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  1. I think I'll just get over myself. :-) But that is actually a good suggestion...I don't have room in my kitchen for anything else, though, so I'll exercise the Suck it up, Buttercup option.
  2. Thank you all. My friend has enough to go on now and is very grateful for your help. And so am I.
  3. I have added in the thought that whatever I buy new has to be manufactured and that costs energy, shipping, etc. Keeping a car that might be a little thirsty is actually an energy saver over purchasing a new car that is more gas efficient. I do errand days where I get all of them done at once. It ends up being a 20 mile diameter once rather than a bunch of 3-4 mile radii. Stay out of stores. You just buy stuff. That sounds silly but it really is a good way to keep a lid on purchasing. I can't buy what I don't see and I don't miss it if I don't see it. I need to cut back o
  4. @mathmarm I can't judge whether it was poorly taught or not. You had to be a good reader to get into the class, and I was always that. The thing that it taught me was to acquire words quickly but not to make associations between ideas or follow a thread of an argument. My husband reads slowly and so does my son--and they GET everything they read. I read quickly and have to read everything twice to GET it. Speed reading also takes away the lingering wallow in a beautifully worded sentence or thought. There IS room for learning to SCAN. Get the general idea, the flow of a thou
  5. Whether they can modify it to "close enough" depends to some degree on what base paint they used in each color. Some bases start pure white, whether others start in varying shades of gray. For example, most "one coat" paints use a grayish base. That is what lets the single coat cover everything. If the paint you want to doctor to another color has too much gray to start, no chance. If the base is OK, they can go darker or they can add color, but the ratios have to match. So if there is 3 squirts blue to 4 squirts gray, and you already have 5 squirts of gray, it's going to come out mo
  6. It comes down to preference and practice. When I am at the beach a couple of times a year, I put the swim suit on when I get dressed because I am in and out of the water 5 times a day. But I wear clothes when I am not in the water, so it is a hassle to use the bathroom with a one-piece. That was the scenario I was thinking of in my response.
  7. These are features I use but there are 500x more that I don’t. I find these helpful re: the Watch. Watch: You can turn on “Do not disturb” when you go to a meeting and click an option that DND will go off when the event is over(based on your calendar) or when you leave the location (if you have GPS on). The watch has a flashlight. This has come in handy many times for me. There’s a timer on the watch. Super handy for cooking or short-term reminders. Or in my case, I am getting used to setting a timer when I turn on the stove or the sprinkler…to remind me to turn it
  8. Do the people who make the one-piece rule ever have to use a bathroom?
  9. I just wanted to let people know that the SE also does all the rest...just not those two features. I thought really hard about it, and I suppose my next one will have those features.
  10. By the way--the SE sells for less but does not have the ECG and oximeter that the 6 has. It has everything else, including "fallen and can't get up." I got the SE but my friend got the 6 because she has that low blood pressure/fainting thing, and the oximeter alerts her to 'danger zone." I held out for a long time but I am glad I got it. the SE alerts me to heart arhythmia and tracks heart rates, and I can send that to my MD for tracking purposes.
  11. You can have her bills sent to a bill-paying service that she pays for. The bills go to them, they pay them, and the monthly fee comes onto her credit card. Ask at the bank. There is also a device that will send her cell phone calls to a landline. If the cell phone is too complicated, she can keep the cell account (usually cheaper than land-line service) and use the device to connect to a simple landline The connector is called CELL2JACK, costs about $25, and takes 4 minutes to set up. I don't know what kind of help she needs with the remote...the thermostat...the computer...
  12. Interesting...thank you for posting. I have all kinds of doubts about how effective and how efficient this will be. Especially with the handcuff of staying in state.
  13. The State of Washington voters passed a law that employees MUST purchase (probably via paycheck deduction) long-term care insurance policies. I don't know anything more about it--I read about it online somewhere.
  14. If you had a 5th grader and an 8th grader and you have just realized that the school is doing a terrible job teaching them the mechanics (punctuation, S-V agreement, capitalization, correct placement of modifiers and so on...and you wanted to do a summer intensive, what curriculum or guidebook would you use? I'm asking for a friend in this situation. Homeschooling is not an option and she doesn't want to do ongoing instruction during the regular school year. If you were in this situation, what would you do? I am confident in my own abilities to teach using a book like Harbrace or
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