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  1. We get up early. Breakfast, then walk. Afterwards chores and getting household things done. I take kids to the pool mid morning where I sit in the shade and do planning. Home for lunch. Then we hunker down in the air conditioning for the afternoon: quiet reading time, tv, piano practice, cooking, phone calls, etc. After dinner we spend time outside again. Errands fit wherever needed. That's the general summer routine at our house.
  2. 13 and 16 year olds, both had mildly sore arms and nothing else after 1st shot.
  3. Theory: Kate in a wedding dress is actually a vow renewal with Toby. The music teacher's comment about future brother in law is some other connection....Kevin's wife's sister???....something.
  4. That's exactly how our extended family dynamic has been throughout the whole pandemic. We weren't on the same page, but everyone stayed kind and gracious.
  5. I saw on another page the comment that American health officials tend to use a "lie to comply" method. And I kind of see what they are saying. It's almost like parenting styles. I am big on telling my kids the truth and respecting their ability to understand directions and facts. I don't like watching parents do what I consider manipulating and even deceiving their children to get them to comply. So I personally think it is disrespectful to "manipulate" projected bad behavior by not being clear with the facts. If people will lie about their vaccine status, that's a separate issue and
  6. But facts are important. Without being factual, you lose credibility. The CDC is reporting factual guidelines.
  7. The CDC never said unvaccinated people should walk around maskless. We are projecting what we think will happen. They are responsible for reporting science and science says vaccinated people won't spread the virus.
  8. It just seems like requiring masks for vaccinated people only lessens confidence in the vaccines.
  9. Same boat? Yes. You put it into words well.
  10. I have heard both of those, but it still doesn't make sense to me. If I am vaccinated, then I won't be spreading it to the unvaccinated children. As far as the first point, that is a problem all its own. Those who would be dishonest have likely already been unmasked all along. I know many of them in real life.
  11. I have been pro mask throughout. And I can predict who will answer and generally what they will answer. But I am still trying to get the logic of this. If vaccines truly work, then unmasking the vaccinated shouldn't be a big problem. I know that is a simplistic reduction, but it's a point I haven't seen explained to my satisfaction yet.
  12. My county in FL is at less than 1% positivity. Much of North Florida is lower than Central and South.
  13. Only banning proof of vaccination requirements by businesses.
  14. Businesses may not require proof of vaccination.
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