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  1. I want to buy my 19-yo niece a book for Christmas. I know she likes listening to true crime podcasts and she recently told me she’s been reading more for pleasure. Any great ideas for a title she’d likely enjoy? Thanks!
  2. As the self-appointed curmudgeon of the hive, I concur. It’s a crude term. But then we live in a world where such crudeness is, sadly, commonplace.
  3. Do the staffing firms in your area have active posts for paralegals? If so, contact them! It’s the easiest route in your situation. They WANT to place you (it’s how they get paid) and it’s an opportunity for you to get some experience, even if it’s temporary. They’ll be honest about what their clients want/need and whether you’re a good candidate. I write resumes for a living. If you want to shoot me yours, I’ll be happy to take a look and offer suggestions if needed.
  4. The Supreme Court’s purpose is not to hear everyone, represent everyone, satisfy everyone. It’s not an elected office. I think what some of you are arguing for is a more active legislative branch. If they did their job, instead of pandering and campaigning all the livelong day, the Supreme Court wouldn’t be so freaking powerful and we wouldn’t be so divided as a country when the seats need to be filled.
  5. But do you put your shopping carts back or leave them in the parking lot?
  6. May we all heed this wisdom in our interactions.
  7. I’ll try to be brief: I've had migraines pretty much my whole adult life. They’re almost certainly related to my cycle. For about a decade, I took Imitrex, which worked beautifully. Until it didn’t. For the next decade, I took Zomig, which worked beautifully. Until it didn’t. Which is where I am now. Last night I had the worst night of pain, complete with vomiting, and I’m afraid of it happening again. I’m 51, so I’m sure perimenopause is messing with me. Are there new triptans I should investigate? How are the preventatives? Is it worth looking into
  8. Maybe a dumb question, but what’s the point of testing if the expectation is that the student will quarantine either way?
  9. David French, a non-Trumpian conservative writer, has published a few thoughtful pieces on these topics recently: The Hate at the Heart of Conspiracy Theory Yes, America Could Split Apart On one hand, I see division and polarization and demonization and duhumanization and people seemingly SO INVESTED in their "side." It's exhausting and, yes, a little scary to think there's no way this season ends well without a serious change of heart and discourse. As others have pointed out, some areas of our country already feel much like a civil war. On the other hand, when I turn off
  10. I heartily recommendation The Middle. And The Wonder Years was a fun binge when my boys were 12-ish.
  11. Would it help to frame it not as a confrontation but as a conversation? I know it's still going to feel awkward and you'd rather not talk to him at all, but if you talk yourself into a confrontation, you'll probably get one. It doesn't have to start that way. "Hi Neighbor. We've never actually spoken, but I'm Carrie, your next-door neighbor." Slight chit chat about the weather or whatever. Then, "While we're talking, I need to let you know that your dog wandering into our yard is not okay with us. (Add information about aggressive acts from dog, increased crime in the area having eve
  12. Yes! I have so appreciated your book recommendations, Lori D!
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