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  1. No, we decided to use Christian Kids Explore Chemistry and expand it with other books, videos, etc.
  2. My son is zooming through grammar, so we may be in FLL 4 by the time fall rolls around and I've decided to do Jump In writing (1st edition) and just use WWE 3 for the stories and narration since my DS loves those.
  3. I finalized our plans, just a few changes. Bible - Bible Study Guide for All Ages Reading - Assigned Book List; Fun Book List & Family Read-alouds Math - Saxon Math 6/5 Grammar - First Language Lessons 3 Writing - Writing With Ease 3 Spelling - Spelling Workout E & F Vocabulary - Worldly Wise B & C; Book 1 Latin & Cursive - MP Prima Latina & MP New American Cursive w/ Prima Latina copybook Science - Christian Kids Explore Chemistry History - A Child's History of the World Art - Home Art Studio Music - Piano lessons Extras - Archery; Architecture; Woodworking; Chess
  4. It's been a few weeks and he is doing really good with the evening reading! He picked a lot of his books and he wants to read more of the My America series (boy books), but I read from others that these books are considered "twaddle" - is that true and does that matter? Opinions please! He's also enjoying d'Aulaire's books and he read all the Billy and Blaze series and wanted more like that, any recommendations?
  5. I decided to try something else for writing besides WWE 3, going with Writing and Rhetoric Fables and we'll if it is a good fit because he has no issues at all with writing and needs to move faster than WWE has him doing. I may actually start it as soon as we get it here soon and pause WWE 2. He also wants vocabulary, so I'm going to try out Worldly Wise A and see how that goes, so we won't be moving as fast through Spelling Workout as he has been. I think we will only finish up the rest of SWO E and then SWO F, as we add in vocabulary alongside. As with writing, I may add in WW A now alongside SWO because he is so eager for it. I was going to use Focus on Chemistry (RS4K) but after looking at the samples, I really think it is about the same as the CKE Chemistry I already own, except CKE has less pictures and B&W. I will be fleshing out CKE Chemistry more with DVDs, YouTube videos, books and a chemistry kit, kind of like we've already been doing in 1st and 2nd grades. For history, we have tried SOTW 1 the past 2 years and he hates it, so before I try it again in 3rd (I know I just can't give up on it because I love it)... we are going to try what a lot recommended on the forums to me; A Child's History of the World. I got a used copy for $10. If all else fails, I know he likes Abeka.
  6. Yes, that was the plan, to have him read books below his reading level in the evening as "fun" books as outlined in the WTM. I decided to try letting him choose what he reads for the evening assigned time and so far (2 days now), that is going well - he chose Billy and Blaze series. In his own time, I do find him reading our encyclopedias, science books, minecraft guides and brain books about logic. However, he also reads baby and toddler board books on his own lol. Today, he read a stack of books in his own time instead of playing in his room, so maybe the books I had him read the past 9 months weren't all that interesting to him?
  7. Has anyone used the elementary Focus on Chemistry from RS4K and what did you think?
  8. Bible - Bible Study Guide for All Ages Reading - Assigned Book List; Fun Book List & Family Read-alouds Math - Finish up Saxon Math 5/4 and start 6/5 Grammar - First Language Lessons 3 Writing - Writing With Ease 3 - I may switch writing curriculum altogether Spelling - Spelling Workout E, F and G Latin - MP Prima Latina & MP New American Cursive w/ Prima Latina copybook Science - Chemistry - thinking of using Focus On Chemistry (previously known as RS4K) History - ?? Don't know Art - Home Art Studio Music - Piano lessons
  9. We really love OPGTR and I used it with both of my kids with great success. I added in the recommended index card games that are throughout the book and I also had them do readers based on where we were in the OPGTR. I have a list of when to read what readers based on what lesson you are in in the OPGTR that helped a lot.
  10. Update - I had him pick some books and we own Billy and Blaze and he had read it in the past and wanted to read it again. Then, I saw the author had several books in the series, so I showed him and he started jumping up and down and said he wants to read them all! So, we are going to get them from the library and he's really excited. I'm reviewing all the great advice you all have given and checking out some of the authors mentioned too to see if he wants to read them, thanks! 🙂
  11. That actually did happen last year. He had been reading independently in the evenings after finishing OPGTR, and I finally asked him why does he read out loud? He didn't know he could read silently and I had no idea he didn't know that. So, he started reading silently from then on. He explained to me Saturday, that he reads a few words on the page and then just runs his finger under each line of words from then on and turns the page - he said he doesn't read those words after the first few words. He admitted he was being lazy and told us it was because his brain just wants to do electronics lol. 😄
  12. He said he would only read a few words on each page, so yes. I don't understand though how he can grasp what the book was about - maybe because of the pictures and the few words he read? I had him start D'Aulaire's Abraham Lincoln and he is enjoying it and he told me he's now reading every word, so he only read a few pages of it in 15 minutes.
  13. He read Rome Antics from him but nothing else yet.
  14. In the morning he's reading the WTM rec's for the challenging reading - Saint George and the Dragon, Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow, etc. and he LOVES those. I've considered trying books like James and the Giant Peach, The Apple and the Arrow, etc. but was thinking maybe those are too hard?? I'm not sure. The next book I have in line for him to read is Abraham Lincoln by D'Aulaire. It is supposed to be an "advanced reader" for grades 1-3.
  15. This is interesting, I wonder if that could be what my DS is doing? He showed me today how he reads a book, he goes line by line and turns the page - not really reading but somehow gathers the meaning somewhat.
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