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  1. Thank you all so much for your kind words and really solid practical advice. Financially we are ok for a bit. There is a severance and they are going to cover our cobra costs for a few months. Plus we have the stimulus. Ws know that we are super lucky that we have those things. I opened a word document and have started dumping my random thoughts into it for housing projects, yard work ideas, paperwork, ways to cut our budget, dr. appointments I need to make, and a local bucket list of things I want us to do before we leave. It is just a mess right now, but once I put it on paper I feel
  2. Thank you all so much for your kind and reassuring comments. I am completely reeling and your kindness means so much.
  3. Somehow spell check apparently turned, "my dh is very specialized so we will have to move to find a job" into that and I didn't even notice.
  4. My husband has been working at his job for 8 years and loves it. We love where we live and imagined we would live here the rest of our lives. This morning, out of nowhere, my dh's department was completely eliminated. I am in shock with waves of grief. We have 14 and a 10 year old. We have the perfect set up-live on a block with lots of kids. A super great friend community. And now it is over. My shins very specialized and there is no way we will be able to stay here. I don't know what to do. When do we tell the kids? How do we tell the kids? One of them is emotionally fragile. Do I
  5. Thank you all so much! I'm so excited for this learning adventure!
  6. I think that sounds like a great plan! We are doing something very similar next year. We are also doing OM Biology and adding in more interesting hands-on labs. We are vegetarian and so are going to avoid animal dissection, but want to do some plant and microbial based labs. Even though we are having to plan the labs ourselves I think it will be worth it because the OM materials are so well organized and ask thought provoking questions. I did buy the Holt textbook used on amazon for a huge savings! Keep us updated on what you decide!
  7. That is actually our motivation!! We LOVE the American Shakespeare Center!!
  8. Yes, sorry! Farther up I mentioned I was only planning 1/2 a credit for this! Thank you so much for the Culinary Expeditions suggestion!
  9. That sounds really fun! Thanks for the name of the Great Course! I'm still figuring out how to have the appropriate amount of work for a credit. I was thinking 2 hours a recipe would turn 40 recipes into about 80 hours of work. If we were doing video courses we would certainly do less recipes. We are also going to spread it out over a couple of years by making 2-3 recipes a month.
  10. We are going to study Macbeth in May. Do you have any favorite resources for studying Macbeth? Thank you in advance!
  11. I didn't know there was a Great Course in cooking! I'll have to check that out. Our plan is just to get cookbooks for different countries' cuisine and give it a shot. DD is going with me to the specialty markets to find the specialized ingredients. I'm planning on having her make 40 different dishes to call it 1/2 credit.
  12. Thank you Stripe and kirstenhill! I especially like Global Culinary Arts!
  13. Thanks Terabith! I'm trying to find ways to keep some of my favorite parts of homeschooling going even while we transition to the pressures of high school. Last week we made Biko (sweet rice cakes) from the Philippines and this week we are going to try making Buko Salad (young coconut salad) also from the Philippines.
  14. My dd will be earning a 1/2 credit elective by learning to cook international foods. From my searching it looks like the typical title would be Culinary Arts. If we were going to put an international spin on it, what would you call it?
  15. I agree 110%. I don't post super often but check multiple times a day. This forum has brought joy, wisdom, and support to my life.
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