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  1. We have plans for Ireland in June. I'm doubtful it will happen, but dh is full of magical thinking. I feel for him. He's not ready to give up this dream that's been YEARS in the making. And with our oldest likely heading off to college in the fall, it's probably giving up the dream of a real family vacation (of which we've only ever taken one). Any Hive thoughts on whether Ireland during the second week in June is realistic?
  2. I’m 51 and I color. It looks great for two weeks and then the roots come in grey and they’re very noticeable. So I use that spray paint stuff for a few weeks until my next appointment. 🙄. I toy with the idea of letting it go but I’m just not ready. Some of my friends in their 40s and 50s have gone all grey. They look older, for sure, but I’m not convinced that’s a bad thing.
  3. One picked the other up with a vague plan of “shopping” (i.e., wandering the aisles of Target), and when that got boring they did the parking lot thing instead.
  4. It’s a Sunday afternoon. Broad daylight. Target parking lot. Watching a Disney movie on one of their phones. On one hand, I think, go on a real date! Go somewhere and get something to eat. Take a walk in a park. Or head to one of your houses and watch a movie there. On the other hand, what’s wrong with just hanging out like that? if this were your teen son or daughter, what would you think?
  5. I like it. The point of a cover letter is to convey a bit of your personality, and you did that well.
  6. YES! Have you read Introverts in the Church by Adam McHugh? He opens with the idea that walking into a Sunday morning service at many Protestant churches feels like walking into a cocktail party without the benefit of alcohol (my paraphrase). Name tags say, essentially, "Hey there! Hi! Here's my name! Talk to me!" Which isn't what I always want/need/have to give on a Sunday morning.
  7. I visited a church that has them. They asked me to wear one and I declined. “But if you wear a name tag, people will be able to welcome you and love on you.” Surprised I didn’t run out of there screaming. As a visitor (and, yes, a textbook introvert, enneagram 5, and whatever other label you want to assign that denotes anti-social observer), I don’t want to be “loved on” the first time we meet. Eew. Now that we’re in a church—as in, I am choosing to be here among these people and I want both to know them and be known by them—I wouldn’t decline. But I’m not going to be the one suggesting it either 🙂.
  8. Wow. Unanimous for “rude” so far. Thanks, Hive. I received this invitation today and literally gasped at that line. I lean toward curmudgeonly, though, so I wanted to check my instincts to make sure I wasn’t being too judgmental.
  9. Is this rude to include on a baby shower invitation? (Purposefully not saying if I’m the giver or receiver of such wording.)
  10. Like others, I haven’t necessarily reversed opinions, but I do hold them more loosely. It’s one of the benefits of age, I suppose. With a fair amount of life in the rearview mirror, I can look back and see how my attitudes and beliefs have shifted. So if I was wrong then, I can just as easily be wrong now. This board has been an absolute treasure over the years. Nowhere in my IRL circles would I have been exposed to the range of life experiences, interesting points of view, and thoughtful arguments that I’ve read here. I believe I’m a more compassionate and open-minded person because of the conversations here.
  11. I just spent an hour browsing recipe sites and YESYESYES to this! I’m not a good cook, so I looked for “easy” or “beginner” or “quick” meals. Good grief. In what world is a list of 18 ingredients with a 45-minute prep time involving chopping, sautéing, puréeing, roasting, grilling, chilling, mixing, and drizzling anything resembling EASY? And then there’s the comments. “This was great! But I made a few adjustments. Used turkey instead of beef, Italian spices instead of Indian, farro instead of rice, asparagus instead of broccoli, cut the butter in half, added potatoes, and I cooked it in my crock pot instead of on the stove.”
  12. This mom of 17- and 18-yo boys needs commiseration and encouragement. Thanks!
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