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  1. Great advice already in this thread. I just want to point out that the main purpose of a resume is to get an interview, and it sounds like you've already got that nailed. So a secondary purpose of a resume is to provide talking points for the interview. And, again, it sounds like you've got that nailed. Go you!
  2. This statement resonates with me: "However, Bateman argues that even when we think we’re buying more time with cosmetic procedures, it’s an illusion, a Ponzi scheme in which age always wins." I admit to being more open to Botox treatments in my 50s than I was in my 30s or 40s. (But of course! I didn't look "old" back then!) But I do wonder . . . to what end? Do women who start down that road for, say, professional purposes, give it up when they retire? Is the goal always to look younger than you actually are? Even if that "look" is obviously chemically produced? Just
  3. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and respond. I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to explain. So helpful!
  5. Thanks for validating my confusion :). I think I need to re-read the article @FuzzyCatz linked to better understand how the vaccine differs from other uses of mRNA therapies.
  6. Are you saying that what the Moderna exec was talking about was gene therapy and the covid vaccine is something different? Maybe that is the key to understanding . . .
  7. Talk to me, Science Hive. I've read the mainstream articles on how the current Covid vaccinations do not alter DNA, and I've read the outlier articles that suggest otherwise. In a 2017 TED talk, Tal Zaks, the (now) former Chief Medical Officer of Moderna, essentially praised the possibilities of mRNA in rewriting DNA code. You can search for the talk, but I'll warn you . . . it's usually attached to anti-vax, conspiracy-friendly commentary. If you can ignore the inflammatory commentary on either side and listen to what he's saying, can you then explain it to me? Is it possible
  8. I don't think the identity of Q is an issue for most people who accept the conspiracy theories. They see/hear/read a meme, a video, a podcast, an article and they believe it because it fits their worldview or whatever. Sure, some people are into the "Oooo, Q is an administrative operative who knows all," but most, I think, don't care about that angle at all. They just like the results of what he was saying.
  9. People I know who are waiting cite a few reasons: 1. Their risk of hospitalization or death from Covid is very small. (Meaning, they’re younger, healthier, not obese, don’t have other known risk factors for complications, etc.). 2. They want long-term studies. While they see that people aren’t falling over dead immediately after getting a shot, they still want to see, for example, whether the vaccine impacts fertility. Conventional medicine has been wrong in the past, sometimes to tragic results, so they’d rather wait for more comprehensive, long-term data. 3. They already had Covid
  10. An easy option is to put at the very top something like Career Target: Chief Dog Walker That covers the objective without the fluff. Bonus for external hires: This way the resume includes the very job title the recruiters are searching for so applicant tracking systems like it.
  11. Yes. ACNA. Outside services during summer months with "masks while moving" requirement. Then inside services at limited capacity (50%, I think?) and masks required all the time.
  12. If you’re saying you have nine years of relevant experience, I’d definitely put the focus on those nine years. If you want to include the earlier, not-so-relevant experience, you can add one line at the end of the employment section that says “Earlier career included roles in feline companionship and book reading.” The “explain any gaps” line is usually on an application (though many companies are doing away with it because they recognize that humanity often has demands and stressors and obligations beyond work), so you don’t have to mention anything about earlier jobs on your resume.
  13. I’ve worked in HR and have written resumes professionally for 15+ years. Nearly all of the resumes I write for mid- to late-career professionals come in at two pages. Generally speaking, a resume should be as long as it needs to be to convey the candidate‘s value. The trick is to convey that value clearly, concisely, and in a way that makes the hiring manager say, “I like what I’m reading here and I want to hear more.” When people with a lot of experience try to smoosh everything on to one page, they risk using a too-small font or minimizing all-important white space or cutting valu
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