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  1. When a man shows you who he is, believe him. I don’t expect my pastor to share my political opinions. I do expect him to demonstrate respect and thoughtfulness and kindness though. I realize in this FB climate that’s a big ask, but a pastor ought to clear that bar easily.
  2. I know nothing—NOTHING—about CMC but I just put it on my list to find later at the bookstore (I have a gift card burning in my wallet. Isn’t that the best feeling?) This weekend I read The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. The cover art is lovely and the story kept my attention. As I was reading I found myself judging the characters pretty harshly. (“Why doesn’t he just...” “That’s an unwise move...” “Ugh. Not again...”) Now that a couple of days have passed, I’ve softened toward them. (Personal growth? Perhaps. 🙂) And I’m still making my way through You're Not Listening: What You're Mi
  3. I’m one of those who pops in here from time to time but rarely posts. Maybe this year I’ll become more regular, both in my reading and in my participation here. I finally bought readers (🤓) after months (years?) of complaining that the lamp in the den was too far away from my favorite chair, the light on the nightstand was too dim, the font in every book was too small . . . . Duh. I started the year with an easy and cozy book: I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of a Reading Life by Anne Bogel. This was a perfect choice to start my reading year. I’m a few chapters into
  4. You’re allowed to change your mind. This is true for both big and little things. I’m sorry this has been such a rough year. Frankly, you sound amazing to me.
  5. Your post made me think of similar situations with friendships where one of their primary points of connection shift. For example, single friends bond over how hard it is to find a good man. Then one meets a great guy. Or two people talk often about their struggles with obesity. Then one loses a lot of weight. Infertility, as someone else mentioned, is another good example. That point of connection—the previously primary topics of conversation—become awkward. And then there’s pressure on the one who “succeeded” to downplay the good fortune to maintain the
  6. Oh! Sorry for the repetition! I sometimes peruse that thread but I get overwhelmed 🥴. Thanks for posting here, too, Lori. Your thoughts on books are always appreciated!
  7. Yes! I had a bad reading year, too. I started a bunch of books, but I couldn’t sustain interest in many of them. (I recently gave into readers and I think that will help.)
  8. And, if you don’t mind, tell why it was the best. I’m hoping to build a solid TBR list off of this thread 🙂
  9. I love the idea of barre, but my knees didn’t care for the reality of the workouts. ☹️
  10. Just thought of one more: I'm printing a photo and putting it in a nice (but inexpensive) frame that fits in the stocking. Everyone has pics on their phones, of course, but it's nice to have a photo of something recent/fun/memorable/special on the dresser or nightstand, too.
  11. So many great ideas here! One thing we’ve done for years is a handheld tool in the stocking: screwdrivers, tape measure, hammer, wrenches, etc. We figure by the time they leave the house, they’ll have a decent set. Also, air fresheners for the car (I can’t stand the smell of them, but my guys like them). The fancy food section at TJ Maxx often has interesting pickles, sauces, mustards, chips, granola, candy, etc.
  12. Yes to all of this, especially the last paragraph. OP, I would be THRILLED to eat that dinner you prepared. So would my kids.
  13. You write about your thoughts and feelings very well! I hope there's some comfort in knowing people are reading them, nodding along, sending virtual hugs, and praying for you.
  14. She’s 16. (Sorry, I should’ve mentioned that in the OP.)
  15. I’m buying a gift for a bright, creative young person (16 years old). Last year she was interested in writing and storytelling so I gave her a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing Well and she loved it. This year her interests have moved into filmmaking. She’s getting a video recorder with a bunch of accessories from her mom and I wanted to give her something complementary. Any book ideas? Or something else? Thanks, Hive!
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