various states, but they are people I am actually friends with irl or I am related to. Right now my bil in his 30's is positive with mild symptoms. But the rest have ranged from mild all the way to one highschool friend of dh who just got off a ventilator after 4 weeks and seems to be on his way to recovery.
  9. How long did you take the Florastor?
  10. One of the things that happened for me is that I stayed off for awhile. Then when I peeked back in, I was horrified to see some of the views of people with whom I interact in real life on a regular basis. It never would have occurred to me that they would believe the conspiracy theories and other extreme stuff out there. I can't decide if ignorance is bliss or if it's better to know the truth about someone. I do know that seeing things on social media has dramatically affected some in person relationships. Like you said earlier, many people don't believe they are extreme. I th
  11. I definitely would like to unpack the idea of staying off social media and just leaving it to the wolves as opposed to sticking around attempting to add to the voices of reason. It's something that I ponder daily and haven't figured out yet.
  12. I know this doesn't prove anything, but the worst flu our family ever had was the one year we got the flu shot. It's just really hard to overlook.
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