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  1. Before these boards, I didn't know that intellectual disdain for the Comic Sans font was a thing. But last night I had a weird dream where I got a sleeve tattoo of these barbed wire/spider web looking things and some sort of cool mystical spiritual quote and the tattoo artist used the Comic Sans font and in the dream I was looking at my arm thinking, "What will the WTM boardies think?!?" 🤣🤣🤣
  2. I'd buy Poetry for Young People - the whole series 🙂 My now 2nd grader loves to memorize poetry! Or Artistic Pursuits and art supplies
  3. For 5th - 8th I require summary paragraphs of some aspect of each history chapter they read - whatever they find interesting 7th-8th written lab reports for science - earlier than that I think it kills their enjoyment of the content I would find it difficult myself to write about geography so I don't require any writing assignments for that I don't use a resource, I just tell them to write about what they've studied. I do formal composition instruction separately and I do require that they apply the writing process I have taught to their science and history assignments.
  4. I'm giving all staff at our school a sabbatical for 3 months and ordering them not to think about school the entire time 😉 But I would like to read Rethinking School
  5. Just chiming in on the sea sickness issue ... we did 6 hr day cruise on Resurrection Bay out of Seward to Kenai Fjords Naruonal Park. It was amazing and we saw all kinds of ocean life and glaciers calving into the water ... but 4 of the 12 of us were puking off the back of the boat and 1 of us (me) kind of wanted to die. DH said the waves were about 6 ft that day and the boat was shaped so it smacked up and down on top of them instead of slicing through them so that made it worse. It was disappointing because I was soooooo looking forward to that cruise! But I'm not sure I'd do it again.
  6. Yes, Elegant Essay. I've heard other people say before that they had problems with it too as others on this thread said but we never did til this year for some reason. Yes also to Critical Thinking in US History (the older 4 CD set not the newer books from Critical Thinking Company) and K12's American Odyssey. We used all of the K12 book but only selected lessons from the cd's. Using all of those would be waaaaaay too much! 🙂
  7. I don't know why your quote isn't showing up? Oh well ... We stayed at hotels or lodges, usually in 3 rooms but sometimes in 4. 1 night in Anchorage, 3 in Seward, 2 in Talkeetna, 2 in Fairbanks, 3 in Denali, and 2 in Palmer. We went south first, then north, then back south to fly back out of Anchorage, timing our stops so we never had to drive more than 5 hours on a traveling day. I'm not convinced we got any deals on pricing despite our large group size ... Alaska in the summer is high season for sure and we pretty much took what we could get! We booked a full year ahead of time and still didn't get our first choice on some lodgings. It was a trip of a lifetime! 🙂
  8. For my parents 50th anniversary in 2017, they took us all (me and DH and our then 5 kids, my brother and his wife and daughter, so 12 all together) on a 2 week trip to Alaska and asked me to plan it 🙂 I did a lot of research myself and knew pretty much what we wanted to do, but actually booked it through a tour guide who actually lives in Alaska so she could help me make sure I wasn't being unrealistic about distances and travel times and available services and whatnot. That was a good choice! We went in July and it was light for the whole time, it only got dusky in the late night hours. You are almost certainly not going to see the Northern Lights in summer. They spent about $3500 per person (including all flights & transportation, gas, meals, excursions, lodging, and souvenirs - the whole shebang). They joked they were spending our inheritance and they weren't wrong ... but the memories were priceless. We flew into Anchorage and rented 2 mini vans and spent time in Anchorage, Seward, Talkeetna, Fairbanks, Denali, and Palmer and then flew back out of Anchorage. The only place I would have skipped would have been Fairbanks. It was fun and beautiful, but in hindsight I would have spent more time in the Seward area instead. Flying in between locations is going to be $$$$ and also take up a lot of precious time. We would have loved to see things further north and west than Fairbanks, but it just wasn't feasible time or moneywise. I honestly don't know if we would have gone if we could only have stayed 4 or 5 days. A lot of people go on cruises, which is fine and I'm quite sure they have a lovely time, but I feel like we saw a lot more (esp of the interior of the state) and had a lot more flexibility by not taking a cruise. If you want more info about travel agents, itinerary, etc I'd be happy to provide it, but didn't want to give you more info than you actually want 🙂
