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  1. I, too, have had the "you better fill these cavities right away" lecture followed by a second opinion that revealed no cavities. It's infuriating. It's possible that the newfangled deep cleaning process really IS a bit better. Who knows? But does that mean it's necessary? Or worth the extravagant cost to the average person who seems to have been doing fine with the regular cleaning? Fear- and shame-based sales tactics are the absolute worst. And, sadly, they're used in nearly every industry.
  2. I’ve googled but I think I’ll get better info from the LDS mamas here. What’s the general stance on LDS teens dating non-LDS? If your teen wanted to date someone outside of your faith, how would you respond? And what if the relationship got serious? Is marriage allowed in the church? Thanks, Hive.
  3. Kelly left for Paris after the triangle with Brandon and Dylan couldn’t be resolved. “I choose me.” Then she met an artist named....someone help me out here. He got her hooked on drugs. Then she was with nice-guy Matt for a while. There may have been another beau or two in there. (I was on my couch recovering from a c-section when some cable channel played reruns 24/7.) I think in the 90210 reboot she had a child from Dylan? First Neil Winters from the Young and the Restless and now Dylan McKay. Rough time for fangirls of the 90s
  4. I love this idea. The first year after my dad died a lovely friend sent a brief note on both Father’s Day and Christmas saying something about how the “firsts” are the hardest. I so appreciated that she remembered my loss and acknowledged I’d likely be grieving on those days. So maybe just a line or two saying something like that? As someone else already mentioned, if you have a memory of this person, include that.
  5. Hyacinth


    I like the idea of asking questions rather than offering advice. Anecdotally, at 19 my sister broke up with a boyfriend of 3 years and then quickly started up with a guy she had been friendly with on her dorm floor. They’re in Jamaica right now celebrating their 20th anniversary. Sometimes it works out. What on on earth is this HUGE face doing on my post? I’m so sorry, everyone
  6. Would do again: 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER? What a difference. Regret: Lash boost by Rodan & Fields. Sure, it lengthens lashes but it doesn’t create new lashes, which is apparently the magic I need.
  7. Adding to this... Doesn’t that psych professor know many people are dealing with porn addictions and are trying very hard to AVOID porn?
  8. They changed their formula a few years ago so I don’t bother with them anymore. BUT! Whole Foods has a version that’s like the old Joe Joes. Holiday perfection.
  9. Asking for a friend. 😏 She would describe herself with these points: Perilously close to 50. No history of depression though not exactly the type one would call bubbly or full of life. The introspection and desire to hibernate is greater than usual. Thoughts of regret, failure, and uselessness. "My kids don't really need me anymore." "My husband could probably take or leave me." (He kindly denies this.) "Who am I now?" "Where do I fit in?" Self-aware and mentally/emotionally healthy enough to recognize this state isn't normal for her and is probably related to hormones. No passion or career to throw herself into and no real desire to find one either. Kind of apathetic about a lot of things. Tried antidepressants once as a migraine treatment and HATED it. Gained 20 pounds in two months and felt so very tired all the time. She reaaaaalllllly doesn't want to go that route. Is seeing a good NP who switched her to NatureThroid earlier this year (seems to be on a good dose now) and also started Vitamin D supplements. All other blood work checks out fine. Some disciplines she's imposing on herself starting today: Significantly reduce sugar intake even though she just made these maddeningly delicious sugar cookies with an almond glaze and OMG are they DIVINE with a cup of tea! Exercise every day whether she feels like it or not even if it's just a 20-minute walk around the block. Read at least 20 minutes a day instead of vegetating with a screen. Do you think these disciplines related to diet, exercise, and mental stimulation will help? Assuming she's not a danger to herself or others and this is, in fact, just a mild/moderate case of hormones going amuck before menopause, what else would the Hive advise my friend to consider? Thanks, Hive!
  10. Resurrecting this thread to mention there’s a new season out. Tonight’s episode features a panel of people who have left Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  11. I’m thiiiiiis close to buying but would love some real reviews from The Hive. Thanks!
  12. What do they think is going to happen? I mean, when you brought it up, how did they respond? Do they see this as a problem to be solved?
  13. You don’t sign up before you leave. You’ll get a letter in the mail. i don’t know how universal our experience was, but we were covered under my husband’s employer’s plan for something like thirty days after his last day (or until the end of the month...something like that). Cobra is ridiculously expensive. Ridiculously. It’s basically the same insurance, but instead of the employer paying 50% or 80% or whatever of the premium, you pay it all. If you know what percentage you pay as an employee, you can figure out what the monthly premium will be under Cobra It’s stressful. I don’t know what’s prompting your questions but I’m sorry you have to be thinking about these things.
  14. I’ve found my people! I just saw an ad for poop Playdoh. Seriously.
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