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  1. Yes! My list above is in addition to sweaty exercise and being outdoors daily!
  2. Magnesium. It's the only supplement that I notice if it's missed. I like the citrate version, but I know there are others. And then, not kidding, a small cup of vanilla ice cream before bed. Reduce or eliminate caffeine. Those are the things that have actually helped take some of the edge off.
  3. This is the approach dh prefers. I'm the one who panics and worries that they'll think we agree or we're ignorant or that we don't have an opinion!! I'm a 5, so......😄
  4. Direct quote last night, "100%. All of the time! Well documented!"
  5. And, yes, many emails arrived later. All outdated links, none of which actually said what he was claiming.
  6. This was helpful because while I do want to shut the conversation down, I mostly want them to know that I disagree, and not because I am clueless to what you are saying. Yet I don't have the desire to debate any of it.
  7. It was funny, because after the long monologue/rant ended, dh asked lightly, "Feel better?" And the man looked surprised/confused and the wind taken out of his sails.
  8. Maybe this has been covered here, but I can't remember where. But could we collect ways to kindly, confidently shut down conspiracy theory conversations? For instance, dh was cornered at the pool tonight by an acquaintance who went on a 15 minute monologue about Q type information and the Great Reset and dangers of the vaccine, etc. Dh just sat and listened. At one point he asked for sources which were promised to follow in an email. So I just wanted to have some phrases or tactics ready for the future in order go on record that we don't agree, but yet we don't want to get into a lengthy debate about any of it.
  9. My father in law is in the glass business in your area. His company is hired to convert for a new covid wing. But it's for possibility of need, not emergency need. He was told it would be about 4 weeks and then they would convert back.
  10. I do think it sounds like a normal course. The fact that there are no breathing issues is good as long as his oxygen stays stable. My family members all turned a small corner after day 10. Hopefully that's true for him also.
  11. There are a large number who are opposed because it violates their conscience due to use of fetal cells in testing.
  12. An anecdotal story from my area: in our church, a family is in the midst of a covid outbreak. Out of 3 family members who currently have it, one was fully vaccinated. However, while the other 2 are extremely sick, one even currently hospitalized, the man who was vaccinated had mild symptoms and is recovering quickly.
  13. Maybe this has been covered before. I get lost in the long threads sometimes. But after sorting through numbers and percentages of protection, am I way off to think that being fully vaccinated by J&J is similar protection to 1 dose of Pfizer? And vice versa? Does that question make sense?
  14. I know that there is so much unknown, but would it help for perspective to know that I personally know dozens of children who have had covid and who all had mild symptoms and recovered quickly? One was a newborn. My nieces are recovering now and did fine. I know it's not true for everyone, but it is what I have observed personally this year.
  15. Hugs. I am right there with you. Wish I had advice. Like you, I have tried all the things but have come to truly dread that week each month. It's brutal.
  16. Yes. It's gone through our area. All covid tests negative.
  17. It wasn't on my radar much as a child. Recently a former teacher was posting pictures from years back in a little Christian school I attended. One guy commented, "That was right around the time my drunken father beat the crap out of me every night." Never would have guessed.
  18. This. I have a friend who climbed out the window to escape an abusive stepfather. So I would be sure I really knew the situation first.
  19. We get up early. Breakfast, then walk. Afterwards chores and getting household things done. I take kids to the pool mid morning where I sit in the shade and do planning. Home for lunch. Then we hunker down in the air conditioning for the afternoon: quiet reading time, tv, piano practice, cooking, phone calls, etc. After dinner we spend time outside again. Errands fit wherever needed. That's the general summer routine at our house.
  20. 13 and 16 year olds, both had mildly sore arms and nothing else after 1st shot.
  21. Theory: Kate in a wedding dress is actually a vow renewal with Toby. The music teacher's comment about future brother in law is some other connection....Kevin's wife's sister???....something.
  22. That's exactly how our extended family dynamic has been throughout the whole pandemic. We weren't on the same page, but everyone stayed kind and gracious.
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