  9. Many people think that Apologia is too wordy, but my kids have all loved it and thrived on it and consider Dr. Wile to be a close personal friend LOL I love it too - because I can hand them the book and tell them how to use it, grade their lab reports and tests, and otherwise be hands off for science from 7th grade until graduation and still be assured they've received a good science education thanks to Dr. Wile 🙂
  10. Hits: SOTW 1 - We used MOH before and I liked it and tried to use it again this year, but it just wasn't right this time through with my 5th grader and 1st grader so we switched to SOTW and loved it! Fix It and IEW - perfect for my 5th grader this year and I can see real progress in her writing - yay! Comparative Gov & Politics - perfect for my 11th grader who is really into that kind of stuff - I got a college text and had him read and then do a presentation on each chapter to teach me the material and it was awesome! Homemade World Cultures & Religions course for my 9th grader - I pulled together various resources and books and then she wrote about each area of the world - she loved it and learned a lot! Misses: Destinos was great for my oldest DS but a hard slog for my 2nd DS for Spanish III this year. We finished enough to call it a credit, and I would probably still use it again, but I'm not as enamored with it as I once was. EE - not sure this is actually a miss, but it was harder to use this time around with my 9th grader than it was with my 2 older DS's - not sure why? Everything else is the same stuff we've been using all along ... so I guess those are technically "hits" because we keep coming back to them and using them successfully ... but they just don't seem new and exciting anymore 🙂 such as Apologia science (middle and high school, NOT elementary), God's Design, EiL, VCR, AG, CT in USH with American Odyssey, Video Text Alg & Geom, Visual Link Spanish, Art of Argument & Argument Builder, MM, AAR, AAS, Wordly Wise, Artistic Pursuits
  11. Fix It Grammar has been great for my DD for 4th and 5th grade. We switch to Analytical Grammar in 6th-8th, but Fix It was perfect for her in those grades. 15 min/day tops and she did use the grammar in her compositions more consistently.
  12. That's interesting, this is about the exact opposite of how I operate. How could I possibly hate (= feel an intense emotion about) someone I've never met or seen or even existed during the same time frame as? I realize that many people in power have done atrocious things that disgust me and I can feel comfortable denouncing those actions as wrong and ugly in no uncertain terms - but hatred seems like a more personal emotion to me and I would never apply it to some political figure I've never interacted with, unless it's using hyperbole, kind of like "I hate lima beans". Yes, this exactly. I can think any manner of unpleasant thoughts about a public figure (he/she is so wrong and off base and man he/she sure seems stupid and I can't believe he/she actually did that, etc etc) but not have any real emotions that actually touch my heart about them at all. As far as hating people I do know and interact with ... well, as a Christian I try not to but like any other thing that Christians aren't supposed to do that doesn't mean I don't find myself falling into that particular sin from time to time. I guess my working definition of hating someone means I hope they die soon and that I don't end up meeting them in heaven, which my spiritual self really doesn't want to feel towards anyone even if my earthly self feels like they deserve it, so I consciously work to try to change my feelings about those people to be more charitable. Sometimes that's easier said than done.
  13. Agreeing with forty-two ... kids who like and are good at creative writing don't really need creative writing instruction. My girls who like to write stories and songs don't really connect those activities with "composition" as a subject in school, because the end goal of both activities is so radically different. The not so fun and less creative writing assignments like summaries and outlines and essays and whatnot are the ones that they need explicit instruction for, and WWE/WWS have got those bases covered for you.
  14. Momto6inIN

    Shoot me

    16 years ago I told my DH the next move is to the nursing home and I meant it 😛
  15. We use K12's high school world history text, not Spielvogel's, with GC Foundations of Western Civ (and also with GC History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective), so I don't know if this will be relevant to you or not. But I don't even try to coordinate the book chapters with video sessions ... I just have them read through the text and watch the videos in order and take notes and discuss with me and write a paper or two. I figure by high school they have enough background knowledge of the sweep of world history (thanks to WTM) to make sense of the info even if it's not precisely coordinated. If this was their first round through world history, I might be more picky about it.
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