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  1. This will be my 2nd time through 1st grade, first with my daughter 10 years ago almost, now my son. I saved everything that I used with my daughter, so we are going with the same plan with some tweaks due to my son being gifted in certain areas. I'm not sure if SWO or AAS will work for him, so doing both as I did with my daughter but she had spelling difficulties and I don't think he will. Bible - Bible Study Guide for All Ages Reading - Continue OPGTR & Book Lists Writing - Writing With Ease 1 Grammar - First Language Lessons 1 Math - Saxon Math 1 Spelling - All About Spelling 1 & Spelling Workout A History - Story of the World 1 Science - Animals, Human Body and Plants Art - Home Art Studio
  2. I also didn't get to download my files, I had hundreds from over the years. A lot I was saving for when my son got school-age, which is now and then to find out that the site had malware and I couldn't access it, it looks like it is gone for good.
  3. Oh no, I missed this and I had several things I purchased to use for my son when he came to school-age, which is now. I was unable to access the site, wish I had downloaded everything.
  4. Ok, so in PA, you can't graduate early (15 or 16yrs old) I assume? It is amazing the ways homeschooling differs in other states.
  5. Core Subjects English II - Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind Red book; Writing With Skill; Vocabulary from Classical Roots; Book List Algebra II - Saxon Algebra 2; Saxon Teacher CD's; Art Reed DVD's Astronomy - Survey of Astronomy pack World History - Notgrass' Exploring World History (Book List) Latin II - Henle Latin Electives Bible II - Memoria Press' Christian Studies IV; New Testament and Old Testament flashcards Graphic Design - Schoolhouse Teacher's Graphic Design Course Game Design - CompuScholar Unity Game Programming course Equine Studies - Equine Science Home Economics - Christian Light's Home Economics I
  6. I fill out the transcript and give the diploma, so I don't even bother with what my local high school requires. Is your child enrolled in public school or in one of the few states that have graduation requirements? I assume the latter. Here is a quote from the Home School Legal Defense Association:
  7. Foreign language is a high school course, whether they took in 8th grade or 5th grade. Your child may be 8th grade "age" but can be doing high school courses. A lot of homeschoolers graduate early in my area at 16 anyway. I remember several years of Spanish that I took in high school - I would say they were elementary in my opinion now LOL. They decide and you decide for your school.
  8. My 6yr old son is gifted, he taught himself the letters and numbers, multiplication, piano, etc a few years ago. However, he has delays, which I recently found out are most likely dyspraxia. He can't pedal a bike, use scissors or hold a pencil correctly. He writes very neat but he doesn't use the pencil correctly, despite much teaching, therapy, etc. the past 2 years - he reverts back to a grip hold if he doesn't use his pencil grips. So, it isn't that his handwriting is illegible - it is very legible! He doesn't use the correct strokes to form each letter - is this something I should worry about? For instance, with e, he starts at the end of e and goes around and then finishes it at the middle. I'm wondering if Handwriting Without Tears would be beneficial to him in forming his letters correctly? Or should I not worry as they look great, despite being formed opposite and holding the pencil incorrectly? I hope someone can understand what I'm trying to explain lol! *To add - I did go through all the letters and teach the proper way to write each one last year, despite him already teaching himself prior. He either doesn't remember the correct way or prefers his way.
  9. So why doesn't everyone not use their real name? I guess some choose to put themselves out there and deal with the consequences that entails but that might be prevented by using a pseudonym.
  10. I was under the impression that FB requires you use your full legal name and a photo id, etc.? Maybe they have changed the rules.
  11. I think you are confusing corporal punishment and beating (abuse) - they are 2 different things.
  12. When someone takes something shared privately in an email and posts it on social media, I consider that a violation of one's privacy. Can we trust anyone? Is anything we want kept private - private anymore? I'm assuming he wanted it kept private to just those he shared with email or else he would have put it on social media.
  13. I'm sorry you don't see the difference in an anonymous blog and FB that gives your full name, etc. I'm sure you are coming at this from a viewpoint of trying to "understand" what I said. You do bring up an interesting point though and I really didn't think about it. I still don't understand FB's allure because I hear so many constantly talking about the drama going on there, the friendships and relationships damaged or even ruined, political turmoil that I believe have only divided this country even further, etc. By all means, have at it but I just can't understand the allure.
  14. Totally agree. I don't normally read these posts but this particular post was on the side of the forum homepage and it caught my attention. I don't have FB, actually no one in my house does and neither do we share photos of ourselves or our kids (showing their face). Too much facial recognition technology out there. I'm really trying to protect my kids and when they are grown and gone and want to put something out there, its on them. My husband has been with the same employer for over a decade, a very large and long-standing company that is worldwide. Several heads shared with him how they search potential employees online - FB, Twitter, etc. Good thing is, he has nothing online, but some haven't been so lucky. Employers are now able to really find out what type of employee they could possibly be hiring by looking at what they FREELY put out there. I suppose that is beneficial to them and a great tool. I honestly don't understand the allure of FB but thought I would chime in.
  15. My dd struggled with spelling, so we did AAS up to Level 5 and it really, really helped her! I would have finished Levels 6 & 7 (I still have them), but I didn't want to teach it. I still regret that because, even though she spells better and finished up all the levels of Spelling Workout, her spelling is lagging from what it could have been. Reading is what helped her the most, the more she read the better her spelling and grammar/writing. We used the tiles. Even though she is in 9th grade now, she still talks about AAS, she absolutely loved it!
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