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  1. Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. Beautiful writing, supremely likable characters, and a theme of redemption.
  2. Over the years we’ve tried every lotion, potion, diet, and supplement imaginable for ds’s eczema. What we finally hit on that is working beautifully is phototherapy. See if you have a dermatologist nearby that offers it and go for a consultation.
  3. Textbook introvert here. My first thought is WHY is someone “dropping by?” If they need to return a dish and they leave the car running to indicate they won’t be staying long, okay, I guess. But a text first would be nice. If they’re coming by just to chat, well, I don’t even know how to imagine anyone other than my best friend of 35 years doing that. And she wouldn’t without texting first. Two issues for me: One, I work from home, so if someone just dropped by I’d have to stop working to accommodate them. That’s not always possible. Two, neither hospitality nor chit chat come easily for me. I need time to mentally and physically prepare for it. And then I need time to recover from it. I’m not an anxiety-riddled cave dweller. I like many people and I like spending time with them. Just let me plan for it.
  4. I write résumés, so I talk with job seekers all the time. The hoops they go through is so demoralizing. No salary range provided, yet you tell us your salary requirements; "applications without this information will not be considered." Online systems that ask you to attach your resume and then fill in fields with the exact same information. So time -consuming! Ridiculously delayed follow-up / no follow up. Video interviews with no actual person on the other side of the screen. Just an automated question with you trying to act natural as you answer it. "Entry-level" jobs asking for 3-5 years of experience. Freelance jobs with on-site requirements and specified hours (illegal).
  5. Waaaaay back when I studied the subtle impact of negative word connotations. "No" and "problem" are great examples of words with negative connotations. So some people might bristle at the phrase simply because it sounds negative (not that they would necessarily notice it consciously or articulate it that way). People respond more favorably to receiving positive-sounding messages. For example: Don't hesitate to call / Please call Don't run in the hallway / Please walk in the hallway Don't forget to turn off the machine / Please remember to turn off the machine Don't come in after midnight / Be home before midnight In the "no problem" context, I think it's better communication to say what it IS (my pleasure) rather than what it's not (a problem). I like "you're welcome" too. But in the grand scheme of things to be annoyed about in daily life, this doesn't crack the top 100.
  6. My doctor suggested Cologuard instead of a colonoscopy. Is that unusual?
  7. I heard this twice last year at Norwex presentations. To be fair, they weren’t saying ALL the nutrients are in or just under the skin, but that some are.
  8. I’ll mourn for James Taylor and Bruce Springsteen. Maybe Billy Joel, too. They wrote much of the soundtrack of my life. Agreeing with Tom Hanks for his universal appeal.
  9. I’ve been pleased with Cerave from the drugstore. I use a hydrating wash, an eye cream (when I remember it), a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen, and my favorite of the line, a nighttime moisturizing cream. No scents, safe for sensitive skin, and not wildly priced.
  10. I would hate everything about the trip. The noise. The heat. The sand. The crowds. The forced togetherness. The disruption to my routine. All of it. And yet I think I would go. Someone upthread mentioned it’s a sacrifice; that’s how I’d try to look at it. In-laws are sharing an important-to-them experience and have tried to make it as appealing as possible by helping with finances and renting a condo. So I’d honor them and their efforts by trying to make the best of it. Can you plan little “outs” for yourself and whoever else needs them doing the day? (Introvert survival tips here...) “I need to take a work call at 11 every day.” “DS needs a nap at 2.” Anything to structure your day so you know you’ll have some alone down time (aka something to look forward to.)
  11. I have little patience for bureaucracy and I'm guessing that trying to fix this would be a deep dive into that unpleasant darkness, so I'd probably attach a post-it note to the document for anyone who happens upon it in the future and call it good.
  12. I use peppermint oil on my temples and the back of my neck when I have a headache. (Am I not supposed to put that on my skin directly? Cuz I do . . . )
  13. I’d love more info too. DS17 is considering this route. I asked the person who runs the PTA program at our local community college about job placement and she said many graduates work as independent contractors. So the hourly rate looks good, but there are no benefits.
  14. My teens both work 10-20 hours/week at the local ice cream shop. Best. Job. Ever.
  15. I'm refreshing my business website with a new WordPress theme and, while it's largely been a good process, one issue has me stumped. Google didn't help much and the WordPress support forums are . . . scary. (This is all new to me, so I'm way out of my league there.) I'm hoping someone here can hear me out, maybe look at a screenshot or two, and figure out my issue? One big change I'm making to the home page doesn't show up when I preview the page (though other parts have changed with no problem). I've cleared the cache. Could be I'm working in a different file or something? (I mentioned I'm out of my league, right?)
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