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  1. Hyacinth

    Trader Joes Peppermint JoeJoe's

    They changed their formula a few years ago so I don’t bother with them anymore. BUT! Whole Foods has a version that’s like the old Joe Joes. Holiday perfection.
  2. Asking for a friend. 😏 She would describe herself with these points: Perilously close to 50. No history of depression though not exactly the type one would call bubbly or full of life. The introspection and desire to hibernate is greater than usual. Thoughts of regret, failure, and uselessness. "My kids don't really need me anymore." "My husband could probably take or leave me." (He kindly denies this.) "Who am I now?" "Where do I fit in?" Self-aware and mentally/emotionally healthy enough to recognize this state isn't normal for her and is probably related to hormones. No passion or career to throw herself into and no real desire to find one either. Kind of apathetic about a lot of things. Tried antidepressants once as a migraine treatment and HATED it. Gained 20 pounds in two months and felt so very tired all the time. She reaaaaalllllly doesn't want to go that route. Is seeing a good NP who switched her to NatureThroid earlier this year (seems to be on a good dose now) and also started Vitamin D supplements. All other blood work checks out fine. Some disciplines she's imposing on herself starting today: Significantly reduce sugar intake even though she just made these maddeningly delicious sugar cookies with an almond glaze and OMG are they DIVINE with a cup of tea! Exercise every day whether she feels like it or not even if it's just a 20-minute walk around the block. Read at least 20 minutes a day instead of vegetating with a screen. Do you think these disciplines related to diet, exercise, and mental stimulation will help? Assuming she's not a danger to herself or others and this is, in fact, just a mild/moderate case of hormones going amuck before menopause, what else would the Hive advise my friend to consider? Thanks, Hive!
  3. I’m thiiiiiis close to buying but would love some real reviews from The Hive. Thanks!
  4. What do they think is going to happen? I mean, when you brought it up, how did they respond? Do they see this as a problem to be solved?
  5. Hyacinth

    How does COBRA work?

    You don’t sign up before you leave. You’ll get a letter in the mail. i don’t know how universal our experience was, but we were covered under my husband’s employer’s plan for something like thirty days after his last day (or until the end of the month...something like that). Cobra is ridiculously expensive. Ridiculously. It’s basically the same insurance, but instead of the employer paying 50% or 80% or whatever of the premium, you pay it all. If you know what percentage you pay as an employee, you can figure out what the monthly premium will be under Cobra It’s stressful. I don’t know what’s prompting your questions but I’m sorry you have to be thinking about these things.
  6. Hyacinth

    Old prudish grumpy lady complainy rant

    I’ve found my people! I just saw an ad for poop Playdoh. Seriously.
  7. Hyacinth

    Brainstorm songs with me?

    Baby, It’s Cold Outside (I know, I know)
  8. The problem with what you have written is that anyone and everyone can say essentially the same thing. It's too general. Instead, use the list they've provided and speak specifically to those requirements. Do you have a degree? Are you skilled in MS Office? Do you have any administrative/office experience? Do you have (or are you pursuing) the PHR certification? Hope this helps.
  9. Hyacinth

    forget it

    My peeve at ds's open house was the number of times the teachers used the word "fun!" to describe their lesson plans and teaching philosophies. Use of phones was part of it. Because 16-year-olds must--above all else--be entertained in class. ?
  10. Hyacinth

    Feel like chatting about abortion?

    Yes. It seems like sex (as portrayed in popular culture and many social media threads) has very little . . . what's the word I'm looking for? Weight? Significance? Intimacy? It's all about me and my rights and my physical pleasure.
  11. Hyacinth

    Am I expecting too much from realtor?

    Thinking someone will do what she explicitly SAID she would do is not expecting too much. I'd request a meeting ASAP.
  12. Hyacinth

    Access to devices during church lock-in

    Tweens having unrestricted access to devices anywhere bothers me. I would much prefer adults put some limits in to help kids resist the distraction of Instagram or YouTube or freaking Fortnite. But then I'm an absolute grump at the thought of stay-up-all-night-with-a-bunch-of-people-and-have-FUNFUNFUN-as-defined-by-other-people events.
  13. We're visiting my mom. She has a new (to her) cat. My son (17) is allergic. We've been here a day and he's already got the wheezing and itchy eyes and stuffy head happening. Despite the physical symptoms, he's also having a GREAT time with his cousins and doesn't want to leave early or consider sleeping in a hotel room instead of here. My questions: If he takes Zyrtec every day already, is it safe to add Benadryl or another OTC med for a few days? Left untreated, what's the worst that happens? We'll be home (and be pet-free) in three more days
  14. Hyacinth

    Wisdom Teeth

    Maybe she would appreciate the healing properties of essential oils diffused into her space :).
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