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  1. I completely agree that there are plenty of self-serving and unhelpful people promoting this view. That doesn't make it a completely invalid concern.
  2. And this is why people push back against mandates here. The fear of authoritative overreach is real, and they think, "If we give them an inch, they'll take a mile." So they resist. If the powers-that-be could speak to this concern--clearly, compellingly, unitedly--we might get somewhere. (I don't know exactly how that happens or what it looks like. Just helping identify one of the problems from where I observe.) ETA: Should've put this in the Vaccine Divide thread.
  3. Behavioral interview questions are very popular. “Tell me about a time when you...” types of things. So think about the qualities they’re looking for in an ideal candidate and prepare some stories that illustrate how you fit those qualities. Ask a Manager has some great Interview content. (She has great content on a bunch of employment-related issues and is just a fun read if anyone is looking for a good Twitter follow.)
  4. Many of the Fox personalities have been pro-vaccine from the beginning. As per usual in all environments, the loudest or most controversial voices don’t necessarily represent the whole.
  5. 🤣🤣🤣 I don’t know what happened to the quote but the story about your daughter finding the only available “match” to be your son made me literally laugh out loud.
  6. The availability of Novavax, too, could cause a bump. People who are leery of mRNA for whatever reason might see the value of immunization from a more familiar technology.
  7. I don't know. That's a good question. My (granted limited) interactions with people who have chosen not to vaccinate suggests risk assessment plays a significant role. Example: married couple, mid-30s, no kids. Both work from home. Neither hangs out in bars or eats inside restaurants. Neither is overweight. Neither has a current or past habit of smoking or vaping. Given what they understand about risk factors for developing symptomatic COVID, let alone being hospitalized or killed by it, the vaccine seems like a bigger risk in terms of side effects and lost time at work than the disease does. As I said, I have only a few of these kinds of examples as I don't spend a lot of time (outside of the Hive) talking about this topic, so maybe there's more at play than personal risk assessment.
  8. This is what I'm seeing as well. In my state, 80% of those age 65+ are fully vaccinated. That's a large percentage for a decidedly red state. The smaller percentages for younger cohorts, I believe, have far more to do with risk assessment than political loyalty.
  9. I had read that Novavax is a protein subunit vax, the same kind of vax used for hepatitis and other diseases since something like the mid-1980s. Is that not right?
  10. I wonder if these things aren’t unusual at all, but it feels more common and thus more threatening now that video doorbells and the subsequent posting on neighborhood sites are so ubiquitous? I get that it’s NOT common for you, OP, in your current neighborhood. I’d be a little freaked, too, to see these odd behaviors. But I’d take comfort in knowing these behaviors are not followed by reports of actual crimes. And it’s good to know the neighbors let each other know if there’s something to look out for.
  11. SAME! Years ago a dentist claimed each of my kids had 6-7 cavities each that needed to be filled right away. Some of these were on baby teeth! Thankfully we got a second opinion from a dentist from the "wait and see" school of dentistry. I love him and his approach so much! I think the catch phrases to look out for are "innovative," "state-of-the-art," and "luxury waiting room with video arcade and television sets at each seat." Someone has to pay for those office amenities! The words my dentist uses that I appreciate are "conservative approach" and, as I said, "wait and see" (unless it's bothersome, of course).
  12. “It’s not surprising to find these types of adverse events associated with vaccination,” said Dr. Luciana Borio, a former acting chief scientist at the F.D.A. under President Barack Obama. The data collected so far by the F.D.A., she added, suggested that the vaccine’s benefits “continue to vastly outweigh the risks.” I appreciate this slightly nuanced messaging (the benefits outweigh the risks) much more than the blanket "safe and effective" mantra.
  13. "Nice shot" (on the basketball court). "How did you do on that math test / history quiz / English paper?" "Have you ever tried that with jalapenos?" (Food is a good gateway topic for many :).
  14. Thanks for finding this. I wish we had more than "estimates," "possible" effects, and unspecified "symptoms." (I'd be a terrible public health policy professional.)
  15. The few articles I've read on long COVID suggest there isn't even an agreed-upon definition of the term. For some people it means having symptoms like a mild head cold for a month. For others it's permanent lung damage. If I had young children, I would want that parsed out. My understanding is that severe cases of long COVID are rare in otherwise healthy children. You're way more informed on all things COVID than I am, so I'm open to learning otherwise.
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