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  1. You are not alone! Same situation here: small church, anti-maskers refusing to attend, lost relationships. Dh is the pastor. He's struggling. We're struggling .
  2. Love, love, love it!! I was having trouble using the forum on my phone. Hence, months of lurking.😏 This is so much more readable and user friendly!
  3. MUS Pre Algebra LA: AG, Spelling Workout, Script n Scribe, English from the Roots Up, Written narrations and outlining, stack of books. History: SOTW 4 with Presidents study and MP Story of the Great Republic. Science: Story of Inventions, AiG Machines and Motion, MP Insects, Tiner Exploring Planet Earth Geography: Draw Europe, Draw the World Duolingo Spanish Piano Family studies: Bible with Dad, SCM enrichment, Our Constitution Rocks, Getting Started with Spanish
  4. Finally getting things figured out and ordered! Math: CLE 5 LA: Script n Scribe, Spelling Workout, deciding on grammar, stack of books. History: A Child's Story of America with written narrations Science: CLE 5 Geography: Paddle to the Sea, Draw the World, Seterra Shakespeare story study, not sure what we're using, she asked to do it. Typing: Mavis Beacon Family studies: Bible with Dad, SCM enrichment, Modern history booklist, Our Constitution Rocks Piano
  5. Finally done planning! Math: CLE 3 LA: Pentime handwriting, Spelling Workout, R&S English, stack of books History: Eggleston, Stories of Great Americans Science: Abeka 3 Geography: Paddle to the Sea, Draw the World, Seterra Family studies: Modern history booklist, Our Consitution Rocks, SCM enrichment Piano
  6. A few reasons why I think people are skeptical and done: Hospitals prepared for a huge influx which they believed would happen even with the stay at home orders. In many, many places, that just didn't happen. In our area, there is a large amount of non-compliance. Yet our numbers are still relatively low. I suspect this is true in many areas. So the idea of opening up smaller businesses, while keeping large crowded areas closed, doesn't seem like it would make that much of a difference.
  7. But as was mentioned in the post I quoted above, the general public doesn't seem to be getting it. If you are on social media at all, the minute there is a headline about lifting any restrictions, 532 people comment that "we're going to kill everyone if we don't stay home for months longer!!!"
  8. This is exactly how I am seeing it too. The shaming is going to be HUGE whenever some restrictions are lifted and people tip toe back out.
  9. I was next to a mail carrier at a stop light. She took her glove off to dial her phone. Then put her glove on to hold the phone to her mouth. Then used the other gloved hand to smoke a cigarette.
  10. Then there's my dh who has to preach on youtube every week and none of us are any good at cutting hair!! 😬 We're getting a little desperate.🤪
  11. Yes. That's what I meant. That you can't have the conversation without being labled a murderer or a conspiracy theorist.
  12. It's an important conversation, and I have yet to find a place where you are allowed to voice it or ask the questions!
  13. We have a friend who has tried to commit suicide twice in the past month because his "elective surgery", for an issue that has been causing chronic pain, was canceled.
  14. The way I handled it was to look at Memoria Press and how they do history. We are not a Latin family at all, so rather that following the LCC model with being Latin heavy, I just pulled my inspiration from how MP does the history and filled up the rest of the time with subjects that mattered more to us. (it's not reflected in my signature. I've done a lot of tweaking since writing that)
  15. I've been lurking through all these threads. Today my epiphany was that the disconnect for most people in my circle is the difference between trying to prevent the virus vs. trying to flatten the curve. It was confusing to me for awhile. The recent numbers of cases in China, which are slowing down, don't even begin to match the flu numbers here. So I can see why it's confusing. It finally made more sense to my simple brain to explain it that we are aren't technically trying to prevent the virus, we are trying to slow down the spike to prevent overwhelm. (it's the way my kids can unde
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