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  1. As for the curriculum issue, yes it is hard to find non Christian homeschooling materials, but they are out there. If you search for secular curriculum for different subjects in this forum you will find lots of options!
  2. Congratulations on your new adventure! Our children go to Hebrew school. It was too much for me to teach both secular and religious subjects. Going to Hebrew school also helps our kids feel more connected to our Jewish community and build up their friendships. I actually do my school planning for the next week while they are at Religious school!
  3. My dd12 (6th grade) really struggles with spelling (some dyslexia) and today she finished the fourth book in the Apples and Pears series. It has taken her almost three years of hard work but she did it! I am so proud of how far she has come. In fourth grade she could not have passed a first grade spelling test and now she is on a solid 5th grade level. I really wasn't sure that was possible. The kids are having a celebratory tea party and I told her she can have a week off of spelling before we start Megawords! No rest for the weary! LOL
  4. I am trying to run a social/enrichment homeschool group in my community and it is almost impossible. Most homeschoolers seem to believe they must have a co-op (CC or others). The co-ops are very religious and insular. I plan and plan and organize and it is almost impossible to find people to participate in park days and field trips. Frankly, it is very demoralizing.
  5. Thank you!!! These ideas are super helpful!!
  6. Hello! I'm trying to brainstorm some secular middle school geography curriculum options. Do you know of any?
  7. The tentative plan is: Math: MIF Course 2B, 3A, and 3B Language Arts: CLE 6 Literature: Lightening Lit-finish 7 and half of 8 Spelling: Megawords Science: Finish RSO Bio 2 and start RSO Earth 2 if it comes out History: Reading living books-20th century Music: Piano and choir Spanish: plan to start this in November after my dd's bat mitzvah. One language at a time is our limit! Lol Thinking Homeschool Spanish Academy. Art: Projects at home and some classes at local art museum Geography: monthly presentations on countries for Geography club and maybe some sort of work book?
  8. Thank you OKbud and Kand! It sounds like my gut feeling is probably correct and she will be fine!
  9. I am behind the game but I just finished Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente and it was AMAZING! I actually bought it because I enjoyed it so much. It is written in a similar style to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and is a fabulously wacky and fun read.
  10. A discussion on another thread got me thinking about this. If you use CLE Language Arts, how many levels do you think are needed to give kids a strong background in grammar. My DD is in sixth grade and doing CLE Language Arts 5. I am thinking of maybe just doing 6 next year and then switching to a purely writing focused program. Does that sound reasonable?
  11. I spent two years trying math curriculums with dd#1 (Right Start, Singapore, Math Mammoth) before finding MiF. She has complete grades 2-5 and is now working on the middle school series. DD #2 was started on MiF and is now in grade 2. I plan on both girls using MiF through middle school. Again, after much searching with dd #1, I settled on CLE language arts. DD #1 has used it for four years now and I plan on having her continue with it through 8th grade. Dd#2 was started on their K program and will also use it through middle school. DD #1, who has severe spelling challenges, will complete the whole Apples and Pears spelling curriculum next month. The stress of finding a curriculum that gives your kids the academics they need and works for your family is so overwhelming. I can remember cying and researching curriculum in the early years. There are so many choices and the pressure to make a good choice for my kid was heavy on my heart. Having math and language arts figured out is a huge relief, plus CLE is so much easier to teach the second time!
  12. KrissiK, well it seems like some kids roll with the pain just fine and others are inconsolable and out of their minds with pain. There is no way to know how your child will do until it is done. I'm glad your child wasn't phased. Terabith, I hear what you are saying but right now dd is coping with the plan ok and I think starting over, seeing a new doctor, rescheduling, etc. would make her anxiety worse. DH is going to call the office on Monday and see if they are more responsive to a man asking questions. The whole thing is crappy.
  13. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I am feeling really frustrated and stressed out about the whole thing. Apparently they have stopped giving kids more than tylenol and advil because some children have died after having codine after a tonsillectomy. There are multiple medical journal articles talking about how pain in kids after a tonsillectomy is now horribly under treated, leaving kids in terrible pain. I will absolutely keep her tylenol/advil going round the clock but it looks likely that she could still be in horrible pain and I don't know how she or I will be able to cope with that. Plus our hospital is stupid. We've never met the doctor who is doing the surgery and won't until she comes into the hospital room to do the informed consent stuff right before the procedure. We have only seen a PA. We don't know if we will be allowed in with her until she is put under and the nurses won't give me an answer. Her medical order says tonsils and adenoids but she had x-rays a year ago and her adenoids were fine. When I called to ask about this I was told I can talk to the surgeon the day of the procedure. This all seems like bs. It is the premier hospital in this side of our state but their treatment of patients is crap. Her tonsils block 3/4 of the back of her throat so she really needs this but I don't want her to be in horrible pain either.
  14. Hey! I just found out my dd12 is having her tonsils removed next week. It is happening really fast and I am freaking out. It looks like the recovery is horrific and they only give over the counter medication which doesn't touch the pain. Apparently the pain can also last for 2 weeks.... So if you have been there and done that, what suggestions do you have? How did your family survive?
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