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  1. English III Saxon Advanced Math Science - Still deciding Notgrass' Exploring Government & Exploring Economics Church History Psychology
  2. Yes, we did and I plan to do so with my ds7 as well when he gets to 3rd grade. Here is what we used: Math - Saxon Math 3 Grammar - First Language Lessons 3 Writing - Writing With Ease 3 Latin - Prima Latina Spelling - Spelling Workout C and D (we also added in All About Spelling because my dd had issues with spelling) Science - Chemistry with Usborne Encyclopedia and Adventures with Atoms and Molecules (lots of extra kits) History - Story of the World 3
  3. What is VP and CHOW? *Nevermind* I figured out what the abbreviations were for.
  4. Update - We started WWE and he is doing amazing with the Narration exercises! He gets almost all the questions and easily comes up with a sentence of what he remembers. Same thing is happening in FLL. So it is definitely not an issue with him not being able to listen and narrate. I've tried several things in SOTW since this post and nothing is working. History is the only subject he's having this problem. I tried letting him read it and that didn't go over well, he was so upset, a lot of the words are ones he's never seen and it is just too hard for him. I'm going to try to just use
  5. Have you thought of doing a year or two of online college at home? It sounds like your dd and mine are similar in many ways.
  6. We are using this this coming school year for 11th grade. I've heard nothing but good, so we're excited to use it!
  7. I have the CD but just checked and they have the mp3 of the Audio Companion to First Language Lessons 1 & 2: https://welltrainedmind.com/p/first-language-lessons-audio-companion/ My dd loved the chants on there for grammar, she still remembers them and sings them sometimes! I can't think of anything else other than the CD's we have - CGC has a CD with a lot of science songs. We use Bible Study Guide for All Ages CD for Bible memory songs. I'm sorry, I don't know if they have mp3 format available. I would get a CD player or use a computer to play them. My dd16 uses my Sony Discman
  8. Bible - Bible Study Guide for All Ages Reading - WTM Book List Math - Saxon Math 2 Grammar - FLL 2 Writing - WWE Spelling - SWO C & D History - SOTW 2 Science - Earth Science & Astronomy Art - Home Art Studio
  9. I love Considering God's Creation, we are using it with my ds7 and he loves it. We have the audio CD and he especially enjoys the songs. We do a lot of the activities in the activity book and I've added in books, games and videos. I actually just did a post on this the other day on my blog if you want to look, it shows the book, some of the activities and other things we're using. CGC covers Creation, Stars/Sun/Planets, The Earth, Rocks/Minerals, Weather, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Animal Anatomy & Physiology and Human Anatomy.
  10. Why didn't you complete 5/4 before starting 6/5? I know that 5/4 has some basic foundational things that need to be mastered before moving on. Could it be he has some gaps? Have you tried Saxon Teacher CD-ROM's? How about Art Reed's DVD's? My dd16 has used both of these for years now, she used Saxon Teacher since 5/4 and we added in Art Reed in 7/6. Also, never skip problems in Saxon.
  11. I've read it suggested that as long as the child has learned phonics up to a 2nd grade reading level, they are ready to start spelling. We used Spelling Workout (SWO) for my dd, but she needed extra help, so we added in AAS and that worked great for her but was tedious for me. We stopped at AAS 6 and then she ended up finished all the SWO books by 8th grade for extra practice. With my ds, we are using SWO and he is almost done with the first book and having no problems. I'm thinking of adding in some AAS if he shows problems with spelling but so far he seems to be like me, see it once and
  12. Saxon Math Algebra 1/2 would be my recommendation! You can use Saxon Teacher and/or Art Reed's DVD's, my dd16 has used both for years. She scores the highest possible on standardized testing in math. She loves math and has been doing Saxon since 1st grade. She has been independent in math using Saxon since 4th grade using Saxon Teacher. We incorporated Art Reed's DVD's in a few years ago and she absolutely loves him.
  13. I would use the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, it is laid out very well and you can speed through lessons to find what she doesn't know. Teach the phonics for each lesson and skip the sentences if you she doesn't need review in that particular lesson. You will eventually find where she's at. At the end of the book, she will be on a 4th grade reading level. Here is a chart showing about where each grade begins: Around Lesson 60, you have taught all of the requirements of Kindergarten Start 1st grade lesson material around Lesson 61 Start 2nd grade lesson mate
  14. So you think he is taking it in but I just can't see it now? That is my hope! I know 9 years ago when I did SOTW with my dd it was so different, she really got into the stories and could answer the questions and tell me things she remembered. I expected that and more out of him because he is so much more advanced than she was.
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