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  1. Thank you all for your replies. There are so many ways to approach this and I really appreciate hearing how different families address this issue. Farrar mentioned that she thinks it is not age approriate for 13 year olds to have their parents making their social plans for them, and I agree, but that is where we are at because she doesn't have a phone. I think we do need to allow either texting on a tablet or a locked down phone so she can have more autonomy. AHHH!!! Thank you all so much. DH and I will be discussing this more.
  2. If your teen has a phone with strict limits on it, what are your rules? We are considering giving our dd13 a phone so she can talk/chat with her friends. I want to limit usage, but can't think of what would be good rules to do that. I want usage to be really limited- like an hour a day? But I can't think of a practical way to do that. Obviously, not during school, meals, or activities, but what else.... I wish we still just used home phones. That would be so much easier to navigate. I feel like this could be the end of an era and that makes me really sad. On the other hand, I worry she is missing out socially. When I was her age I was talking to my friends on the phone ALL the time. lol Please share your rules and how you have navigated this quagmire, particularly if you are trying to really limit your teen's usage! Thanks!
  3. Thank you all SO much!!! The videos look great and I love the practice suggestions. I am excited to try again tomorrow with some new tools. Also, plum and mms, thank you for the permission to move on. I think we will spend a few more days on it and then go on to the next topic while (as was suggested) doing 1 division problem a day to keep cementing the skill. You are all AMAZING!!!!
  4. Hello! My dd9 is in 3rd grade and we are using MIF 3A. They have just introduced long division and it is just not clicking. Do you know of any good workbooks that focus just on how to do long division? Thanks!!
  5. Thank you so much Zoo Keeper! These are just what I was looking for!
  6. Hello! My dd13 is supposed to write a research paper for RSO Bio but I need a step by step program or instructions on how to teach her to write a research paper including taking notes and citing sources. Is there a curriculum or workbook that is stand alone and just teaches how to write a research paper for middle schoolers? Thanks!
  7. I just made this off of a pattern on Etsy for my 9 year old Harry Potter fan! I am so excited about how it turned out!
  8. Thank you again Lori! What a wonderful description! Thank you 8FillTheHeart! You have both inspired me! I just ordered LLfLOTR so I can look at it and LL8 in person. I really want to do both of them so I may just do LL8 for the rest of 7th and 8th grade, then do LLfLOTR with all of the additional units for 9th. Another possibility is to do LL8 for individual work for dc, then slowly work through LLfLOTR over 2 years as a family literature project. We have been working our way through the Little House books, so maybe this could be a similar project? Thank you for your help in thinking this through!
  9. Wow Lori!! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such a thorough reply! Your insight is so incredibly helpful! Can you expand a little on what is involved in the 12 in-depth additional studies in the LOTR program? Thank you so much!!!
  10. I am conflicted and hoping some of the high school parents can help me! We are finishing up LL7 this week and I am trying to figure out our next step. Some people love LLTLOTR but others say it can be a little light. If you have experience with LL8 and LLTLOTR which do you think is more challenging? My debate is do I have my dc do LL8 over the next year and a half (second half of 7th grade and all of 8th) and then do LLTLOTR for 9th, or only do half of LL8 this year to finish up 7th (cut short stories and poetry to focus on the novels) and then do LLTLOTR for 8th. I feel like there isnt enough time to do all I want to do! 🙂 Thank you for any insight you have!
  11. I am not familiar with the ones you mentioned, but my dh is a research microbiologist who specializes in the gut. He recommends align when people ask. They have done their research to make sure the probiotics are stable, last, and really work.
  12. So things got crazy here after I posted, so I apolgize for taking so long to respond. THANK YOU!! You guys nailed it on the head!! Like Peterpan said, it is no longer novel. I need a new challenge. Some Charlotte Mason Mother Culture? Taking a college class?! I have some contemplating to do! I honestly think part of the reason I love homeschooling is because it has been so intellectually stimulating. Now may be the time for me to find additional growth opportunities.
  13. I've been homeschooling for 7 years now. It is challenging, but meaningful and rewarding. I get better at it every year and have things down to a pretty good routine. I've found the curriculum that work best for my kids in each subject and each year just buy the next level up. Things are good, but I sort of miss the excitement of reading reviews and downloading samples of dozens of different curriculum and debating which would be THE ONE. Anyone else feel this way?
  14. Philadelphia is so much fun!!!! We go a couple of times a year and it is always interesting. You will need a full day to do the historical stuff and it will be worth it. Start out at the visitor center and get your timed tickets for Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The Constitution Center next door is also a MUST see in my opinion. They have a multimedia show that is extremely powerful and lots of hands on and thought provoking exhibits. Pack a lunch and picnic on the huge lawn! For your second day I would either go the Magic Gardens (reserve tickets in advance because they sell out-$10 adults and $5 kids) or the Ben Franklin Museum ($5 adults and $2 kids). I'd also have lunch or ice cream in the Reading Terminal Market if that was possible!
  15. As for the curriculum issue, yes it is hard to find non Christian homeschooling materials, but they are out there. If you search for secular curriculum for different subjects in this forum you will find lots of options!
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