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  1. I’m increasingly convinced that we, as a society, have to learn to co-exist with this thing. I don’t know what that looks like long term.
  2. (Still charging the near $50k tuition though.) What are your dc’s colleges doing next year?
  3. Separate Lives By Phil Collins I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt And So It Goes by Billy Joel What About Me by Moving Pictures Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston
  4. I have a rising senior. His school (public charter) hasn’t announced plans yet. I’d be sad/mad about an all-online senior year. I mean, I get it. But the loss is significant.
  5. If I travel to NY from a “spiking” state, stay only with my mom for a few days, and then travel straight home, I’m not violating anything, right? The 14-day quarantine means I’d need to stay put before I wander around NY, not stay put that long before going home, right?
  6. I can’t imagine they’ll be checking up on anyone. I read it as a “request” rather than an enforceable mandate. I’ll need to read up on it as we have a trip planned to visit my mom soon and we’re coming from a “spiking” state.
  7. The anti-maskers I know cite any combination of the following: NIH’s study that cloth masks offer very little (if any) protection. Early comments from the surgeon general that cloth masks offer very little (if any) protection. A general sense that the risk is minimal given the 99% recovery rate. The stupidity of some recommendations (e.g., wearing a mask outdoors when hiking or biking). The idea that wearing a mask creates a warm, moist environment for bacteria. It’s difficult to communicate with a mask. The idea that wearing a mask creates a false sense of security, especially when so many people use them as mere chin covers or fiddle with them incessantly. Yes, there’s a political and/or rebellious motivation in some. But others take a very calm, thoughtful approach when explaining themselves. ETA: One of the anti-maskers offered $100 to the first person to find a peer-reviewed study that showed cloth masks were effective in preventing the spread of a virus. (This was earlier; I don’t know if the offer still stands.) But he felt quite vindicated at the time—when masking was first mandated in his state—that no one could find any evidence-based reasoning for such a mandate. People tried but came up empty. And that, of course, confirmed the “it’s about control” thinking.
  8. Yes! That’s what dh suggested, too!
  9. Thanks, everyone! I’m determined to find him. It’s on my bucket list. Will keep y’all posted!
  10. Would you tell me about it? Did you go looking or just happen to see it? We have a couple barred owls nearby (we hear them nearly every day) and I’m kinda sorta obsessed with them 😁. Maybe it’s because of Owl Moon. Anyway, I want to try to see one of them. Am I crazy? Do you think it’s possible with a good pair of binoculars and some patience?
  11. I realize I probably need to talk to an accountant, but the Hive is the next best thing in a pinch, so . . . My dad set up a (UNIF Trans Minor Act) mutual fund for my son years ago. It has grown to about $10k and my son wants to redeem it for college this fall. The fund is registered in my name, but we can easily do the paperwork to change the registration to his name (as it's technically his, and has been since he turned 18. At least that's my understanding.) Taxes will need to be paid on this money. So, will we pay more taxes if it's in his name or in mine? Or will it not really make a difference? And does either option play into how financial aid will be calculated next year? Thanks, wise ones.
  12. I think advice for social media use is one of those “It depends” things. I have two teenage boys. Neither of them have Twitter. Only one has FB and that’s because he needed it to join a FB Group related to his college choice. He rarely checks it. Instagram is another story. Neither of them post much, but they consume a lot. Mostly basketball videos. We held off on Snapchat way longer than many of their peers. I think they both got it when they were about 15-16. It’s true that their friends did communicate through Snapchat and they did miss out on some conversations/jokes/plans, etc. I have access to their phones If I want it. The issue around here is less about the content and more about the quantity. Social media can be such a time suck. It’s way easier to keep scrolling than it is to get up and DO something (says the middle-aged woman sitting with her iPad while there’s a pile of dishes in the sink...)
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