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  1. Whenever they seem to want me to, which was much earlier for my boys than for my girls. The girls still like me to go in usually. When the boys went to college and had their own schedule (apart from the multiple calendar household schedule when they lived here). Boys became uncomfortable with female doctors around age 12/10 and requested a male doctor. Girls see a female NP and only see the male Dr in the practice if their NP isn't available. I'm used to male doctors and obgyns and could care less. I actually liked my old male obgyn tons more than my new female one but he died. Olde
  2. Since you said you were ok with the Biblical/classical allusions in WttW, I would go ahead and start with that and then develop your own literature list and use the lit analysis techniques it teaches and apply them to whatever it is you want them to read. WttW really is an amazing resource for step by step teaching of the lit analysis process, and it only takes a semester, so you could read/analyze/write using full length works the 2nd semester.
  3. TechWife, this is not directed at you, although if you have an answer, please speak up 😊 I found this link helpful, but I have a question about these 2 aspects of CRT that to me seem to be in conflict. How can race be a social construct that's not real, but colorblindness be a bad thing? If race isn't real, shouldn't we be colorblind? I apologize if I'm being ignorant, but I'm trying to understand.
  4. I'm voting for our own government and it's messing with us.
  5. I would say it depends on what state you're in. Some states require hs'ers to cover certain courses, some don't. My state doesn't, and so I gear our hs towards what our state school looks for in applicants, not what the ps high school requires. But I don't want to tell you that and have that violate your state law for hs'ers 😊
  6. Reducing women to people who have "front holes" ... what an awesome awesome development in the fight against the objectification of women.
  7. Kinda like calling someone who presents as female "she" or presents as male "he" because you're used to that and you're on autopilot? I assume we get grace for that too?
  8. I don't believe God is bound by nature, as He created it and is outside it. I do believe that most of the time He operates within the rules of nature that He designed, but He is not obligated to, and sometimes He chooses not to. I believe that God wants us to pray, since Jesus taught us how. And I believe that He hears and listens to sincere prayers and sometimes says "yes" to our requests, sometimes in miraculous ways. My church uses lay ministers, no one whose only job is the church, so they all also have jobs/careers. One is a farmer and was driving an open cab tractor with his 5 or 6
  9. My college roommate was an ag engineering major and in classes with mostly guys and she worked on a group project with him and told me there was this cute guy I should meet. There was a popular country line dancing bar and she told him that he couldn't be in ag and not go dancing at this bar with us. Since she was/is beautiful and the only girl some of these guys were around and was a leader in the department, they all listened to her, including DH, even though he is *not* a dancer lol and we picked him up. I don't think he knew she had him in mind for me at the time, he was probably just coun
  10. Ack! Stop reminding me! 😜 DD still has some junior year stuff that is spilling over to the summer to finish up and then I'll make myself think about it ...
  11. I didn't include 8th grade either. Perhaps if they only had 3 math credits in 9th-11th and nothing in 12th I would have wanted to count it as a 4th math credit. But for most people the entire reason to begin Alg 1 before high school is so they can go further in math before graduation, not because they want to stop after 11th grade, so I figured it was obvious he'd completed Alg before high school. I did include an asterisk in the notes section which said something to the effect of Alg 1 & 2 were completed prior to 9th grade and are not reflected in course credits or GPA.
  12. I don't know where it came from, but I have the feeling it's going to make Amazon some more $$$ 😉 (at least from my account anyway!)
  13. My oldest DS is currently getting his master's in CS, and he said his CS/engineering physics classes were no problem. Using calc instead of Algebra was new, but the physics concepts themselves were easy after Dr. Wile's explanations. (He did both physics books.) I also have an IRL friend whose daughter just graduated with a degree in chemistry and is going to work for a major drug company and she did Dr. Wile as well and was well prepared for college chem. I'm not a math or science person either. Watching Video Text with them I could muddle through Alg 1 & 2 and Geom, but after that t
  14. I vaguely remember some kind of geography with a really cute young new teacher fresh out of college who was also the assistant wrestling coach in 7th grade and the reason I remember he was the assistant was because my dad was the head wrestling coach 😉 In 9th we all did US History and the basketball coach was the teacher and we did boring worksheets every day. I have no recollection whatsoever of anything else until 12th grade when I took "Advanced History" (we didn't have AP courses) and I had to write a research paper and I chose to do a psychoanalysis of Hitler. I think it was mostly Europ
  15. I knew I couldn't teach high school science at the level I wanted it to be taught, so I turned to Dr. Wile for science in middle/high school and never looked back. His Berean Builders website has his new courses as well as the old Apologia ones that still have his name on them. It's very hands off for me; I just grade tests. And my 2 in college so far have been very well prepared, regardless of what some on this board will say 😉 He does offer both pre-recorded lectures and live classes too, but I haven't used those. If my DD has trouble with physics next year, I might.
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