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  1. I take pictures of my kids and our vacations and create digital scrapbooks, and I play piano, so nothing I can share. Once upon a time I wrote (mostly poetry), and I still have a really great idea for a novel or a short story that came to me in a dream hanging around in my brain, but I've put that off til "someday" when I have more time and less noise in my life to devote to it.
  2. My oldest did CLEP out of Spanish, but that was after he was accepted into his 4 year university and knew what score they required to waive the requirement. I don't know that it would have done him a whole lot of good to do it before admission. Maybe. For DE, we have done high interest courses in an area of strength. Stats for the oldest, Intro to Business for the 2nd, and Soc next year for the 3rd.
  3. I get the whole "women have done this for millenia" argument. And it's true, to an extent. But women for millenia also watched and assisted in their mothers' births, and their sisters' births, and their cousins' births, etc. etc. so they had a lot more real life experience for what was normal and what was not. And they had experience with helping animals give birth too. Most women nowadays (myself included - the first birth I ever saw was when I was in labor with my 1st! that includes humans and animals😉) don't have that years of experience to draw upon when they are in their own labors. Books
  4. $300 in Indiana for a 2500+ square foot house with 1.3 acres ETA Yes, those zeoes are correct
  5. I labor and delivery very quickly. Longest labor ever was 6 hours, and 4 hours of that was light contractions with my 1st. 2nd one was born less than a half hour after arriving at the hospital and the entire labor from water breaking to birth was less than 2 hours. My obgyn said once my body was made for childbirth and I could probably do it without him, which I gather is not a common thing for obgyns to say 😉 But my 5th had some irregular heartbeats during labor because of the intensity and duration of the contractions and the lack of rest in between them and so did my 6th. In addition,
  6. Relationships. With God first, then with each other, then with others.
  7. I like Forever, but I'm most familiar with them because I use their software. About 10 years ago when I got into printing digital books, snapfish and shutterfly had pretty limited options for creativity with your pages and their quality of printed books wasn't as high, so I went with Forever. Nowadays that might not be true anymore, but I stick with Forever because that's what I know how to use well now.
  8. I'm a scrapbooker too, and we never look at photos on devices but we look at my printed books all the time. Most of my pre digital photos are in paper scrapbooks. When digital came along, I took a picture of all those album pages and they're backed up to the cloud in case of fire, but I didn't convert the paper books to digitally printed books. I just stopped making paper albums and started printing digital album pages instead. (Maybe someday converting those papers albums to digitally printed albums will be a project, but not yet.) I did have some photos not in albums and also some
  9. I agree with Quill, it sounded fun and light hearted to me! "Never let your husband see all your Amazon purchases."
  10. My 3 oldest kids have used Dr Wile's books all through high school and the one who is in an engineering/computer science field is doing just fine with the advanced science courses at Purdue. He said he didn't think physics was hard at all, just time consuming. So in our experience, Dr Wile prepared them very well. We love Dr Wile! He's so entertaining and relatable and we find the way he approaches faith in science much more palatable than Apologia. We haven't used his online courses because my kids have so far done very well just using the books, but I have heard great things about his o
  11. I pretty much did exactly as @Garga did 🙂 I found it so helpful to start with the end in mind. I didn't know exactly what college my kids would go to, although I had a pretty good guess because we live very close to a great state U. So I started with that college's website about what they looked for in a prospective student (not just in hs'ed kids, but in applicants in general) and I worked backwards so that my kids would have those things by the end of 4 years. I evaluated my own strengths and weaknesses and made curriculum decisions with those in mind. I knew I couldn't teach science to
  12. Yes, that's the one! I use it as is, but I know many people who make a complete literature course out of it by reading all the books and short stories and poems it references as they go through it.
  13. I don't have any tears for Rush either. None. I listened to him once upon a time 20 years ago but I was bothered by how mad and rude and cruel he was about everything and I stopped. I'm not defending his behavior or his words or his legacy in any way, shape, or form. But upthread someone posted that he was clearly in hell, and several people liked or laughed at that post. I find that disturbing. Either they believe in a literal hell and both predict and take glee in the thought of him being there, or they don't believe in a literal hell and still said it anyway just for spite. Either way,
  14. Many people do say that about people going to heaven, but that doesn't mean it's theologically accurate to do so 😉 According to my understanding of Scripture, individually we can have a sure hope in Christ and we CAN be sure of our own salvation in His blood. But as far as knowing anyone else's heart and being sure of anyone else's destination ... we simply can't know that. We often make an educated guess in the case of someone whose life and actions and words we know reflected faith in order to give ourselves and others comfort when they die. In the case of someone whose life and actions and
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